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Bullet Journaling: a masterpost.

Bullet Journal Things ♡

⁃ constellation chart
⁃ cute quotes/doodles
⁃ stress management pages
⁃ use brown paper bags ripped out for doodles
⁃ cut out things from magazines/paper bags
⁃ order stickers
⁃ washi tape EVERYTHING
⁃ order black pens
⁃ use markers
⁃ work on cursive
⁃ idea/random thought pages
⁃ picture pages
⁃ books to read
⁃ movies/shows to watch
⁃ daily reminders
⁃ habit trackers
⁃ thoughtful pages (philosophy, science, book reviews, etc.)
⁃ bookmarks
⁃ websites
⁃ start a blog/continue studyblr
⁃ songs/albums to hear
⁃ messy/creative spreads
⁃ pastels (esp. pink)
⁃ doodle banners/headers/fillers
⁃ rant pages
⁃ order a watercolour palette
⁃ advice/how-to pages (how to become a morning person)
⁃ travel pages
⁃ dream journal pages
⁃ use song lyrics
⁃ poetry pages
⁃ astronomy
⁃ yearly spread
⁃ new years resolution
⁃ mini monthly calendars
⁃ birthdays
⁃ spending chart
⁃ receipt pockets
⁃ health pages
⁃ decor/interior decorating/dream house pages
⁃ coffee tracker
⁃ water tracker
⁃ lipstick kisses
⁃ sticky notes
⁃ handwriting samples
⁃ paint swatches
⁃ wish lists (swell water bottle, more notebooks, black pens, phone adapter, etc.)
⁃ passwords
⁃ gift ideas
⁃ shopping lists
⁃ recipes
⁃ trip ideas
⁃ self care
⁃ ticket stubs
⁃ dried/pressed flower petals
⁃ weather
⁃ paintings (The Swing)
⁃ colour schemes
⁃ words (darling, daydreaming, celestial, astral, entropic, enigmatic, paradoxical, etc.)
⁃ themes lists (The Swing, coffeehouse, forest, ocean, London, yellow, space, inferno, candide, the odyssey, etc.)
⁃ construction paper
⁃ get pictures developed
⁃ order more picture corners
⁃ dictionary pages
⁃ buy scrapbook pages
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riverdale hiatus mememy favorite characters [½]
☆ archie andrews ☆
“To pass time, I would start composing these poems, in my head. And at night, I’d go home, I’d write them down… They weren’t poems, they were song lyrics. And working on them made me feel like… It made me feel like I’d finally broken through to something real. About my life and what I should be trying to do with it. Music. Starting this year, tomorrow.”

Fujimaki Tadatoshi’s Interview in Entermix May 2017

Ahhhhh. Everyone was like “READ THIS INTERVIEW” so I went ahead and read this above anything else and it was so worth it because it gave me hope as a fan in despair. 

This is just a rough translation :D I just wanted to put it so people who would like to read can read it too :D

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Monsta X: falling for their best friend

Shownu:  you’ll know it as soon as he does, he’s so bad at hiding those kind of feelings. He wouldn’t be as scared as some of the others, but he’d have a plan to formulate before finally doing something about it. First of all, he’d get more touchy and act more protective of you in just the slightest ways, but you’d still be able to tell the difference. He’d tell you only when it felt right, and once he’s made sure your feelings for him are mutual.

Wonho:  I think he’d always have a little crush on you, from day one…no matter how much he tries to hide it. He’s never really felt what it was like to be in love, so he’s always thought that feeling in his chest was just bc you’re his best friend, and understand him more than anyone else. This would bug him for sure, knowing that he could completely ruin your friendship if he goes ahead and tells you. But he can’t get the nagging feeling out of his head, so he’ll blurt it out randomly and out of nowhere.

Minhyuk:  he’d rather have no one else to be with but the person he trusts the most. I don’t really see him falling for anyone who randomly comes into his life, he’d definitely want to be with someone who he’s known for a while and someone who’s seen him during his best and worst times. This wouldn’t particularly bother him, but he’d need to investigate before making a move on you. He might have another member interrogate you and ask if you like him, but other than that, he’d let it happen naturally and have you fall in love with him eventually.

