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Imagine Bill letting it slip that you are dating during an interview.

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“So here we also have a photo of-” Jimmy paused, taking a look at the screen, just like Bill, and the entire audience that went crazy and started cheering and clapping the moment they saw you.

Bill himself chuckled as he took in the sight of you looking stunning as ever in your red dress, standing on your tiptoes even if you were wearing high heels to kiss his cheek; one hand on his chest and the other on your shoulder as he had an arm wrapped around your waist and the other cupping your cheek. 

He didn’t even know how they had managed to snap that photo because it wasn’t exactly in front of the cameras. You had mostly been standing on the side with his brothers, and great friends of yours, and he had rushed to you to get that good luck kiss. He didn’t expect there to be evidence of that so he was glad he’d kept himself from kissing you properly on the lips.

“(Y/n) and you.” he completed with a smile, glancing for a moment at the enthusiastic audience “You two-” he turned back to the actor “You two are great friends right? I’m- I’m just asking because that could, you know, be misinterpreted by some.” he motioned to the photo, giving a look at the audience and everybody laughed at that.

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When Arya and Gendry reunite i hope it is beautiful and emotional and happy and sad all at once because fuck they deserve it. They haven’t seen eachother since s3 and they 1. left on a pretty bad note which was heartbreaking and 2. Arya probably thinks the red woman killed Gendry and Gendry probably knows now about Arya being kidnapped by the Hound. 

Firstly, I hope she sees him and Jon separately first because we deserve two separate reunions for each of them. And secondly, I legit pray that the genius sound people combine the Stark and Baratheon themes when they finally see each other bc that would be fuckin great.

I hope Gendry sees Arya first (before she sees him) and i really want her to be fighting someone with Needle or just generally being a badass bc he last saw her as a young girl pretending to be a boy and now she’s what, 16 or 17?? I want him to be in shock at this tiny girl he last saw is now, still pretty small, but a woman and a badass one at that.

When Arya sees Gendry i want her to freeze and be in total shock bc this dude who was probably her closest friend in life who she thinks she would never see again is standing right in front of her. But instead of an immediate hug and all that, i really want her just to fucking sock him right on the jaw lol. He was going to leave her to join the Brotherhood back in s3 and she was pretty pissed off/upset about that. But after she has punched him and his initial shock i want them to just stare at each other both with tears in their eyes with their themes in the backroud and have a Jon and Sansa style hug. Arya is still a lot smaller than Gendry so my fuckin shipper heart wants him to lift her off the ground with her arms tightly around his neck and then whisper something like “m’lady”

Harry laughed happily as he landed on the grass. Draco was only seconds behind him clutching the snitch with a massive grin on his face.
“Good one, Draco.”
“Oh, it wasn’t really a good one. Pretty easy actually.” Draco drawled with a smirk.
Harry laughed again as he shoved Draco’s shoulder. “Whatever, that dive was pretty amazing.” Draco’s smirk became a proud smile. “Come on, let’s go eat something. I’m starving!” Harry said.
The smile morphed into a frown. “No. We each won one, it’s a draw. We have to play another.”
Harry grinned at him. “Let’s leave it a draw.”
Draco arched a brow. “Scared Potter?”
Laughing, Harry slung an arm around his friends shoulders. “Yes, scared you’ll pout and ignore me all day when I beat you.”
Draco sniffed. “First of all, I am not so petty. And who says you’d win anyway? So arrogant, Harry.”
Harry laughed and squeezed his friend in a hug. “Yeah. I’m the arrogant here, Draco.”
Draco gently bumped the side of his head against Harry’s as they walked to the castle. “So long as you know.”

On the following Sunday they found themselves trudging through a mountain of homework, much to Harry’s displeasure. Ron and Hermione had gone for a picnic on the grounds, since Hermione always made sure they were up to date on their work. Sighing Harry dropped his head heavily against the couch. Draco, who was curled up in the corner of the couch next to him, looked up with an arched brow. “Giving up already?”
Harry groaned and closed his eyes. “Yes.” He jerked up when he felt Draco flick him between the eyes. “Hey!” He protested, rubbing the sore spot with his fingers.
“You’d better keep going. Don’t think that you can leave it and get me to help you just because Granger won’t let you fly until it’s done.” He went back to looking at his book.
Harry turned to him with wide eyes. “That is a fantastic idea.” When Draco just let out a soft laugh but otherwise ignored him, Harry moved so he could lie leaning comfortably against Draco’s side. He closed his eyes and let out a relieved sigh.
“Potter!” Draco groaned. “I am absolutely not doing your work for you.” But he didn’t move or shove Harry off, which Harry knew he wouldn’t. After several blissful minutes, right when Harry was sure he was on the cusp of a wonderful dream, he fell to the floor as Draco stood up. He pointed a finger accusingly at Harry, “Do some work, Harry. Or we will go to the library.”
Sighing in defeat, Harry sat up and faced his books once more.

Hours later they were sitting in front of the crackling fire eating Bertie Botts beans. Draco was sprawled across a single seat with his legs hanging across the side while Harry sat on the floor with his legs crossed and back against Draco’s seat. Draco had the box of beans and alternated between taking one and lowering the box for Harry.
Ron and Hermione entered the common room with cheerful greetings. Harry appreciated everyone’s efforts to get along, since he knew it was only for his sake, but he did wish his three best friends were more than just polite to one another.
“Did you have a good picnic?” Draco asked them.
“Oh, yes it was lovely thanks.” Hermione smiled at him. Ron nodded a bit awkwardly at him.
“Oh, Harry. You’ll never guess what.” Ron started, and Hermione shot him a suspicious look. “We saw Terry there, he was in the middle of a big fight, seems like him and his boyfriend broke up.” Hermione’s look of suspicion became one of horror as she tugged on Ron’s hand. Harry’s stomach dropped as he willed Ron not to continue. But he did. “So he’s single now, and you can finally ask him out. I know you used to have a massive crush on him.”
Harry closed his eyes, but the thick silence wouldn’t be ignored. He was so glad he couldn’t see Draco’s expression at that moment. There had been a hundred moments when he meant to come out to Draco. It wasn’t that he was embarrassed or anything. It was just that he really enjoyed their friendship. He didn’t know how they’d become so
comfortable touching each other all the time, but he was scared that it would change if Draco knew. He opened his eyes to find Ron looking from him to Hermione with confusion brewing in his eyes. Hermione was watching Draco carefully, which could only mean that he most definitely wasn’t looking at them.
Harry sighed internally. He cleared his throat. “Uh, thanks.”
Hermione looked at him pitifully and quickly started talking about their day, filling the silence as best she could. She asked about how their studies went, Harry responded and Draco said a word or two.
After suffering through it as long as he could, Harry wished everyone good night. He couldn’t bring himself to look at Draco as he left, but let his hand trail along his shoulder as he walked passed.

The next morning, Harry lingered in bed. If he could, he’d avoid seeing Draco all day. Unfortunately, his last class was potions where they were partners. At breakfast he managed to get away with only a smile and a wave since Draco sat at the Slytherin table still. Harry tried hard to focus on his lessons all day, but he couldn’t deny he was nervous to see him.
When he arrived in potions at the end of the day, Draco was already there with all the ingredients for the days potion. He was chopping furiously when Harry reached him. “Hi, Draco.” He said nervously, fidgeting with the strap on his bag.
“Hi, Potter.” Draco glanced up with a small smile. After a few seconds he rolled his eyes. “Are you going to help or do you expect me to do all the work?”
Harry could have laughed with relief, but he didn’t. He gave Draco a grateful smile which was returned with a small quirk of the lips and they got to work.
The rest of the lesson passed in the same manner as the ones before. After, they walked together to dinner and Harry felt relieved. Until he couldn’t find Draco anywhere after dinner. He went to bed with a sinking feeling.

The week passed in the same pattern. The only time that Harry really saw Draco was during potions, his behavior seemingly unchanged. But Harry missed him. After potions on Friday Harry had had enough. As they walked together to dinner he blurted out. “Where have you been all week?” Grey eyes glanced up from the floor to meet his before flickering away. “I can never find you after dinner.” He said accusingly.
Draco answered softly. “I’ve had detention every day.”
“What?” Harry asked, reaching out to grab Draco’s arm. “For what?”
Turning to face Harry, Draco sighed. “You know how it is, some teachers will make up reasons to punish me.”
Harry frowned and opened his mouth to express his outrage when Draco gave him a defeated smile. “It doesn’t matter. Okay?”
Harry deflated. Draco twitched his arm awkwardly and Harry realized he was still holding him. He let go quickly but noticed the blush on Draco’s cheeks.
He deflated a little more.

On Saturday morning when Harry returned from breakfast he found Draco in the common room with his homework. After fetching his own, he sank down on the couch next to him.
Draco shifted to make more room for him.
After working for a little while Draco got up to get a different textbook and settled down again on the single couch. Harry frowned. He wouldn’t have thought anything about it before, but..
He sighed heavily and tried to focus on his work.

The next day he found himself working alone in the library. When he returned to the common room he found Draco curled up on the single couch with a book. He looked up when Harry entered and frowned slightly. “Where were you today?” He asked.
Harry shrugged, struggling to meet his eyes. “Thought I’d concentrate better in the library.” He moved to walk past where Draco was sitting, when Draco’s hand shot out as if to grab his hand but stopped suddenly, quivered in the air for a moment before disappearing just as fast.
Harry hesitated briefly. With a disappointed sigh he carried on walking.
“Harry.” Draco said.
Harry half turned to face him, an eyebrow raised. Draco cleared his throat. “Would you like to go fly for a bit?” Harry frowned skeptically, unsure of what how he wanted to respond. “There’s enough time for at least one game to end our draw before the light goes.” Draco said, smiling uncertainly. And that’s what got to Harry.
“Yeah, alright.” He answered finally.

The walk to the quidditch pitch was filled with awkward silence. At least it was for Harry. Once they were flying though, Harry felt better.
The light started to go quickly and Harry was scanning rather desperately for the snitch, it was the one he had caught in first year and he was rather sentimental about it. A glint of gold caught his eye and he dove toward it. As he neared it he saw Draco coming in from a different angle, slightly ahead of him. He pushed forward, urging his broom to go faster. At the last moment, he realized Draco would get there first and Harry would barrel into him soon after. Unfortunately, the last moment didn’t give him enough time to stop or change direction. All he could do was slow down to soften the impact.
Thankfully they were low to the ground so when they tumbled over one another and onto the grass, it wasn’t too hard a fall. They rolled and Harry landed half on Draco’s chest with a massive groan. Draco was gasping heavily. Harry lifted himself to quickly pat Draco down for injuries and once he was satisfied that he was fine he fell half onto Draco’s chest again. They caught their breath in silence.
It was the happiest Harry had been all week. Until Draco said, “Two one, Potter.” Harry looked up to see Draco clutching the snitch with a triumphant grin. He laughed and pushed himself up onto an elbow.
“You can’t tell me this one was an easy win.” Harry teased.
“No, I can’t.” Draco chuckled and smiled at Harry. Harry smiled back, happy to have his friend back. He noticed the pink tinge on Draco’s cheeks as Draco’s eyes flickered away and he shifted awkwardly. Harry sat up quickly and Draco scooted away from Harry. His heart sank.
Draco cleared his throat, “Well, let’s go back.” He stood up and retrieved his broom. Harry sat there with his knees bent and his elbows resting on his knees, drowning in unhappiness. He wasn’t going to get his easy friendship back. Draco had walked a few paces back toward the castle when he turned around. “Harry?” He said tentatively.
Harry sighed. “I can’t do this, Draco.” He shoved his hands in his hair and looked away, frustrated.
Draco frowned and came back. “What do you mean?” He asked softly.
“I mean I want you to just freak out about the fact that I didn’t tell you and be honest if you have a problem with who I am. I can’t take this dancing around it. I miss you.” He bit his lip to stop himself. After a long pause he looked up to find Draco staring at him in shock.
“You think I have a problem with who you are?” He asked quietly, which set warning bells off in Harry’s head. “You think I’ve been acting strange because I don’t accept this part of you.” He added. Then he laughed, a self deprecating sound that Harry knew well. Draco lifted a hand to his forehead. “Why wouldn’t you? It’s the obvious conclusion.” He laughed again, a little hysterically this time, which broke Harry out of his daze. He stood up and slowly approached him.
“Well, if it’s not that then what is it?” He asked.
Draco closed his eyes briefly before meeting Harry’s eyes. Harry watched a flush creep up his neck as he seemed to search for words. “Well, I couldn’t exactly be mad at you for not telling me when I’ve been keeping the exact same secret.” His cheeks were a deep pink now. Harry’s ears were ringing.
“What?” He whispered, disbelieving.
Draco gave him a sheepish smile. “Sorry.” Harry could only stare at him. Draco swallowed nervously. “Anyway, I was trying to find the right time to tell you about me. But, as you know, it’s not easy.” He laughed awkwardly again. “And somehow knowing about you made my little crush seem less impossible which is stupid, really I know, so I was just giving myself a bit of space to dispel that illusion. That’s why I got detention everyday. I couldn’t focus, I was useless in class.” His gaze was flickering from Harry’s shoulder, his collar to his throat. Anywhere but his eyes. After a fortifying breath Draco added. “Our friendship is important to me. I didn’t want to mess it up.”
Harry was confused. He was shocked. But he knew that that made him happy. He pulled Draco towards him and wrapped him in a tight hug. “I missed you, you idiot.”
Draco melted into the hug which made Harry’s heart soar. They stood like that for a long time. Eventually Draco pulled back, much to Harry’s regret. Harry searched his gaze. “It’s not impossible, you know. Or an illusion.” He whispered.
Draco’s breath caught. Harry smiled at him. “I don’t think.” Harry amended. But as he watched the moonlight play over Draco’s features he thought it was probably extremely possible. Probable in fact.
Draco watched Harry watch him for the longest time. His look of shock slowly abated until Harry was staring at Draco’s trademark smirk. “You’d better not think that counts as asking me out, because my standards are considerably higher than that.” Harry laughed and Draco smiled before adding, “I’m serious.” With that he turned and started toward the castle. Harry scrambled to catch up.
“I’ll write a poem.” He said.
Draco groaned. “Please don’t. I’m pretty set on saying yes. Don’t make that hard for me to do.”
Harry grinned. Feeling bold, he reached out to grab Draco’s hand as they walked forward. He let out a content sigh when Draco laced their fingers together.

Oppa || Jeon Jungkook

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Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Fluff

There was an underlying excitement that was flooding underneath your skin as you walked into the building. It wasn’t your first time being here but you always felt the exact same each time. There was something about walking into the BigHit building that made you hold yourself differently. It was because of Jungkook that you came so often. He had invited you to come down to the studio and spend the day with him while he practiced.

Jungkook and you went to the same school, but you were in a class younger than him, so it was hard to try and spend time together. He was barely at school because of interviews and other things for the company he worked with. That was why on your weekends you would come down to the studio and watch him practice or hang out with him for a few hours.

