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post s4 finale fic rec

in order to get through this eight month hiatus, i’ve compiled a list of awesome post finale bellarke fics. word counts are included (unless they’re works in progress, and in that case they’re labeled wip and will be changed when complete), and any warnings that the author provides i also do. this will be updated continuously throughout the hiatus (hence the read more), so make sure to check back under the cut here every once in a while. if you find or write one that’s not on here, pm me and i’ll make sure to put it on the rec list.

happy hiatus!

So Much Closer by apanoplyofsong

There are three types of reunions for Bellamy and Clarke. — wc: 1669

the second hand unwinds by HawthorneWhisperer

A ‘what if the radio worked?’ fic (warning: depression/suicide mention)  — wc: 7803

tender is the night by twilightstargazer

a five year separation and everything that comes with it.  — wc: 7458

And It’s Like No Time Has Passed by Kacka

Bellamy is back on the ground, and he’s just how Clarke remembers him, if a little more grown up. — wc: 2769

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Stairs (JP)
Final Fantasy XV
Stairs (JP)

Prompto: Oh, never too many stairs. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Stairs they go on, forever they go on, on and on and on~

Noctis: You okay?

anonymous asked:

May I request some angst? Chocobros love interest says "No one loves me, no one wants me, I literally have nothing to lose." Maybe before going on a dangerous hunt, or something to trigger these words if that makes sense? (Bonus for Promptos crush saying "You love Cindy right? Lucky girl, I wish I was her." Sorry if this is weird lol thank you

Ah fuk, angst. I’m just rolling in it! Just rolling in it deep…Time for feels. *puts on Adele playlist*



“Y/N, you okay?” Noctis suddenly asked.

The Prince had suddenly out of the blue, asked you to go fishing with him, and you knew that he often enjoyed going alone as a way to clear his head, so why invite you?

“Yeah, why you ask?” You inquired, as he sat down on the pier, you following his movements.

Noctis fidgeted slightly, before looking out to the large lake, “I mean, you haven’t been…you?”


“You seem sadder?”

You laugh softly, pulling a knee up to your chest, “Really, figured I was still perky old me.”

Noctis and you sat on the pier, as he casted his line, listening to nature surround you, it took a few minutes before Noctis finally spoke up again.

“Y/n, earlier before the hunt you had said ‘That is wasn’t, like you mattered.’ what did you mean?”

You flinched softly, “You heard that, huh? Just…just forget I said anything,kay?”

Noctis went to open his mouth again before shutting it as he looked out to the water, “I want you to know that I’m always going to be here.”

You sighed softly, “Thanks.”

The two of you sat there, waiting for a fish to bite, Noctis never brought it back up. Yet for some reason the warm hand on the Prince resting against your own, made everything a little better.



“Ready to go, Y/N?” Prompto called, as you trailed behind the group, you often took rear as you were much faster than the others and could rush to the front of the group if need.

“Yeah, yeah I’m ready.”

Prompto cocked his head to the side, leaving Noctis’ side, as Gladiolus and Ignis covered the Prince’s left and right, besides it might have been better to have the sharpshooter in back with a long distance weapon.

“Everything cool?”

“Yeah, why do you ask?”

“You just seem…”

You scoffed slightly, watching your step, knowing what Prompto’s next words were going to be, “It’s nothing, Prompto.”

Prompto frown, before calling out to the group before them, “Hey, Y/N’s light is busted, we’ll catch up.”

“Don’t dally.” Ignis yelled, hating to have the group split up on a hunt.

Prompto watched as their lights disappeared further down the passage, “Y/n, what’s up?”

You groaned, knowing that the blonde wasn’t going to let up anytime soon, “Fuck, I don’t know Prompto, maybe I feel that there’s no reason for me to be here? I mean really, I could go get gored by a deamon big whoop.”

Prompto had to admit, he was very thrown off by this, “Y/n, where is this coming from?”

You shook your head, moving to step forward, “Let’s go, the others are getting too far ahead, if anything maybe I’ll make a good meat shield.”

Prompto reached out grabbing a hold of your arm, “We’re not going anywhere until you tell me what this is about.”

You refused to turn to the blonde, “I can’t believe this, this isn’t the time or the place.”

“I think it’s the perfect time, Y/n, what is wrong, why are you acting like this?”

You turned toward Prompto, your eyes locking with the man’s, “Gods, Cindy must be one of the most luckiest girls in the world, to have your attention and love.”

“What?” Prompto called, as he relaxed his hold on your arm.

You took the moment to pull away, following the ever dimming light of the others lapel flashlights, only to be suddenly spun around, your back slamming into the cave wall, Prompto’s body standing before you, his blue eyes staring directly into your own.

“What did you mean by that?”

You groaned, too tired to even keep it up any longer, “What else does it mean Prompto, she’s perfection, I just wished that someone, you, would look at me the same way.”

Prompto bit his bottom lip before sighing deeply, “You wouldn’t notice.”


“You don’t notice, because when I do, you’re not paying attention.” Prompto stated, before backing up as he began walking after the others. “Come on, let’s catch up.”



“You wanna talk about earlier?” The strong voice called. “You know you can talk to me.”

You weren’t entirely sure as to why those words opened up the floodgates, but now you stood before Gladiolus in the middle of the night, tears streaming down your face, as you hiccuped, staring at the ground, not wanting the man to see you so weak.

