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im a serious sora blog guys i swear

Please reblog if you’re interested in writing with an indie Sora! Crossover friendly, multiverse, with a delightful balance of angst, fluff, crack and comedy.

Mighty need for DISNEY && FINAL FANTASY characters to interact with!

I need someone to go shopping for more business professional clothes for me. I have the money, just not the drive or fortitude to shop. I hate shopping. I’ll probably end up driving to a mall, sitting in my car having mild anxiety issues, using this anxiety as a weapon against my self esteem until I’m weeping in my car, finally shoring up my interacting with people defenses, walking in to the mall and in to an Ann Taylor or some other store that sells business clothes, trying to look at clothes but getting bored, once again attacking myself for not even having the attention span to shop for something I need for work, get sad, decide I’m feeling bloated, get even more sad, decide fuck this, stop shopping, go home. All of that wasted emotional energy and no clothes.


Noct’s interaction with animals is what i live for (´▽`ʃƪ)

tygermama  asked:

I just want a horror movie where the person being terrorized snaps and decides fuck it and goes after the bad guys with gruesome results and evil cackling


  • Hush: A serial killer targets a deaf woman in her home only to have her own his ass.
  • You’re Next: A group of masked killers descend on a family dinner only one of the guests is an aussie expat who grew up on a survivalist commune.
  • No One Lives: A bunch of two-bit criminals accidentally kidnap a serial killer. This goes about as well as expected for them.
  • Gone: Police don’t believe a girl when she says her kidnapper is back and behind the disappearance of her sister so she takes things into her own hands.

PS: don’t bother with Julia X or The Final Girl - they’re both shiiiiiiitttttt.


K: So if I bully you daily, will you look like that?
Y: I take back everything I said before. You’re absolute garbage.

(part 1 here)


Mark Lee thanking to his EXO sunbaes after his English speech ♥