Kihyun:  your friendship consists of massive amounts of flirting and teasing anyway, so it would take no time for the both of you to develop deep feelings. Besides all the teasing and the joking around, he knows you get him and the connection between you two is incomparable. He’d start to discuss much more intimate topics with you, and make you feel like you’re already together. He’d understand if you weren’t ready for a relationship yet, but he’d make it known that he’ll always be in love with you anyway.

Hyungwon:  he’s kinda withdrawn even more than he usually is, and wants to absolutely make sure that you feel the same before putting himself out there and risking it all. You’d find out something is bothering him since he keeps on avoiding you, but he really isn’t doing on purpose, he just needs to clear his head and he can’t exactly do that when you’re around. Once he gets his thoughts together, he’ll be ready to put his heart on the line and telling you everything.

Jooheon:  he’d be similar to both Kihyun and Wonho in the fact that he’s always had a crush on you since first getting to know each other, and he definitely won’t feel the need to hide it. He’d start off as that annoying overprotective older brother, but he can’t help but feel more for you and can’t stop his heart from beating a million miles an hour when you look at him. He’d try and make it special when telling you, maybe writing a cute but thoughtful rap, and singing along with a hyper Minhyuk.

I.M.:  he’d be devastated tbh, he’d kick himself for falling in love with you bc he might chase you away if he tells you. He’d take his time and think things through, not wanting to rush himself. He’ll try and not act different around you, despite his eyes always lingering on you when you smile. He’ll tell you eventually, but stutters throughout the whole thing and probably can’t even get a sentence out, despite having rehearsed this in his head beforehand.

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• kisses && puppies

nonnie requested: Could you do a super cute/fluffy imagine with Barry x reader using this prompt? “The problem is,” he said as he leaned in “If I kissed you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.” ♡♡♡

A/N: Time for some fluff from the angst drabbles, this is a very cute prompt nonnie. I don’t think I reblogged any cute prompts for awhile so I think you made this one up or something. But I like it so enjoy some cute Barry, I hope you don’t mind that I did earth 2 Barry since I miss writing that nerd. This is slightly dedicated for @staringatademigod since she has been having finals or anyone who has finals, you guys can do it! Also, I’m sure you guys know who the two little munchkins that are going to make appearance when you read to that point since I’m not telling you. Ships and requests are closed for the time being as I catch them up.

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      » Relationship(s): Earth-2! Barry Allen/Reader (married) «

Today was finally the day when you and Barry could stay home when you peeked opened your E/C at the alarm clock by your bedside before trailing upwards to see the calendar marked in your handwriting that proclaimed, ‘Free Day with Barry!’ as you smiled. Turning over to see the brown haired male still asleep with his glasses on his side, poor Barry had been working a lot lately with cases along with his foster sister, Iris. You carefully got out of bed, hopefully to surprise your hardworking husband with breakfast before he got up. You froze slightly when you heard ruffling in the bed but Barry was still sound asleep as you took a deep breath before leaving to make some breakfast. You hum as you decided to go basic with scrambled eggs with sausage, toast, and some strawberries.

You were too busy not noticing that Barry had gotten up and gotten dressed before realizing that he didn’t have to go in since Iris told him to spend more time with him. He sighed as he pushed up his glasses and went down to only see you, swaying to some music you like to listen while you cooked. It was one of the many things Barry liked about you and thought you were cute even though he’d scare you sometimes. “Morning Y/N. .I-I seem to have forgotten that I didn’t work today. Still feels weird but I’m happy to spend time with you.” He fiddles with his bowtie while sitting down at your guys’ table, not wanting to be in the way when you were in the kitchen. Barry has had tried to cook but he always burned things unless he was baking. He was one heck of a baker so that was the only time he was allowed to be in there.

You turned at your husband’s voice with a smile as put the food on a plate and a cup of coffee for Barry as you sat them down for him as you kissed his head, heading to get your serving and cup. Smiling as you sat beside him. “You goofball, you’re stuck with me today haha. I was going to surprise you in bed but that seems to have fallen through.” You smile as you took a bite of your red fruit at your husband as Barry chuckled while sipping his coffee.

