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Parallels in the new chapter

Okay, so talking about parallels with the first series, I think Ishida did something interesting with the news`t chapter. I think the parallels can`t be find directly. By that I mean if you look at chapter 117 of :re and original series, it`s not there. Instead, you have to look a the beginning of the a new arc. 

Chapter 117 of :re is very likely the beginning of the Anteiku raid arc in :re, and in the original series that starting point was chapter 108.

Interestingly both start with a colored page about Kaneki, with his other eye hidden under an eyepeatch:

What is more interesting thou is the contest of the chapters. Both chapters basically start off with a character lying in a bed, deep in though, trying to figure things out, who wants to be left alone. 

At the end of Kanou`s lab raid arc, Kaneki hurt Banjou and the arc as a whole served as wake up call/shock, that the current method and path he had chosen might not have been a correct one. That made him shut in to his room, and he wanted to be alone.

Now, Akira has woken up in her severe state. She protected Seidou during the Rue Island arc, and told him how she really tried to be the investigator she was supposed to be. She tried to think about stuff coldly and logically, but her emotions finally broke trough and she protected Seidou. I think like Kaneki in the original series, Akira is now going trough some sort of internal pondering about her views about the world. 

Probably partially because of that, and also because of the reason that she woke up in a weird place that looks like a prison, surrounded by people she does not know, she shut in her room and does not want to see anyone.

Ken`s stroy about Arima must have shocked her pretty bad too. 

Kaneki by hurting Banjou in a berserk rampage made him realize that there is something not right the way he has done thing in the past. Akira, in the other hand, by protecting a friend from a fatal blow, probably came into some similar conclusion. 

But wait! It does not stop there and now comes the most fascinating part. In the first part Kaneki starts to feel a bit better after reading Takatsuki´s novels that Shuu dropped, and he finally breaks out of his bad state after Hinami comes. She mentions the book signing by Takatsuki that is happening, and I think she probably partially planned this beforehand to cheer up Kaneki. It works and they both go to the signing session. 

Hinami was the key here to broke Kaneki`s depressing state of mind. 

And looking at the news`t chapter of :re, who Hirako mentions to possibly be the person to break the ice between Akira and the rest of the gang:

Yup, that is Hinami yet again! By having these two discuss, maybe they can find mutual understanding in their similar suffering. Both have lost their parents because of this twisted world.  

Decisions, Decisions

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Request:  I might be asking a lot but can you do an imagine with Barry and Oliver and they fight over A y/n girl and they both liked her and she catches them fighting over her or something close to that.

Notes: I feel really bad that this is so short and dialogue heavy, but I hope it’s good and you guys like it!

Y/C- your choice

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Blankets of Fortitude

Intro: Blanket Fort x Jim Kirk

Pairing: Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 1,267

Triggers: None.  Just a blanket fort and fluff for days. 

Summary:  You and Jim are in a relationship and he has been working very hard for the last few weeks so you decide to surprise him with a gift (may or may not be a blanket fort) - fluff ensues. 

ALSO: lots of fluff. 


“Y/N!  Where are you?  I really don’t have time for this!" 

You heard Jim’s voice traveling through the bookshelves before you saw him. You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest, waiting for him to find you.  

"You know, I am the captain of this ship and I really ought to be getting back to the Bridge.” Jim stated again, sounding slightly exasperated. 

Finally his yellow-shirted form appeared around the corner of the bookshelf and he stopped at the end of the aisle, looking at you with a mix of confusion and surprise.  You spoke before he could. 

“James Tiberius Kirk, will you shut up for once in your life?” You ordered, a smirk on your face.  

He looked at you through furrowed brows, his mouth partially open and he looked like he was going to say something but was frozen.  

“What is all this?” Jim asked, when he finally found his words. 

You smiled, “a present for you!” You exclaimed, “you have been working so hard lately so I thought you deserved a break.”

Jim still didn’t smile back.  You wanted to punch him for it.  

“So you made me a blanket fort?” Jim questioned, his face suddenly looking very tired and weary and you wanted to go up to him and smooth the worry lines off his face.

