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So many requests for happy Maria! So here’s sorta happy Maria!

No pain here!

Also, I’m not dead guys! It’s just my final semester in college and work is piling up. I can’t churn out posts as much as I want to. But I will post occasionally! Like this one!

At least check the date of when the last time I posted stuff before asking if the blog is dead. Hopefully it doesn’t die that soon! TwT;;

( Tʜᴇ Lᴀsᴛ Sᴛᴀɴᴅ ) Hᴇᴀᴅᴄᴀɴᴏɴ

Square could have made FFXV’s ending hit even harder than it did.

I was watching the final cutscene again because it struck me that it’s odd that the three chocobros should show up even briefly if they aren’t dead, and it got me thinking that Square could have pulled a Sailor Moon on the whole thing:

Imagine Noctis’ power, even bolstered by that of the old kings - by the strength his father’s blade - was just barely shy of what it would take to finish things. And then, just as his body’s breaking apart in its attempts to subdue the scourge, as it looks like for all he’s lost he’s come so far only to fail, each of his friends “appears” - Prompto, the hand on his sword-arm. Gladio, resting a meaty palm on one shoulder. Ignis, the last, steeling his grip upon the other to steady him. Lending Noctis the remainder of the strength they could have saved for themselves and the lives they might have lived.

Noctis acknowledging their sacrifices with strained voice, one by one: “Prompto.” “Glads.” “…Specs.” (A beautiful juxtaposition to how we are originally introduced to them - by how they save him in the Ifrit fight at the game’s beginning).

And they are the ones, ultimately - the friends who have stood by him, who stand by him still - who make all the difference.

I’m here for late-bloomer Kaiba suddenly discovering he apparently has a thing for confident guys who don’t give a fuck about his opinion, and now it means Atem, Yugi and Joey are all completely ruining his life.

prompt: shabrys officially declaring & actually
giving up on her crush / feelings for yoosk

Saturday things

We are racing to get our hours in to re-certify for the next two years so that we can hopefully adopt Margot. That meant 6 hours of class today.

Thank goodness my parents agreed to babysit the kids almost all day. I came home to a very flu-like Prince. Poor guy isn’t himself, but I so get to lay in bed and watch Aladdin, so it’s not bad.

Hopefully tomorrow we can clean up a buy around the house and FINALLY work on our taxes. 10/10 chance 1 or more/all of the kids are already claimed.

Tagged! Alphabet Facts

By @ kazliin   

A- Age- 25

B- Biggest Fear- loneliness ; betrayal ;

C- Current Time- 21:20 hs

D- Last Drink You Had- Coffee

E- Every Day Starts With- me ignoring my alarm 50% of time and me sneezing

F- Favorite Song- I love music in general!♥

G- Ghosts, Are They Real?- yep

H- Hometown- San Antionio de Padua

I- In Love With- romance

J- Jealous Of- shitty people unworthy of their success, big or small

K- Killed Someone- not that I know of

L- Last Time I Cried- I stress cry sometimes ow ò But last time I remember was after a nightmare like 2 weeks ago

M- Middle Name- Vanessa

N- Number Of Siblings- a brother

O- One Wish- To actually graduate. I feel like the final thesis + exposition of work will terminate me ;w;

P- Person You Called Or Texted- @dentos-wife aka bae is close to be my top speed dial

Q- Question You’re Always Asked- “Do you work for the pokemon anime art team?” Hah I wish

R- Reason To Smile- my bonds

S- Song Last Sang- Gokuraku Jodo - GARNiDELiA (it makes me think of mah sis @kyyhky)

T- Time You Woke Up- 10am today

U- Underwear Color- white

V- Vacation Destination- Italy

W- Worst Habit-  Procrastination maybe? Or like, just letting it be when I get sick? which sent me to hospital and almost killed me last time 8D

X- X-Rays Taken- I think I had some taken for my feet when I was little and then last one was for my teeth 

Y- Your Favorite Football Teams- River Plate cos EL DIA QUE ME MUERA~~ YO QUIERO MI CAJÓN ~~ PINTADO ROJO Y BLANCO ~~ COMO MI CORAZÓN~~ ♥♦♥

Z- Zodiac Sign-  Scorpio


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Stay beautiful!~♥

dragonvision  asked:

2,3,4,5,12 :3

2. Who is your favorite character to draw?
Currently its tweek tweak, i really enjoy drawing Wilson from Don’t starve as well though, his hair is fabulous~

3. What songs do you listen to when you do art?
I listen to a mix on pandora which consists of disney music, edgy memes from the 90s and Dubstep haha.

4. How often do you draw?
Every single day, i used to have a really hard time with it but now that i feel comfortable with my art style i make it a point to create at least one sketch in my sketchbook a night \o/

5. digital or traditional?
I like both, traditional is wonderful for sketching but i transfer over to digital to create my final products. my traditional works rarely make it past the sketch stage ;;;

12. Draw one of your favorite characters in 15 seconds?