You two talked about things about what was going on before you left to get dressed for going on a walk with Barry, you’ve been talking about wanting a dog for awhile so Barry had asked for an appointment at the shelter. You tug onto Barry’s coat when you guys left as you were bubbling with excitement and Barry stopped you before you guys went in. “Is there a problem Bar? I’m sorry, just so excited you know.” You smile at your husband who smiled to mirror yours before pushing up his thin rimmed glasses up again.

“The problem is,” he said as he leaned in “If I kissed you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.” Barry says as he pressed his lips against yours as you kissed back, he was happy to have such a girl like you as his partner. “I love you, I love you Y/N. Please don’t ever doubt that.” The brown haired male says before giving you another peck.

“And I love you Bartholomew Allen.” You say, “Now come on let’s go.” Pulling him in the shelter as you walked around to see the dogs with the female worker who talked about them. You stopped and awe’ed at two small white dogs who wagged their tails at the sight of them. “Look at these two Barry. They are so adorable.” You went over at the two excited pups who wanted to sniff you and give sloppy kisses. “I think they are Maltese. Can we take them out and see how they act around us?” You ask as Barry nodded to the female worker who let them out as you went to sit down in the play room to see how they would act.

They were an excited bunch who not only loved you but loved Barry as well as one gave him kisses all over his face as you laughed at the two. You and the two dogs had to give Barry the puppy eyes even though Barry tried to protest that you were only getting one but he saw how happy you and the two small white dogs were so he agreed. So instead of the originally three of you, it was four of you. One named Nora and the other Jett. Not that Barry had minded since he always got excited to have the two pups and you to welcome him home.   





So I actually got around to prototype something again! :D

It’s the second item in what I eventually want to be an entire line of “elven” items.
They’ll mainly focus on fencing and archery styled gear, so I made this gorget!

The other items I have planned are a fencer style bracer (already in my shop), a heavier, archery style bracer and a heart guard. Maybe some other items like greaves, we’ll see.

This prototype is not really adjustable, because I wanted to simply test the pattern I came up with. It turned out to work really nicely, so the final version will be adjustable on both sides.
Also I feel like it needs some sort of decorative hardware on it’s center, so I’ll look around for a part that fits and I can easily get more of.

If you like this prototype and don’t want to wait for the final listing (might be several weeks until I get around to make that) then you can get this one for a fraction of the price that the final version will cost!

Check it out here:


Gif source:  Kelly

Imagine dating Kelly and deciding to move in together.

——— Request for anon ———

“What? You want me to have a designated drawer?” you giggle as he pulls you towards him on the bed, daring him to quit beating around the bush and tell you what he really wanted.

“Nah, I’m thinking something more than a drawer,” Kelly shakes his head.

“Two drawers?” biting back laughter, you watch as he lets out his own amused sigh.

“Something more along the lines of you moving in with me,” Kelly finally clarifies, and there it is, out in the open. Putting it into words finally made it real, and you already knew your answer before he’d even asked.

Leaning forward, you smooth your hand across his shoulder, lips hovering near his as you grin, “If you’re sure, I’d like that.”

dippedinsleep replied to your post “GENDERED PRONOUNS AND ASSUMPTIONS This quote doesn’t sit right with…”

Ok just another point doesn’t he mention hat tipping in the part about h*ylor? He doesn’t quote any pronouns in that bit though which matches this statement about hats w no pronouns?? Was he talking generally about relationships only?

This is the whole section with both quotes:

Is there anything he’d want to say to Swift today? “Maybe this is where you write down that I left!” He laughs, and looks off. “I don’t know,” he finally says. “Certain things don’t work out. There’s a lot of things that can be right, and it’s still wrong. In writing songs about stuff like that, I like tipping a hat to the time together. You’re celebrating the fact it was powerful and made you feel something, rather than ‘this didn’t work out, and that’s bad.’ And if you run into that person, maybe it’s awkward, maybe you have to get drunk … but you shared something. Meeting someone new, sharing those experiences, it’s the best shit ever. So thank you.”

He notes a more recent relationship, possibly over now, but significant for the past few years. (Styles has often been spotted with Kendall Jenner, but he won’t confirm that’s who he’s talking about.) “She’s a huge part of the album,” says Styles. “Sometimes you want to tip the hat, and sometimes you just want to give them the whole cap …  and hope they know it’s just for them.”