It was normal for you now, as you two had been dating for almost a year. The staff almost knew you by name and welcomed you in as if you were just like the other workers there. As he had come back from promotions you were finally able to see him, but he was stuck with the other guys practicing today so he had asked you to join them.

The rest of the boys knew who you were and they loved you. They saw how happy you made Jungkook and they would have never asked for him to find anyone else. In their eyes you two were perfect for each other. Hoseok had always made comments about how he was jealous of your relationship with Jungkook and he wished he would find someone as lovely as you.

Jihyo waved hello to you as you stepped foot into the building and you waved back, returning a smile. Jihyo was the one who you knew the best, as she showed you around the first time you were there. She worked at the front desk, so you always saw her during your visits. The first time you had ever been to the building, Jungkook had told Jihyo to direct you to the practice room. You approached the front desk like normal and smiled.

“Are you here to see your oppa?” She asked, drawing out the last word and laughing slightly. You blushed and sputtered, trying to ignore the look she was giving you.

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I’m just trying to recall the last time we actually saw Dean do anything sexual with anyone. Because in 12.11, we know he had the hots for Larry, and after going for his ride he “blew off steam” with the waitress. But what does that mean? And the fact that he was supposed to meet her after her shift but never showed… for what? Round two? To finish what they started? It is a mystery. I mean, she didn’t seem all that invested, just pissed that he blew her off when she finally did see him again.

And ALL of that technically happened BEFORE HE WAS HEXED!

So, sound mind, consenting adults, and all that. And when she realized that he couldn’t remember because he’d been “roofied,” she was immediately concerned that she may have taken advantage of him and apologized.

I mean, that’s fantastic.

When the heck has Dean ever gotten an apology like that?

This is pretty far removed from “mistakes were made.”

Before this, he had some sort of success in 11.13 before then striking out later in the episode.

And before that was 11.04, where those mistakes were made, whatever that means.

But even with his memories removed and therefore no burden of guilt, we didn’t actually see him hit on anyone the entire episode. He was polite and smiley with people, complimenting Rowena’s hair for being “bouncy” oh my god. Being friendly with the waitress, even smiling at Sam when he had no freaking clue who HE was, let alone who Sam was. Dean’s default without his memories seems to be cheerfully pleasant with a zest for life (and waffles) (and Larry).

So, not a womanizing jerk dudebro.

He thought his own damn life hunting monsters with their angel best friend sounded awesome. He noticed people, but he didn’t have that performing persona. And he unashamedly admitted to loving A DISNEY CARTOON FISH. I mean… 

This was all just so refreshing in a really twisted and terrifying sort of way…

Omg so I randomly saw a post on my dash about Sebastian Stan apologizing for a post he made on instagram. And some people were all like, “apology NOT ACCEPTED”. And I was like, holy heck, what did he post????

So I went on an exhausting search through the Sebastian Stan tag and finally, FINALLY found a screen shot of his original post after reading so many diatribes about how he’s racist and problematic and bigoted or whatever. So I was all ready to be HORRIBLY DISAPPOINTED in him and MONUMENTALLY OFFENDED, but seriously…

Some context: I am a HUGE proponent of athletes taking a knee on the field during the National Anthem to protest racial injustice. Hell, Kaepernick was the QB of my hometown team and I always supported him back when what he did was a lot more controversial. Seriously, I got sucked into so many arguments with friends of friends on FB over it. It was a THING.

And for some more context, I was born in 1985, which makes me a 90s kid. I remember seeing Nancy Kerrigan get wacked in the back of the knees by a man with a baseball bat on national television before she had a chance to get out onto the ice. I remember what a crazy story it was when we all learned Tonya Harding paid a dude off to bash Nancy Kerrigan’s legs ON NATIONAL TELEVISION so that she couldn’t compete. IT WAS CRAZYPANTS. All 90s kids and 90s adults will remember this! It was INSANE.

So…when I finally saw the photo Sebastian Stan posted of Tonya Harding sitting next to Nancy Kerrigan with the caption: “BACK WHEN ‘TAKING A KNEE’ MEANT TAKING A KNEE” all I could do was laugh. Coz seriously, that shit is HILARIOUS. And I’m sorry, kids? I have to assume its younger people who are offended here, coz if you lived through the whole Tonya Harding debacle, you would get this joke in your BONES. But this meme was not a commentary on athletes taking a knee in protest, it’s a commentary on HOW FUCKED UP Tonya Harding was and the ENTIRE SITUATION she was involved in, TAKING HER OPPONENT’S ACTUAL KNEE.

I’m serious, kids, it was CRAZYPANTS. And that’s the joke.

As I said, I was all ready to get offended by Sebastian Stan’s TOTALLY OFFENSIVE SOCIAL MEDIA BLUNDER, but instead, I got a wave of nostalgic hilarity. He really didn’t need to apologize. This is just bananas.

I look forward to your mail.

Crazy lady lit my buddy's land on fire, so he burned down her world.

Buckle up, this one’s long.

I was visiting a friend who owns and operates a trailer park- basically his house is the main office. A couple had just moved in to a lot with their mobile home. The dude seemed fine, and him and his girlfriend had just had their first kid. Well, at 3 AM just a few hours after I arrived, the boyfriend showed up at my friend’s house (the main office). Apparently, he had a DNA test done, and he found out the kid wasn’t his. So while the girlfriend was still in the hospital he started f*cking around on her to get back at her.

Well, earlier that day, she got released from the hospital, and he refused to go pick her up. So she walked from the hospital to the trailer park (easily 20 miles), and found him f*cking this girl. She went apeshit. She started trashing their tiny mobile home while he and his mistress quickly got their clothes on, and the boyfriend opted to drive the mistress back to her place.

When he got back, his soon to be ex-girlfriend locked him out of their mobile home. So, at 3 AM he showed up at the front office to call the police. My buddy woke me up, filled me in on the situation, and I went out to his living room to keep the dude company. I explained that if the kid isn’t his and he signed the birth certificate, he has 60 days to remove himself from the birth certificate- otherwise he’ll be on the hook for child support. I also explained that while calling the cops is a good idea, they likely won’t be able to remove her from the mobile home since she had established residency.

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Things we were promised but didn't get in the finale or any other part of the show.

Feel free to correct me / add anything

1. Ian said that there would be a very gory death. We never saw anything of this sort.

2. Keegan said that there was a scene he felt uncomfortable doing and that it’s “nuts” and when we see it, we will know what he’s talking about.

3. There were supposed to be TWO realistic masks - we only saw one.

4. I still don’t get why Alex/ Twincer tortured the girls. Yes she was bitter that Spencer lived a better life but why did she burn Aria, Impregnate Alison and all that other stuff.

5. Most of all they kept saying that this would be satisfying for us all. All I feel is frustrated and disappointed. They also promised us it’s someone we know not some random person and yet here we are. Seriously half way through the episode I had to check I hadn’t accidentally changed the channel or fallen asleep and dreamed it.

Am I Beautiful?

No one knew why Lance wore a mask; they just accepted the fact that he did. He had been wearing the mask since they first met him at the Garrison. It just became a part of him; if the officials at the Garrison had no problem with it, then why should they? Which brings us to the next point; when they said mask, they didn’t mean an imaginary mask that concealed his real emotions or feelings; they meant a physical mask, snow white with only tiny blank eye holes and a straight line for a mouth. It wasn’t like the team didn’t give Lance the space he deserved, he probably experienced something if wearing a mask was his only option, but you have to admit that most people would be drowning in curiosity too. No matter what anyone did, they never were able to find Lance without his mask on, so they let him be. That is until they weren’t able to avoid it anymore.
They knew that eventually, the mask would have to come off; whether it be by the boy’s own will, a mistake during training, or a curious teammate pulling it off. What they didn’t expect was a Galra’s fist cracking through his helmet’s visor and mask splitting it down the middle, while infiltrating a small Galran outpost. Before Keith and Hunk could catch a glimpse, Lance’s hand shot up pressing both halves into his face, the other shooting the Galra in the gut effectively taking him down. Without further comment, he started making his way back to the lions, the sound of Pidge’s voice confirming that they got all the available information downloaded to the Castle. The two other paladins glanced at each other for a second before quickly following Lance down the way they came.
“Guys, is everything okay? We heard something shatter,” Shiro asked from the coms.
“We’re good, a Galra got Lance in the face, his visor and mask are cracked,” Keith replied after he realized that Lance wasn’t going to answer.
“WHAT! Lance doesn’t have a mask on!?” Pidge screeched in their ears. “Ohh, this is so good,” she giggled. Keith and Hunk saw Lance’s shoulders draw up towards his ears.
“I still have my mask Pidge,” Lance muttered.
“Aww, I thought I was finally going to see your face,” she replied, you could practically see the pout in her voice. Lance only laughed bitterly in response.
“Trust me, you really wouldn’t want to,” his shoulders slumped down weakly. The silence was thick as they boarded the lions and took off toward the Castle. The coms crackled to life and Shiro’s voice drifted through Lance’s ear.
“Lance… what did you mean when you said we wouldn’t want to see your face?” Lance let out a sigh, pulling the mask shards away from his face after making sure his face camera was off.
“I.. because, I’m ugly,” he mumbled. “My family put this mask over my face because they said that I was hideous, and I don’t deserve to be seen,” He raked a hand through his hair. “I’ve been wearing this mask since I was a little kid, I’ve never even looked in a mirror,” he admitted.
“Your family is full of crap Lance!” Pidge yelled over the line. Lance flinched back from the voice and squeezed his eyes tightly. He nervously rung his hands together in front of him, when did they start shaking?
“I know,” he said a tremor in his voice. “I’m scared you’ll hate me though,”
A mix of disapproving sounds rung out from the coms as his teammates tried to reassure the blue paladin. Lance angrily swiped at his eyes, tears of stress leaking from the corners of his eyes.
“Do you really think so lowly of us?” Shiro’s voice asked making the others go silent. Lance let out a gasp and his hand fell limply to the side as he tried to understand what or why Shiro asked that question.
“Of course not! I could never think lowly of you guys,” he whimpered out. “It’s me, it’s always just been me,” His lips trembled as he shut his mouth to try and stop the sobs that were beginning to crawl up his throat.
“Do you think I’m ugly Lance?” Shiro asked quietly. “Because I think I am, I think that there was too much of me taken away to ever be beautiful again,”
“You’re not ugly Shiro; you’re a hero, you’re kind and brave, someone like you could never be ugly!” He responded adamantly. “Your scars prove what you’ve been through, they prove that you were strong enough to overcome the Galra, even when they took so much from you; don’t ever say that you’re ugly because you’re not!”
“Do you think I’m ugly?” Hunk asked a moment later. “I’m fat and cowardly, I would rather run than fight, I don’t think that I’m beautiful,”
“You are beautiful Hunk! You’re strong when others are weak, you never back out of a fight when you get into it, you’re smart and generous, and you give the best hugs,” Lance cried; not believing what he was hearing from his teammates. “You make others feel good when you’re around, you’re able to cheer anybody up when they’re feeling down; calling you ugly would be like calling the Sun itself ugly, which is impossible,”
“Well, do you think I’m ugly?” Pidge asked. “I’m rude, condescending, and I can’t decide whether I’m a boy or a girl, I haven’t felt beautiful for a long time,”
“Being rude is in your nature, it’s endearing,” Lance pulled his knees towards him and pressed his forehead into his knees. “It never mattered if you were a boy or a girl, whats outside doesn’t matter because you are encouraging, a genius, and incredibly brave; you put everything on the line to try and rescue your family, no one could ever call that ugly,”
“Am I ugly?” Keith’s voice whispered. “We’re rivals, I have a bad temper, and I don’t follow orders; not to mention the fact that I’m the enemy, I don’t even deserve to be beautiful,”
“Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, especially you Keith,” He sniffed as tears continued to flow down his cheeks. “The Galra side of you makes you who you are; the successful, determined and sometimes temperamental parts of you are what make you so beautiful; because even though you found out this new version of you, you didn’t let it control who you are, or who you were going to become,” Minutes passed in silence aside from the sound of Lance’s quiet sobs and small sniffles.
“So if you’re able to overcome what we find ugly in ourselves, why do you think we can’t overcome what you find ugly in yourself?” Shiro asked seriously. Lance looked down at the white shards in his hands and swallowed.
“I don’t know,” he choked out. He startled when he looked up and saw the Castle in front of him, and he realized that Blue must’ve been flying autopilot.
“No matter what you look like, we will love you,” Shiro reassured. “We won’t force you either, we can have Coran make you a new mask if you’re not ready,” Lance sucked in a breath at the new option. The other paladins waited with baited breath as he made his decision.
“No, I want you to see what I look like,” he replied quietly. The others smiled at each other and started heading toward the Blue Lion’s hanger. The waited patiently outside the Lion as Lance tried to work up the courage inside. Finally, the ramp descended with Lance, who was holding up the shards of the mask in front of his face. He carefully stepped forward in front of his teammates. The pieces of the mask were noticeably trembling in his hands and they could tell that he was trying in vain to stop the shaking.
“I’ve been crying, so I might look even worse,” he mentioned.
“It’s okay Lance, we understand,” Hunk smiled gently. Lance nodded silently before sucking in a deep breath and exhaling. He slowly lowered the pieces and tried to gauge the reactions of his friends. He bit his bottom lip when they didn’t say anything, and just stared intently.
“Oh god, is it bad?” He asked running a hand down the side of his face. Shiro shook his head and came closer.
“No Lance, no I think we just expected something different,” he replied putting his hand on Lance’s shoulder.
“What do you mean?” He asked confused.
“Why don’t you look for yourself?” Shiro asked guiding him to the console in the hanger and pulled up the video screen. Lance’s eyes widened as he ran his hand over his face. Over his left eye was a large patch of pale peachy skin, and the eye itself was a light sky blue compared to his other ocean blue eye. He tried to make out any other imperfections on his skin but was unable to find any others. He stepped away from the camera and turned to the leader.
“This is what my family wanted to hide from the world?” He asked no one particular. “I’ve lived my life behind a mask for that?” He cursed himself as tears once again started swimming in his eyes. He let out a breath of air as he was engulfed in a hug by the Black Paladin, followed closely by everyone else.
“They couldn’t appreciate your real beauty, but we will,” Hunk smiled. Many approvals and agreements rang out from their group hug. He let a grateful smile spread across his face as he realized that; while he left a lot of people behind on Earth, he found the most important ones to him, in space.

Babysitter (Part 3)

Summary: You lie to your parents so you can spend a few days at Taehyungs house.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V)/ Reader

Genre: Fluff / Smut

Words: 3.5k

A/N: Wasn’t expecting this to be a series, so thank you for everyone who is reading my stories :) more on the way, especially other members ;)

Part 1 | Part 2 | MasterlistPart 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

As the situation was awkwardly quiet you watched your father’s confusion turn to anger while your mother tried to figure out what was going on.

“I guess you will be receiving your last paycheck.” Your father stormed off.