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Spring Anime Final Impressions

Now that I’m back from the dead and only my detestable part-time job keeping me from being a NEET, I can finally go back to do the shit I opened this log for: rant about anime! Spring season is over and there was so much variety and so many good shows that, after a certain cutoff point, it became difficult to ascertain my top picks for the quarter. So here are my summarized last impressions for this season, as usual, from worst to best (The top two are pretty much a tie, so don’t pay the order there much mind). I’m not mentioning the half-dozen shows I dropped because I already addressed that in this post

It must be noted that I’m extremely gullible, so if a show had a lot of flaws along the way but nailed a perfect ending, I’m probably gonna rate it higher than it should. Meanwhile, if a show that was great through most of its run craps the landing, I’m gonna be harsher with it than it probably deserves

Mayoiga/The Lost Village. To be honest I don’t even have words to describe this. I couldn’t even begin to explain all that was wrong with this show. Nonsensical direction, plot and characterization might be an apt way to put it. To make things worse, the last couple of episodes dropped all of the hilarity of earlier moments (nothing will ever top the silicone boob monster), to focus in the two most boring characters out of the entire cast, with an amazingly stupid underlying “message” about “psychological scars”. It’s sincerely baffling that there are people who think this mess was being “bad on purpose”. And the most frustrating part of it all is that not a single person died. At least Another had the component of ridiculous over the top death scenes that had me laughing all the way through. Lost Village didn’t even deliver on that front. Might be worth the watch just to amaze yourself in how such a thing even came to happen. I also can’t believe that not a single person died because I was so ready to see all these despicable people meet a bloody end. Rated 0/10. It failed in everything it attempted to do and the final episodes weren’t even so-bad-is-funny which was criminal in and of itself.

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Super Lovers: This shit ended so long ago I hardly remember it. It’s horrible and gross and I can’t believe it’s getting a second season when Love Stage isn’t. Agh. As the weeks went by it just got more and more gross with worse and worse grooming undertones. But, to be honest, I might have been able to deal with all of that if the romantic drama was even the slightest bit compelling, and it’s not. At least Junjou Romantica (which y’all know I despise) has the latent conflict of having to tell Misaki’s brother about their relationship. Here everyone sees Haru and Ren kissing, sleeping together and even borderline humping and everyone’s a-ok with that. Not only is that very creepy but makes for very boring storytelling. There are no stakes, no tension and no drama whatsoever. And I’m still gonna watch S2 for the pleasure of trashing it. Rated 0.5/10 and I’m being lenient here because the dog is cute.

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Sailor Moon Crystal III:  Chibiusa’s friendship with Hotaru was well-developed (except at the finale) and the first set of OP/ED was great. That’s about the only good things I can say about it as a whole. But the rest, well, poop painted in gold is still poop. Even with better designs and slightly better animation, the story was as flat and childishly stupid, full of plotholes and contrivances, and the character development was nonexistent. The entire season is about how Usagi is a perfect queen and everyone loves her and she can do no wrong. Character relationships are paper thin, nothing in the entire series has sold me on why the senshis are such good friends. And the very beloved HarukaxMichiru pair that I was excited to meet for the first time didn’t even exist. I still struggle to figure out what made this shallow and badly-written series an all-time classic.  Rated 2/10

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Kiznaiver: I have conflicting thoughts on this show. The premise on which it rests is incredibly stupid, and not in a good way. The show acts like it’s being deep and clever, but when the whole exposition happens, I was left scratching my head because the writers were obviously challenging my suspension of disbelief. I didn’t care about the characters either. I kind of liked Tenga because his design was very appealing to me, he looked mighty handsome when he smiled at Chidori at the end, but that’s about it. And I’m probably gonna get stoned for this but I really disliked Nico. Her crush on Tenga came completely out of left field and her character was overall annoying. The only moment I liked her was when she said she didn’t care about Noriko because those were my thoughts exactly. The first half of the show was absolutely a drag, entirely boring and unengaging. All that being said, the visual execution of the show is top notch, the director is clearly very talented. The scenes at the bridge with Katsuhira and Noriko were stunning. And it hit some great emotional notes in the second half, even if I couldn’t get behind on what drove the characters to those emotions. I’m a big sucker for pining, so the scene of everyone screaming under the rain hit my buttons just right. But everything else about was just so… ugh. The teachers were insufferable. The kids were insufferable. The premise was insufferable. And there’s just a lot it does wrong for me to even think of recommending it to anyone. So it’ll just have to stick to a mediocre lower-middle spot. And it’s sad because it could’ve done great things. Maybe next time, TRIGGER. Rated 5/10

