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Shadowhunters 2x13 ‘Those of Demon Blood’: favorite & iconic lines

bonus (because they’re cute and we can all relate to dot tbh):

i love how in the hello lover scene laurent is trying to be petty throwing damen’s words from when they were having sex back in his face and i’m just reading like my dude!!! my son!!! you literally remember everything he said, you’ve memorized every word both in akielon and veretian, you’ve probably replayed them in your head a hundred times not quite believing that damen would say such things about you or that he would feel this way,,,,,, SIT TF DOWN LAURENT YOU’RE NOT SUBTLE!!!!

  • You: Yurio has too much screen time
  • Me, an intellectual: Yurio is the third core character of the series, shown both by his inclusion in the opening credits and by the fact that he and Yuri share the same name in a thematic break from the One Steve Limit, because they are both Yuris On Ice

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Sfw angst with chocobros having a crush on Ravus' s/o? (break my heart)

YES!!! I am loving this! *secretly crying* Why must I hurt the things I love!



“Hello Noctis.”

Noctis turned away from the balcony edge he was, looking to the night sky of Tarabene, he already knew who it was, but still he wanted to see you. You looked absolutely beautiful in the white dress.  Not that it wasn’t uncommon to find you in white now, as you were now Tarabene upper elite. “Hi Y/N.”

Noctis smiled, as you moved forward, pressing a kiss to each of his cheeks, before cupping them. You were much older than himself, about by 7 years but still that didn’t stop his heart from fluttering every time he saw you. Ever since he was a child, he’d remember seeing you at social elite gatherings, you were also so kind to him, multiple times offering him the chance to sit with you, or moving to sit with him.

He recalled multiple times at different parties, where he was younger that you would eat most of his veggies and then split your dessert with him. Pressing a finger to your lips to stating that it was a secret, than requesting a dance later on the floor, despite him having two left feet until just  a few years ago, where he was determined to show you that he was a good dancer  now.

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How the fuck did I not know Disney was making a $100 million adapatation of A Wrinkle In Time where Gugu Mbatha-Raw is Mrs. Murry and the Murry family is biracial and played by talented black kids. 

Like how did I not know that in a year there were big a big budget female-led scifi movie of one of my favourite books as a kid, and bonus: they’ve made it black. 

I feel like I should have psychically picked up on this the moment if happened. 

“Cana can’t be a lesbian because she canonically had a crush on Macao!!” Is the weakest argument though because I’m a lesbian and I had crushes on men until I was 16… it’s called compulsive heteronormativity, Deborah.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I do think Cana is bisexual and I’m not trying to erase that, but gay people have enough issues with compulsive heteronormativity without having to hear that having feelings for the opposite gender at some point in their life invalidates their identity now, is all.

since i’m posting doodles i may as well post these too

Things I go into the Prompto tag to find: To find cute art and pictures of my favorite character

Things I find in the Prompto tag: People bitching about Episode Prompto because Aranea is in it and they assume this means Square is putting in a “forced het ship” in the DLC.