This whole thing is super swervy to me, in that Harry way. He could be talking about anyone. This is why journalists have so much power in the way they present things. 

Stay With Me — Newt Imagine

Anons:  “ can you do a full on smut newt x reader please??” & “ Can I get a newt imagine with him being 26 and reader 23-24 and feeling self conscious and too old for her?”

After a shit load of time trying to write, it’s finally here. Sorry for taking so long!  :( I had ver busy holidays plus I had a humongous writer’s block. But I finally made it! I hope you like it! :D 

Stay With Me — Newt Imagine

Disclaimer: smut towards the end. :p  

Newt went immediately to work, and check out on some creatures. In the last two years you’ve been travelling with him as his companion. Spending so much time with him, you learned how to read his body language. He was hurt. He didn’t want Jacob to forget about him and everything he’d seen. He always did this. Whenever he felt hurt or angry, he would work on something to calm himself down. Seeing him work after something happened meant he wasn’t ready to talk about it just yet.

You followed his steps and walked to one of the rooms in the case. You looked for the room with a dark forest in it, looking for thestrals. He had heard of a creature that could only be seen when people saw death for the first time. Newt couldn’t see them after all. Not even after what happened in Sudan. He didn’t get to see the girl die. He met you in the middle of a forest, and you were taking care of a wounded thestral, and that was the sparkle in his head that made him ask you to travel with him, so you could help him take care of the thestrals.

You helped Newt with the beasts, and learned from him. But the thestrals were your entire job, and you tried to learn as much from them and showed Newt what you learned.

You walked inside the forest room, with a bucket with meat. As you fed them, Newt was staring at you. Paying close attention to your moves, trying to imagine where the thestrals could be. At the same time, he was staring at you with such tenderness. Tina noticed the way he was looking at you and immediately knew how he felt. Queenie’s mind reading skills weren’t necessary to see the humongous crush Newt had on you.

“Have you told her?” Tina broke the silence with a gentle whisper.

Newt flinched and looked away immediately. He scratched his head, trying to seem distracted and oblivious.

“You should tell her how you feel” Tina continued.

Newt felt his face blush a little and shook his head, looking at his feet. He shrugged and walked towards one a small tree with bowtruckles in them climbing the branches.

“No, no, no” He chuckled awkwardly. “I-I don’t think that would be appropriate” He muttered.

As they spoke, Queenie entered the case and walked towards Tina, as they both exchanged looks, and Queenie knew what was going on. She then looked at Newt, as he played with Picket in his fingers.

“Why not?” Tina asked “I’ve seen her, and I’m pretty sure she likes you too”

“It’s true” Queenie confirmed what her sister had just said.

Newt remained silent, deep in his thoughts. He didn’t want to tell them why, he felt ridiculous. He knew it was a silly reason, but he felt even sillier admitting it. Besides, he didn’t want to risk it. The two of them worked perfectly together, he didn’t want to ruin that.

“He feels too old for her…”

“Please don’t read my mind” Newt interrupted Queenie, raising his voice a little bit. “Please”

You heard Newt’s voice and looked towards him, wondering what could be going on. A Thestral bumped its head against your arm, You turned back around and petted him, trying to pay attention to what they were talking. They kept talking, however, you could hardly get anything from what they were saying.

“But Newt” Tina continued. “You look 25, she looks 21, I don’t see the problem…”

“I-I’m actually 27, and she just turned 22” Newt muttered.

“Honey, 5 years isn’t much of a difference” Queenie said sweetly. “And she doesn’t care”

Newt looked up at her, meeting her blue eyes, and then looking back at his feet again, he shrugged.

They remained silent, and you decided to go back with them. You couldn’t hear anything from what they said, but you decided to shrug it off. Tine and Queenie looked at you as you When you caught up with them, you stood next to Newt, as he shyly smiled at you.

“Well, I guess we should go home…” Tina said.

“Y-yeah, it’s getting late. I should probably buy tickets for the ship to England” Newt added quickly.