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Kotetsujo no Kabaneri: This is the reason we didn’t get more Attack on Titan this year (even though we were supposed to). And that’s fine I guess. It was a fun and exciting show for the most part, with great action scenes and gorgeous designs. It kind of went off the rails in the middle section, but it recovered in time for a bombastic finale, so almost all of its shit is forbidden. I mean, don’t go in expecting your life will change, but it’s a perfectly acceptable piece of entertainment. And Ayame’s character really grew into her role instead of devolving like I’d feared she’d do, which was great. Oh, Mumei also flings Ikoma like a sack of potatoes back into the train and it’s hilarious. 7/10. Could be a little higher, but yeah, that middle portion was baaaad.

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Joker Game: This is another one of those shows that I don’t know what to make of. I think I liked the concept of it more than I liked the actual show, mostly because the final episode was so terribly underwhelming and with that gross, unnecessary sexist remark at the end. This is probably the one show that doesn’t benefit from how much a series’s ending influences my opinion of it as a whole. If they had capped off the show with an introspection into Yuuki’s character this could’ve gone way up higher, but it didn’t. I doubt I’ll remember this show a month from now because it didn’t give me anything to chew on character-wise, which is a shame because it had so much potential. Oh well. Rated 7.5/10

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Shonen Maid: This show was way more adorable than it had any right to be, with a loveable cast and predictable, yet funny storylines. It took a premise that could’ve made it a rival for Super Lovers in the creepy department and made something cute and sweet. I’m partial to family stories, so this one worked pretty great for me.  But the last couple of episodes teased the possibility of predictably heart-wrenching melodrama and then decided to cop-out. The final two episodes were actually rather boring in comparison to the rest of the show. I was also thrown off and annoyed by the last minute introduction of a girl that I suppose is meant to be a love interest for Chihiro. Not only was her introduction to the series clumsy –nothing like the well-handled introductions of the other cast members-, but she brought nothing to the two episodes she was in, and was more of a background character. Also, if anyone’s gonna be a love interest for Chihiro it should be Hino because their level of mutual understanding is wonderful. 8/10

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Flying Witch: Honestly these three shows stand relatively equal to me in terms of enjoyment. I’m putting Flying Witch in the middle because I got a little less magic than I had hoped for, but it had an absolutely beautiful ending. The last two episodes showed us how lovely and magical this show could be, so in comparison it’s kind of sad that the rest of the show was borderline pedestrian as far as supernatural stuff. But the show accomplished what it set itself to do while delivering a loveable cast and a pleasant atmosphere, and it’s definitely a stand-out in the slice-of-life genre. Rated 8/10

Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge: I caught on to this show sometime mid-season due to all the positive responses it had. It was definitely worth checking it out. Like Flying Witch, it is perhaps too slow and quiet, but in Tanaka-kun’s case, that is kind of the point. Like all the others in this section, it has a loveable cast, with all the characters working quite well as a group. One could say Tanaka is the polar opposite of Sakamoto, in that we’re always waiting to see how far Tanaka is willing to go for the sake of his own laziness. I wasn’t a big fan of how much the last episode focused on teasing Tanaka about his nonexistent relationship with Shiraishi (people who won’t take “I don’t have a girlfriend” for an answer irk me to no end), but it led us to a very sweet realization from Tanaka himself about how he’s come to enjoy his friends’ company. Rated 8/10. Continuing in the sacred tradition of Seki-kun and Nozaki-kun, Tanaka-kun joins the list of unusual school comedies with unusual leads that are way more fun than they’ve any right to be.

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Bungou Stray Dogs: This is a hard show to rate because I had very high expectations for it, but it turned out to be something completely different from what I wanted, as I have mentioned before. It’s not that the thing it did turn out to be is bad, but it’s not what I wanted from it. In spite of that it still managed to be fun and the character work they did was great. I came to really love the cast. The last confrontation was really cool, especially with Mori Ogai pushing Atsushi forward, that was very interesting. I could’ve used a bit more Akiko Yosano because she’s the true boss of this season and I loved her, but I’ll be looking forward to season 2.  Rated 8.5/10