“Dad, wait….it’s not what you think.” You ran after your father.

Taehyung looked down apologetic as he bowed to your mother. “Thank you for your kindness, I’m sorry I betrayed your trust, I must be leaving.”

Your mother just embraced him into a hug. “Don’t worry dear, everything will work out.”

Your mother followed you and your father to the kitchen as Taehyung left with the suspension killing him.

“Dad please listen to me.”

“No….In my house, with your sister a room away?”

Your father expected the worse and he was honestly correct but he was over reacting, you were considered an adult now. Tae was also a responsible, mature adult, he should be grateful. It was wrong to sleep with Tae while your sister was in hearing distance but you were careful.

The only way to tense the situation was to lie, so thats what you did.

“Nothing happened, we fell asleep that’s it.”

“What were you doing exactly?”

“After we sent Dara to bed, we just went to my room and talked, we eventually fell asleep I swear.” You begged.

“You know Taehyung, you know he would never disrespect me….no reason to fire him.” Your fathers eyes soften but still had anger behind them.

“Minho.” Your mother interrupted.

“Let us talk alone.” Your mother said sweetly.

You left and found Dara sitting in the living room.

“Dara.” Your sister looked at you. “When you saw me and Tae in bed, what did you see? You saw us wearing pajamas right?”

Your sister looked up confused. “No.” She was unsure. “You didn’t have clothes on….don’t worry Sungmin said it’s a grown-up thing.”

You panicked. “Dara you like Tae right?”

“Of course.” She cheered.

“If mom and dad ask you….we had pajamas on okay?”

“I don’t get it.”

“Please Dar, just say yes okay….if you want to see Tae again you need to, unless we are in big trouble.”

“Okay.” Your sister finally agreed.

“Don’t speak unless they ask you okay.” She nodded.

You still felt nervous, you feel like your couldn’t trust your sister to successfully lie for you.

Your mother and father came out looking for you. “Okay here’s the thing.” Your father started.

You stood at attention for your father. “You are in full babysitting duty unless you have plans….we don’t see it’s necessary to have him here when you can watch your siblings.”

“But dad.”

“It’s not necessary.” Your father raised his voice. “Why waste the money.”

“So he can’t come over to hang out, not being paid?”

“Unless we are home.”

“That’s so unfair.”

“My house, my rules.”

“I’m an adult now, you can’t be treating me like a child….I’m at school alone around guys what makes this different?”

“How can we trust you sweetie, your sister can’t be exposed to that behavior, she’s too young.”

“Nothing happened.” You lied.

Your father just rubbed his head stressed. You felt the tears fall from your eyes. Instead of speaking another word you just stormed up stairs.

You buried yourself in your pillows sobbing. How can they act this way? You were an adult now, for all they know you could be hooking up with guys in your dorm.

“Sweetie.” You heard a knock on your door. You looked up seeing your mother.

She came over sitting on your bed. “Why is he acting like that?” You asked your mother.

“Because sweetie, you’re his little girl, it’s going to take him some time to accept that you are an adult.”

You sat their sobbing on your mothers shoulder as she rubbed your back. “I like him.” You confessed. “And he likes me.”

Your mother dried your tears as she looked into your eyes. “Tae asked me out, are you gonna tell me no because I already know what dad’s answer is.”

“No sweetie, I like Taehyung, he’s a good kid. Don’t worry about your father okay.” She smiled and started to get up.

“And don’t let your father see these.” Your mother brushed your hair off your neck.

“Your father and I were young once.”

“What?” You said more to yourself because your mother left you alone with confusion. You got up and looked in the mirror.


There was purplish red fainted hickeys all over your neck. He will be the death of you, most likely if your dad does see these.


“(Y/N), you have a visitor.” Your stomach flipped of the sudden visitor, you hoped it was Tae but the way your dad scared him off, probably not. You walked down the stairs and saw your friends Sana and Liz.

“Hey girl.” Your face immediately dropped. You felt almost disappointed.

“Hey.” You said quietly.

Your friends led you to your porch, obviously wanting to talk to you in private. “Where have you been all week?” Liz asked.

“I’ve been babysitting.”

“Really, doesn’t your parents have a babysitter?”

“Yeah.” You shrugged your shoulders not wanting to talk.

“Well anyways.” Sana said to escape the awkward tension. “There is this hangout that my boyfriend found and I think it would be cool if we triple date it.” Your friends smiled.

“Triple date?” You ask.

“Yeah me and Liz have our boyfriends, who you still need to meet, and Changkyung can bring his hot cousin for you.”

“Your trying to hook me up?”

“Yes girl, you need to get some action, have you even had sex yet?” That hurt. You just laughed sarcastically.

You got up from your sitting position and started for the door.

“(Y/N) what’s wrong? Sorry if we offended you.”

“I have had sex thank you…actually the other night if you should know, with an amazing guy that my father is forbidding me from seeing.” They looked at you stunned that you started rambling.

“And also something you guys should know is the first time that I actually did have sex was that asshole Youngjin making me drunk.” You continued.

You had everything bottled up for a long time. “What, you don’t remember? A lame party you guys dragged me into going and abandoning me like usual when you promised me you wouldn’t so instead I basically got raped because I woke up in an unknown location with no clothes next to the guy I thought was decent but turns out was a disgusting pervert. So sorry I’ve been a party pooper.”

Your friends got up and walked closer to you. “We are so sorry, we didn’t know about Youngjin.”

“You guys seemed like a perfect couple.” Liz softened.

“So did I, turns out he was in more then one relationship. He was only in it for the sex.” Liz wrapped her arms around you. “We’re so sorry.”

“Yeah.” Sana hugged you to. “We just wanted to help you because you told us how bad you are talking with guys.”

“Yeah we didn’t know you had one.” Liz nudged you.

“Yeah what’s his name? What’s the details?”

“His name is Taehyung. And funny story about that.” You blushed.

“He’s my brother and sisters babysitter.”

“Shut up.” Sana said.

“So you just met him?” Liz asked.


“Damn girl you weren’t lying.” Liz pulled your hair off your shoulder. “He marked you.” Her eyes widened. You just blushed.

“So why is your father being an ass?” Sana asked.

“Because after my siblings go to bed we…you know…..and my sister caught us in bed the next morning and spilled it too my parents.”

They both looked at you surprised. “You dirty girl….I thought I was bad” Sana smirked.

“Guys it’s not funny…I basically got him fired.” You looked down. “Now my father doesn’t want him here with me alone….like I’m some child.”

“That’s bullshit.”

You still felt bad about the whole situation, you didn’t even get to say goodbye to him yesterday or called to see if he’s okay.

“Can you guys actually drive me somewhere?” They nodded.


Sana had an idea to get me some alone time with Taehyung.

Your parents were talking in the study about business, like usual.

“Hey Mr and Mrs. (Y/L/N) I was wondering if I can borrow your daughter for a few days?”

Your parents just arched their eyebrows.

“My parents are having this family vay-cay at the lodge and I really don’t want to be alone with my family.”

You looked to your parents to see if they would approve.

“Your parents will be there?” Your mother asked because she knows of Sana’s behavior.

“I guess you may go, for how long?”

“3 or 4 days about.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“Okay.” Your mother nodded.

“Who will watch the kids if we need her.” Your father barged in.

“Stop being cold towards Tae, they said nothing happened.” Your mother hit your father in the back of the head.

“I think you guys should take a mini vacation too, you work so hard. Take a few days off, do some fun things with Dara and Sungmin.” You suggested.

Your parents were a pretty high end of the business they work for so you doubt they wouldn’t get off.

Please say yes. If they need Tae for babysitting, this defeats the whole purpose of the plan.

“I dont kn-”

“Minho, come on, it’s been a while since we spent some quality time with the kids.” Your mother hugged your dad from behind.

“But it won’t be all of our kids.” Your father looked at you.

“I’m fine.” You smiled.

“Okay.” He finally agreed.

Fuck yeah.


You packed your bags for a few days and headed out the door. You called Tae to get his address and he didn’t question why but you guess he assumed.

“Can I go meet your bae?” Sana pushed.

“No he’s probably still upset with my whole parents thing.” You got out of the car and noticed he lived in an apartment complex. Alone?

You knocked on the door waiting for him to answer. As soon as he did a guy shorter then Tae answered. He had short black hair and his face seemed like he just woke up.

“Can I help you?”

“I got it Yoongi.” You saw Tae appear in the door way. “Sorry.” He looked back at the guy who was walking away groaning.

“Sorry that’s my roommate Yoongi.” He has a roommate?

“Hi.” You nervously greeted.

He just smiled and immediately pulled you into a desperate kiss. You already felt the butterflies in your stomach. It’s been two days since you last felt those lips and you missed them.

As you daydreamed into a relaxing sensation you heard a clearing of someones throat.

You both pulled away from the kiss seeing where the noise came from.

“Sorry to ruin the moment, but we’re off….and the story you told your parents doesn’t have to be a lie, we can really stay at the lodge if you want….four bedrooms, it’s off the beach, hot tub. You can have all the alone time you need, no worry about roommates.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

“Okay, we’ll see.” You wrapped your arms around Tae’s waist.

“Nice to meet you by the way.” She greeted.

“Hot.” You friend gave you a thumbs up. You just laughed from embarrassment.

“What lie is she talking about?”

“I told my parents I was spending a few days with them….so I’m all yours.” You bit your lip.

Taehyung smirked. “I thought I told you not to do that.”


You sat on the sofa with Taehyung watching a movie, cuddled under a blanket. You still had butterflies from just being near him. It felt right, like you knew you wanted to be with him.

“I’m sorry that Dara almost got you fired.”

He looked at you sweetly. “It’s fine, that little twerp owe’ s me though so make sure you tell her that.”

You laughed. “I actually blame you though.”

You looked at him confused. “What? What did I do.”

“You make me crazy that’s what.” He was being over dramatic.

You raised your eyebrows. “How?” You leaned forward.

He closed the small space between you. That was a good enough answer in your case. You loved the way he kissed you, switch from aggressive to passionate in the matter of seconds.

“Do you see what I mean?” He stopped for a breather. You saw the lust in his eyes. You slightly pushed him back straddling his lap. You pushed your lips to his, while sliding your hand down his chest. You could already feel him getting hard underneath you.

“You got excited fast.” You smirked.

He shh you and leaned forward towards your lips again. You started to rock your hips along with his.

“Eww.” Before your make out session could get any deeper, you heard a voice interrupt.

It was Taehyung’s roommate Yoongi coming out of his cave.

“Don’t you have a room you can do that in.” He groaned.

Taehyung just looked at you apologetically.

“But before you answer, please don’t be too loud, I want to keep my food down.”

You and Tae just blushed.

“Let’s go.” Taehyung got up lending a hand for you.

“Where are we going?”

“I believe I owe you a date.” He smiled. You gladly accepted and made your way towards the door.

“See ya later Suga.” Yoongi nodded.


The whole ride was peaceful, Taehyung was so goofy. When you’re with him, its when you smile the most. He kept putting on rap songs you didn’t know but he knew every word to, he would make you laugh by the way he was so turned up by it.

As soon as you reached your destination you noticed the view of the ocean off the boardwalk. It was beautiful.

The little things he did made you love everything about him. The way he would sneak up behind you and poke your sides, when he put his arm around your waist while you walked up to the gate. He was very affectionate towards you to the public eye. He would sneak in little pecks on your cheek or nose, sometimes your neck. All during this walk from his car to the boardwalk.

Youngjin was your first and only boyfriend before Tae and the difference was unbelievable. He was never affectionate towards you, he never would hold your hand or kiss you in public. Probably from the fact that he didn’t really like you, he was in more then one relationship, you were just his toy.

This was a whole new experience for you, not just the pleasurable nights with Taehyung but actually being out of your house with him. You were getting a real taste of how it’s suppose to be when you’re in a relationship. And you loved every second of it.

The first hour of your date was fun, just walking along the boardwalk, where the carnival portion was. You would stop and get cotton candy, play different games you clearly sucked at. Tae felt bad because he wasn’t so good either, so he couldn’t win you a toy.

“I have a better present.” You snapped your attention towards him and he immediately pulled you into a deep kiss. He even leaned you back, holding you in place, like a romantic kiss from a movie. As soon as he brought you back up he pulled away and went in to lick your face. The action had him running in the other direction laughing.

“Tae….that was gross.” You laughed, wiping your face.

He wouldn’t stop speed walking away from you so you had to run after him. When you got close enough you jumped on his back.

“Aish, you’re heavy.”

“No you’re just weak.” You teased.

“Look a photo booth.” You pointed in the right direction.

You slid down Taehyung’s back and pulled him to the box. You pulled the curtain when you saw that it was empty.

“First date memories.” You pulled him in.

After Tae paid you decided on a normal picture first, as you only get four pictures. You both smiled sweetly for the picture waiting for the countdown. As soon as it hit one Tae quickly grabbed the sides above your knee, triggering your tickle spot. You screamed in laughter.

“You ass.” You yelled as soon as you saw the picture come out. It looked ridiculous. He couldn’t hold in his laughter. The next picture went off as you squeezed his cheeks, causing him to make a funny face.

As soon as you let go, he leaned into you kissing you once again passionately. This time you were lost in the kiss. Forgetting about your surrounding, even the photo booth. You felt Tae grab on to your thigh, sliding up your skirt. You felt the rush take over as you placed your hand over his sensitive area. You started to rub the area, making him moan between your lips.

You felt him get back at you as soon as you felt him rub your core causing your lace panties to dampen. The sexual tension was hitting you both hard. You pulled down his zipper reaching into his jeans. He could feel his member throbbing against your hand.

“I want you.” You whispered against his lips. He pulled away looking at you lustfully. You both got up leaving the photo booth grabbing your pictures in the process. You both were speed walking until you seen a small alley within two buildings of the boardwalk. You could tell it was where the restaurant placed their garbage. You felt like this was too risky of a spot, that anyone could walk in on you, yet walk by, but at that moment you didn’t care.

He held you up against the wall as he kissed your neck down to your collar bone. You felt dizzy just by him kissing lower towards your breast. You reached your hand down into his pants stroking the areas around his throbbing length. He danced his fingers under your skirt pulling down your underwear until they were around your ankles. You stepped out of them as soon as he reached and picked them up. He grabbed them and put them in his pocket. A clear smirk evidence in his face.

He watched you as you grabbed his pants buckle and undoing them quickly. You pulled out his member pumping rapidly. You got down on your knees putting him in your mouth. You didn’t want to tease him too much from the sensation of being rushed.

You didn’t suck him for long before he pulled you up. You could tell he needed you right then and there. He lined his length towards your core pushing in before you were ready. You almost shrieked from the surprise.

“I don’t care if anyone hears us this time.” He thrusted into you deeply.

“Yeah because I totally want to get arrested for indecent exposure.” He laughed at your sarcasm.

You wrapped one leg around his waist to get a better angle.