“No ship leaves this late, you’ll have to wait for tomorrow. You can stay in our place if you want to. You’ll have a bed where to sleep, a nice dinner, and hot cocoa” Tina said with a soft smile. “What do you think?”

Newt smiled warmly at Tina and bowed gently.

“That sounds delightful, thank you” he whispered. “Let me tell Y/N”

“Okay, we’ll wait for you outside” Tina said, as she and Queenie walked towards the stairs.

You were unable to hear anything from the conversation, and gave up. You remained petting the thestrals, as a little one was running in circles around your feet. Newt walked inside the room, but stayed at the entrance. He called your name softly, like a gentle purr from a cat.

“Yes, Newt?” You said turning around.

“We’ll have to spend the night here with the girls. But tomorrow we’re more going back to England. I was thinking of buying the tickets for the first ship tomorrow, and then arrive to Tina’s and Queen’s place to have dinner and get some rest…”

“Sure” you smiled at him.

It was a natural reflex for Newt to smile back at you with the biggest of smiles. His green eyes sparkled, and a light blush covered his cheeks. He walked out the room, and you followed him closely, as you two made your way outside the case. Newt told Tina he was going to buy the tickets and you were going to see them both in their apartment. The two girls nodded and wished you luck before they left towards their building.

* * *

Once back at the girls’ flat, and after dinner, you were staying in an improvised room with magic. Newt was staying in the same room he had stayed with Kowalski. You were reading one of the books Tina and Queen had, until a soft knock on the door distracted you. You grabbed your want next to your bed and waved it, opening the door.

Newt poked its head from the other side and asked if it was okay to come in.myou giggled and nodded, as he walked inside, closing the door behind him.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” He asked. You shook your head softly, and showed him the book you were reading. “Great. I don’t feel like sleeping just yet, but also I don’t feel like being alone, so I thought I could come here…” He said, looking down shyly, as his face turned slightly red.

“It’s okay, Newt” you assured him “I’m not feeling like sleeping either” you muttered, as he smiled at you, like saying thank you. “Newt, can I mask you something?” Newt nodded immediately. You always asked him if you could ask something, and newt found that incredibly cute. “Earlier, while I was feeding the thestrals, you were talking with Tina and Queen, I didn’t hear anything, except when you raised your voice all of a sudden…I mean, it’s none of my business, I just wanted to know if you were okay”

Newt looked at the floor, and took a deep breath.

“Yeah, I’m fine” he said, smiling at you.

You knew he was lying, and that he had lied so you wouldn’t worry about him. You sat on the bed and patted the bed softly, telling him to sit next to you.

“Are you sure, Newt?” You said, as he walked towards the bed, sitting next to you.

He sighed bitterly. He rested his elbows on his knees, and stared at the floor. He remained silent for several seconds. You were staring at him, knowing there was something in his mind, and he wanted to talk about it. He couldn’t bring himself to speak at first, and after a long silence, he sighed and looked at you.

“Can I ask you for a favour first?” Newt whispered, staring with his bright green eyes as you nodded. “Please don’t ask anything until I’m finished talking, and it’s not necessary for you to say something. If you want you can not talk about it, and that’ll be fine as well. And I want you to know that you’re free to chose whatever you’d like after I’m done…”

You chuckled lightly at what he said.

“Newt, you’re kinda scaring me. You sound like you’re about to fire me or whatever…I mean, I don’t precisely work for you, since we’re more like…partners in crime…” Your voice shook, as you slowly began to worry.

“What? No. No, no, no. I mean, no. I-I would never let you go…” He muttered, looking at you, and then blushed once rep he realised what he said. “Not unless you’d want to…”

“Newt, what’s wrong?” You said, brushing his cheek with your hand.

He grabbed your hand gently between his hands. He opened to mouth, but any sound came out of it. He took a deep breath, and looked down at your hands.

“Y/N” he began “I would never let you go, unless you wanted to. I-I’d never hold you back…But that’s not the point.” He shut his eyes closed, and continued talking. “Y/N, I really like you. A lot, actually.” You gawked, trying to assimilate everything in your head, however, he continued talking. “But I’ve always felt really stupid about it…and insecure” He sighed. “Earlier, Tina noticed the way I was looking at you, while you fed the thestrals, and immediately knew what was happening. Then Queen read my mind, and told me it was ridiculous for me to think that I felt too old for you…”

“Newt, you’re barely five years older than me…” You interrupted him softly.