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Sakamoto desu ga?! This was definitely the stand out comedy of the season, with a unique take on the old high school anime setting and a protagonist that was perfectly able to carry the whole show in spite of its irregular production values. It’s not without its faults, and there are a handful of episodes where the jokes just don’t land, but its overall a lot of laughs and over-the-top fun. There’s not much else to say about this anime Mary Poppins other than I’m glad the show addressed Acchan’s huge gay crush on Sakamoto :D 9/10

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Assassination Classroom: That was a dang ballsy ending and I applaud Matsui for it! Lesser mangaka would’ve gone the cop-out route –it even seemed like he was gonna do that at some point-. This second season had its ups and downs, it had great stories and rushed plot points, but the finale earns it a high place in my book. This is truly a unique series –especially for Shonen Jump- with a message about growing up, finding your own talent, and how important a teacher can be, that it’s not  a job to be taken lightly. Even though a part of me was slightly hoping for the cop-out ending, but I’m also glad they didn’t go that way and preserved the wonderfully executed emotional climax. 9/10

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Concrete Revolutio: Anime that takes a spin on historical characters or periods is the stuff my dreams are made of, and I’m not exaggerating. Even though it had a shakey start and could’ve used more episodes to really establish all of its ideas, ConRevo was a creative and smart take on the 60s in Japan. It might have lacked a little in character development, but it still told a complete story that’s different from everything else that’s out there, with a unique visual concept and maybe a thing or two to say about Japan’s politics. This is certainly a show I’d like to binge (once I know more about the period, my specialty is 30s Japan!) eventually to really grasp the story in its full Rated 9/10

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Macross Delta: I wasn’t very impressed with the first episode but boy has this show grown on me. Probably 90% of that is that Mikumo is my new waifu and queen of the world. I wasn’t big on the idea of an idol unit instead of a solo singer (stop it with the idols Japan, that industry is horrible), but I’ve come to like Walküre. Though I wouldn’t mind if they wrote out the Reina and Makina because they don’t really add anything vocally to the group or plot-wise to the series (also Makina’s godawful nicknames need to die. I fucking hate every time she speaks and calls someone by one of those dead stupid nicknames uuuugggh). Anyway, they’ve made an interesting story for this series and it’s one of the shows I most look forward to every week. The emotional peaks in episode 11 were absolutely beautiful. And the songs are pretty good in general, which is kinda important for a Macross show y’all 9.5/10

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Ushio to Tora: Y’all know I’ve had an up-and-down relationship with Ushio to Tora. The first half-a-dozen monster of the week episodes bored me to tears, but once the plot picked up it got better and better. This final cour started on a rocky path too, rushing through plot points and character development (Nagare’s bit is still pretty damn bad in hindsight). But the second half and the final battle against Hakumen were absolutely among the best shit the shonen genre has to offer. Everything since Ushio’s reunion with his mom hit the perfect emotional beats to make for a great story and the Hakumen no Mono was one of the most memorable shonen villains I’ve seen. The final battle was hands down amazingly cool and emotional. Yes, the show could’ve been executed better, but what it accomplished was so great I’m willing to overlook most of its earlier flaws  Rated 9.5/10

Boku no Hero Academia : If it wasn’t evident at this point, I’m a complete sucker for shonen anime, and one that is so well executed makes my soul sing. Fans of the manga have complained about the slow pace but to be honest, with one exception, I never felt that the pace was slow. The characters are endearing, Deku is the type of shonen protagonist that I love, and I’m eager for new seasons to get to know the rest of the cast better. They did a good job in showing us at least a little bit from most of the kids in Deku’s class, so I was very satisfied with that. The animation was stunning and every episode reached moments of wonderful emotional peaks which had me on the verge of tears. And I love All Might. I’m so excited for S2 and I might pick up the manga too. 10/10

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable: This show is so fun. I love how much David Production loves this franchise, and how palpable their passion for the material is with the wonderful animation and direction, the lively colors, the great pacing. I’m way more engaged in Josuke and his crazy bizarre pals than I was with Jotaro’s crew, and I loved that crew. That they ended the quarter with the very emotional reunion with Joseph, who is my favorite Jojo. They’re doing a very good job in portraying Josuke’s inner conflict about resenting his father while also wanting to get close to him. Now that the bow and arrow have been captured, I do have to wonder what they’ll be doing for the next 25 episodes, but I’m absolutely willing to tag along 10/10

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You’ll note that I didn’t mention Sinbad no Bouken. The reason for that is that, along with how busy I became with my dissertation (I can’t believe it’s finally over), the fansubs were taking a while to come out and I lost track of it. Since it’s coming to Netflix I’ll binge it when it shows up.

