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And a quick dash of Megane!Prompto! I really love this boy, My sunshine, my wooooorrlllddd!  I love drawing Prompto but it’s always more fulfilling when I draw him for others, especially for my @playdencos! Pink with a dash of blue, I end the night with his smile :)

okay but you know dan loved winnie the pooh so much when he was a little kid partially because he saw piglet and pooh’s friendship and he wanted something just like it and he probably spent a few years as a teenager thinking he never would find it but he did after 18 years and now he has a piglet to his pooh

If next season of the 100 shows that Bellamy and Raven had a baby together over the time jump then I’ll take back every bad word I ever said about this show just tbh

Things I thought about during the not quite hour and a half I was on hold with Air France

Holding the phone with my right shoulder, which is a tiny bit higher than my left, is much more comfortable. Maybe if I’d held it the other way during all those countless hours in middle school, dragging the extension to my parents’ closet and twisting myself into a ball on the floor, I could have prevented my scoliosis?

Why is this music so annoying, why is this music so annoying, why is this music so annoying, why is this music so annoying?

I am liking the new season of Twin Peaks so far, and as a middle aged lady, I must admit I am Very Into old guy Matthew Lillard.

What if by the time I actually do get through to someone, I forget why I’m calling, what flight I was trying to book, my own name?

What if I am actually IN Twin Peaks and when someone finally talks to me on the other end it’s not a friendly customer service representative but a creepy talking tree (ganglion?) and I can’t get out until I find my doppelgänger?

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Please continue with the Samurai Jack crossover you just did! It needs to be a blog itself!

ok but in all seriousness a pmmm au would work ok

guess i’ll need to call upon my 7th grade self here soon aUGH MY MIDDLE SCHOOL “”WEEB””’ IS SHOWING


A compilation of my thoughts as I watch the season finale of The 100

I know few will care what I think of this episode, but this is the only way I can get through it without screaming my head off