You moaned quietly as he thrust into you deeply. You felt the pleasure throughout your core. Your breathing hiked up when you felt you were close to your climax. He kissed you to steady your moaning. You felt your body weaken as your orgasms was passing through. You noticed the smirk on his face as he had to hold you up.

“Almost there.” He whispered. You gently brushed his hair off his sweaty forehead. He closed his eyes as you felt him finally release inside of you. He slowly backed away pulling out of you. As soon as he pulled his pants back up he grabbed your hand kissing it tenderly.

“Is it crazy that I might be in love with you already.” He whispered.

You felt butterflies as soon as those words left his mouth. “You love me?” You didn’t know how to process those words.

“Yeah. I don’t know….I know it’s kind of soon but the way I feel around you-”

You leaned in to kiss him immensely. “I think I love you to.” His face lit up.

“But to be fair, I’ve never been in love before.” You confessed. “But if it’s the feeling of the constant butterflies when I’m around you or the fear of ever losing you or even the way I can’t breath when I’m not with you then yeah, I’m in love with you.”

He picked you up as you wrapped your arms around him.

You heard the door to the side of the building unlocking ruining the moment. “Shit, we better go.” Tae grabbed your hand pulling you towards the boardwalk.

As you made your way towards his car you realized something. “Are you going to give me back my underwear?”

“I don’t know yet.” He laughed.

“So….what are we going to do for the next few days?”

“I have a few ideas.” You bit your lip.

“Slight warning, you might be meeting my friends…..they tend to linger around my place.” He laughed.

“That’s a big step in our relationship.” You teased.

“Don’t worry, they will love you.” He kissed your cheek.


Part 1 | Part 2 | MasterlistPart 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Every Second of Everyday (Dan Howell x Reader)

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Hey guys! I’m finally on break and finals are over! (thank lord jesus) so now I will be posting a lot more than I have been so I hope you enjoy and happy holidays!

xxx Megan


Dan’s POV

 I miss her every second of everyday. I can’t help but wonder what she is doing and most nights I end up punching a pillow or screaming at the top of my lungs thinking about how I treated her. Thinking about how she left one night in tears. Thinking about the disgusting words that left my mouth that I would constantly throw her way. Guilt couldn’t even begin to describe the feeling that was devouring me when I thought about the fear in her eyes every time we were argue. 

 Y/N had left 2 years ago. I could never blame her though. I treated her with such disgrace and constantly regret everything I did to her. At first we were fine, an average happy couple, but then my career exploded and stress was running my life. And unfortunately I would take out all my stress and anger on her. Every night we bickered about something for a good 3 months. Then the bickering formed into top of the lungs screaming at each other until one of us ended in tear or had lost the will to fight anymore. The worst part is she was the one who stopped almost every single time. She was the one trying to desperately fix us and put us back together. And me being the dick I was just decided to ignore her and push her even farther. The night I came home and saw our bedroom only filled with my stuff didn’t surprise me at all. Hell I wasn’t even upset. That was until about a month later where I found the letter in her old underwear drawer.


 I bet you will either throw this in the bin, set it on fire or not even bother to read it but yet here I am writing it anyway. I’m tired. Dan I’m so tired of you complaining about shit and not even realize that the most important thing was broken. Dan Howell I love you so much and I feel like I always will but you are not willing to fight for the most valuable thing in my life. Us. If you’re not going to try to fight then I guess I should just give up too. I know it’s a shitty thing to just pack up and leave but I was already bawling writing this and I have to leave. If I talk to you in person you will make me stay and I can’t keep doing this. We’re broken. I’m broken. I’m done and so is our relationship. I can’t say I wouldn’t miss you holding me or kissing me or even looking at me cause we both know I’d be lying but I am doing this for you. You’re obviously caught up in work right now and I know how much stress and frustration you have bottled up and I know I’m just an obstacle in the way. I love you so much baby and I hope you have a good life without me getting in the way.

xxx Y/n

 I punched a hole in my wall that day. Anger filled my veins at the thought of her crying over an asshole like me, making her think she was justing getting in the way of my life. I loved her with everything I had and still do and yet I left her feeling broken and worthless. I miss her every second of every day. 

 I was currently laying in my bed, alone, staring at a picture of a beautiful couple. It was a tall, dark haired boy smiling down at a perfect girl with y/h/c. He gazed at her lovingly as her eyes were squeezed shut with a wide opened mouth on her face laughing at a dorky joke the boy had tolded her moments before. This was my favorite picture of us. We both looked so innocent and in love. So happy. My thoughts were interrupted as there was knock on my bedroom door.

 “Dan?” I heard Phil questioned on the other side of the door.

 “Yes?” I spoke weakly as I heard the door creak slightly. I heard a sigh escape his lips ashe walked over to me removing the photo from my hands.

 “Still thinking about y/n?” He spoke quietly as I nodded slightly. He frowned slightly looking at the picture shaking his head slightly. Y/n and Phil were so close when we were dating. Besides me she would tell Phil everything but since the letter neither of us had seen her. 2 years she had walked out of our lives and yet both of us remember it like it was just yesterday. Phil shook his head setting the frame down as he gave me a small smile. “Wanna go to the store with me? Get your head off things?” Nothing could make me stop thinking about her. 

 “Sure Phil.” I smiled slightly as I sat up from the bed.

Your POV

 I strolled down aisle 3 searching for eggs. pushing my cart slowly.  My eyes scanned as I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I grabbed it quickly answering the phone call, not glancing at the caller ID already knowing who was calling. 

 “Hi honey.” I spoke still looking for the eggs.

 “WHERE ARE YOU?” His phone boomed through the phone causing me to wince slightly

 “A-at the store. We ran out of eggs and the recipe calls for 2…”

 “You knew all my colleagues were coming over at 7 and I told you to have dinner ready by then!” Ryan’s voice was demanding and loud as I reached down finally finding a carton of eggs.

 “All of it’s done except for the cake you specifically asked for!” I spoke harshly into the phone setting the cartons in the cart.

 “Don’t you dare use that tone with me young lady.” He hushed into the phone causing me to roll my eyes.

 “Okay Dad I’m gonna go now see you at home.” I hung up before he could say anything else. Ryan was my fiance, a well paid, intelligent doctor who thinks he is better than anyone who is younger or earns less money than him. Me being 2 years younger and a mediocre photographer makes him feel twice as powerful towards me. We had been dating for a year and a half and to say we weren’t in love with each other is an understatement. The only reason we were getting married was because his parents loved me and told him to “claim me”. Being the suck up he is of course he proposed. And me being the most awkward person just happened to say yes. I was so busy trying to place my phone back in my pocket I didn’t realize I was walking I ran face first into someone’s chest.

 “Sorry about that love.” A thick british accent spoke causing my breath to hitch. I’d know that voice anywhere. 

 I lifted my head up slightly to look at the stranger’s face as I met a pair of two familiar brown eyes.


Dan’s POV

 “D-Dan?” Her voice squeaked out causing me to freeze. It was her. Here. RIght in front of me.

 “Y-n?” She gave me a polite smile as she looked down at her feet, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, biting her lip, like she always did when she was nervous. I just wanted to pull her lip from her teeth and kiss her. But I’ll I could do was shuffle awkwardly and place my hands in my pockets.

 “H-how you been?” She asked quietly as her beautiful y/e/c eyes met mine once again.

 “I’ve been better…” I gulped as I saw a streak of guilt fill her eyes. “How about you? How are your photos doing?” She smiled slightly as she nodded slightly.

 “I finally got a job. Somebody saw one of the pictures and fell in love with it so they asked me to join their company.” I grinned at her happily. She had always been struggling trying to get her dream job but I had always told her she could do it. That was until all we did was fight…

 “See! I told you you could do it!” I spoke happily causing her to giggle. Oh how I had missed that sound. “What picture was it?” I saw her face freeze before she whispered 

 “The one of you and I…” I opened my mouth to speak when I heard another voice chime in.

 “Dan I found the… y/n?!” I heard y/n squeal as I saw her jump into Phil’s arms


 I felt a pain in my heart as I watched them hug before she pulled away. Phil looked at her gleaming as he suddenly noticed something that I hadn’t.

 “Are you engaged…?” My eyes immediately darted to her left ring finger where a sparkling diamond ring sat. No. I thought to myself. She can’t be. That should be MY engagment for her. I felt my heart physically break as nausea took over my stomach as I saw her nod slowly. She looked down at her finger before looking up to meet Phil’s gaze again. I felt my eyes become glossy as I looked down at my shoes rapidly blinking trying to keep from crying. Phil seemed to notice my pain as he quickly spoke up. 

 “Congratulations! Well Dan and I should be headed out. We have a bunch of editing to do tonight and we have to watch some new anime episodes as such.” I looked up to see y/n gazing at me sadly as she nodded understandingly. She pulled Phil into another tight hug before turning to me and opening her arms slightly. I wrapped my arms around her petite figure as she hugged me tightly. Her vanilla perfume filled my nostrils as she squeezed me tightly. She pulled away slightly before waving a small wave smiling a little. 

 “Bye guys.” Her sweet voice filled my ears one last time before I saw her turn and continue walking the opposite way. I felt a small tear fall from my eye as Phil placed a hand on my shoulder squeezing in reassurance. 

 “I’m sorry Dan….” He spoke softly causing me to shake my head and wipe my tears.

 “Don’t be…” I spoke, “I’m the one who left her go…”

Your POV

 The radio quietly played in the background as I drove to Ryan and I’s apartment. My mind screaming Dan’s name over and over again. I had never gotten over him and the disappointment in his eyes when finding out I was engaged broke my heart. As I pulled into the parking lot of the apartments I felt my mind become cloudy when I tried to think about why I was with Ryan and not Dan. Dan and I had so much in common while Ryan and I were polar opposites. Ryan didn’t have the sense of humor like Dan did. Ryan didn’t care for me like Dan did. And even though all Dan and I did was fight and bicker, at the end of the day, I didn’t love Ryan the way I loved Dan. I carried the bags of ingredients up to the apartment where I opened the door to reveal multiple doctors and nurses filling up the living room. Sophisticated conversations were being spoken as laughter filled the room. I dropped the bags on the table causing a few to glance over at me and Ryan to notice my arrival.

 “Took you long another! Everyone I would like to introduce you to my friend y/n!” I stared at him blankly

 “Fiance.” I spoke angrily only causing Ryan to roll his eyes and nod softly before grunting out 

 “Yes… my future wife.” I scoffed before turning back to unload the bags when something caught my eye. The walls were empty. Nothing was hung or displayed on any wall of the house,

 “Ryan!” I spoke loudly over the voices making everyone go silent and turn their attention towards me once again.  

 “What?!” He spoke harshly, obviously annoyed by me interrupting his company for a second time.

 “Where did my pictures go?”

 “What pictures?”  


 A snotty brunette then piped up.

 “Job? Ryan I thought you said she was a lawyer not a picture taker.”

 “Photographer.” I gritted my teeth trying to calm my anger before turning my attention back to Ryan. “First you don’t want to announce me as your fiance and now you’re embarrassed by my job?!” I shrieked angrily as Ryan just chuckled. 

 “Y/n, I have a very important job and so do all these people. I didn’t feel telling them about your hobbies.” I felt my blood boil as he spoke.

 “Well you know what. I’m sorry I didn’t graduate from a fancy college with a perfect GPA. I’m sorry I don’t make as much money as all of your “perfect” friends but I’m not fucking sorry for who I am or what I enjoy doing. I like my “unimportant” job thank you and I know lots of people who support me.”

 “Oh yeah like who?” 

 “Like Dan…” 

 “Seriously y/n?! You’re bringing up that loser again! He doesn’t do anything either. Worthless piece of….”

 “Don’t you dare finish that sentence Ryan…” I spoke in a low, demanding voice. “Plus I know one thing Dan has that you will never EVER get.”

 “Oh yeah what’s that?”

 I looked down at my ring before sliding it off my finger and slamming it on the table “My heart.”

 “Y/n you’re gonna regret this…” I shook my head staring at him dead in the eye

 “Actually this is the best decision I’ve ever made. Have fun at your fucking party Ryan.” I pushed through the crowd grabbing my keys and open the door as I hear Ryan call from behind me.

 “You walked out that door y/n you can never come back. Do you hear me?! You can just send someone to get all your shit.” I stopped dead in my tracks before calling back.

 “Gigi will be here tomorrow to pick it up.” As I walked out slamming the door. I quickly rushed down the stairs as I reached my car hopping in and rushing down the street driving to the first place that popped into my head…

Dan’s POV

 “Phil make some popcorn!” I shouted from the living room as I searched through the TV for the episode we were gonna watch when I was interrupted by a knock at the door. Who would be delivering something at this hour I thought as I slowly stood up and walked down the stairs. I reached the door unlocking it slowly to be met with a petite girl. Tears filled her y/e/c eyes as her y/h/c hair was tangled slightly. I opened my mouth slightly as I stared at her standing at my door. I never thought I would something as beautiful as this moment. Even with her ratty hair and her makeup slightly smudged under her eyes she still managed to be the most breathtaking thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I felt a smirk creep on my lips before I let out one of my remarks trying to lighten the mood.

 “Long time no see.” She giggled under her breath before I heard her mumble.

 “God I’ve missed you.” Before I could respond I felt her grab my shirt and tug me toward her. I felt her moist lips connected with my slightly chapped lips as the taste of her cherry chapstick invade my mouth. My hands found her waist as I tugged her inside with my closing the door by pushing her back against it. I tugged on her bottom lip as I pulled away smiling. She giggled resting her forehead on mine as I whispered.

 “I thought you were engaged?”

 “I was.” I grinned before reconnecting our lips

 I missed her every second of everyday. That was until she was mine again. I ended up marrying that girl. To ensure, that I wouldn’t have to miss her anymore.


request: “Could you do a crossover imagine where the reader dated Draco and after the battle he ran from his parents and went into hiding as a muggle with the alias Julian Albert and the reader is Harry’s sister and one day he says he found Draco and when she apparates to the address it’s STAR labs and everyone in the cortex is freaked but “Julian” gets excited and is all happy and glad she found him and he explains all about the wizards and it ends with him saying “You hufflepuffs and your ability to find things”“ — @fuckkoffcourtney

a/n: i love this request do much 😭 i’ve been thinking about the similarities of julian’s and draco’s characters for a long time now aND BASICALLY I’M JUST HAPPY TO DO THIS IMAGINE OKAY ENJOY (also, did this in 3rd person point of view to get the feels going idk okay i’m just so excited rn i’m rambling.)

p.s. they are in their mid-20s in this imagine just to let you know


Masterlist + Request here!

    It all started with a dream.

    Y/N had woken up one night, sweating, her heart beating rapidly, with her lungs longing for air in slow deep breaths at what she just discovered. She has been trying so hard for months, years even, and now just like that, she finally found what she was looking for — a clue that could lead her to Draco Malfoy, her former lover whom since the end of Second Wizarding War, had vanished mysteriously without a note or trace to where he was going.