So that was spring! What were y’all’s favorite shows? Are you among the crazy people that claim Mayoiga was intentional comedy? Team Freyja or Team Mirage? Let me know which shows you liked/hated and if I missed out on anything that I should check out from the season. And stay tuned for my summer lineup, it’s a crazy busy season y’all!


Description: Korra struggles with the anxiety of coming out while traveling on an opulent ocean liner en route to do just that. Along the way she is surprised to find distraction and solace in new friends and old. Korrasami/Linzuo.

Rating: T

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Author’s Note: Big thanks to makanidotdot for her incredible art for this story (and perf Kazuo design uwu) and her invaluable story input! Another big thank you to rhoeysama for spell and fact checking me like a pro!


Korra adjusted the gloves on her hands with a scowl. They were a gift from Asami, for just this occasion- beautifully stitched leather gloves that likely cost more than the extravagant steamship she was getting ready to board. With a huff, she tore her right glove off to free up her fingers a bit for scratching her waist- the woolen material she wore was rather itchy and Korra found herself wondering why on earth people were expected to dress up for sea voyages. She gave the cargo hold a furtive glance, considering her initial passage into Republic City- perhaps she would be more comfortable amongst the freight than she would be in the passenger cabin Asami had booked on her behalf. She could’ve smuggled Naga that way too.

A porter interrupted her trip down memory lane, “Miss? May I see your ticket?”

“Oh! Yeah, uhh….” Korra dug around in her pockets, pulling nothing but lint, “hang on I got it here somewhere.”

“It's…um, Miss? The ticket is in your hand,” the porter informed her as politely as possible.

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"Questionnaire” -- Seeking Collaborators

Hello friends, acquaintances, and strangers!

I am working on a project, and I am looking for people interested in collaborating with me on it! If you have the time and energy, I would really appreciate contributions. Mutuals, non-mutuals, people I don’t know, people who have been following me for a while but never interacted with me—everyone is welcome to participate. Even if you don’t think this is for you, I’d appreciate a reblog/signal boost if you can.

The task itself is simple: I will send interested parties a list of questions, you will answer them, and then send the answers back to me.

The idea behind it is somewhat more complex. Over the past few years, I have been contemplating how often I lie to people. Polite lies, small lies, lies about my plans for the future, lies to protect my friends, lies to protect my feelings, lies I tell to myself. In actuality, most of the time I would hesitate to even call them “lies”. Most are just everyday secrets—you don’t tell a stranger on the subway that you cried at a cartoon theme song the other day, and sometimes you decide not to tell your friends, either. Omitting some parts of your private struggle from the world often allows you to feel safe, secure.

Other times, it turns into a trap. You tell everyone you feel fine for so many days in a row, by the time you admit you’re nearly dying, no one knows to take you seriously.

I found myself falling into one of these dangerous cycles. It became inexplicably important to me that no one knew how badly I was doing, and by the time I realized it might be a good idea to seek help, I had nearly completely lost the ability to open up about myself with people. I would start to try to say something, just to freeze up and change my mind.

What I did still have was a platform I could speak from to no one in particular, but where others could still see it and respond—the Internet. A space of relative anonymity, where if I changed my mind, I could delete something, or reword it. I could talk, and it didn’t have to be directed or shaped for any listener in particular. This sort of interaction has been an invaluable part of my life since middle school. It gave me a place where I could be completely honest about what I felt without fear of repercussions affecting how I live my daily life.

This project is an extension of that. I began compiling a list of questions, things I thought I would want to answer, or things I didn’t want to answer but thought I should ask myself, or questions that might give interesting or unexpected answers. Often, I found I didn’t think I had much to say on a topic, until I started answering and then remembered some feeling I’d buried down ages ago, and ended up having an awful lot to say after all.

Writing all my thoughts out has always been cathartic for me. In some ways during this process, I’ve addressed issue directly about subjects I always just avoided thinking about before. But that is only the first half of the experiment. The second half is sharing these confessions, and I would like to invite others to join me in this experience.

