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Happy Stormblood everyone!

“But as a neglected blade grows dull with rust, so too do men forget their purpose. Amidst waning memories of the old ways, a determined few hold fast to their convictions, hands by katana grips, awaiting the moment for steel to sing.”

BTS - Reaction to You Crying After They Surprise You

Jin was his normal handsome and smiley self when you first walked into your shared apartment and saw him sitting on the couch. However, when you started sobbing after seeing him he rushed forward to comfort you.
“It is okay Jagi, I missed you too.” He said wrapping his arms around you while you cried into his chest.

When Yoongi texted you and asked you to make sure that he didn’t leave his favorite hoodie at the studio, you did not expect him to be standing outside. You saw his gummy smile as you pulled up and ran into his arms when you got out of the car. It had only been three weeks but you missed him so much. “Did I surprise you Jagi?” he said softly into your ear. You responded by nodding since you couldn’t say anything due to the fact that you broke out in tears.
“I love you Min Yoongi!” You mumbled.
He pulled back and kissed your forehead softly. “I love you too Y/N.”

When you woke up, the smell of food greeted your nose. That is odd. You walked out into the kitchen and saw Hobi standing over the stove. “Jagi!” You said excitedly and ran over to hug him as he was turning to respond to you. “Ta da!” He said wrapping his arms around you. “I had the chance to visit for a few days so I thought that I would make you breakfast in bed to wake you up, it looks like you beat me to it though.” You were so overwhelmed that you started crying “Hobi.. this is too sweet.” He giggled and tightened his hold on you as he stroked your head. “Don’t cry Y/N, we have to eat.”

You returned home from a long day of work earlier than usual. You planned on eating dinner by yourself and watching a few episodes of a drama before going to bed at a decent time. That all changed when you notice Namjoon’s shoes to the side of the front door. Excitement filled your chest as you looked around the house for him. You finally made your way to your bedroom and found him unpacking some things. “Joonie!” You exclaimed as you hugged him from behind. “I’m home for a bit baby,” he said moving so that he could hug you from the front. As you looked up to meet his eyes you noticed that you were crying. He wiped the tears from your cheeks as he kissed you softly. “Don’t cry Y/N,” he said as he pulled you into his chest. “I got you.”

It was the middle of the night when you were woken up by being spooned in Jimin’s arms. “Hi Jagi, do you mind?” You turned so you could face his smiling face. Still not fully awake you asked, “Are you really here? I’m not dreaming.” He gave you a sweet kiss and then said, “did that feel real.” As he noticed that you were crying he pulled you closer. “Awe Y/N, don’t cry. I’ll sing you back to sleep.”

You were sitting in your desk at work waiting for your coworker to bring you coffee from their daily coffee run. Someone placed a cup of coffee on your desk and you heard a familiar voice saying, “Delivery for a miss Y/L/N.” You immediately looked up and were greeted by your boyfriend Taehyung’s dorky smirk. “Tae! What are you doing here?” You exclaimed as you got up and hugged him tightly. “I got a few days off and I wanted to surprise my lovely Jagi at work and join her for lunch.” You tried to talk through the tears that were now streaming down your face. “I love you Taehyung.” He pulled your chin up so he could wipe the tears off your face. “Awe babe, I love me too.” You gave him a small punch and he pulled you closer as he laughed. “I just wanted to lighten the mood. I love you too. Now you need to stop crying and smile.”

As you walked into the little café that your best friend and you were supposed to grab lunch at you noticed she wasn’t there. Instead you saw your boyfriend Jeon Jungkook sitting at a table smiling at you. Him trying to be his ‘cool’ self nonchalantly waved, “Hey Jagi, funny seeing you here.” You just stood there looking at him as you began to get emotional. He noticed that you were crying and immediately stood up and beckoned you into his arms. “I’m sorry that I made you cry Y/N.” You let him hold you till you calmed down.

“Of course I’m doing it for you”

managed to make my first gif! of course it had to be the kiss

I announce that wonderful and precious gayamato made my lazy ass finally draw some proper kakayama (and it’s a gif this time!). So if you like this sad tiny Yam who doesn’t want Kakashi to leave go thank her :D

this was meant to be the carlton dance…
pretty sure it needs more than 4 frames to get the majesty of it right though.

mcm is upon us once again!! i’ll be there all 3 days with my sister ponymonster at table H18 in the comic village, with copies of hemlock 1-4, a couple of spare steven universe issues, some regular show originals maybe and my new hemlock minizine “ragdoll”! i’ll be posting about that in another post but there are some sneak previews on my instagram.

it’s a shame, ponymonster finally made some really cute new stuff but because it’s fanart she’s not gonna be able to sell it :/