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So, I’m going to cosplay as Ignis! I’ve started his cosplay, I still need add and paint a lot of stuff still, also need to style my wig and get glasses but I am so pleased with this so far <3

 // also I’m not wearing any make up because my skin is super bad atm so I’m giving it a break //


”Rewatching random anime series” : Danmachi

My most favourite scene in Danmachi (●♡∀♡)


i guess you could say that she has a Marvel-ous booty hehe *ahem*
i’d like to take a moment and thank fool’s gold and it’s creators for introducing me to longboader!Danny 

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Free form prompt: stute adopting their first kid?

               “Right this way, Mr. Pines,” the helpful woman said, leading Stan and Lute down a corridor.  The walls were covered with various drawings, clearly done by the children living there. “I think it’s so incredibly kind of you to adopt one of our older kids,” the woman said.  “Particularly in your…situation.”  Stan and Lute shared a look.  

               “Do ya get many couples like us, who adopt kidlets?” Lute asked.  The woman nodded.

               “A fair amount, since we’re one of the few orphanages that allows it. Ah, here we are.”  She knocked on a wooden door with the number 53 on it. “Roy?  May we come in?”

               “…Yeah,” a voice said after a moment.  The woman opened the door.  Sitting on a bed next to a packed duffle bag, idly swinging his legs, was a boy.  The information from his file ran through Lute’s head.

               Roy Martinez.  Ten years old, birthday is January 6.  He’s tall fer his age, likes drawin’ and baseball, and wants to be an architect someday.  Both he and Stan had spoken to him on the phone and seen his picture, but this was something else.  Lute squeezed Stan’s hand.  We’re really goin’ to be parents.

               “Roy, these are the men who adopted you,” the woman said, gesturing to Lute and Stan.  Roy looked at them, quizzical.  “I’ll let you three have a few minutes to chat.  Stop by the front desk before you leave.”

               “Thank you, ma’am,” Lute said.  The woman waved a hand and left, closing the door gently behind her.  

               “You look different than I thought you would,” Roy said bluntly.  He blew a strand of black hair out of his face.

               “How so?” Lute asked.  Roy shrugged.

               “When I heard it was two guys adopting me, I dunno, I thought you’d be…y’know.”

               “Yes, we ain’t exactly the stereotype,” Lute said.  “May we sit down?  Feels a bit strange to be hoverin’ over here.”

               “Yeah, go ahead,” Roy said.  “They brought in two chairs for a reason.”  Lute and Stan took a seat across from Roy.  “So where am I gonna live?”

               “Gravity Falls,” Stan answered.  “It’s in Oregon.”  Roy nodded.

               “You guys’ file said you had the same last name.”

               “I took Stan’s,” Lute said.

               “Do I need to?”

               “Only if ya want,” Stan said.  Roy looked down at his feet, clearly thinking.  “We won’t care either way.  I get wantin’ to leave behind your old life, but I also get wantin’ to hold onto it a bit.”  Roy looked up again, a perplexed expression on his face.  “I got kicked outta my house when I was a teen,” Stan said, answering the unasked question.


               “Stan knows some of what ya might be goin’ through,” Lute said.  “That’s why we asked to be set up with ya.”  Stan nodded.

               “It’s always nice to have a family member who you can relate to.”

               “Speaking of family,” Roy said slowly, “once you guys sign the rest of the papers, what sorta family are we talking about?”

               “A big one,” Stan said, getting his wallet out.  He began to thumb through it.  Each time he found a picture he was looking for, he handed it to Roy.

               “I’ve got five siblin’s, so you’ll have plenty of aunts and uncles,” Lute said. “In Gravity Falls alone, you’ve got four.”

               “Really?” Roy asked.

               “Yep.  There’s Fidds ‘n Ford, ‘n Angie and her husband.”

               “Why do you never call him by his name?” Stan muttered.  Lute ignored him.

               “You’ve also got a few cousins in Gravity Falls.  And plenty in Arkansas.”

               “Arkansas?  That’s where you’re from?” Roy asked, peering at a photo of Lute and his siblings.

               “Me, yes.  Stan’s from New Jersey.”

               “That’s cool,” Roy said.  He set down the last of the pictures.  

               “Do ya have any other questions fer us?” Lute asked.  Roy shook his head.

               “Nothing that can’t be asked in the car.”  Lute and Stan beamed at each other.

               “All right then, Roy, let’s go home,” Stan said, picking up Roy’s duffle bag.

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