finally reunited with

When Queen of Underworld finally reunites with Hades.

Once upon a time there was a girl. A daughter of an almighty father and quite an influential mother. In fact, her mom was a Head of Lands, Harvests and Fertility departments.

As it’s typical for an out of wedlock child, she’d live together with her mother, who had a very clear and strict vision of where should her daughter’s life go.

Everyone loved the girl, especially did her mother. She loved her so very much, in fact, she wanted her all just for herself.

So, one day girl disappears while playing around with her friends.
Everyone claim she was abducted.
But what if the truth was quite different?

Once upon a time a beautiful girl, a daughter of an almighty father and quite an influential mother gathers flowers in a field. She notices an attractive man, who happens to be her uncle. (psst, back at the time incest was practiced back and forth).

There definitely was an immediate spark between these two. Knowing her mother would never approve, not only on relationship with this specific man, but with any man at all, they decide on a different strategy.

The man gets his brother’s, the girls almighty father’s, approve.
Next, girl arranges a friends gathering in a field.
Then she just disappears, making sure people hear her screaming.

Most of the sources claim the girl was so desperately trying to go back to her mother, crying and being depressed all days long, while he tried to talk her into marrying him and becoming his lawful partner and a co-ruler of his Kingdom.

If you were to choose between a dominating mother who’d always treat you as a helpless blind kitten, deciding on your each and every step, and a man who treats you as an equal and gives you a free hand to rule his Kingdom, what would you choose?

Meanwhile, her mother dives deeper and deeper in sorrow, totally abandoning her duties. Her departments are total mess, stocks are dramatically falling, some of consumers die.
Now she discovers her daughter ( allegedly abducted virgin!) is spending time in a man’s Kingdom, with a perspective of becoming his wife.
And all this with her ex-lover’s approval.
Mother approaches him with an ultimatum - she either gets her daughter back, right fucking now, or she’ll let all the consumers dependent on her (which is basically EVERYONE) die.
What would you choose?

Obviously, the couple is notified of such a change of plan. The girl really wants to stay. At the same time the perspective of her mother letting everyone die in a name of (quite a selfish) sorrow seems devastating to her.
If you ask me, the decision was absolutely forced on her.

Once upon a time, a daughter of Zeus and Demeter, a fiancé of Hades and soon to become Queen of the Underworld named Persephone has to make a difficult choice.

In order to prevent her mother from keeping her permanently out of an adult life, from ruling the Underworld with her beloved Hades, and, at the same time, making sure Demeter won’t let all the living creature die, Persephone and Hades use a trick.

Persephone eats 6 seeds of pomegranate - the fruit of dead.
This makes her forever entitled to the Underworld. (Actually no matter what she’d eat or drank would have the same effect and she knows it).

Hades kindly agrees to let Demeter have his beloved woman for six month in a year (based on the number of pomegranate seeds she ate), Hermes is unable to re-negotiate it more in Demeter’s favor. Persephone’s consciousness is clear - she doesn’t feel responsible for Demeter abandoning her duties and letting all around die for the sake of revenge. But I still find it pretty shitty to partly ruin and seriously mess with daughter’s personal relationship and career even in this compromising way.

So, from every Autumn Equinox forward I cheer to Persephone, the Queen of Underworld finally reuniting with Hades.

Married To The Boss [Seventeen] | Rap Monster

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Namjoon and Y/N are finally reunited. They make sure to catch up on all their pent up lust for each other before getting down to real business. Namjoon also meets Y/N’s dad.



Namjoon and I stand holding each other for what seems like hours. It wasn’t until he started kissing me all over, from my neck to my jaw until he finally latches on to my mouth. The kiss is more intense than he usually would kiss me. It’s needier.

“I missed you so much.” His breathing heavily into my mouth before his tongue makes its presence known.

“My room is down the hall.” I take a few steps back, Namjoon follows not wanting to let go of me for a second.

Then next thing I know, I feel my bed hitting the back of my knees. Namjoon wraps one arm around my back while keeping the other behind my head. He lowers me down on the bed. Feeling his warm hovering over me alone gets me excited.

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commission of two very special boys

In the end Damon and Elena lived out their lives together and at the end when they died they were together. Beyond that Elena finally reunited with her parents, Jenna, and John. Damon reunited with Stefan. This show started with a girl grieving her parents and a broken relationship between two brothers. This show ended in family reunions. I am just overcome with emotions.