“I…I just wish…”

“Is this about the hunt today?”

You sighed hard, “Gladdy, it’s I mean, who wants a fuck up like me, what good am I?”

Gladiolus was honestly at a lost for the confession, as he reached forward, placing a hand on your head, pulling you toward his chest, “That’s not true.”

You stood, your forehead resting that strong chest, it always felt so hopeless, everyone around you knew what they wanted out of life, what their duty was. Yet you, what good where you?  “I just , Gladdy, I’m so useless, it would be better if i just…”

“Don’t, say that!” Gladiolus barked, groaning at himself as he felt your flinch against him. Watching as you made to pull away, only for one of his large hands to find it’s way to the top of your head, “Listen, I’m not anyone’s first choice for these kinds of things, yet in these types of situations we just have to push on and keep going. I know it’s hard right now, but you’ve made it through so much, you can’t compare yourself to other people, or live the way other people want you to live, you have to live for yourself.”

You sighed softly, your hands still at your side, the only contact you had with the man before you was your forehead against one of those strong pec muscles, “I’m just so tired of being strong.”

Gladiolus hesitantly wrapped his other hand around you, pulling your entire body into his own, “You don’t have to keep being strong. That’s what we’re here for,” He stated, before that hand on your back begun to rub circles, “What I’m here for.”

You let out a soft wail, before wrapping your arms around the waist before you, your nails digging into the tattooed feathers, trying to anchor yourself. “Thank you.”

“I’m not going anywhere, you will always have me.”



You panicked, your calm demeanor was  quickly disappearing, you hadn’t meant to sound so snarky at poor Prompto, he just wanted to know if you wanted anything while they were out. Even as the door closed and your 4 companions left to go find food in the city to bring back to the Motel your luckily were able to crash in, you found yourself sitting on the bed.

Only for seconds later, yourself pacing back and forth across the small room, “You’re fine, you’re fine, calm collect. You’re not replaceable, you’re needed, you’re fine.” You muttered softly to yourself, hands shaking, trying to keep yourself from screaming, “You’re replaceable, you’re not needed, you’re not fine, you’re worthless.”

“I would beg to differ.”

You jumped, turning around to stare at Ignis, when had he come back in? “Ignis, are you okay?”

Ignis moved over to sit in the large easy chair of the hotel, “I should be asking you that, would you prefer to talk about it?”

You glanced to the man, than away your hands shaking, “I…I Ignis, please be honest, am I needed?”


You nodded, “Here, with you all,”

“I do believe that we all rather enjoy your company.” Ignis stated, adjusting himself slightly in the chair, watching your small movements, he had noticed that you had developed a small twitch within your right pinky and it only seemed to have gotten worse over the last few days. “Would you care to explain as to what brought this all on? I’ve been noticing that you haven’t been sleeping very well, nor eating as much either.”

You fidgeted with a pen, you found on the bedside table, leave it to Ignis to notice, “I’m just not, ugh, I’m worthless.”

Ignis stood  from the chair, “There, that phrase again, Y/n what do you mean by that?”

You shook your head, “I’m suppose to be everything, perfection, but I’m useless.”

Ignis moved to stand before you, forcing you to look up at him, the man never once touched you, “I will have you know that you are not useless, nor worthless, whomever it was that filled your head with such ludicrous accusations has never seen perfection. You are allowed to make mistakes, it is how one grows, we are not born knowing our purpose.”

You felt tears swell into your eyes, as you moved forward wrapping your arms around Ignis’ chest, expecting the man to flinch away, only to cry hard when those lean arms circled around you, giving you a gentle squeeze.

“Would you like to rest a while, until the others come back?” He asked.

You hugged the man tighter, “Is it okay, if we stay like this a little longer?”

Ignis chuckled softly, “I’m here for as long as you need.”

You smiled softly, only to feel the smile brighten, as you heard the man whispered into your hair.

“You are perfection to me.”

Back when I started cosplaying in 2009, I didn’t know how to sew, I didn’t know how to style wigs, I didn’t know how to do makeup, and I didn’t know how to pose or take photos. I didn’t know how to do a lot of things, but I was determined to learn everything so I could dress up as my favourite characters.

Cloud was my first cosplay and I had a lot of help from my mother while making it (meaning, she sewed everything, while I styled the wig and made the armour…). Thanks mom! I chose to do the Crisis Core outfit because it looked easier than his original outfit or the Advent Children outfit. I was so out of my element and had no idea what I was doing, but I was so proud of myself for accomplishing something and for dressing up as one of my all time favourite characters.

Fast forward eight years and here I am, cosplaying Cloud again! I’ve always wanted to remake Cloud, but with his original outfit instead. Over the eight years, I’ve learned a lot about sewing, makeup, wig styling, and prop building. My mother helped me a lot while making my first Cloud costume, but I can proudly say that I have been making my own costumes completely by myself for the past couple of years. Even then, this costume was still a challenge for me because I was still trying new things and still pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

It’s really cool to be able to look back and actually see how you’ve improved over the years. I often feel like I’ve stagnated or that I’m not very good at anything… but this is proof that I have improved and that I will continue to get better. I may not be perfect, but I at least know that I’ve learned a lot and that I can do incredible things if I really dedicate myself to something.

I guess cosplay is kind of like an RPG in a way. I’ve really gained a lot of experience to level up over the years. And I feel like re-making Cloud was like my Limit Break! ☁️