     Harry Potter, Y/N’s brother, heard shuffling from her room at that same night when he was about to head to the kitchen to make himself some tea. Now that she was living with him and Ginny, along with their three children, he had the chance to rekindle his relationship with his sister since it went to a rough patch when he learned that she in fact was dating his mortal enemy.

     He knocked on the door, clearing his throat at the same time. "Y/N?”

     "Come in.“ she answered immediately, a low grunt following after her statement.

     When he entered her room, he raised his eyebrows in both surprise and confusion. She had a wand in hand, her outfit indicated that she was going to go somewhere, and a luggage was on the floor where some of her clothes were magically folding and placing themselves in.

     Harry had a hard time uttering what he wanted to say. "Er — Y/N? Are you going somewhere?”

     She closed her luggage successfully and beamed at him, standing up from her position to walk closer to where he was.

     "I know where he is, Harry.“ Y/N claimed. "I know where he is and I’m coming to meet him.”

     "No, Y/N, not again —” Harry sighed.

     She cut him off. “Harry, I’m sure this time. I saw him! In my — in my dream. He’s in this city acting like a Muggle. Please, I need to go see him, he needs me —”

     "If he needed you, he would have taken you with him, Y/N.“

     "No, stop saying that!” she shouted.

     Harry’s expression softened at the way her face fell and the gloomy expression she has been wearing for so long was back on her face. It was only that night when he saw her smile again, and he was still trying hard to understand why only Draco was the only person who could do it.

      She gulped. “I’m going, alright? There’s nothing you can do or say that can stop me.” she turned around and grabbed her luggage. “Please, just — just say my farewell to Ginny. Tell the kids that I won’t be long.”

      “Take care of yourself.” that was the only thing Harry managed to utter to his sister.

      Y/N nodded, and with a raise of her wand, she apparated to the place where she saw Draco in her dream — Central City, the home of the fastest man alive: The Flash.

      She didn’t need to wait for morning as she stares at the strange building in front of her eyes. It was named S.T.A.R. Labs, and although it looked abandoned and empty, she couldn’t be mistaken. This was where she saw Draco in her dream.

      With a deep breath, Y/N grabbed her luggage in one hand while her wand was still tightly wrapped around the other. She was often labeled as even more reckless and stubborn than her brother was, which said a lot since Harry Potter tended to do a lot of things without particularly thinking about it first. Well, she suppose, it was Hermione’s job to the thinking in their trio.

      When she has reached the cortex, the dream came flashing back to her, making her wince ever so slightly because of the headache that came with it. She dropped her luggage beside the wall and slowly went to touch the desk with the monitors, opening one of them and seeing complicated and various codes on the screen.

      All of the sudden, a gust of wind broke her away from her trance and when she looked forward, she saw a man in a red suit, peering curiously at her before setting his eyes at her wand.

      “Who are you?” asked the stranger, stepping closer. “How did you get here?”

       Y/N raised her wand. “Where is he?”

      “Who?” the man asked again.

      “Draco.” answered Y/N. “I just want to see him. Where is he?”

      “I don’t know any Draco.”

      Without warning, Y/N raised her hand higher and began to speak an incantation towards the red speedster. “Legilimens.”

      His own memories came flooding in her mind. She ignored those people who she didn’t know, but when she finally saw Draco’s face, she focused more on that memory only to see him talking to the man in what seemed like a rude manner. Y/N had the nerve to smile to know that he hasn’t changed, though her trespassing on the man’s mind was soon cut off by another voice.

      “Stop, whatever you’re doing with him.” it said, seeing how the former was wincing, and when she obliged, she saw a man with dark skin pointing a gun at her direction.

      She raised her eyebrows. “Expelliarmus.” she commanded and the weapon flew away from his grasp.

      “What the hell?” gasped the same man.

       Abruptly, two more people followed after him. One was female with brown locks and one was male with shoulder length hair. They were looking at Y/N in what seemed like amazement and fear. The latter opening his mouth to say something but decided against it when Y/N tilted her head in a taunting way.

       She smiled. “Look, I’m not here to bring harm.” she clarified, finally lowering her wand. “Like I said, I just want to see Draco.”

      “And like we told you, we don’t know —”

      “Barry, isn’t it?” Y/N didn’t let him finish, turning back to him. “I saw you talking to him so don’t try and hide him away from me.”

      The three strangers slowly made their way to Barry’s side and Y/N identified them individually regarding what she saw inside Barry Allen’s head. The eldest was named Joe West, the only girl was Caitlin Snow, and the last one was Cisco Ramon.

      Cisco raised his hand up. “Um, sorry to break it to you but we really don’t know any Draco that you’re speaking of.”

      Y/N impatiently crossed her arms. “Yes, you do. You’re working with him in this team —” she suddenly stops herself from talking, her eyes lighting up in realization" — and he names himself Julian Albert.“

      “Y/N?” a frantic yet familiar voice spoke from behind her and she didn’t waste time to turn around to see who it was.

      Y/N sighed in relief upon seeing Draco Malfoy, making her run towards him without skipping a beat, pulling him close to her body with a tight embrace. Tears were leaking out of her eyes once reality sunk in, muffled crying being heard on Draco’s shoulder that only the two of them could understand.

      “H-How — when — I don’t understand.” he didn’t dare let go of her, but Y/N, who wanted to see a clear view of his face, leaned back. “You’re here. You’re actually here.” he breathed out once more.

     She nodded, “I’m here.”

    Draco cracked a smile as he leaned down and kissed her.

    Almost everyone inside the room was shocked to see them together. Most especially, they were shocked to see Draco — or Julian, for what they’ve been told — show any kind of affection to someone. And from the way he unwillingly broke the kiss and stared at the girl’s eyes, it was obvious that she meant a lot to him much more than they thought she did.

    Y/N punched him quite hardly on the chest once they stopped, Draco raising his eyebrows in question.

    “That’s for leaving me.” growled Y/N. “And this —” she punched him again, harder than the last time “ — is for not even saying goodbye. No letter, no explanation, no words, no assurance that you were still alive —”

    “Okay, Y/N, I get it.” Draco stopped her from punching him further more.

    “You do?” she exclaimed. “Doesn’t seem like it, considering how you hid behind these Muggles —”

    “What did she just call us?” asked Barry.

    “ — for ages. Do you even know how many rules I’ve broken and breaking as we speak right now? It’s a good thing that I have a lot of allies from the Ministry that they understand exactly why I’m doing this.”

     Draco was about to explain when another stranger emerged from behind the two of them, Y/N recognizing him as H.R. Wells, who was unaware of the scene in front of him.

     "WHAT IS IT? WHERE’S THE METAHUMAN?“ yelled the man, causing everyone to groan in annoyance.

     Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, turning her attention back on Draco.

     "Please explain what’s been going on with you ever since the war …” she sighed, closing her eyes momentarily.

    “Excuse me,” spoke Cisco, “but we also need explaining, Julian.” he managed to gesture some air quotes at the name.

    “And what war, exactly? Like World War 1?” piped in Caitlin.

    H.R. dramatically gasped. “Julian’s a vampire?”

    “I don’t think he is, neither is her.” nodded Joe at Y/N.

    “Everyone, just settle down.” Draco finally spoke, placing an arm around Y/N. “This is Y/N Potter, she’s my … well, I don’t really know what to call her but I’m going to say that she’s my girlfriend, anyway.” he glanced at the girl beside him. “And, we’re not vampires — we’re wizards.”

    Y/N leaned onto him. “He’s also not Julian Albert, he’s Draco Malfoy.”

    “Draco Malfoy?” Caitlin repeated.

    “Yes, Caitlin.”

    “But why did you lie to us?” asked Cisco.

    Draco took a deep breath, “Well, quite frankly, it is stated in the law that Muggles, people with no magic, are not supposed to know the existence of our kind. Not that it mattered anymore for me. I’ve been hiding from who I really was ever since I ran away.”

      Barry, who had taken his mask off, crossed his arms. “Why exactly did you run away?”

      “Yes, Draco, please enlighten us.” added Y/N sarcastically.

      Draco sent her a look. “My parents … they admittedly weren’t the best.” he began. “After the war — which is another story for another time — I didn’t want to be with them and relive the bad things that has happened. So, I thought that if I left, it would be easier. It was, for the meanwhile, at least.”

      Y/N frowned at what he said, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

      “Because I didn’t want you to get involved, Y/N. I’m sure you were better off without me. You were with your brother —”

     "It wasn’t your decision to make.“ she insisted.

      "Wait,” Barry cut in again, “basically, you were pretending to be a … Muggle because you were hiding?”

      Draco nodded. “That’s about right, Allen.”

     All of them were bewildered for the hundredth time that evening, not entirely believing what Draco was telling them. Though judging from his expression, he was sincere and was speaking of the truth, not to mention Y/N who was the living proof that he was indeed not lying.

      Draco, on the other hand, turned back to his first love. He looked through her eyes and realized yet again how much he missed her, how much he longed for this moment to come. Y/N knew this too, and nothing could ever beat the euphoria she was feeling at that exact moment. She was finally with him, she was finally with Draco.

     He caressed her cheek, “You Hufflepuffs and your ability to find things.” he humored and Y/N smiled.

     "Don’t leave me again.“ she whispered.

     "I won’t.” Draco pressed his lips against her forehead. “Never again.” he assured before kissing her properly — more passionate, more longingly, and bluntly more intense than those they have shared before.

     When they pulled away, Y/N sighed and glanced at Team Flash. “Draco, you do know that I have to erase their memories after we leave.” she pursed her lips. “You are leaving with me, right?”

     "Of course, I am.“ he answered quickly. "Though, can we stay with them for a little while? They’ve grown on me and I don’t want to leave them when I know there’s still a lot of things going on.”

    Y/N raised her eyebrows. “Is this true? Draco Malfoy actually liking Muggles?”

    He chuckled, “Believe me, I’m having a hard time realizing it as well.” he looked down.

    “Well, if that’s what you want, then okay.” she squeezed his hand. “But after that …”

     Draco nodded. “I know.”

     Y/N smiled, reaching out and touching his cheek. “In that case, I’m going to pay a quick visit to the Ministry. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a … flash.” she suddenly chuckled, in which Draco rolled his eyes.

     "Always with the jokes, Potter.“

     "I know you missed it, Malfoy.” she raised her wand again.

     He snorted. “Don’t take too long.”

     "I won’t.“ Y/N smiled.

     And with a spell escaping her lips, she vanished. But Draco didn’t feel uneasy anymore due to her disappearance, because he knew that even if he abruptly runs away again, she’ll always know where to find him and they’ll always find each other somehow.

Bad Timing

For @pandalandalopalis because I couldn’t resist writing this and I love the two of them being protective of each other. The Dragonpit scene was amazing though-I loved it. 

King’s Landing loomed off the side of the boat, the towers of the Red Keep sparkling in the early dawn light. On the top deck, the two monarchs stood shoulder to shoulder watching it draw closer; it should have been a momentous occasion but there was a tension to the moment because the city wasn’t safe for them. Not yet. 

“Do you think she’ll try and kill us?” Jon loosened his cloak, just slightly. It was significantly warmer in King’s Landing than it had been anywhere else, even on Dragonstone, but he refused to take off his cloak-more out of principle than a desire to be warm. 

“I’d be surprised if she didn’t.” Dany caught her breath, her fingers tightening momentarily on the boat railing. It was a small thing, barely noticeable if one wasn’t paying attention-but Jon always seemed to be paying attention to the Dragon Queen now. 

He touched her lower back instinctively, to steady her. “Are you all right?” This hadn’t been the first dizzy spell in the last few days; Dany tried to play it off as nothing but he was starting to get worried. 

She nodded, but she wouldn’t look at him. “I’m fine.” 

“Maybe we shouldn’t-”

She shook her head and stepped away from him, not turning away from the sprawling city in the distance. Her arms were crossed slightly, as if cold, and the look in her eyes was utterly inscrutable. The queen mask was coming down; gone was the Dany whose door he had knocked on in the middle of the night, who had stayed up for hours telling him about her life on the run, who had spent every minute by his side when he was healing from his wounds. There was no time for weakness; not now. “It’s the weather.”

He nodded, though it had never bothered her before. But he knew better than to fight with her, especially now when they needed to be as strong as they could be. 

Queen Cersei wasn’t near as deadly as the Night King, but he was still nervous-almost more nervous than he’d been before he left Eastwatch. At least the wights he could anticipate; the Queen was desperate and unpredictable, which made her dangerous. And he wasn’t particularly looking to die so soon. “If you’re sure you aren’t-”

“I’m fine.” He thought only he could hear the catch in her voice. Seven hells. This was the last thing they needed. The absolute last thing. 

They were all very silent on the way to the Dragonpit. They’d purposely picked a meeting spot that was far removed from the rest of the city; there was no predicting how the common people of King’s Landing would react to the Unsullied, much less the King in the North or the Dragon Queen. But the tension was still there, especially when the Lannister guard met them at the edge of the city. He got a few curious glances but for the most part everyone’s eyes flitted over him and to Tyrion-the once hero of the Battle of the Blackwater and now a wanted fugitive. 

It had been so long since he’d seen Cersei-and even then he’d just caught a glimpse of her at Winterfell. Everything had changed now; she no longer had her long golden hair and there was something in the way she carried herself that screamed power and hidden ferocity. She truly looked like a queen, as she took her seat at the front of the pit. 

Her eyes flickered to Dany’s empty seat, just like everyone else’s. And even though Jon knew perfectly well where the Dragon Queen was, he still felt tense and uneasy. What if something went wrong? 

Dany made her entrance, of course-and he couldn’t help but be in awe of her. Then again, he knew he wasn’t the only one. Even some of the Lannisters were looking at her with grudging respect as she climbed down from her black scaled mount, face expressionless, and took her seat next to Tyrion. Cersei looked practically livid but Dany didn’t rise to the bait. Too much was at stake; there was too much riding on this meeting to do anything that might risk its outcome. 

She was too pale. 

He thought he was the only one who noticed; she was generally very pale anyway. But her light skin was almost translucent; he could practically see the veins standing out in sharp relief under her skin like a map…the same veins he’d kissed a couple of months ago back at Eastwatch, when they’d first made love to each other. And her hands were shaking; just slightly, but enough to make him worry. We should have set the meeting for another day. But how could they have cancelled? They already couldn’t show any sign of weakness as it was-how would they have explained it to Cersei? 

The wight went over about as well as he’d expected. It was gratifying just to see the look on the Lannisters’ faces when they let it loose from its box and the queen and her entourage beheld it in its full glory, its eyes rolling and the flesh curling from its ruined bones. 

And then came the moment he’d been dreading; he was asked to swear neutrality. He knew what he was supposed to say, how he had to lie…but he couldn’t. So he didn’t. Because he knew, better than anyone, that he couldn’t serve two queens-and there was only one queen that mattered, at least to him. Even pretending to serve another would be a betrayal to her. 