Newt looked at the floor, without saying anything. You grabbed his face in your hands and stared into his eyes, as he stared at you ashamed. Without giving it much thought, you leaned forward, pressing your lips. He remained a few seconds motionless before he kissed you back. You two intertwined your lips awkwardly, trying to figure out how to move.

Your guts began feeling wobbly, and your stomach suddenly felt funny. You’d been into Newt after the first few months of travelling with him. He was so gentle and nice all the time, it was impossible for you to fall for him. And now, he’d finally told you he liked you back.

After several seconds, you  finally synched, and began to be pulled away from reality, and towards a heating passion. Newt brushed your cheek with his finger, and continued to trace a delicate line down your neck. He was kissing you with such tenderness, although he occasionally bit your lip. You played with his hair, and grabbed some of it in your grip, as you pulled him closer.

His hands held your waist lightly and pushed you gently over the bed. Once he was on top of you, you began to lose control of yourself. Feeling his weight on top of you made your skin shiver. His kiss was warm, passionate, full. You could no longer think, you were just acting.

He kneeled on the bed, and unbuttoned down his vest and shirt as he took them off. You kneeled on the bed in front of him and wrapped your arms around his shoulders as he kept kissing you. Newt placed his hands on your waist and moved them up your back, underneath your jumper. He then moved his hands to your shoulders and took off your jumper. You began unbuttoning your white shirt and took it off.

Newt began kissing your neck as his arms snaked around your waist, pulling you closer to him. His lips brushed your skin all the way to your shoulders. He went back to your lips and kept kissing them sweetly. He tightened his grip, squeezing you against him, as you felt his warm chest against yours. You suddenly became aware of his erection against your body, and felt turned on by it.

You placed your hands on his chest and moved them down to his hips. You then tried to undo his belt, but found it slightly hard. Newt helped you out, and took off his pant. You lied on the bed, as he crawled next to you and started leaving small kisses on your face, as he used one of his hands to trace delicate lines with his fingers on you belly, going down to your crotch.

He stopped kissing your face, but remained close.

“Can I…?” He asked, as you nodded, before leaned forward, kissing you, brushing his tongue against your lip teasingly.

His hand went under your underwear and skirt. You moaned softly, as you felt his warm touch on your clit. You bit him gently, as he sighed deeply. You felt his warm fingers caress you and without previous warning he fingered you, making you moan even louder. You tightened around his fingers, feeling your body grow warm.

Newt broke the kiss at once and pulled your skirt along with your panties and threw them on the floor. He then took of his underwear and crawled back on top of you. You blushed and stared into his eyes, as his sweet stare was melting you down.

“Stay with me” He whispered, “Y/N. Please, stay with me” He brushed your cheeks with his fingers as he spoke.

“I want to stay with you, Newt” You purred as he leaned forward and gently pressed his lips on yours for a few seconds.

“If it’s okay if I…”

“Please do” You interrupted him, as he smiled shyly and you noticed him blush.

“Y/N” He moaned as he slowly filled you in.

You groaned and clawed your fingers on his back, as he kissed your shoulder. He began moving his hips slowly, deeply. You wrapped your legs around his hips, and pulled him closer whenever he pushed his body closer to you.

“Newt” You inhaled sharply as he thrusted in.

“Y/N” He breathed to your ear. “You feel so tight”

As time went by, he began gaining speed and strength. And the sweet kisses were turning into passionate ones and occasional bites. You felt his arm muscles tighten as he held you close, going deeper inside you with every thrust. The silence of the night soon faded and your moans and groans filled the room.

He sat on the bed and pulled you on top of him, and snaked his arm around your waist, as he kissed your neck. This time you were moving your hips. You were moving slowly yet, pushing your hips strongly, as he groaned your name in a low voice, and tightening his grip on your skin. He gently bit your neck, containing his moan. He buried his face in the crook of your neck as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders.