I will forward the questionnaire to those who want to take part, and then—and this is the important part—I will have you submit the completed answers back to me anonymously. I won’t know who responded or which answers belong to anyone in particular. I have other steps I am looking into to preserve anonymity, which will be explained further to people who decide to contribute.

I will then compile the questions & answers into a document, again, preserving all anonymity. The format for placing the questions/answers themselves is something I’m still debating over, and will partially depend on how many participants/responses I get, and the tone of the material. Not every answer will make it into the final copy, or every question, out of a necessity of space and mood. The completed work will then me made available as a pdf/ebook, free to access and share. You can read all the answers everyone else submitted alongside a few of your own. This will be entirely free/there will be no profit from it, since splitting royalties would compromise the hidden identities of those involved.

Why bother with a project like this?

Well, it can be really, really scary to share things, especially important things or secret things or things you’re ashamed of or things that make you happy or things that make you afraid. But it can also be an incredible relief to do so, even if the people who see it have no idea that the confession comes from you.

The questions I’ve put together are designed to make you feel relaxed, reflective, nostalgic, sad, and uncomfortable. If you decide an answer is too personal, you don’t have to include it in the final list you send to me, but I encourage you to take the time to write it out anyway, being honest with yourself.

Answers don’t necessarily have to related directly to the question. The questions are meant to spark ideas or memories or introspection for you, rather than solicit specific information.

The only caveat is the most important aspect: you must be completely, 100% honest in your replies. Especially if it makes you uncomfortable. Even if it makes you ashamed. No one will know it is you. And it is okay to feel those things. Don’t feel the need to tone down your replies to sound less dramatic. Talk about things the way you phrase them with your heart, not your tongue.

If you would like to see some sample questions—and my answers to them—you can read them here. If you are interested in participating in this project, please send me an ask/message/etc so I can gauge interest. If you know someone not on tumblr who’d like to participate, feel free to message me their emails/pm me for my email to give to them.

If you’d think you’d like to participate, but want to keep the fact that you are doing so anonymous from me as well too, feel free to send me an anon ask with a number in it. I’m probably going to have a couple versions of the questions to send out to people, and this way, I can upload one for your number specifically online to access without compromising your identity.

Anything relating to this project will be under the tag “Questionnaire” on my blog.


Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 11

I very quickly moved off Jared’s lap, nearly stumbling as I stood, trying to straighten myself. Jared silently laughed at my struggles while shaking his head as he stayed seated in his chair. We weren’t doing anything wrong, it’s not like we got caught in the act but somehow, I still felt funny. I mean, it was still sort of an intimate situation.

“I just wanted to let you know it was time for stage…” Emma said responding to Jared’s question.

“Geez Em, you can turn around. It’s not like we don’t have clothes on.” He joked.

As Emma turned around, I saw she was bright red. In fact, we both were. I think it happened so fast she probably didn’t see we were clothed and that it really wasn’t a big deal. That being said, if the roles were reversed, I probably would have done the same thing.

I walked to the table near the door to grab my purse, knowing we’d be leaving right away. Normally I’d leave it in Jared’s dressing room but I had my phone and lipstick in there, you know, the necessities. I’ve learned that with Jared, it’s better to always be prepared for anything.

“I’m sorry..” Emma whispered to me.

“No worries, we were actually just talking.” I told her with a smile.

Everyone was waiting on Jared now so he quickly made his way around the room, grabbing his sunglasses and a bottle of water to take with him. He kept looking around, it seemed like he thought he was forgetting something. With a last minute decision to throw his leather jacket on, he was finally ready.

I thought Emma was going to blow a gasket, she was so frustrated. I couldn’t really blame her, trying to wrangle three grown men had to be stressful even on a good day. Jared being late was partially my fault and I felt bad about that. If I wasn’t there, he’d probably already be at stage driving every crazy.

“Alright, let’s go.” He said to both of us as if we were the reason he was late.

Emma was right with me as we both rolled our eyes at him. Jared just laughed. It seemed he somehow got a second wind because the exhaustion or whatever it was I saw while sitting on his lap less than ten minutes ago was gone. He was in full on performance mode.

Moving swiftly down the hall, Emma and I trailed behind Jared. He sure moves fast when he wants too! He said a quick ‘hi’ or fist pumped each tech as we walked through the halls and it made me realize that it’s kinda insane how many people are involved in putting on a show. Typical Jared, he knows each one of them too.

