finally in my dash

OK look I know the game has its flaws. I know a lot of you were expecting so much more of the story and didn’t get. Or at least hoping for more appearances of certain characters.

I’m also sad some things weren’t shown in the game.

But compared to what we got?????? All that stuff?????????????? I think I can forgive what wasn’t there. And this is only about the main story. The game is so much more than this, you guys should know this.

You can see how much effort was put in the game, how much love. A good video game for me is not only a good story. A good video game has a soundtrack that can make you understand what the characters are going through and what the situation means, characters that can make you love them as much as a real person, scenery that leaves you breathless and a story that keeps on your memory for a long time. A good video game gives you a real world with emotions and memories. And, in my opinion, this game has all of the best we could ever get.

You guys are only thinking about we didn’t get and forgetting about the wonderful stuff we got.


It’s time to post weird shit again 

I couldn’t help myself and I HAD TO made this! It’s a little thing inspired by this post

I wanted to give it a feeling that a non-proffesional interviewer wants to ask Victor and Yuuri a very personal question.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m starting to be more and more addicted to this ship. Help me. Please. 

I hope you like it! 


for the final day of februpony i wanted to do something a little different 

AU where the mane 6 are a bunch of MLP G1 fans who all meet online and create pony-sonas to RP with

i wanted to draw their “IRL” counterparts but with my wrist not fully healed it’ll have to wait, until then i rly wanted to post this haha

thank you to @horse-stamp-hooligans (rainbowdash) and @generalbubbyphotography (applejack) for letting me use your photos for some of these!
(pls check out their blogs they are both amazing!) 

and for bonus fun @equestriarp is a real place c;
themes used (x) (x)

I actually felt like inking the last few days which was nuts so I tried to finally dash this off before my willpower evaporated–willpower evaporated before I got to his bow (why is Hanzo’s bow so freakin detailed?? gd…), so he got a sword instead because I can’t let this picture haunt me anymore hahaha

Anyway, I guess this is R!Hanzo’s basic look? At the moment?