As you felt yourself climax, and the warmth spread like wildfire all over your body, you tightened around Newt. Newt noticed you were cumming and pushed you to the bed, pinning your wrists against the bed as he thrusted faster and stronger than before as you screamed his name. You wrapped your legs around his waist quickly, still feeling your orgasm electrify every inch of your body.

Hearing your shaky voice call his name made him shiver and buried his face next to your head, as he kept thrusting before he came. He pushed one last time, deeper, as you felt his back muscles contract, and with your legs you pushed him even deeper, and hugged him tightly as he came inside of you.

The two of your were panting, as the room became silent again. Newt pulled out but remained on top of you, catching his breath. You brushed his shaggy hair softly.

“Newt” You called his name gently.

“Yeah Y/N?” He breathed heavily.

“Stay with me tonight” You muttered.

He looked at you, blushing heavily and leaned forward, kissing you softly.

“Of course” He purred.

witchverse story #1

Naima, Baba and the Secret Tree House

Naima was eleven the first time she made the biggest mistake anyone, as she had been told, could ever make. She left her home without a light.

She hadn’t done it on purpose, but she hadn’t turned around either, once she’d noticed. It was okay, right, as long as she stayed with her best friend? Baba had a light with her, and they always were together anyways. 

But as she tugged on her wide-rimmed hat, pulling it further down her forehead, her granny’s voice sounded relentlessly in her ear, so much Naima almost expected her to be standing right behind her if she turned. ‘Never be without a light,’ the voice said, as it always did. It was a greeting and a farewell on the Edge, the parts she called her home; it always had been. Even before she was born, even before her granny was born. For a child of eleven, anything that came before their own life seemed barely tangible or thinkable, let alone a life in which there were no grannies. 

Eleven was also an age where any child deemed themselves wiser than they were: they no longer believed everything they were told, they asked and doubted and noticed. And so Naima wasn’t at all convinced that it was really bad to be without a light. It was just something nobody ever did – but maybe they had never tried? Maybe it wasn’t so bad to be without a light. Any maybe, if only she’d finally get her own wand, she wouldn’t have to remember to take that stupid old lamp with her all the time!

Naima was stomping now, her lips puckered in defiance. 

They were all just scary stories, the kind that adults told children. She knew that with all the certainty of an eleven year old. (It was a lot of certainty, at least in that moment. The certainty of eleven year olds has the tendency to change by the second.)

“Naima,” came the exasperated voice of her best friend, “What are you just standing there for, come on! We don’t have all day! Remember the plan?”

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Okay so this took me a long time but I finally finished it! It started out as a doodle I did during schoolwork because I was inspired and excited for @cookies-hetaoni :,D I hope you guys like it!

(Below is a something I wrote that also inspired this picture.  I’m not a very good writer but I’m practicing! :P )

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From the Aorta to the Apex (3/??)

Title : From the Aorta to the Apex (3/ ??)

Author : Myself

Genre : AU, Fluff

Pairing : Mark x OC 

Summary : Bored surgeons and boring conferences lead to not so boring encounters.

AN : Don’t know how many parts yet :D



You went back to your office with a funny feeling, like you missed on something. You finally ended up having lunch alone because Jinyoung had to check on patients, and this Doctor Tuan had decided to stare at you from afar, like a creepy psychopath. It was funny yet uncomfortable, and after the shock from meeting him at her workplace, you realized he was actually part of the research team.

A knock on her door made you stop writing your last surgery report and the chief doctor popped his wrinkled head from behind the door, a big folder in his hands.

“Busy?” He whispered and you shook your head like a broken puppet. The man entered and put the folder on her desk, sighing. After a small toothy grin, he started speaking.

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certified-kindergartner  asked:

Imagine if Peri got poofed and ended up taking a pretty long while to reform because she was putting so much thought into how she came back with her official CG star and all that. Lapis is upset at not having her little ray of sunshine around the barn so when Peridot finally reforms she gets so excited to see her again that she just snatches her up in a hug and BAM! Fusion! Probably not gonna happen but the idea made me smile~

That’s absolutely adorable - I’d love it if something like that actually happened in the show :’)

Just Noctis and Prompto stuff

Noctis finally asking how Prompto lost all that weight.