The closer we got to the stage the louder we could hear everyone singing to the videos playing on the big screens that were set up. It sounded like the audience were more than ready for the show to start.

I stopped short as techs rushed to Jared in order to get him miked up. The last thing I wanted to be, was in anyone’s way. Even with backstage VIP access, there’s a lot that goes on you don’t get to see and for an outsider like myself, this was really cool.

Looking around, I saw Robert standing a little closer to the stage, holding his camera. Since Emma was busy, I thought I’d go over to stand with Robert instead of standing by myself.

“Hey!” Robert said as he saw me approaching.

“Hey Robert! Whatcha doing?” I asked.

“Part of the film crew. Wanna see? It’s a crazy crowd out there!” He said as he handed over his wide lensed camera to me. “I think I got some good shots.”

“Wow, these are some great shots!” I said as I flipped through them.

The show hadn’t even started yet and people were already on each other’s shoulders.

“Looks like I gotta go, Jared just signaled he’s ready.” Robert told me as we both looked in Jared’s direction.

Robert walked away to get into position for the best entrance shot so I was left standing by myself again. Once Jared was ready, he looked in my direction and smiled as he fixed his in-ears. Using his finger, he called to me while mouthing the words 'Come Here’.

I could hear the first few beats of 'Escape’ start as I quickly walked over to him.

“Stay over here to watch, ok.” He asked and I nodded my head, “This is Sheep, he’s our stage manager.”

I looked at Sheep, “Nice to meet you, Sheep.” I said, reaching out to shake his hand.

“You too, Vivie.” He said warmly.

Sheep was a slightly older man with a totally cool rock and roll vibe.. I loved him immediately.

“Let’s do this.” He said to Jared, “Don’t worry, I’ll look after her.”

Jared smiled and I shook my head. I travel to third world countries on my own but he thinks I need someone to look after me at the side stage of a concert? Sometimes….he just may be a little too overprotective. Not that I’m really complaining though. I still think it’s sweet.

With so many people around, not to mention the fact fans could probably see us from the opposite side of the stage, Jared just backed away and started towards the back of the stage. Sending me a quick air kiss, I smiled and sent him one back just as he stepped around the side of the curtain to duck under the stage.

“You’re fine here until I come back, right, love?” Sheep asked in his very British voice.

“Yep, I’m good!” I loudly responded over the music.

I watched and waited, Shannon should be making his entrance any second.

Just as that thought crossed my mind Shannon came up from behind me to poke me in my side. I must have jumped ten feet in the air. Shannon let out a chuckle as he was handed his drum sticks. That poke must be a “Leto thing” because Jared has done that to me on several occasions too.

“Enjoy the show, Vivie!” Shannon said with a wink as he took off towards his kit.

The show in one word? Phenomenal. I was completely captivated the entire time. With the amount of energy that not only the guys put out there for everyone but also the crew, it’s just insane to me that they could possibly do this nightly all the while traveling to different cities and countries.

I’d be dead.

Sheep came to check on me a few times but I told him I was fine. He had enough to worry about and I felt bad he was stuck being my babysitter. We were about halfway through the show and Jared was going to be coming off stage. Shannon and Tomo would be going out for L490. After that, it would be Jared’s acoustic set.

“Hey!” I said waving as I saw Emma approaching.

“How’s the show going?” She asked.

“Awesome. It’s fantastic to see them play without having to worry about the girls. I mean, I love 'em to death but they’re so distracting!” I laughed.

“Hey…I wanted to apologize again for just walking in on you guys earlier. I’m just not used to having to knock.” Emma said in all sincerity.

“Really, it’s no big deal!” I assured her.

Unknowingly, she reassured me a little too.

Jared came off stage where we were standing, seemingly ready for a breather. I couldn’t blame him for that. I know I could never jump all over the stage while singing perfectly like he does. Knowing that he was going to have a few minutes break, I had a towel and bottle of water ready for him. Might as well make myself useful. Handing him the towel first, he looked surprised.

“Thank you, baby.” He said as he wiped his face off.

'Baby’. I savored his open affection but was still a little surprised by it. Emma seemed to be equally surprised and as his attention was solely on me, Emma quickly excused herself.

“Looks like everything’s going good.” Jared said.

“Absolutely.” I said smiling. “No wonder you’re so exhausted every night!”

