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after a stupid long time, i’m finally able to post my rmit grad film, for fear of little men! this thing represents 8 months of delirious work surviving off pizza shapes and academic fear alongside my friends, please enjoy


Zombie Lance au?

Lance is a pizza delivery boy + tired college student who happens to snack on people, and Keith managed to stumble upon him having dinner once (nice first impression amiright). Before Keith could really realize what was happening, Lance bolted, leaving him wondering about it until his pizza boy shows up at his front door like a week later.

yea it’s klance

Results of last night’s stream, and one of several title pages for the DOFP PDF! These will include text later!

I dunno if I will post all of the finished textless pages here or not, but at least wanted to give an idea of how they’ll look!


it’s been a while, but he’s back

[my other kana stuff]

✧ ・゚ : * mayor Lorna ref *:・゚✧


🌿 witch hat

🌿 hiking boots

🌿 grey stockings

🌿 tan sweater and black pullover dress (qr code)

🦄 unicorn horn*

🌿 knee-length white hair*

🦄 long, droopy unicorn ears*

🌿 sad doe eyes*

*not in game


🍄 a unicorn forest spirit

🍄 has a strict moral compass, very principled

🍄 is pretty condescending bc she’s a forest spirit and definitely thinks she knows better than you

🍄 eager to aid anyone in need, which is how she wound up as mayor

🍄 super reluctant to actually fulfill any of her duties as mayor. she finds them tedious and boring so Isabelle winds up doing most of the real work lol

🍄 takes comfort in communing with the nature around her, and spends the majority of her time running her flower shop, tending her strawberry fields, collecting mushrooms, and helping the spirits lost in the forest move on into the afterlife

🍄 because her hair is so long it’s often tangled and full of twigs and leaves

🍄 some of the villagers are convinced that she has magical powers but nobody has been able to prove that yet

🍄 cannot cry but always looks like she’s about to


Hey, this is probably all old news but since I was internet-less for a few months they’re news to me so I figured I’d share them. There are three new SU books coming out that I didn’t know of before. They are:

Make Art! (On Purpose) (June 13th, 2017)
Anti-Gravity (July 25th, 2017)
Lion, Mane of Mystery (September 26, 2017)

samwellhaus  asked:

If you're still doing the fic title ask, can I have "Your Hair Was Long When We First Met"

send me a title and i’ll write a ficlet for it

Your Hair Was Long When We First Met

It’s another regular Sunday morning - one of those where they like to take their time to get out of bed, and once they do they want to make sure they have a strong coffee on the way. Victor is sipping from his mug, quietly admiring his fiancé’s profile illuminated by the morning light, his tousled hair sticking up in a funny way, so distracted by his natural beauty he doesn’t even register that Yuuri is looking right back at him, smiling softly, probably thinking the same things.

“Vitya,” Yuuri says softly. “Do you remember the first time we met?”

Victor wants to say he does - “Of course, baby! How could I forget?” - but he has a feeling that the first time he remembers is not the same first time Yuuri is talking about, and he really wants to hear the story from Yuuri’s point of view. He takes a long sip, savoring the taste of coffee in his mouth as he scratches Makkachin’s head gently.

“Care to refresh my memory?” 

Yuuri, being the sweetheart he is, smiles and stirs on his seat. It’s adorable - almost like he’s counting on Victor’s negative to tell him the story, and Victor is all ears for him. 

“Well, I’m… actually not sure if it counts since it was more of a one-sided thing,” he pauses, pouting at the broken cookie he withdraws from his mug. “Oh.”

Victor gives him his cookie, getting up to fetch a spoon. “Go on, I’d love to hear that.”

Yuuri fits the rest of the cookie in his mouth (not surprising) and takes a sip from his coffee, greedy, and there’s something so adorably intimate in that scene that Victor catches himself smiling at him. Yuuri blushes, chewing on his cookie as Victor hands him the spoon. 

“I was fifteen,” he starts as Victor takes his seat and scoots closer, eager to listen. “You came to Nagoya for one of those ice shows - Fantasy, I think that was it? - and I’d not shut up about it. I really wanted to go see you, and it wasn’t even like my parents wouldn’t let me go, but I’d bring it up at every opportunity and I think I almost drove Mari crazy with it,” Yuuri laughs at the memory. Victor rests a hand on his thigh, listening carefully. “I was so eager for it that I didn’t even want to consider missing that chance.”

