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Headcanons for how Noctis would spend his last night with his S/O, knowing he wasn't going to make it out alive of the final battle? I've recently played through chapter 14 again and now I'm in a angsty mood, sfw or nsfw is fine!

Whew. this had me feeling some type of way. I hope this is what you were looking for :) 


  • From the moment he saw you, Noctis wrapped you in his strong arms - his familiar arms - and pulled you tightly against his chest. Breathing in his scent after so long had your knees weak and tears springing forth in your eyes.
  • You both knew that this night would be your last together. Tomorrow, the man that had held you heart so close to his own even in that dark void that the Crystal had sucked him in to. He could offer you this last night and nothing more.
  • “Do not cry,” he begged you as he kissed away your tears knowing full well that he was the one that had brought them on in the first place. 
  • He would hold you and kiss you until you stopped crying. His hands would wander of your body, relearning your curves and edges after so much time had passed knowing it was his only chance to do so.
  • When he made love to you that night, it was needier, rougher, hungrier, and somehow so much sweeter than it ever had been when you were fumbling kids. This new Noctis, King Noctis, knew his body and seemed to know very well how to use it to work yours.
  • Before the two of you fell asleep, Noctis would relive all his favorite memories with you from your younger years and listen as you told him everything he had missed in his forced absence. 
  • In the morning when he set off for Insomnia, his friends in tow, Noctis would pull you close one last time and crush his lips to yours until you were breathless and your lips were swollen. “I’ll always be here with you, I promise.” He kisses you once more. “Just look for the sunrise.” 

Bomb Rush Blush💖
This took about seven hours from the point of sketching it out to the finished coloring. Copic marker, white gel pen, and atyou spica pens on paper. (The colors are so much more vibrant in person rip ;_; )
I had to draw every single dot of that led screen in the backgroubd by hand and then wait for the ink to dry and color every dot by hand.
I couldnt find any references for the splat bombs used in the battle, so I played through the final battle again just to get some screenshots of them……. I think ill post them to my main so that you guys can use them as refs too :)

I’m really proud of this, so if you can please reblog!!
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He’s dreamed of her every night since he left the castle. It’s only when those dreams turn into nightmares, his queen crying out for him, that he returns. What he finds is not the gentle and fair girl he left to rule her kingdom. Instead there is something dark that sits in her place, it wears her face, her crown, but not her heart. What happened to his dear Snow White? Can he save her before she destroys her kingdom, and herself.

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I kinda stopped playing fo2 not even half way through the story and now I'm finally playing it again and I'm so lost bc I left off screwing around in Redding and I haven't completed any tasks yet and I can't remember anything I'm supposed to be doing. At least it's fun, though

I was in klamath and vault city for a long ass time, theres a lot of neat places to explore so you get caught up in random side quests easily

(Deemo -Last Dream-) 【Chapter Translation】 Kina Chiren - 1st Movement (Last Part)

What lies at the end? Happiness, or…

Chapter 2 of 7, Part 6 of 6. (Master Post)

I’m just… going to post this here and go off to cry in a corner.

Next up is the Past chapter. Pretty sure that’s what most of you are looking forward to. I’ll be splitting it into four parts since the chapter is in four parts: one each for Mary, Emma, Alice and Hans. If you don’t know who they are… you’ll find out.

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I didn’t put too much effort in it, so it’s nothing near perfect… but it’s something I desperately wanted to do ever since we started talking about this ~ submitted by kendricks-booze.

A/N: I would like to preface this by saying that I am no Harry Potter expert. I’ve read the books, I’ve seen the films. That’s about it. So just… keep that in mind, and I apologise for anything that strikes anyone as OOC. KB and I have been screaming about this for a while though and I promised to write it for her. And then after she made this manip for me and I kind of freaked out about it… so, here it is. ;)

Beca loves every dark and dingy corner of the castle. The cold stonework that’s forever blanketed in a thin film of dust and shadows so dark you can literally disappear into them. She loves the musty smell of the books, the one that saturates the furthest most corners of the library and clings to hallway walls that are far removed from any old texts. She doesn’t actually read all that much though, enjoys the smell more than the words on the pages, but sometimes it reminds Beca of her father. Those days, she’ll pack up her stuff and leave the library early.

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Update on my Myst situation!

I got distracted by my fall classes this quarter, but I finally got around to playing through the first game again. So much fun, and it had been so long that I had forgotten the Atrus twist (somehow). This weekend I’m going to see about starting Riven (which I haven’t played before). I managed to get it working on Windows 10 earlier today so fingers crossed it’ll stay that way.

As for 3 and 4, I totally spaced when I visited home over Thanksgiving and forgot to grab the discs from my dad. I’ll have to remember to do that over Christmas, and to find my disc drive too.

Anyway I’m starting to feel the pull of this series the way it was when I was a kid playing them way back when. I can tell this is going to end up being my new obsession for the next few months…