“I’ll be fine..” Jared said as I looked back at him. “You worry too much.”

Jared was standing just slightly behind me when he trailed his fingers up my spine then wrapped them tightly around back of my neck, squeezing just hard enough to send me a message. It was a dominant move and one that instantly set my body on fire.

But he already knew that.

Well hello.  This is Louis CK writing to you again to let you know about new stuff coming on my website.  Mostly I would like to tell you that starting tomorrow (Wednesday the 29th) at noon, (New York time) my first movie “Tomorrow Night” will be available for download and streaming for the usual five dollars.  As always you can buy it from anywhere in the world with no digital restrictions.

I made this movie, meaning I wrote and directed it, back in 1998.  I was a struggling comedian and TV writer at the time and I pulled together my savings and some of my fiends money to make this movie on black and white 16mm film.  There are some great people in this movie.  Steve Carell, JB Smoove, Wanda Sykes and Conan O'Brien are some that you might have heard of.  Robert Smigel, Chuck Sklar, Rick Shapiro, Heather Morgan, Nick Diapolo, Martha Greenhouse, Greg Hahn, Carey Prusa and Joseph Dolphin,  you may have heard of a little less but they are all terrific.  In fact all these people are comedians and actors I had been working with and around back in the 90s and I wrote all of their parts for them specifically.  To me, that’s what this movie was for, to create performance opportunities for all my favorite funny people.  And to photograph them with prime lenses on Black and White reversal film.

Tomorrow Night is a bizarre little indie film and it gets pretty weird.  It was a labor of love for me.  It’s how I learned to direct and there are some wonderful performances in it.  The crew included some folks that still work with me today on my FX series “Louie” including director of Photography Paul Keostner and production designer Amy Silver.

Tomorrow Night screened at the Sundance film festival as well as other festivals from Seattle to Sweden. But it never got distribution.  Any black and white movie is tricky to get a market for and this one is particularly strange. But it’s funny and it’s well worth watching.  That’s what I think, anyway.  It certainly isn’t for everyone.

In any case, Tomorrow Night has been sitting in storage in film cans for 15 years.  No one has ever seen it. There are no tapes of it or even clips of it anywhere.

This year, I decided to get it out by putting it on my website.  I had an excellent digital transfer made from the negative.  The sound is the original Mono mix which is fitting for the style of the film.  Be prepared to sit through people dialing rotary phones, which takes a while.  The pace is sometimes slow and deliberate.  Sometimes crazy. But it’s exactly the movie I wanted to make and I’m proud of it.  I’m putting it on my website with the hopes that I can continue this way of distributing stuff.  I’d also like to pay back some of the people who helped me finance the film.  I’d also like people to finally see it so that the performances can be awarded with applause and laughter.  I’d also like to make a profit from it so I can use the proceeds to make a new movie and release that on my website as well.  Wouldn’t that be something?  Ok, so buy it tomorrow.  and tell your friends to do it also.  Or don’t.  It’s really only partially up to me what you do with your time and money.


Louis C.K. just sent out an email to let us know he made a movie in 1998 and is just now releasing it.

SK8TER BOI challenge: Cas was a punk, Sam did ballet

Author’s Note: This fic is part of a fun and friendly competition between myself and holydarkhallelujah and moderated by constellationsammy and demisexualsammy

Their fic is: HERE 

and below, you’ll find mine…


The loud clattering noise made Sam jump in his seat, losing the page in the book he was reading. With a sigh, he looked up and saw the clatter had been a lunch tray hitting the table and it belonged to a boy he’d seen around school but never talked to before.

It was the kid with the blue eyes and half of his hair shaved while the other half hung in blue and green locks over the right side of his head. He always wore baggy black pants with lots of chains and pockets and his t-shirts had sayings that were almost, but not quite, inappropriate for high school.

“Can I help you?” Sam asked. 

The colorful boy grinned and sat down directly across from Sam. Sam wrinkled his nose obvious distaste and wondered why this boy was intruding on his space.

“I’m Castiel." 

"I’ve seen you around school.”

“You’re Sam Winchester.”

“There are plenty of other tables where your company would be welcome.” Sam lifted his book back up to his face to block out the offending company only to have it pushed back down. Castiel was leaning forward with his hands on Sam’s book.

“But I want to spend time with you.”

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