The reaction was nearly instantaneous-Cersei said “Then we have nothing more to discuss” and stood up, her retinue grouped loosely around her. Most of the members of Dany’s entourage were on their feet as well and he knew that he’d ruined everything. He didn’t know what he was going to say or how he could fix it but he knew he had to try…

And then Dany was sick all over the Dragonpit floor. The giant arena went dead silent and Jon felt worry crawl down his spine. 

He saw Cersei turn back, seizing upon the moment of weakness like a cat on injured prey. A shock of fear went through him, quick and thrilling-and he closed the distance between them in two steps, where Dany’s entourage had circled around her protectively. Dany was struggling back to her feet-but she was barely on her knees when she slipped again, falling back to the sand. Her skin was white as parchment. 

The entourage made way as soon as they saw him; Missandei was half supporting the Queen, while Dany tried to stand. “What happened?” 

Missandei shook her head. “I don’t know-”

“It could be poison,” Varys murmured, glancing at the Lannisters. 

“She needs to be checked by the maester,” Jon replied, trying to ignore the way his heart was racing. It shouldn’t be affecting him as much as it was. 

Dany struggled to her feet, only squeezing Missandei’s hand once when it looked as if she might fall. “I’m fine-”

“You’re not fine,” Tyrion replied. “Your Grace-” He glanced between her and the Lannisters, obviously torn. “I can try and talk to her-”

“She’ll kill you.” 

“I have to do something to try and salvage this. Besides, she’ll take this as weakness and exploit it as much as she can. Take her back to Dragonstone,” Tyrion muttered. 

“I don’t-”

“I’m not asking.” Tyrion left, not looking back once. Jon got the distinct and disturbing feeling that if the Queen’s Hand never came back it would be his fault. 

Dany bit her lip, seeming to realize that everything was falling apart around them-and then she suddenly fainted into Missandei’s arms. The queen’s advisor looked at Jon worriedly. “I hope this isn’t what I think it is.” 

He picked the queen up gently and started down the path to the harbor, not looking back once to see how their enemies would take it. Let them stare. He’d probably only confirmed Cersei’s worst fears anyway. 

The rest of the day was tense and quiet back on Dragonstone. The maester was able to make his diagnosis within twenty minutes-the Queen was pregnant. And Jon could only assume that the baby was his. 

Tyrion and the rest of her advisors returned much later to announce that a truce had been reached in spite of the disaster in the Dragonpit. The relief was quick and sweet…but it dissipated suddenly when he had to fill Tyrion in on what had happened. This further complicated things. And Jon hadn’t thought they could get any worse. 

When the sun set, he was finally allowed to see the Queen. She’d been confined to her rooms all day while Missandei fussed over her-but when she saw Jon she just smiled sadly. “I tried to-”

“You did wonderfully. Up until…” 

She laughed mirthlessly. “Cersei will know soon, if she doesn’t already. A child…it puts us both in more danger. 

“We’ve always been in danger. Tyrion says the truce might have been a trap anyway-what reason does she have to trust us, and what reason do we have to trust her?” He took her hand easily; it still sent a shock through him at first, as though it was the very first time. “She wants to kill us both anyway.” 

“But she knows I’m vulnerable.” He could see the fear in her eyes, the way she held one hand to her stomach protectively-and he couldn’t help thinking of Robb’s wife Talisa, murdered by the Lannisters, her unborn child stabbed in the womb. 

“We’re stronger together. You said we’d defeat the Night King together-you’re not going back on your word now, are you? And I told her that I only served one queen.” And I’ll protect you. I won’t even let her get near you. 

“That was stupid of you. I respect it, but…it wasn’t the right time.”

“It never would have been the right time.” 

She took his other hand, guiding it so it rested on top of hers. “Did Tyrion’s assessment change? Are we still fucked?”

The word sounded so odd, coming out of her mouth. He couldn’t help smiling, just a little. “I don’t know. We can’t trust the Lannisters but…any men at all make a difference.” 

He was more desperate than ever to win now; there was no other option. Not if he was going to be a father. 

But they’d cross that bridge when they came to it. 

She sounded like she was smothering a laugh. “Well…now she knows. Now everyone knows about us.”

“And we’ll deal with it as it comes. That’s the only thing we can do.” 

“Missandei told me you carried me all the way to the ship. You didn’t have to do that either.” 

“I was worried about you-”

“It was stupid. But I respect it.” 

And just for that moment, for that smile they shared, it seemed like everything would be all right after all. Somehow, things would work out. Hope might be dangerous, but it was all he had left. 

I wanted to have this done earlier but that’s not actually what happened ugh. 

Now we move on to boatsex stuff. 

Hey There, Delilah | 2


a/n: am i allowed to post 2 chapters of the same fic in the same day? within like an hour of each other? whatever the fuck. CUTE LEARNING DADDY!SHAWN YES FROM ME THX.

A few hours later, you’re in your kitchen making dinner when there’s an excessive banging at the door again. Déjà vu, you think to yourself, recalling the earlier knocking that led to a baby on your doorstep and having to tell an international pop sensation that yes, it in fact was his baby.

You walk towards the door to answer it, but it flies open anyways and Shawn walks in, holding a screaming Delilah in his arms.

“It won’t stop!” He yells over the crying, his hair a frazzled mess and some spit up staining the front of his shirt.

“Hello to you, too,” You reply, and make your way over to him and Delilah who are now standing in your living room. “What’s the matter?”

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Hate To Love You || Part 2

Prompt: The readers hatred for Brett might be reconsidered

Warnings: Get the tissues ready, Angst, sad, plot twist at the end. 

Word Count: 2,904

Pairing: Brett Talbot x Werewolf! Reader

A/N: You all know how this ends… : ( Feedback is always welcomed. Put on some sad music to set the mood : (

Part 1


You were driving off in the direction of the Scott’s house because none of the boys seemed to want to pick up. It was killing you not knowing if Brett was okay or still alive. Everything had started clouding up in your mind that you almost didn’t notice a figure standing in the middle of the road. You barely hit the brakes in time to not hit the person. 

You ran a hand through your hair for not driving with caution. Something that you always did. You finally looked up and saw Lori with a worried expression and a stick in her hand. It smelled of blood, but not just any blood, it was Brett’s. You swiftly got out of the car.

“Lori what the hell?!” You exclaimed.

“You have Brett’s car? Where’s Brett?!” She squinted her eyes to try to see into the car for anybody else.

“Brett told me to run,” Your heart skipped a beat from the memory just previously, “Before he ran into the woods.” You explained to her. 

“Then you know he’s hurt,” She rose the stick in her hand.

“Yea…” You bowed your head down.

“We have to look for him, he could die if we don’t get to him!” She said.

“Well we’re wasting time and gas, so get in!” You motioned to the door with with thumb.

You arrived at Scott’s, parking up front getting out of the car. The two of you were heading towards the front door before hearing an engine go off. You both glanced at each other and started jogging up to the driveway. Scott was slightly reversing until he hit the brakes noticing Lori standing behind the jeep. He got out of the jeep. 

“I found this. It’s Brett’s, and he’s missing, and I heard gun shots,” Lori rambled quickly.

“How do you know this is his blood?” Scott questioned.

“Because he’s my brother, it’s mine too,” Lori stated.

Scott grabbed the stick from her hand and inspected the half bloody broken lacrosse stick. 

“Scott we have to go find him,” You muttered.

“Alright, but we’ll need everyone’s help,” Scott stood up tall and spoke with his true alpha tone. “Let’s go find your brother Lori,” Scott smiled at her.

Liam aligned his hand with the arrow plunged into the tree’s trunk and followed its end. He moved his arm hand down and noticed something in the dirt.

“Here!” He pointed to what appeared to be Brett’s phone. “I think he set a trap?”.

“He’s fighting back,” Scott said.

“And now we know he’s alive,” Malia pitched in.

“That’s good, that means there’s still time,” You tried to stay optimistic.

Lori pushed past Liam and took out the arrow. You caught a glance at the arrow she was holding. “But he’s still hurt, we need to find him, he needs to know were here,” Lori took a death breath getting ready to let out a roar, until Malia stopped her.

“You want the hunter to know were here too?” Malia asked.

“He’s new, we can take him,” Liam nodded.

“What if Brett howls back? He’ll lead the hunter right to him,” Malia protested. 

“No, we could find him first. There’s no human that can track sounds faster than we can,” Scott argued. “We got the advantage, we’ve done this before, we know what were doing guys.”

“How come I can’t catch his scent?” Malia questioned.

“He’s masking it,” Lori responded quickly

“Well can someone tell him not too!”

“H-he went this way!” Liam broke off into a sprint Lori running after him. You, Malia, and Scott all glanced at each other.

“So his traps didn’t work?” Malia stated.

“Maybe this hunter’s not such an amateur?” Scott stared at us.

“Or maybe he’s learning?”

“Either way we have to get to him before they do,” You informed them.

They agreed and started running after Liam and Lori. You following close behind them. Liam said he smelled blood and started following it, which made you feel uneasy. You just hoped you’d get to him in time.

“His trails gone,” Malia said after you five followed his blood, then ended up stopping, but it didn’t go on from anywhere else.

“Uh maybe he just stopped bleeding?” Scott said unsure.

Liam suggested that all of us split up, but Malia told him that if he wanted to decide to something stupid and die, then he should go right ahead. They broke into an argument before Malia got Scott’s attention. Although Scott was too busy at the moment to deal with them.

“Hunters? He’s covering his tracks,” Liam looked at the footsteps that Scott uncovered.

“There’s another,” Scott revealed the second set of tracks.

“Two of them?” Malia said with her arms crossed.

“Maybe more?” Scott shrugged.

“How many hunters have you seen out here before?” Lori asked us.

“A lot,” Scott nodded

“Still wanna split up?” Malia turned to Liam again.

“We can deal with it,” Liam assured us. “We just need to find Brett’s trail.”

“No we don’t, rock balancing. Satomi taught us. It’s him, and I know where he’s going,” Lori turned and faced us smiling.

Lori lead the way to the tunnels. It was long corridors of pipes and different sections. We all followed her and watched as she bent down to observe the black puddle in front of her.

“He’s been poisoned!”

“That’s why he’s not healing,” Scott said.

“What if he only has a few hours to live?” Lori eyes shown with worry.

“We are not going to let him die, we’ll find him Lori,” You placed a hand on her shoulder.

“If we howl we could find him,” Liam looked straight ahead of us.

“It’s too risky,” Malia shook her head.

“Who cares about the risk, he could be dying!” Lori retaliated.

Malia walked past her motioning to the black blood that kept going on. “He’s still moving.”

“We just need time to think.” Scott told everyone although that wasn’t what we needed to hear.

“I need him to know that I’m here, that I’m coming for him,” Lori said 

“Lori’s right,” Liam turned to Scott, “He has to know were here.”

“Liam wait!” But it was too late, Liam already let out a load roar that your pretty sure the whole town could have heard.

Not too far away from where we stood, Brett’s eyes widen as he heard the roar, while he was laying on some rail on the ceiling.

“Why didn’t he answer?” Lori asked as we kept moving down the tunnels.

“Maybe he didn’t hear us,” Liam responded.

“Maybe he can’t,” Malia stated.

We kept taking steps after steps until Scott yelled out, “Lori no!”

Lori had triggered a trip wire that was placed on the floor. An arrow flew out of the wall beside us and lodged into Scott’s stomach. You were shocked to say the least. 

All four of you started pulling and tugging trying to remove the arrow from his abdomen. You four grunted, but gave it another try and removed it. Scott immediately slid down to the floor. Liam wrapped an arm around him to steady him. Malia bent down and placed a rag on his wound to reduce the bleeding.

“They knew we were coming,” Scott grunted.

“Don’t talk, just heal…and let us figure this out,” Malia told him.

“They’ve been a step ahead of us the whole time…” Scott breathed shakily.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t wait around, we have to go,”

“We’re still three to two, were faster, and stronger,” Liam began.

“And smarter..” Scott finished.

“I don’t care who’s smarter or faster or whatever my brother’s going to die!”

“Something’s not right…?” Scott muttered, “That arrow, the trip wire, the poison. These aren’t amateurs.” Scott breathed in and out.

“But they’ve never fought us before?”

“And you’ve never fought hunters, Liam,” Scott reminded him, “We need to stick together.” 

“I need to go.” Lori said.

“No, you’re not going alone. I-I’ll go with you,” Liam stutters.

“Me too,” You nodded at her.

“Liam, you don’t know who they are or what they’re capable of.” Scott said.

“Look, I know who we are. We never give up, especially when it’s someone innocent, when it’s someone alone, when it’s one of our friends.” 

“Okay, go, go. All of you, I’ll catch up.” Scott muttered leaning his head against the pipe. 

“Go Malia, go with them. I just need need a minute, go.” Scott groaned.

“You just need to shut up.” 

“W-which way guys, there’s gotta be something?” Liam looked both left and right of the tunnels, “Did he leave anything for you to find, like, like a signal, or, more rocks?”

“I don’t hear anything…I don’t see anything,” Lori sighed.

“Well find something Lori,” You gave her a small smile.

“He’s gonna be okay.” Liam informed her.

“How do you know?”

“Cause, cause he’s strong,” Liam nodded while Lori sighed, “He’s really strong.”

“He’s knocked me down on the lacrosse field more than once,” Liam started saying.

“No lie there,” You scoffed. Liam gave you an annoyed look before continuing on.

“Now, when I see him coming, I do everything I can to get the hell out of the way.” 

“Brett actually started playing lacrosse for me,” Lori opened up as a tear fell from her eye. 

“For you?” Liam asked softly.

“I didn’t have any friends at my old school. Devenford Prep needed lacrosse players, and Brett practiced all summer. And, he got a scholarship and told them that they had to take me if they wanted him.” 

“Hey, we’re gonna find him.” Liam rubbed a hand slowly but reassuringly on her right arm.

The three of you then turned your heads different directions scrunching up your noses do to the smell.

“Do you smell that? It’s, it’s sour.” Liam faced the left of the tunnel.

“It smells like something’s rotting.” Lori said.

“I think it’s poison.” You stared at them.

“That’s how we’ll find him,” Lori let out a nervous chuckled.

You then took off in the direction the smell was coming from. Every turn you took felt the same to you, and your pretty sure Lori felt the same way as well.

“They all look the same, are you sure we’re going the right way?” Lori questioned.

“Yeah Liam I feel like we came down this way already.” You pitched in.

“I’m positive. I’ve gotten lost down her before, more than once. Just follow the scent.” Liam said while walking with quick steps.

“I hate that scent,” Lori complained.

“-Wait. I hear something,” Liam stopped abruptly. We all stopped and listened with our ears. “It sounds like-”

“-A heartbeat.” Lori finished.

We all looked at one another before taking off in a sprint. We made a sharp left entering another path of the tunnels. There was a big opening up ahead and we all stopped to look around until Lori spoke up.

“Brett!” Lori sighed falling on her knees next to him. You and Liam sighed in relief. You slowly approached him and sat on your heels on his right.

“You found the rocks.“ Brett muttered.

