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Sneak peek for the last chapter of Home. 

(Also you should totally click for full res to see all the detail that took me two weeks to paint *weeps on the floor*)


Archerotale - “Halo in Shade”

Thanks for everyone who are still waiting for new stuff of this AU! Try to focus more on background details this time, and it. is. worth it. Still learning how to strengthen atmosphere and stuffs, at least I think I nailed it this time lmao.
So here is finally the new chapter for you all! Thanks for supporting my idea!

And no I definitely didn’t go search for those puns never never never.

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A/N: The rebloggable mini-masterlist just for Mellifluous!

Byun Baekhyun/Hyeri (OC/Reader)

Mellifluous Ch. 1

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Mellifluous Ch. 7 (Final)

Mochi Masterlist

Lisitsa, the fox miraculous wielder from @wintermoth‘s fic, Guardians! she asked me a while back if i was interested in doodling this chara and sent me her mockups and i was like hell yessssss and so this happened and I think I took a lot of liberties lmaooo… i wanna draw her more, she was fun ;0;

anyway she makes an appearence in the new chapter finally, so y’all should check it out 8D!!

Chef-d'œuvre | Chapter Three

Genre: Angst,Fluff | Photographer/Artist!AU

Pairing: Jungkook x OC

Lenght: +4.800

Summary: Jungkook had everything in life: fame, money and people at his feet ready to every single command he would gave. But the only thing he wanted was you. But you were gone.

[A/N] I’m finally back with a new chapter OMG! It’s been so long since I’ve posted a new chapter and I’m so sorry and I know I say this every single time but I’ve been so busy and it takes quite a lot to write a chapter. BUT! It’s finally here and I hope you enjoy it! Please give me feeback or give me your opinion about the story. Thank youu!

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Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four |

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Don't Forget the Sun - Chapter 21 - Weevilo707 - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
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Karkat Vantas always accepted the fact that he was not going to live past nine sweeps. It was just a certainty of his sad, miserable life. At least, that was until his friends found out and decided to hatch a plan to get him out of the Alternian empire. A plan that actually worked.

Now, he was stranded on an alien planet, at the mercy of some strange creature that was either trying to help him or going about some freaky ritual of flirting with your food before you eat it.

Also, aliens have sunglasses.

He was better off dying on Alternia, wasn’t he?

after much too long a way new chapter finally up!!!!