Prompto: Oh you know, working out, eating healthy stuff like vegetables and-
Noctis: *puts his hand on Prompto’s shoulder and stares him dead serious in the eyes* Who hurt you? Who made you eat something horrible as vegetables??
Prompto: …I did??
Noctis: ….*leaves* We’re not friends anymore!!!
Prompto: ;;A;; But-But Noctis!!?? I did it for you!!

(if anyone uses this for something, credit would be awesome :D )

momtaku  asked:

I don't know if you've seen the discussion around Nanaba's final moments, but I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I’ve seen enough. 

I feel like I’m not even in my own body when I’m reading some people’s posts and comments. My stomach drops out and a wave of nausea crashes over me. My hands start shaking. I have to look at something else; I have to get up and walk away. I blocked a user for their comment on someone else’s post. One person’s addition to the discussion, a screenshot of something they saw somewhere else, made me gag.

It’s hard to focus on this because every time I think about what other people have said about Nanaba’s death, about what they feel it’s done for her character, I feel… I don’t know. My heart hurts. It aches. Not for the character: she’s not real. But for other reasons, I think–for what Nanaba as a character stands for and the messages the addition sends to those of us watching: none of them as positive and well-intentioned as I think people want to believe.

This is a character I have loved for a long time, and a character I have invested myself in. More than that, and without giving away my personal life, due to my upbringing I honestly and truly feel that I need to add to this discussion. But it’s hard to find the words. There’s so much to be said, and so many claims by others in this fandom I wish to address. And thinking about explaining why these claims are wrong just makes me feel clammy and cold and sick.

I cannot deny that when I saw that scene, when I watched it happen, when I heard Nanaba begging her father to stop hitting her and realization dawned on me, my stomach fell so fast and hard I got lightheaded. I’ve never in my life had such a reaction to a piece of media. I had to rewatch it three times to make sure I hadn’t imagined it because I didn’t quite feel like all of me was there. But the full scope of what I feel now was not brought about solely by that addition: the only thing I can blame for that is fandom’s thoughtless, ignorant reaction(s) to it.

anime-hp-trash  asked:

Can I getta drunk Levi? Please and thank you. (Ps. I really love your blog☺️)

aha thank you, I have seen your ask multiple times, but I always answer my asks in order of who asked first ;v;

“Eren! Eren help!” Armin screamed as he burst into Eren cell, causing the brunet to jump up as far from the bed as he could with the awful chains around his arms. 

He couldn`t even blink himself awake before Armin was unlocking them, which he was sure he wasn`t allowed to do, and was shoving him out of bed.

“Armin! What`s going on!?” Eren asked frantically, was it the MPs? Were they under attack? Had the walls been breached? Eren didn`t realize he was asking all those things out loud.

“No, it`s worse!” The blonde squeaked. “Levi`s drunk!”

Eren stopped in his tracks abruptly, no longer allowing Armin to drag him towards the mess hall. Was he fucking serious? It was the middle of the night, it was too late for this shit.

“Really Armin?” Eren asked flatly, letting his head tilt in a way that just screamed `sarcastic`.

“Eren, you don`t understa-”


Eren jerked around to face Hanji, except it wasn`t Hanji at all, it was Levi screaming at the top of his lungs and running towards him at full speed.

Wearing but his 3DMG straps and apron to cover his ass.

Before Eren could voice his well placed `what the actual fuck` Levi was jumping into his arms and giggling happily as he was forced to catch him. Bewildered, Eren shot a helpless look at Armin who sighed solemnly.

“Pixis gave him some of his best, and two glasses later he was stripping and singing some song called “Guren Ni Yumiya”.” Armin explained tiredly.

“I wanna fuck Eren.” Levi pipped up from his shoulder, like he`d just realized something amazing.

“Not right now, you`re crazy drunk and need sleep.” Eren chuckled, the hilarity of the situation finally sinking in. Levi nodded in understanding, looking resolved for all but three seconds.

“Okay, sex now.” He cheered, shoving a hand down the back of Eren`s shirt.

“No, Levi.” Eren said firmly.



“But I really like your dick.”

“I`m sure you do, but you can`t have it right now.”

Armin slowly made his escape as Eren carried Levi back to his quarters to sleep off his drunkenness, unfazed by Levi very loud whines for love making.