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Yet another one of my Christmas themed blurbs, we finally made it to number three! This one is a little different, take it as what you will but it’s intended to be a (highly requested!!) part 2 to a break up blurb I did concerning Luke which you can find in my masterlist. I did want to keep in with that blurb and not turn around and ruin the heartbreak vibe so its neither here nor there buuut if you stay til the end you can decide if there’s possibility for a part 3. As usual, it’s super long so get comfy! And as always, you can find all my other writing here!

The cold air and dark sky entwined themselves in each other, cloaking your shivering figure like a blanket you really wanted to shake off as you awaited someone responding to the door bell you had just rang. You reckoned it may take a while given that you were outside the door and could still hear the sounds of merriment and joy from inside, arms laden with gift bags intended for the exact ones causing the racket.

Finally you heard the lock click, the door swinging back to reveal your best friend all decked out with a string of tinsel wrapped around her neck much like a scarf and a party hat that could only have come from a cracker sitting at an interesting angle on her head. “Merry Christmas!” You both cheered at the same time, stepping into the house to find yourself not only not encased in the warm air of a house full of revellers, but also in the comforting embrace of your friend’s arms.

“Come in, come in, we’ve all been waiting for you! Dinner will be ready any minute.” She smiled, taking some of the bags from you as you followed along behind her. You were grateful for her guidance, since getting married at the beginning of the year - a ceremony you were involved in - the newlyweds had saved every penny they could for a home, finally purchasing their dream house just in time for Christmas, the surroundings brand new to you except for what you’d seen from the pictures she’d sent you.

You found yourself again grateful for her leading you as you entered the living room. As far as people go, your best friend was a tiny little thing, but you’d have taken a shield of any size as your eyes scanned around the packed room. Familiar faces were everywhere, you exchanging excited waves and air kisses from your position in the doorway until your gaze fell upon one extra familiar face.

If you thought you were freezing as you had waited outside the door it was nothing compared to the crippling fear that had literally frozen you on the spot. As your friend kept moving throughout the room obliviously, you were left with nothing to hide behind, the situation forced upon you. Clearly it wasn’t the most comfortable encounter for Luke either given that he had raked his eyes across every available inch of the room for as long as possible upon hearing your voice at the door, finally running out of options and offering you a small nod and a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

It was the first time you’d seen him, physically, for months. The very last time you’d been with him hadn’t exactly been under the best of circumstances.

Your head had been pounding after slamming down shot glass after shot glass at the wedding, fully making use of the free bar to help numb the burning pain that was flowing freely throughout your veins at the horrific misjudgement of signals you’d made. But what was done was done and you’d have been even more of a dick to have delivered such a heavy blow only to stand him up. And so there you stood, hair still curled from the previous day’s events, but your face now void of the immaculate make up, body now no longer clad in a glamorous dress but leggings and an oversized jumper. Taking a deep breath you raised a shaking hand to press the buzzer to a home you used to have a key to.

The buzzer had barely sounded for more than a split second before the door clicked open. He’d been prepared. Logistically so, of course, he’d spent most of the night packing up everything he could think of that belonged to you, body rejecting even the mere idea of sleep and so resulting in him spending every moment since day had broken dressed and ready for his visitor, surrounded by boxes and suitcases.

Emotionally, however, he was far from ready. You could have given him weeks, months or years of notice and he doubted he’d be ready for you completely removing yourself from his life. Any time he hadn’t spent folding your clothes, or gently placing your cosmetics into ziplock bags was spent hunched over on the sofa, nausea sweeping through him in crashing waves, palms clammy and eyes brimming as he desperately tried to come to terms with what was happening.

And much like getting rest, he’d failed on that front as well.

There weren’t many stairs in your - his - building but you took them much like toddler would, one at a time as you frantically tried to gain yourself more time to mentally prepare. Simultaneously, and unbeknownst to the other, you both decided it was time to face the music. This was happening and it was time to deal with it head on. So you’d taken the last flight of stairs at a much quicker pace of two steps at a time and he’d peeled himself from where he’d been lying on the couch to open the door before you’d even had the chance to knock, both wanting this to be over and done with.

You took it upon yourself to offer the first attempt at communication, piping up with a small “hey” as soon as you reached the doorway. You figured he deserved as much since it was you that was calling time on the treasured time you’d spent together. You’d also hoped to evaporate some of the awkward atmosphere that was hanging in the air like a dense fog, but as he responded with a cold “hi” you sensed that it was here to stay.

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