finally scanned them!


Okay so here’s the lowdown. I found 4 sets of medium format negatives while I was thrift shop hunting a few weeks ago. They were sitting in a box of old vintage photographs in these plastic sleeves, and from what I could tell, they had been taken sometime in the 50’s. So obviously I brought them home, and today finally had them scanned in, and holy wow they are beautiful!!

NOW this is where I need the Internet’s help. I would absolutely love to find the women in these photographs/the photographer who took them. The only info I have is that the negatives were found in a thrift store on Hull St in Richmond, VA. They are medium format, and judging by the style of dress, made in 1940-1950. The owner of the thrift store had no idea where they came from. I’m posting the best/clearest scans of the images, so if y'all could reblog the shit out of this, I’m hoping we can find the owners of these amazing images.

hey hey! i have enough misc things again to make a post, and also a couple of (important) mistranslations in the english game! this post contains: the shepherd’s mission, the seven wonders of the glenwood continent, mayvin and gramps’ character bios, and the alphabets used on the continent! as well as the two mistranslations.

spoilers, of course, under the cut!

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Colin Morgan in Hunger Magazine issue 10 (scanned)