“So you went to Nagoya,” Victor guesses with a smile.

“Yeah! I had some money saved from a local competition prize and Mom agreed to go with me. I bought the tickets the first day they started selling, we managed to get a really good seat and from that moment on I could barely sleep just thinking I’d get to see you up close when skating.” 

Yuuri’s eyes light up as he says that, like he’s still that kid, and Victor’s heart swells. He loves his - how comfortable Yuuri’s grown with him to the point he doesn’t blush about confessing what a huge fanboy he’s always been. If anything, it makes Victor blush, thinking he’s not worthy of so much love.

“When the Big Day arrives I can barely sit still. I wake up at 6am and start preparing my bag - we’re not even sleeping over, mind you, but for some reason I want to bring a bag with me - and I’m ready to leave by 9am when I start camping by the door… Anyway,” Yuuri waves his hand and laughs. “We go to Nagoya maybe like two hours earlier than necessary and time just seems to drag until the gates open and we are allowed inside. I know we are not supposed to throw things on the ice after performances since it’s an exhibition, but the staff asks if we have something to gift the skaters and I’m so excited to show them my crocheted poodle that I made for you,” at this point, Yuuri blushes a little, touching his cheeks and chuckling. “They promise me it’ll be delivered to your dressing room with the small letter I wrote and we’re invited to take our seats…”

Victor smiles. It’s hard to remember all gifts he’s received throughout his skating career - mostly poodle plushies, granted, but Yakov wouldn’t let him keep all of them - but he always made sure to keep letters from his fans. He makes a mental note to show Yuuri his letter-box and look for his letters together. 

“Nagoya…” Victor hums, his thumb drawing circles on Yuuri’s thigh. “How old was I then? 19? I don’t remember much about it…”

Yuuri’s eyes light up, taking Victor’s hand in his. “Are you serious? It was one of the most gorgeous exhibitions I’ve ever seen in my entire life! You skated to Arwen’s song, and I have no idea how I managed to see through all my tears - but I did, I can still remember the routine if I close my eyes and think of the melody. It was magic, angelic - you looked so ethereal in your silver and lilac outfit, gliding on the ice, the skirt fluttering behind you, your hair half-braided and flowing like moonlight on a river…” 

Yuuri’s voice trembled, and Victor noticed the tears welling in his eyes as he took a deep breath. He felt a knot in his throat - he remembered the exhibition now, remembered exactly how it felt, but he’d never have guessed how deep it had touched spectators. Gently, Victor brought his hand to his lips, placing a soft kiss on the back of Yuuri’s hand as his fiancé wiped a tear. 

Victor can’t believe how lucky he is.

“It was so beautiful,” Yuuri sniffs, smiling at him as if he can’t quite believe that years after that, Victor there with him - holding his hand, living together, and that he’s telling him the story of how he fell in love once again with him, and if anyone had told him this was what the future was holding for him Yuuri wouldn’t have believed them. 

“I’d never have guessed that the love of my life was out there watching it when I was skating to that routine,” Victor smiles, and he’s not sure if it’s a tear rolling down or if it’s Yuuri’s thumb gently brushing on his cheek. 

Yuuri smiles. 

“I bought the show’s DVD but I start crying every time I hear the first notes of that song,” he chuckles, scooting closer to Victor, seeking to feel more of him and remember how real this is. “Even before that, it was like I was falling in love every time I saw you skate.”

Victor envelops him with an embrace, his fingers threading through Yuuri’s hair as it has become their habit. He can’t bring himself to speak at that moment, but he knows exactly what Yuuri means - the constant falling in love at the smallest details, waking up to remember how blessed he is to have him as fiancé, a man who gets emotional about an encounter that happened years ago, who treasures those memories as preciously as the ones they’ve made together.

Victor feels like he’s the luckiest man in the world. He wants Yuuri to know how much he appreciates him. 

