finally it's in spanish

RICK! You gotta go back to work! You ain’t retired yet! 

97 more years!

Are you hype???

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mixed race katie holt, you say??? i'm here. hit me with these hcs. pls.


  • Pidge’s mom was actually born in Mexico and was one of the highest regarded pilots in the country. She’s a white-passing latinx, and the lightest one in her family whom she loves with all her heart. When offered an instructor position in the Garrison, she accepted in a heartbeat, and met her future husband Sam. 
  • Matt and Pidge don’t look alike. They get questioned all the time if they have different dads or if one of them is adopted, and sometimes they’ll really roll with it. 
  • Pidge has super thick, curly hair thanks to her abuela on her mom’s side. Also has the really dark leg hair and armpit hair and the thick eyebrows, and doesn’t always feel like shaving because it just grows back in a day or two anyway.
  • Pidge is fluent in Spanish. She learned on her own when she was twelve because her mom only really speaks it in the house. Matt on the other hand is a master of Spanglish. 
  • Their family visits Mexico every summer to meet up with their family. Everyone’s excited to see them, and Pidge is really happy to spend time with her family, but her cousins especially.
  • Every time someone tries to guess her ethnicity or she gets asked “what are you?”/”where are you really from” she loses two years of her life.
  • Basically most conversations Pidge has had with a white person can be summed up like this:
    • Pidge: I’m mixed.
      White: Haha, so like a mutt right?:)
      Pidge: [eye twitch]
    • White: Oh man, mixed babies are the cutest. I think I might marry an ethnic man just for how beautiful are mixed babies will be.
      Pidge: [stares into the camera like she’s in the office]
    • White: You can’t be part Mexican! Your name is Katie Holt! That’s not a Mexican sounding name.
  • The Latinx solidarity between Lance and Pidge on the Castle!!!
    • They gossip and talk to each other in Spanish like all the time. It’s nice because they have someone to converse with and keep their Spanish fresh. 
    • Pidge: [talking about her visits to Mexico] 
      Lance: [thinking about his visits to Cuba in contrast and laughs] Mexicanxs malcriadas.
      Pidge: [grinning] Callaté la boca, feo.
    • Lance teasing Pidge and calling her a gringa ‘cause she was born in the U.S. AND SHE GETS SO RILED UP UNTIL HE’S FORCED TO TAKE IT BACK LMAO
  • MIXED RACE KATIE HOLT (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


I think I need to remind myself that I literally have my entire life to study languages and I don’t need to be fluent in everything right now or worry about my growing list of languages that I want to study cause I do have time.

Never could I stand the awful in-game horses that Inquisition offered. Nothing was right about them and they were ugly and slow. 

So I fixed it. Have a periodically correct horse, with a built that would actually last in battle (and probably will go faster than a sloth). 

Line Rehearsal (LR: FFXIII)

Hope: We’ll be okay as long as he keeps thinking that. I really think you can pull this off.

Lightning: Maybe, maybe not. But I’ve still got to memorize the lines and the rest.

Hope: Don’t worry. Leave it to me. I’ll direct you through the moves, and feed you the lines.

Lightning: Heh, thanks. Lead on, puppet master.

Hope: Well, why don’t we rehearse a bit, at least? “To save the people of this world, I would give everything I am!”

Lightning: “To save the people of this world… I would give everything I am.”

Hope: I’m looking forward the display more and more. I think you’re gonna be great, Light. I really do!

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why do you want to play at our Stadium, it's disrespectful.. no way it'll happen

Barcelona and Bilbao need a stadium for at least 50,000 supporters. Since the Camp Nou and San Mamés are out, Bernabéu (Real Madrid) Mestalla (Valencia) and the Olympic Stadium in Sevilla are the remaining candidates.
The Olympic Stadium in Barcelona and Vicente Calderón (Atlético Madrid) are also eligible, but at the time of the final there are concerts in the 2 stadiums..

The Spanish Football Federation will next week make a decision about where the final will be played. It’s not up to you.  


After months of airing episodes here, the Spanish dub will finally make its official debut in Latin America tomorrow! Check your local listings.