finally my dream has come true


Dreams do come true!

A young Afghan boy who became an internet sensation after being photographed in a homemade replica of Lionel Messi’s famous football strip has finally come face-to-face with his idol. In January this year, pictures emerged of five-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi wearing a blue-and-white striped plastic bag to emulate the colours of the Argentinian team. On the back of the bag was scrawled the legend: “Messi 10”. The pictures went viral and, after Messi’s biggest fan was identified and tracked down to Afghanistan’s eastern Ghazni province, efforts were made to bring Murtaza and the Barcelona star together. Now Ahmad has come face-to-face with the fifth-time Ballon d'Or winner in a heartwarming meeting in Doha, Qatar.

Barcelona were in Qatar to play a friendly against Saudi Arabian Al Ahli on Tuesday evening. Ahmadi, who was given the honour of bringing the match ball out onto the pitch before the match, seized the opportunity to steal another impromptu meeting with his hero. After placing the ball on the centre circle Ahmadi ignores the referee’s attempts to escort him for the pitch before running over to Lionel Messi on the edge of the semi circle.

Luis Suarez broke into fits of laughter as a giggling Lionel Messi tried to point Ahmadi towards the stadium tunnel. Ahmadi’s once in a lifetime experience was finally cut short when the referee picked the six-year-old up and carried him off the pitch. The child and his family now live in  Quetta, Pakistan, after fleeing their home in Taliban controlled Afghanistan. 

“I’m very happy to have met my hero. It is a dream for me,” according to a statement released by the committee overseeing organisation of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. “The image the world wanted to see,” tweeted Qatar’s 2022 World Cup organisers, who brought the pair together. “The six year old boy who dreamed of meeting his hero, Messi, finally comes true.”


Busy opening at the Nail Garden!!

The waiting area has been full of people waiting to get pampered since we opening! The energy in the room is amazing, and this is one of the best days of my life. I can’t express how amazing it feels to finally have all my hard work pay off! Fall is the season of dark, matte colors! My second favorite season for nails! So good to be back on my grind!

   I started doing nails at 17 just for fun. A small hobby turned into a passion, that passion into a dream, and now that dream a reality. This is years and years of hard work finally paying off 🙏. Big thanks to my supporters. Mama D would be so proud, I wish she was here to see this. This is for her. Now I’ll continue to work hard, grind and grow.

I can not even stress how IMPORTANT this is. 

Ya’ll know how weak I am for TRB Jimin…

and this brown hair has been my 11:11 wish since they first dyed his hair.

By the time they get to manila, his hair’s gonna be longer & styled in that sexy boyfriend look.

Is…my wish to finally see TRB Jimin gonna come true?
(yessss i know it’s a different era…shush…i’m having a moment here.)

My heart is srsly beating so fast rn.


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OK it’s time I finally put down in words just how fantastic Sansukh is because this fic has taken over my life in the past two weeks and this is why (spoiler free reasons):

  • Bagginshield. I mean, duh.
  • I’m not kidding it’s like reading another Tolkein epic
  • The fact that there is so. much. diversity. in every single possible way. Nonbinary characters? Yep. Asexual characters? Yep. Trans characters? Yep. This is all my dreams come true for fantasy I swear.
  • The sheer range of content from heartwarming to heartrending and everything in between, from tiny little intimate moments to the epoch-defining battles
  • THE DWARVES seriously I didn’t understand how much I could love dwarves until I read this
  • The sarcasm of elves is unparalleled.
  • Aragorn is such a Done Dad I love him
  • I mean who wouldn’t be having to deal with Gigolas every day
  • Poor guy
  • Literally perfectly written
  • You get to find out what happens in Erebor in actual proper detail and that’s a whole pretty saga (as Dain might say) that’s well worth the telling.
  • There’s actually a fair amount of sobbing, but in a good way.

Please just go and read it, and thank you a million times to determamfidd for bringing this creation into the world and sharing it with us.

as i recently just reached a huge milestone i decided that i wanted to make a follow forever. this is my first one so if i miss some important things in this, please forgive me. thank you to @katsuukis for making the really really cute banner. i love it a lot. if i forget to mention you i am very, very, very sorry. i love everyone i follow and i am only human so please don’t take it personally. 


  • @kadyorloffdiaz - tatyyou’ve been my friend for four years now and i couldn’t imagine my life without you. we’ve had our ups and downs like all friendship does but i know when push comes to shove that you’re there for me whenever i need you and vice versa. i can’t believe that we met while RPing but our friendship has grown to so much more. i hope that one day we can finally meet. you deserve the world and to have all your dreams comes true. 
  • @kinkyroot - again, someone that i’ve been friends with for four years now and who has been in my life through hard times and who i know is always there if i need to talk to someone. kate, you’re one of the chillest and kindest people i know and i’m proud to call you a friend. you’re just super cute and friendly and i love you a lot, okay? 