Transiting Venus in Libra
October 14, 2017 - November 7, 2017

Aphrodite is at home when Venus is in Libra and she activates the lover in everybody. We approach our social life, relationship, and matters of romance like we are consuming sugar, and there is a real desire to luxuriate in our natural pleasures. Also, the actual consumption of sugar can increase, because Venus is the ruler of confectionery, sugar, and sweet treats. This is a good time for appreciating the quality of relationships in our life, be it with friends, lovers, or family members. The energy of Libra is all about connection, harmony, and unity. If you have been feeling disconnected or isolated, Aphrodite responds with her appetite for togetherness, and she encourages us to re-establish and maintain contact with other people. She exhales the breath of tranquility, so it’s possible to resolve conflicts and disagreements. Venus also rules over financial matters, and she is prone to excess in her own sign. It means that we can become less concerned with financial responsibility and spend more money on personal luxuries like new clothes, make up, dining out, alcohol, caramel mochas, home decore, and social events. The relationship sector is the whipped cream of life with Venus in Libra. It’s a time for spending weekends cozying up to loved ones watching Netflix, cooking with lovers, getting a new hairstyle and feeling your most beautiful, and enjoying the traditions of dating and old fashioned romance. Transiting Venus in Libra offers many different experiences, pleasures, and creative inspiration for different people. The qualities of Venus operate where she is placed in your personal horoscope. 

It’s important that you check your own transit chart for validation, because some people have signs close to the house cusp which can move it into the following house, or have Venus making significant aspects to outer natal planets

Aries rising or transiting Venus in the 7th house: Venus in Libra may be quintessentially social, but her condition in the 7th house also generates the need for self reflection and quiet appreciation. The sense of belonging is especially emphasised, and through the Venus mirror, loved ones reveal their finest qualities. The relationship stage is especially under the spotlight here, but it’s also about acknowledging and appreciating their own beauty, it’s a time for falling in love with themselves. All matters of business partnership present opportunity for wealth development. 

Taurus rising or Venus transiting the 6th house: Work and maintaining the responsibilities of daily life become easier and harmonic. It’s possible to develop closer relationships with colleagues and find work especially enjoyable, especially for the social aspect. The energy for sacrifice is great, the person can burn themselves out trying to be all things to all people. Health matters come into focus, the individual can make or break their diet or health regime. It may be very difficult to resist sugar and lollies, the person can experience sugar highs and lows and extreme changes in mood. It can also emphasise health anxieties. Looking after themselves helps them feel better about themselves

Gemini rising: or Venus transiting the 5th house Personal amusement and pleasures becomes an insatiable urge, the individual may spend a lot of time cooking, eating out, spending money, having sex, and possibly think about children. There may be an opportunity for developing romance and satisfying romantic and sexual fantasies. Venus is comfortable here, maybe a little bit too comfortable. Her sultry side and seductive side is the star of the show. The ego celebrates its existence through creativity 

Cancer rising or Venus in the 4th house: Home is a safe place where they return to a place of belonging. The appreciation for family members, especially the mother and sisters becomes especially enhanced, it’s a time when their mum can become their best friend. Family and domestic disputes can be resolved, because Aphrodite is so rattled by resentful energy. Instead of going out, the individual loves more than ever to be surrounded by friends and family in the home under the blankets and sharing stories between movies. The individual may spend a lot of money on the home decorating or re-designing  

Leo rising or Venus in the 3rd house:  The communication is decorated in cupcake ice, so the verbal delivery can be more beautiful, harmonising, and attractive than ever. The sensory environment becomes exquisitely provocative, so the individual can be more responsive than ever to music, meaningful conversation, literature, or conflict. Social contact is important and the individual can be more talkative and engaged with friends. The person may spend quality time with siblings or resolve conflict between them. There may be nothing more pleasurable than spending the afternoon reading a book, magazine, or a blog 

Virgo rising or Venus transiting the 2nd house: The sensory appreciation is enhanced here and there can be an increased urgency for affection, the protection of loved ones, and having somebody to provide for. It’s possible that the individual will spend a lot of money on their dependants and investments. Creative material can generate capital, and all matters of business partnership present opportunity for wealth development. It’s possible that the income will stabilise if it has been unreliable 

Libra rising or Venus transiting the 1st house: After surrendering to loneliness and exile, social contact is emphasised and relationships validate their existence. The individual wants to be seen with their lover, somebody they are proud to be a part of. A beautiful appearance is in the mirror’s eye, the person can be more mindful on presenting a polished image and experimenting with personal style. If the individual is not in a relationship, Venus here can conduct a bee-to-honey performance where romantic interests emerge from their hiding place