“Yeah, I found the rocks.” Lori chuckled.

Brett then noticed you, “Y/N? I thought I told get out of here.” He muttered.

“You told me to get out of the parking out. You never told me I couldn’t save you. Besides you ran out on our kiss…” You stated smiling a little as your cheeks turned a shade of pink. Brett saw and smirked a little. He grabbed a hold of your hand and gripped it tightly. You glanced at your hands intertwined before pushing back his hair and caressing his cheek. He leaned into your palm. 

You pecked his cheek staining your lips with the black blood, but you didn’t care. You just wanted to get him out of here.

“I’m sorry did I miss something…?” Liam motioned between the two of you.

“Liam.” Brett looked up at Liam.

“Hey, we’re gonna get you out of here.” Liam grabbed Bretts hand pulling him up on his feet.

“You’re a dumbass…for doing this.”

“Oh, it that your way of thanking me?” Liam rose an eyebrow.

“No, that’s my way of calling you a dumbass, but thanks,” Brett breathed out. You and Lori both stood on his sides, trying to steady and keep him up right.

Liam turned around to the tunnel furrowing his eyebrows, until there was a flash off light and fog started filling up the tunnel.

“They’re coming!” Lori informed.

“Okay, go I’ll hold ‘em off.” Liam said.

“I’ll go with you!” You told him.

“No stay with Brett and Lori, just get him out of here.” Liam said.

A shrilling noise started going off hurting your hears, making you cover them. Brett and Liam covered their ears, before Liam yelled over the noise.

“Go, go!” Liam growled. 

You got on Brett’s right side again and you and Lori ran past Liam to get him out of there. You kept turning corners and struggled to keep Brett on his feet. 

“Lori which way?!” You shouted over the device that was going off.

“Just a little further, we’re almost out of here.” Lori said has Brett still had his ears covered. You turned another corner and continued walking straight. You then felt Lori stop. You followed to where her gaze was which was towards a ladder.

“Brett come on let’s get you out of here,” You and Lori made sure he was alright as he pulled himself up the ladder once he reached the top he removed the disk. 

“Okay, go Lori.” You watched as she climbed her way up and out to where Brett was. 

You followed shortly after her not even out the whole when you heard Liam shouting.

“Lori, no! Y/N, Lori, wait!” You could hear the fear in his voice. You saw him come around the corner.

“Liam?!” You stared at him wide eyed, until you glanced up at the hole. 

“It’s a trap, Y/N!” You immediately climbed all your up and out. Once you were out you noticed the front of a truck run into Brett and Lori. Their bodies hit the street with a thud.

“NO!” Your cried out as you ran to them. You dropped to your knees. 

Upon hearing your cry Liam eyes turned gold and he leaped out of the hole. His eyes and fangs and claws full on display. He slowly turned around and watched as you had placed his head in your lap and Lori gazing over her brother with tears in her eyes. She grasped his hand.

“Brett, come on!” You pleaded. “I don’t hate you. I never once hated you!” You grabbed his other hand trying to take as much of his pain as you could. You glanced at Lori and watched as the veins in her hands slowly started to vanish. 

“Close your eyes.” Lori spoke to him.

“No, noo,” You whispered not wanting this to happen. You shook your head as tears spilled from your eyes.

Lori rested her head on his shoulder. “I couldn’t take away his pain.” She looked up at Liam sobbing quietly, then she stopped. You listened to the sound of her heart give out its last beat.

Liam let out an anguished roar at the lost of his friends. Everyone around you watched with fear in their eyes. They were scared…

You couldn’t move. All you could do was stare at their lifeless bodies. Every inch of your body felt numb to the pain. This shouldn’t have happened, you thought. They didn’t deserve this. You choked up a sob and the tears started flowing down your cheeks. 

“NOOOOO!” You cried in agony. 

You didn’t care if everyone was giving you looks. You would never get the chance to express to Brett how you felt about him. He was gone, and he wasn’t coming back. You lost what could have been the start of happy relationship for once in your life, you lost a friend, a sister.

You didn’t bother moving from your place. You looked down at Brett’s motionless face and stroked his hair slowly. You leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss on his forehead. You felt a tear roll down your check and saw it fall on his cheek. You were never going to get the chance to tell him that you loved him. You wanted all the pain to go away, yet you felt so numb that you didn’t feel the only humanity you had left, turn off completely.

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falling for you (reddie)

summary: the winter formal is coming around, and everyone is scrambling to find dates. eddie is hoping that maybe the signs richie’s been giving him means that richie will ask him, but is disappointed when he learns that richie has accepted another date.

pairing: reddie

word count: 2.9k

warnings: none

a/n: this is my first reddie writing and one shot (it’s fuckin’ long im sorry, i probs should’ve broke it up in parts), so i hope it’s not too horrible. i haven’t read the book yet, only seen the movie/tv series, so i don’t know all of the nuances yet! i’ll do my best <3 feedback and comments/likes are appreciated and welcomed! oh also. the losers are around 16/17, taking place in modern times. some things might be different but i hope you welcome it

OH. song of the one shot is fallingforyou by the 1975. i listened to it while writing so maybe i’ll get you in the right mood

“gaaaay!” the losers looked over towards the end of their cafeteria table, not one of them surprised to see the person behind the call was none other than richie tozier.

despite richie being the only one to not have the same lunch period as them, he still managed to get out of history to come and bother the gang.

“beep. beep. richie.” stan pronounced each word with a hard pause, a slight glare finding his features as he gripped his boyfriend, bill’s, hand tighter.

“i’m just joking around. don’t get your damn panties in a twist, staniel..” the trashmouth grinned, taking a seat in the spot that he normally sat in - right next to eddie. “besides, everyone knows i ship stenbrough so hard.” a lanky arm was tossed around eddie’s shoulders, one which he shrugged off just as quickly in protest of his behavior.

everyone was used to richie’s antics, and ignored them for the most part. though, that hardly ever stopped tozier from continuing them. “mike, have you found a date to the winter formal yet?” beverly questioned across the table, leaning into ben’s side as his eyes glossed over homework reading instead of focusing on the lunch in front of him.

ahh. winter formal. in a small town like derry, maine, a school dance was something highly anticipated. buzz generally began weeks before.

“i’m stuck between rosie and taylor. you guys think they’d be down for a threeway date?”

as it was now, bill and stan, and ben and bev were supppsed to be attending the dance as couples, respectively. the only three without dates was richie, eddie, and mike.

the dance was only a week out, and eddie found himself shifting uncomfortably at the talk of the dance. he wasn’t sure that he would attend, but a huge part of him was hoping that he would be forced to go if a certain someone asked him to be their date.

“sure they would! who wouldn’t want some mclovin from you, mike? be careful, though. having two love interests can get preeeetty messy. eds and his mom would know.”

a frown crossed eddie’s face as he shoved richie’s shoulder gently. “beep beep richie! and don’t call me that! y’know i hate it when you call me that.” the frown on eddie’s face didn’t quite match the now hammering of his heart after registering that richie had identified him as a love interest. maybe eddie was reading too much into his joking. maybe richie’s increased flirting and touches was just him trying to be more annoying than usual.

“are you and eddie p-planning on g-g-going to the dance?” bill questioned, shooting a knowing look in both richie and eddie’s direction, causing eddie’s cheeks to lightly flush a pink while averting his gaze down onto his untouched food.

richie turned his attention on eddie, a small smile finding his lips as he stared at the pretty, small, teenage boy. it had taken him a few days to decide whether he wanted to go big with his formal date invitation to eddie or not.

it would have been his first time asking eddie out.

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bts as roommates (namjoon)
  • three words; A MESSY ONE
  • his excuse: he works well if it’s messy
  • SO YOU DON’T HAVE ANY COMPLAINTS bC you’ve heard his works 
  • ryan plushies everywhere dUH
  • (he’s obv LYING when he said brown over ryan)
  • headphones, cables, earphones, extensions, charger, laptop chargers chords!!! everywhere bIH
  • eats in his studio :(((
  • being the nicest roommate you are, you bring him food when he forgets to eat 
  • Thank you Y/N!! you’re the best”  while scratching his eyes
  • “i know i am” with matcHING SASSY WINK ;o
  • he doesn’t mind to be bothered, but it’s best if you don’t 
  • has small plants by the window :’D


  • doesnt dry his back after showering 
  • always showers before bed
  • doesnt mind being topless arOUND YOU
  • “kim namjoon do you want to catch pneumonia?? put some shirt on!” 
  • “do you think im not sexy?” and he’ll pout with daT DIMPLE VISIBLE
  • not wearing a shirt while it’s negative degrees outside isn’t” 
  • reads books if he isn’t so tired from practice/working
  • really helpful when you ask for help (for scHOOLWORKS geeZ not that)
  • 100% a cuddly baby 
  • but that is just your opinion bc roommates dont just cuddle casually myGOODNESS
  • HIS SWEATERS/FLANNELS/BEANIES/SHIRTS are the nicest thing in the world :(
  • extra PLUMP lips during winters
  • assorted lipbalms lollies
  • smells really really good :(
  • TOUGH image but is actually fifty percent clumsy
  • injured his pinky toe one time, you two have to go to the nearest hospital
  • “jeEZ are you okay?” and you two burst out laughing until.. “it hurts so bAAAD” 


  • your whole neighborhood knows he snores 
  • but you got used to it bC youre the queen of ADAPTATION
  • his tough image and all goes down in the drain when he sleeps :”)
  • MORNING VOICE!!! makes!! you!! question!! your!! dating!! status!!!!!
  • your morning involves either: RUSH OF EVERYTHING
  • or drinking coffee in big shirts with one feet on the chair 
  • “y/n” “what” “how about this” 
  • “HOW IS THAT YOU LOOK AMAZING IN EVERYTHING” you sigh every single time
  • and he’ll hit you with “BUT NOT AS AMAZING AS YOU” bc he’s smooth af
  • that will get you internally screaming “WHY ARENT WE DATING!!!!” 
  • buys you clothes whenever he goes home from japan :((( 
  • and in exchange you’d buy him small things like notebooks and cute pens :D
  • On nights, when he’s on break you guys would order chicken and sOJU 
  • and you know he’s drunk when he starts to talk abyss level philosophical things
  • you finally got the courage to ask that one question
  • *namjoon’s laughter* “KIM NAMJOON!” “WHAT!” *more laughter* “WHAT ARE WE” *abrupt stop of laughter* “What do you mean???” *slurry hand gestures from yours truly* “LIKE US I MEAN HAHAHAHA” 
  • “i think you had too much to drink y/n” and he’d scratch his nape “nO i think i can manage” “i saw your lock screen… is that your girlfriend?” “no?” *checks his lock screen* *sees tinashe* *LAUGHS* “but why is she there” “because i love her” “SO SHE IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND” and you start sobbing because of your sad fate
  • “why are you crying” “because i like you, dumbass!!” 
  • and that’s your cue to pass out
  • because…
  • exhibit a: you are on his bed
  • exhibit b: namjoon is beside you
  • exhibit c: hangovers
  • exhibit d: his hand over your waist
  • exhibit e: YOUR CONFESSION
  • exhibit f: HE IS WAKING UP 
  • “good morning, y/n” he said in a teasing voice and you slap urself
  • “anything you have to say???” he asked while wearing a knowing smirk
  • “i’m sorry i called you dumbass..” AND YOU’LL BOTH LAUGH AND HIM PULLING YOU TIGHTER :(((
  • “just a few more minutes”…

Here you go, hope you enjoy! To check out some more if you feel like it, I have a masterlist here that has everything I’ve written for ACOTAR and TOG in it!


Having children was never something Amren was inclined to do. She found them irksome, and the way they couldn’t care for themselves and were so overly dependent was annoying. She had never truly loved a child until her family had started procreating. First was Cassian. She thought his son might be the true spawn of irritation like his father, but that feeling melted away the first time he clenched her finger in his fist, and she saw the dimples on his cheeks. Then Rhysand and Feyre popped out a little girl, and she had never felt the urge to protect as strongly as she had then. As more and more of them had children and her life was filled with calls of Aunty Amren and the sound of high-pitched laughter, her heart settled on the idea of kids – not her own, but loving someone else’s. No matter how much she loved her nieces and nephews, there was no way she would ever want to give birth. The problem? Her lover of centuries, Varian.

Amren couldn’t miss the way he stared longingly at families if she tried. It had started small at first: a lingering glance full of envy as he stared at Azriel and Mor with their son and daughter, being willing, even wanting to change shit filled diapers, holding babes close to his chest and just closing his eyes. But it became more than that. Tarquin gave him full reign of care over his children, and Varian took every opportunity he could to whisk them away and be the best uncle he could. Amren could admit that he would be a wonderful father. As for her? That just wasn’t something she’d ever considered or wanted. She’d seen women give birth, and there was no way in hell she was doing that. Amren knew this like she knew the sound of Varian’s breathing, like she knew the beating of her heart if he was near. So, as she looked at him now with Tarquin’s youngest giggling in his arms, she was afraid. Scared that this male she loved so much, who owned the key to her locked heart and soul, would leave her.

Varian threw his niece into the air and caught her, her little giggles echoing around the atrium.

“Thank you for bringing her back safely,” Tarquin said. His other children had been busy in tutoring today, but his little girl couldn’t read yet let alone learn history or languages. That meant that while Tarquin had a date with his mate, Varian got his daughter.

“Same time next week?” Varian kissed the toddler’s forehead.

Tarquin approached him while nodding before lifting his girl out of Varian’s arms. The High Lord cooed at her and cuddled her tight, the tot snuggling eagerly into her Papa’s chest, tiny hands clenching onto his jacket’s lapels.

“I’ll see you soon, take care.” Tarquin left, muttering things under his breath to his daughter about how much he loved her and how much her missed her during the day.

Amren would never be able to give Varian that. There was just no way she could ever carry a baby in her body.

That night as Varian released himself in her and groaned her name, a tear escaped her eye. Every time that she now made love to him might be the last. It was inevitable. Amren could not give him a child.


It had started to happen.

Amren knew Varian too well for him to be able to hide his emotions from her. She could tell he was steeling himself to ask her if they could try to conceive a child. The first time she noticed was the morning after their five-hundredth and eighty-third anniversary, when she awoke to find him running his fingers over her bare abdomen. Then one day while they were walking down the Sidra he stopped to look at baby clothing, even though the clothes were too small for any child they knew. The week proceeding, she caught him reading a book of names, the fortnight after that he asked Azriel to teach him how to be a carpenter so he could build furniture for him and Amren. The piece he made? A crib. The first time something like this happened a seed of dread planted itself in Amren’s stomach, and every situation since had only watered it until it had grown to the size of her body, completely consuming her.

Amren could not give birth.

She sat across from Varian at their table, barely picking at the food while he enthusiastically ate. He kept giving her strange looks as she used her fork to push her peas into the shape of a dagger, but he didn’t comment. He did keep tapping his fingers on the hardwood table though, something he only did when he was nervous.