  • @nargles - you’re one of those people that are just really easy to be friends with. i love having you on my dash and your blog is one of my faves. 
  • @lilyevians - eira, you are an inspiration to me, your writing is just flawless and you deserve all the love in the world. 
  • @njmphadora - you were one of the first people to really give me a chance to grow on this website, follow me and chat with me so i thank you for that and i really look up to you and your blog. 
  • @oliverswood - chandler! my internet husband. i miss you, please come back to me. 
  • @philukas - thanks for always being there to listen to me ramble katta, your blog is amazing and so are your edits. i love how you always speak your mind. 
  • @oblviqte - thanks for being a friend and having an amazing blog i hope we can atlk more in the future! 
  • @msjuliawicker - ahhh what can i say about you, you’re kind of just awesome? and i kind of wish i was you sometimes? your magicians podcast is super cool and you run an awesome blog. 
  • @kinqstark - thanks for always up for giving me advice. i love your blog and hope we continue to talk more. 
  • @lumox - honestly one of my fave blogs and i don’t know why we don’t talk more, so please let’s talk more. 


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my close friends and family know there are very few times when i’m left speechless… wow! i’m incredibly happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world, it’s a moment that i will never forget for the rest of my life and my favourite memory i have so far. i’m completely in awe of his incredible mother and how she has been the whole way through this, she’s really made my dreams come true. we haven’t named him yet, but he’s already capturing hearts including mine. i feel very blessed. happy mother’s day everyone!


MC: You personally sang an OST [for your drama].  How was that?

Park Bo Gum: It’s fascinating to me even now.  When I search my name, the album cover comes up, which makes me really happy.  For a long time, it was something I had wanted to do, and finally, my wish has come true.

MC: Weren’t you preparing to be an idol in the past?

Park Bo Gum: I dreamed of being active as a singer before my debut, so I auditioned.  I like music so much.  However, there are a lot of people who are misinformed. I’ve never been a trainee.  I never lived as a trainee.

iamnewherehopestillhavealif-blog  asked:

Finally! I've been waiting for the ask box to open! *warning, SPOILERS* So a few days ago, I had a wonderful dream. The Eldians won the battle against the Marley with the help of Surveys Corps and Eren's Titan powers "easily". I was so happy that it's finally over and everyone's going to live happily ever after in peace. No one's dead. Ha! But I don't think my dream will ever come true though. Knowing what kind of person mama is.

Well, what do they say? You can dream.


Where to even begin? I love this person so so so much! He is absolutely amazing and breathtakingly gorgeous😍 He’s so funny and he always makes me smile and feel better💖 He’s an angel and I think we can all agree that he deserves the whole universe! Today he is 21 (cries) and I am so proud in everything he does and everything he has accomplished so far✌ So Michael, I hope you have an amazing birthday today and I hope you enjoy it! You are finally legal in America🇺🇸🇺🇸😂 Don’t go too crazy yeah? I love you so much Mikey, you mean the world to me and I hope one day I get to say that in person and hug you💖 You are going to accomplish so much, reach goals and make dreams come true in the future and I will be right there to support you and say “that’s my boy”. I will always support you in every decision you make and the choices in life you make regarding your personal life, I’ll be standing behind you 100%🤗 Don’t ever change for anyone, don’t let anyone hide you away, don’t let anyone tell you what to do because ffs YOU ARE MICHAEL AND MICHAEL DON’T PLAY BY THE RULES! You are amazing and I hope you have the bestes birthday ever😘🍕🎂🍰🎈🎉🎁 I love you❤❤❤

the ichihime victory mix: it has been 15 long years but we fucking did it everyone congratulations

all i do is win (ft. ludacris, rick ross, snoop dogg, & t pain) dj khaled | on top of the world imagine dragons | you make my dreams come true hall & oates | don’t stop believin’ journey | a moment like this kelly clarkson | the final countdown europe | don’t stop the party pitbull | started from the bottom drake | we are the champions queen | fly (ft. rihanna) nicki minaj |sweet victory david glen eisley & bob kulick

Fight For What You Believe In

Baze Malbus/ Chirrut Imwe/ Reader

Originally posted by starsherit

Words: 1,459

Summary: You’re only the shopkeeper at the marketplace on Jedha who dreamed of being in the Alliance. You never expected to take down the stormtroopers the way you did.

Prompt: How about a Reader x Chirrut or Baze x Reader x Chirrut based on either, “Congratulations! One of your dreams has finally come true. Let me give you a big hug and wow, you’re warm…” or “I’ve never seen anything like the way you handled that. I’m just so moved.”

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Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: I got carried away in the details, again. When don’t I ever? I’m slowly making a dent in the request line so I’m out here!

All your life you’ve known nothing but having a stall at the market. You followed what your family has been doing for decades but you wish you could enrich your life even more.

You’ve seen these “rebels” fight with stormtroopers, stunning or killing them in the process on your home planet. They all tried to protect the people of these galaxies and planets and you so desperately wanted to join the fight. 

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Fate (Mattia de Sciglio Imagine)

Disclaimer: The story below is fictional.

note: This is a COLLAB between me and the sweet and amazing @fan-fiction-stories. Please enjoy.

Fate (Mattia de Sciglio Imagine)

*My Point of View*

Fate has finally done it! The moment I was waiting for has finally come. After months of admiring this person from far away, fate finally puts me in a situation where my dreams come true. Where my eyes would meet his across the room. Where then I would smile, he’d smile, and then he’d walk across the room and then BOOM! Happily ever after!

But there was one problem, he was so focused on whatever he was doing that he hasn’t looked up, not once.

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