Scorpio rising or Venus transiting the 12th house: Pleasures can be consumed in excess, alone, away from the eyes of company. This makes it possible for the individual to lose sight of how far they have gone. This could be any personal indulgence like eating, substance use, pursuing forbidden romance, or gambling. Venus is social, but here she is quiet, inactive, and dreamy. The streaks of melancholy can generate inspirational creativity. Old lovers can come out of the woodwork. If the person is in a relationship, the partner may become unwell or need to be looked after. Much of this time is likely spent alone with the partner, napping together. Personal income may become uncertain 

Sagittarius rising or transiting Venus in the 11th house: Friends are the sweet sugar of life and there is no better time to appreciate the good qualities they bring to your life. The social calendar can be especially active right now. The individual may desire to join a group, charity, or an organisation. It’s possible that friendships or relationships can develop online, and the individual may enjoy sharing spiritual knowledge, astrology, or political revelations with friends or online circles. The personal style can become experimental

Capricorn rising or transiting Venus in the 10th house: Expect a warm response from the public. You are more socially radiant and desirable than ever. But do they see the real you? or are they blinded by the image they have and want of you? It’s important to decipher this possibility. You can charm yourself into that promotion you desire or impress superiors with your personal qualities. Venus here may also resolve conflict with parents or offer reward for all the hard work, maybe the individual finally has enough money to buy that object of material desire. 

Aquarius rising or transiting Venus in the 9th house: You can enjoy yourself again without excess guilt or compulsive self destruction. The individual may think about traveling or even book a trip overseas. Long distance relationships can begin. Also the love of learning and matters of the spirit are enhanced, it means that playing with astrology can be really fun. If you study tertiary education, you may be more interested in the social events, parties, and being with your university friends than going to the lectures. This also means that group work assignments are easier, for once. Personal comment, I think we all know group assignments are the worst lol. Ok back to focusing. It’s also a good time for accessing the help you need from academics or expert advice from any professional like doctors or psychiatrists. 

Pisces rising or transiting Venus in the 8th house: Deep desires and romantic longings reveal themselves as sexual desires, so the person can be drawn to close and intimate experiences. This isn’t really a comfortable place for Venus. It can activate her dark desires or obsessions. The course of current relationships will grow deeper and more intense, it’s time to the plunge and expose the parts of themselves they have feared to reveal before lovers. There can be physical urges and sensations without causation, powerful attractions to forbidden, complex, and mesmerising people. The person can be more secretive than usual. 


[art: Mab Graves]


on the day that I become so forgetful that all of this melts away/I will burn all the calendars that counted the years down to such a worthless day

Okay, but can we talk about Gamora and Nebula? How Nebula was just a little girl who wanted a sister and Gamora was just a little girl who wanted to survive, and how Thanos pit them against each other to increase his control of them. But now they both grow and no more under his control. Now, they finally worked out some issues, exposed some hard, ugly true. And maybe the past can’t be erased, but they gonna work together now and maybe, just maybe, they gonna become the sisters that they are meant to be. 

Spoiler for Vindicators 3 below:

OK, the rocket ride was SO Morty themed!! Super heroes, yeah, that could work for NoobNoob as easily as Morty. But the medieval guards? Morty likes fantasy settings (Meeseeks and Destroy). The little rocketship cart? Morty’s room is decked out in science decor! Plus, the childlike nature of the rocketship works with Morty being not just A child, but Rick’s (grand)child.

There was also Greek mythology with Perseus and Medusa, and though I don’t think Morty has shown any canon interest in that, neither did NoobNoob. Which one has Rick known long enough to have acquired an off-camera knowledge of such an interest if it did exist though? Yeah, not NoobNoob.

Maybe that final platform woulda worked for anyone cuz Rick was blackout drunk when he made it. Maybe Morty was close enough to NoobNoob’s size that it worked. But what I think is, Rick did make that stuff for Morty. And it was only partway into that final video, when he started crying, that he got confused and started talking about NoobNoob. Hell, even then he complains about Morty liking the Vindicators so much.

The ride was absolutely for Morty.