*“We will meet again” “I’ll be waiting. Under the floor” “You’re not that little girl anymore” Jesus Christ, if I’m this shook by the first couple of lines of the show, I’m absolutely fucked
*Bellamy you nerd
*Blake sibling love!
*Wait! No! Why would you cut them off like that?!
*Clarke with the timing as per usual. Go comfort your husband
*BELLARKE HUG! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! OH MY GOD! Okay, so even though this is just a friend hug, this is amazing. Look how he went straight to her to hold her as she started to cry. His first instinct was to hold her! Also, don’t think he’s just doing it for her. He totally needs her right now after getting off from O on the radio. My babies love each other so much that they’ve gone through all their crap this season to still seek out comfort from the other
*Rude, how dare they interrupt the only Bellarke moment we’re probably gonna get this episode
*I’m down for it being Octavia time, this should be interesting. Yes queen! Address your subjects!
*Oop, death wave over Polis…
*At least I won’t have to deal with my rage everytime I see Jaha, because he ain’t gonna be here. Woo-hoo!
*Bellamy taking charge, god that’s my aesthetic right there
*I can’t handle Devon’s name no longer being on the opening title screen…
*Murphy and Monty roadtrip, interesting
*Not cool Murphy, don’t diss his best mate like that
*Why is everyone so damn self sacrificing in this show?! Monty, your poor hands!
*Bell, don’t watch echo like that, pay attention to your wife
*Clarke, honey, you can’t tell Bellamy something will happen to you, he’ll drop everything to tell you otherwise! Where have you been the past 4 seasons, have you even payed attention to this beautiful human at all? He won’t want to hear it because he won’t accept a world where you’re not in it!
*Is this the moment we have all been waiting for?!?!?! Confession?!?? Clarke pls
*Breathe, Ashley, the writers have a habit of letting us down, but god it is so hard to not be hopeful
*She’s pouring her heart out, oh lord. She always knew who he was inside, even when Octavia didn’t, lord help me
*Bellamy is the heart, while Clarke is the head, confirmed
*I can’t stand the heartbreak in his eyes
*Why is comms so important?! Raven!
*Bell you beautiful human, you go and get Raven through this
*Yes Raven! You’re a badass! We need you, not Ali! They would 100% all be dead without her
*No! Monty!
*Murphy, you’re actually not an asshole for once, perfect
*Wait, scratch that. How the fuck do you have the balls to dare to leave Monty behind. Motherfucker
*At least he is going back for him now… Still not forgiving him just yet though
*Splitting up Bellarke is never a good plan!!
*I could have sworn Clarke said I love you for a second there…
*My shipper heart can’t take this
*Clarke isn’t gonna make it back in time…
*Maybe Abby’s premonition will come true in the fact that Clarke will look like that due to her radiation exposure, but she stays on earth and survives
*Prediction: Clarke won’t be watching them come back in 5 years, she’ll be watching them leave without her (not an original prediction, but I don’t care)
*Does Echo really think she can go and kill everyone!
*Okay, but the smile Murphy gave when Monty hugged him, my heart melted. Murphy will always be an asshole, but he is one of them and he deserves to be appreciated by every now and then. Plus if Monty doesn’t hate him anymore, I have no reason to. Also, the murphamy bro moment did not go unnoticed haha. I love my boys
*10 minutes is up for Clarke…
*Addressing Raven and Bellamy! My heart! I know they can’t hear her, but still!
*This can’t be the end of Bellarke for the season!
*Actually, that wouldn’t surprise me, the writers love watching us suffer
*Bellamy is officially freaking out about his wife, I don’t think I will be able to handle it when he realises she won’t make it in time…
*Don’t go looking for Echo! Unless you plan on killing her!
*Well this is unexpected, Echo being completely broken down
*God you’re stupid Echo, he is trying to save you because he has a hero complex where he has to save everyone!
*I don’t see how having her in space will help them live, but sure Bell, whatever you say
*Oh god, jokes to break the tension and make Echo smile, my baby is the cutest nerd in existence with a heart bigger than the planet
*Raven, ever the practical one
*And now he’s back to worrying about his wifey…
*That death wave is hella intimidating… Might wanna hurry Clarke
*Oh god, just the look on his face and how he said “I know Raven”. He knows she won’t make it and the pain he is feeling over that is so damn clear on his face. When are they gonna give Bob and Emmy or something? He’s such a brilliant actor!
*It’s killing him to leave Clarke behind
*Bell being the head like Clarke wanted, that’s my boy
*God, he looks so defeated, I can’t even
*The may we meet again for Clarke… Guys you gotta stop saying that on season finales, it is not fair on us, not one bit
*Hello Ark, we have not missed you
*Fuck that’s high
*Clarke, you’re nearly there sweetheart, I believe in you!
*Raven still believes!
*Clarke is beast!
*No! It shut down!! What the fuck!!
*“At least I don’t have to watch you die” Jesus Murphy, please think of the people at home before you say things like that. It’s very inconsiderate, my feels weren’t prepared
*“I left her behind” Bell! No! That’s it, I’m crying. Tears are falling down my face at a rapid rate
*Damn right she did it!
*Literally just makes it inside
*My poor Clarke
*Raven is nearly dying, jesus
*Everyone is dying! For fuck sake
*Bellamy saves the day, but not cool with how close Echo and Bellamy are right now
*Ooh, the baton bottle made an appearance!
*What if Bellarke dies because they’re separated for five years and he thinks Clarke is dead… I can’t…
*Bellamy is gonna take on so much to make sure Clarke didn’t die in vain, oh bae
*Raven and Bellamy both being heartbroken over Clarke is everything, but I don’t want that to drive them together as a couple… 12/10 not prepared for that
*Oh my god they did do the time jump!!!
*Well I’ve never been happier to be wrong
*Clarke with the strip of red hair is my new favourite thing
*She’s literally spent the past six years and seven days radioing Bellamy in the hope that he’d answer… My god and people say they don’t love each other
*Oh god they’re coming down! Please let them reunite before the episode ends!!
*Who is this nightblood girl?!
*Who the fuck are these fuckers?!

Help me, I can’t deal

Alternate Endings (*sob*)

12 Pall 1342
The Tython Incursion

Mara and Jaesa lead a squadron of Imperial soldiers through the forests of Tython, approaching improvised fortifications erected by the advance attack squadron, led by Captain Malavai Quinn. As she closes the distance, her apprehension at seeing her husband for the first time in six months building, Mara spots a group of Republic soldiers, ostensibly pinned down by fire from Quinn’s squadron above. She slides easily into a predator’s stalk and draws her lightsaber. One soldier stands and lifts a heavy detonator launcher to his shoulder. Mara curses, reaches out to the Force and bursts into the clearing, her blade igniting mid-leap to slice the launcher in half along with the soldier holding it.

In the main Maraverse, she arrives in time.

In this timeline, she doesn’t.