“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about,” he said as he laid down his cutlery.

Amren had dreaded this moment, but resigned herself to her fate. “Yes?”

“I’ve been thinking about us a lot lately. We’ve been together so long, and these years have given me nothing but joy when I’m with you. There hasn’t been a war in Prythian since the King of Hybern, and there are strong treaties between all the Courts. We’re perfectly safe, and I think that now would be the perfect time to maybe extend the little family we’ve made for ourselves.”

The look of pure hope on his face made Amren want to throw up the small amount of food she had managed to eat through her anxiety. She didn’t reply, just turned her head to the side. Varian misread her distress as hesitancy so he got up from his chair and came around the table to kneel in front of her. He took her hands in his, the rough feel on his calluses from centuries of sailing on her skin was the most comforting feeling she could hope for at a time like this.

“I don’t know…”

“Amren, I love you. I have since the first time I say you in Adriata and you looked like you were going to murder me, but then stood and drank with me anyway when I was feeling lonely. You are everything to me, and I can’t imagine a life without you. It’s been nearly six-hundred years, Amren, and I think we’re ready to-”

“Don’t say it.” She hissed.

Varian’s face fell slightly, but he tried to hide it with a smile. “Amren?”

“I can’t,” she breathed.

“It doesn’t have to be now, for now we could just talk about the idea of a child.” He lifted his hands to caress her face but she grabbed his wrists to stop him.

“I’m never going to be able to give you what you want, Varian.” She stood up and stepped away from him, releasing his wrists and looking away.

“I… This – okay then.” Varian’s shoulders slumped. “I’m happy with just you Amren. I always have been and I always will be.”

When Amren finally looked up, she didn’t see a man content with his relationship staying the way it was. She saw a man with tears in his eyes and a hand on his forehead. She saw a man whose hands were shaking slightly and whose cheeks had reddened. Varian was no liar, he meant what he said about her, or at least he thought he did. Sometimes, the person who knows your emotions best isn’t yourself. Amren looked away, covering her mouth with her hand to supress her emotion. Amren could see the truth between them like shadows dancing – Varian was already a father. A father, who because of her, did not, and never would, have a child. The last six hundred years had been the best of her miserable existence. They had been a light, love and happiness that she did not know possible, and it was because of the male in front of her. If she did not let him go now, then she would destroy him. She would shatter him into a million bitter pieces where not even one was capable of a selfless love. She would make him like her.

“This is it,” she said.

“This is enough,” he genuinely believed.

“No, it’s not.” Amren turned her back to him, her face crumpling. Amren prided herself on her control, so as the tears fell down her face it was just another reason for her to feel ashamed of herself. “This has to stop.” She whispered.

Varian came behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his face in the crook of her neck. “I agree. I don’t want to fight with you. Let’s just go to bed, okay?” He kissed her neck, and it only made her cry harder. “You’re shaking,” he said with concern, tightening his arms.

This is over.”


She turned and because she was selfish and she loved him she kissed him one more time. She breathed the last of her soul into that kiss, tasting him for long enough that she prayed his essence would stay on her lips forever.

When it was over, she put her cheek to his and pulverized her heart. “We can’t be together anymore.”

As he stood there in utter shock, his eyes wide and mouth unmoving, she left him.

It was for the best. That’s the only thing that made her capable of walking out that door.


Varian stumbled into the palace of Adriata, guards yelling in concern as he did. The way he was walking and breathing made them think that Varian had been attacked, that somehow he was injured, but the reality was much, much worse.

The red marks his tears had marred down his face were so raw it looked like he had been clawed at. His breathing was so shallow and inconsistent that his sobs were no longer possible. His chest hurt so much that he had a hand clutched to it at all times.

As Varian crossed the threshold to the opening atrium, his knees buckled and he fell to the floor. He could hear people calling his name and feel their touch as they tried to make him stand, but nothing could be done. His eyes were glazed and he could see nothing but the blurred ivory marble floor.

How could this be? How could she be gone? What could he do to get her back?

Eventually, it was Tarquin and Cresseida that picked him off the floor, his cousin carrying him over his shoulder and taking him to his room at the palace. A healer was called, but after confirming that there was actually nothing physically wrong with him, she left. His two closest family members sat with him, his sister in tears with worry and Tarquin begging him to tell him what’s wrong. Varian could not find the words to say what happened with Amren, so he simply closed his eyes and hoped when he woke up he would have a miraculous answer on how to fix this mess.


“I know what happened,” Tarquin said as he passed Varian a tray of breakfast.

“How?” he croaked.

“I contacted Amren and she told me that she ended the relationship. But why? Varian, I had no idea you two weren’t happy. I wish you had told me so I could’ve helped you.”

Varian sat up in his bed, a pile of cushions behind him so he could easily lean and be comfortable. His throat was so dry from the night before that when he saw the glass of water Tarquin had for him he greedily drank it. His throat was still burning though, his whole body was, and he doubted it would end soon.

“We were happy. Or I was. I had no part in this decision.” If Varian closed his eyes, he could pretend that the night before had not happened. That he hadn’t been stupid enough to bring up the possibility of children when she was so obviously uncomfortable. He has such an ass, thinking that maybe if they talked it through she might be more open to the idea; instead, all he’d managed to do was push her away.

“What happened? You two have never seemed… I never thought you would end.” Tarquin asked hesitantly.  

“I want children and she does not.” Varian whispered. The image he’d been picturing for a hundred years now was disintegrating in his mind. An image where he walked along the shore of Adriata with his child in his arms and his wife at his side. An image where together he and Amren taught their boy or girl to sail and fight and lead.

“At all? She seems to enjoy spending time with children. Maybe that maternity doesn’t spread to her own offspring.”

Varian was no idiot; he knew exactly why Amren wouldn’t want kids, and he should’ve thought of that before broaching the subject. “I think the more likely problem is that she doesn’t want to be pregnant. When it comes to her body… It has always been purely her own. She doesn’t eat certain things because she doesn’t like the thought of it being inside her, will only let certain healers treat her if she’s injured, doesn’t like it if people touch her without her explicit permission. I think she sees growing a baby as a violation to herself. Or, not a violation, but an intrusion. She would never be the same after that – that’s where the problem lies. And Cauldron, I can’t blame her for feeling that way. Thousands of years and she’s finally proud of the skin she walks in, I could never insist on taking that away. I’m such an idiot.” Varian groaned and put his face in his hands. He was so ashamed for thinking about his wants and desires before considering the impact it would have on her.

“Varian, just as there is nothing wrong with her not wanting to be pregnant, there is nothing wrong at all with you wanting children. Have you considered other options?”

“Like what?” Varian unintentionally snapped. “We could adopt, but where the hell would we find an unwanted child? Not even the Illyrians abandon their bastards anymore. Or I could make her endure a surrogate, what women doesn’t want to watch her man fuck another female? Mother above, we were in our twenties when we went Under the Mountain. I don’t know how to actually live without her, Tarquin. What am I – what am I going to do? I – I-” Varian’s tangle of words ended in a shaking sob.

Tarquin, having raised five children at this point, knew how to be soothing. He sat next to his cousin and best friend and put his arm around his shoulder, letting him cry into his shoulder while he smoothed back his hair.

“Do you want to be a father, Varian?”

“Yes,” he hiccupped. “But only with her. I could never look at another woman.”

“I might have a solution for you,” Tarquin offered. “But first I want you to take some time to yourself first, just give me a week and I promise I can give you at least one thing you want. Do you agree?”

“I’ll do anything,” Varian resigned.

Tarquin nodded and then left Varian with his food and guilt.


Amren had not left their home in over a week. Or was it now just her home? Varian had not come anywhere near it, she would know if he had. She had spent the miserable days without him alone, the only interaction she’d had with another person was when Tarquin had messaged her frantically to say something was wrong with Varian and she must come. She replied saying in time Varian would heal, and explained in a single sentence that they were no longer together. All it took was a single sentence, and suddenly the past six hundred years of her life were exactly that – the past. She would no longer wake up to Varian at her side every morning, would no longer sail the world on a whim, would no longer feel like she belonged in this world dominated by High Fae.

Her friends and family had come by desperately wanting her to let them in so they could help her, but she sent them away. This was a problem she needed to deal with on her own. The only person who could get through the wards she had laid around her home were Varian, and hopefully he had embraced the fact that he was better off without her.

She sat at her bay window, clutching a pillow to her chest and gazing out into the rolling sea. The way the moon shimmered off the thrashing waves reminded her of sunlight glinting of Varian’s hair, and it made her smile. When she looked at the stars, she only saw the constellations Varian had taught her while they were on the sea so that no matter where she was, she’d never get lost.

But what if I lose you? she had joked. When she was with him was the only time she allowed herself to be vulnerable, and under her joke hid a serious question and insecurity.

He had kissed her until she had forgotten her words, and made love to her until she knew for sure that the only way they would be parted was through death, and maybe not even then.

Amren’s gaze jolted away from the window as she heard a faint but insistent knock on the door. Who the fuck broke her wards? She was fuming. She didn’t care that her hair was a gritty mess on her head and that all she was wearing was one of Varian’s old shirts, she was ready to murder.

She stormed to her door and picked up a dagger on her way, fully prepared to throw it in the face of whoever was disturbing her. She threw open the door snarling, but went silent as she saw Varian in front of her. The dagger dropped to the ground with a clang, and she lowered her arm.

“Varian? What are you doing here?” She had a lot of things to be embarrassed about, but she found herself not caring that he was seeing her in this state. He had seen her at all her best and worst moments, and been there for her through every one. Surely, he could handle seeing her break down like this too.

“I have only two questions, and it could change everything. All you have to say is yes or no.” Varian looked put together. He was clean shaven and bathed, the scent of salt and lavender that followed him everywhere invading her senses. He had on a Summer Court suit made of fine whites, golds and greens, and he was adorned with golden jewellery.

She had lost the ability to produce coherent words so she just nodded. She didn’t think for one second that Varian’s appearance meant he was taking this easier than she was, but she was intrigued about why he had put so much effort in his lookds when he was just seeing her.  

“Am I correct in saying that when it comes to us having a child, the obstacles have to do with pregnancy and birth more so than raising a child?” His eyes glimpsed up and down her. They were filled with longing and sorrow, likely mirrored in Amren’s.


“If there was a way for us to have a child without having to conceive it, would you? With me?”

Amren had never considered this option. Adoption in Prythian was very uncommon. On the rare chance a child had no parents, someone else from the family would swoop in and take them to raise. After the war there had been a few children in need of homes, but that was quickly sorted. The Illyrians no longer abandoned bastard children, and even then Amren had no right as a fae to take one of them to raise for herself. Surrogacy, or a donor mother, was something that was beyond the bounds of possibility. For a fae to get pregnant was unlikely enough, let alone one who was willing to do so just to give the child away. And it also meant that Varian would have to intimate with another woman. Polyamory was something they had experimented with before, but only together. She didn’t think she could handle him being with someone else if she wasn’t there too. All it was, was another failed alternative.

“There’s no way-”

“Just answer yes or no. If we could have a child without you giving birth, would you do it?” His hands were the only part of him that betrayed how nervous he was about her answer. They were fiddling with his belt, and she wanted nothing more than to reach out her hand and stop his fretting with a kiss to his palm. But they couldn’t do that anymore. There was one thing she could do though.

“Yes,” she answered again.

His fingers stopped and a smile as wide as the Sidra graced his beautiful face. “I love you,” he breathed.

“That doesn’t change anything! I still can’t give you what you want. You have to have children, Varian. And when you find a female that you love and who can give you that you will be the best father in Prythian, but that woman can’t be me.” She stepped away from him and tried to close the door, but he stuck out his foot so it was in the way.

“If you come with me I can show you something that I swear you’ll want to see. You just have to keep an open mind.” He put his hand on the door frame and wedged himself further inside their home.

She rolled her eyes and put her hands on his cheeks. “I will never stop loving you, and I wish I was able to give you a child, wish I could watch you as a father to our baby but I cannot, and will never, get pregnant.”

He leaned forward and quickly kissed her. “You don’t need to.”


Amren was led by Varian to Adriata’s palace. His steps were hurried and he never let go of her hand as he pulled her down the stone spiral staircase that led to the infirmary. She had no idea what was going on and knew that she should probably be nervous about whatever shenanigan he was going to lead her into, but his excitement made her slightly giddy.

Before she had left she had quickly thrown her hair into a bun and put on pants – the situation would probably require them. When they had made it to the infirmary, Varian bypassed the healer on shift and went straight to the room at the end of the hall. The stopped outside the door when he turned and kissed her again.

“I love you,” he reminded her.

He reached his hand out, it was trembling slightly, and opened the door.

The inside of the room was the nicest area Amren had ever seen in an infirmary. The navy drapes covering the walls made the room seem bigger and warmer, and the carpet was a bright red colour. There was a multitude of mahogany dressers lining the walls and in the exact centre of the room was a white cradle.

Amren stared at it, and Varian pulled her forward so she could see more.

Inside the cradle was a small infant, with white curls and lovely dark skin. The baby had pointy ears like the fae and tiny little hands and feet, which were kicking as the baby looked up at them. The baby’s eyes were the most precious green, like seafoam.

“She’s ours, if you want her.” Varian let go of Amren’s hand so he could pick up the little girl. She tucked into his chest, one of her hands making a fist as she grabbed onto his shirt. It was exactly how Tarquin’s daughter acted when held by her father.

“How?” Was all Amren could manage to say.

“One of our patrols found her near the border, completely and utterly alone. She couldn’t have been older than a few days and as hard as they tried to find her family they couldn’t. They waited to see if someone would come to claim her, and when no one did they informed Tarquin. Amren, don’t you see? We wanted a child, so the Mother gave us one.”

Amren’s breathing became unsteady as she looked at the small girl. “What if I’m a terrible mother?”

“You won’t be, I’m certain of it. Amren I’ve – I’ve already signed the certificates making her officially my daughter. We’ll wait for you, if you need some time.”

Amren knew from that statement that Varian was one-hundred percent in this, and his confidence in himself made her feel better about her being a parent too. Even if she did everything wrong, if she was absolutely terrible at being a mother, Varian would be good enough of a father to make up for it.

Amren walked forward and peered at the tiny baby, her green eyes staring curiously back. Amren put out a hand and ran a finger down her soft cheek, and in response the baby closed her eyes. And just like that, she was asleep.

Amren looked up at Varian and held out her arms. With a smile on his face, he handed the baby to her to hold. Amren shuddered a breath with the baby in her arms, and she knew the truth. This baby was her daughter, and she would try to be the best mother she could be.

“Our baby,” Amren sniffled.

“I love you.”

“I will never be able to thank you enough, my love.”

Interrogation Room

Summary: Detective AU; Your day starts with a handsome detective Winchester arresting you for a crime you didn’t commit.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 4 870 

Warnings: Mild swearing, slowburn romance, AU

A/N: Written for @luci-in-trenchcoats writing challenge Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge. I hope you will all enjoy it :)

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