10 Pall 1402
KAAS CITY – Darth Vernost has died at the age of 91. She passed away quietly in her home in Kaas City. She is survived by her cousin and head of house, Lord Enar Thrask, and numerous apprentices, the foremost of whom is Darth Kathros (formerly Lord Jaesa Willsaam).

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Snape Appreciation Month (Day 22)

Favorite Chapter

I have to pick two for this one. Snape’s Worst Memory and The Prince’s Tale to me are absolute favorites. I go back and look at them frequently and even look up videos for them. They fascinate me and pull me in. I always liked Snape and felt there was more to him and these both backed that up.

To me, SWM is a favorite not so much because we learn more about Snape but we learn something that challenges not just Harry but the reader. We learn that James Potter was an arrogant arsehole in school who bullied another kid simply because his friend was bored. He assaulted a kid, humiliated, undressed, and choked them out of boredom. And we are forced to question this hero, this loving father, this loving husband and who he really was. All while we are forced to wonder … is Snape actually as bad as we think or just broken?

For me … it was always an easy answer.

While SWM starts the questioning, we are tossed around in HBP (I can’t picked a chapter from that as the entire book as a favorite of mine). We learn more about Snape and at the same time watch him kill a beloved character. So, despite what SWM gave us we have to get to TPT to realize yet again that Snape was not the bad guy. And it is heart breaking. These chapters challenge our perceptions (even me who liked him from the start) and force us to see this character we were instructed to hate in a different light. I love these chapters because they tell us the story of the silent hero, the unsung hero, the darken and bitter hero. And we need that in life so much.

These two chapters not only served this purpose but they held a personal one for me. As a child I was teased and bullied over things that I had no control of at times. I was just a kid. A kid that never realized her hair was too greasy or her teeth could be fixed, straightened and cleaned up. A kid who never realized having all the answers was always the best. A kid who never realized that just because a parent was distant didn’t mean you were a bad person. A kid who never realized that the hope she saw within Star Trek was something she could achieve. A kid who, with the help of a greasy haired potions master, learned to hope she could be more than what she was told. The moment I read these chapters … I knew I could be. I could be the hero of my own story.

welp… Better news, i actually left my room and did a lot of character planning for my gnome dnd character?? their name is Uri and they have like, fucking 12+ siblings and their parents wanted them to continue the family guildwork but they just Really want to have wicked awesome adventures and become a folk hero and like, leaves home and accidentally becomes a druid in the process 

Shopping (Ardyn)

Does Ardyn make a good shopping buddy for his s/o? Guess we’ll find out.

To be completely honest, looking at things through a canon lens, it’d be kind of strange for the Chancellor of Nifleheim to be about shopping with his s/o. Regardless of his own feelings on the matter. But in a world where he’s just a dude with an s/o and no political machinations on his agenda; I think he’d love to shop with his s/o. Even from a canon lens, I think he may want to share the experience with his s/o but it’d create too much of a hoopla to actually go out in public so openly. So he’d rather not join them for their own convenience. I think amidst all the security procedures and protocols the appeal of spending time like this loses some of it’s appeal to him.

But back to the ‘normal dude Ardyn’ side. Over here, Ardyn would tag along happily because he’s just a normal dude with an s/o. He may not seem overly enthusiastic, but he does suggest stores to check out. Or offer his opinion. Or ask his s/o about anything he isn’t too familiar with, though this one only really applies if his s/o is shopping for hobby-related stuff, or even work related stuff. At any rate, he’s attentive and wouldn’t complain unless he genuinely has a reason to. He’d also definitely ask his s/o to tag along when he needs to do any shopping. Mostly because he loves their company, and it gives him an excuse to ask them to go on a “sort of date” with him.

Gladnis (Beauty and the Beast Theme)

Tale as old as time,
This is gay romance.
Barely it’s his friend,
But asks him to bend,

Ignis was upset,
Mad to say the least.
None are really scared,
They get desperate,
Gladio and Ignis.

“It was just a joke,
Please do not be mad,
You don’t have to bend,
If you’re not prepared,
I can wait tonight.”

Tale as old as time,
It took him a while,
Bittersweet, with sass,
Ignis’ a hard catch,
Gladio had been wrong.

He switched to romance,
Fed him Ebony,
Tale as old as time,
Ignis found it fine,
They become Gladnis.

Tale as old as time,
Song as old as rhyme,
They are now Gladnis.

Not my best work but I had to get the Gladnis theme out of my head, lol.
Hope you liked that.
Here you have the headcanons for this AU.