finally i'm able to watch this show

Me Watching the last couple of minutes of the Penn Zero Series Finale
  • Me before seeing Penn ans Saishi kiss: You know, while the show was short, it was still fun and I'm glad that the staff was able to resolve all the lingering plot threads. Heck, I would be perfectly fine if Penn and Sashi didn't hook up.
  • *See's Penn and Sashi kiss*
  • Me: OMG! THE SHIP IS CANNON! I REPEAT, THE SHIP IS CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • *Proceeds to run around the house screaming like a fangirl as I dance happily*

ok so apparently my tinashe/ariana grande mashup (2 into you) played during the VMAs like 40 minutes in during a commercial break when they showed the audience cams and i missed it

if anyone is recording/is able to rewind from where they are, lord jesus please find this clip and i’ll love you forever LOL

they MIGHT show it again during the reairing right after but if they go over time, they’ll probably cut audience cam footage before anything else

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Sometimes there's a vibe where I feel like they were trying to set up Yang as the somewhat more Experienced and flirty one in the show and then I remember she has not flirted with anyone but Blake and has shown exactly zero (0) interest in anyone since she's met her and I'm just-

I was gonna make another shitty gif for this, but I have to study for a final so.

But watching Yang’s facial expressions change when she first sees Blake is fascinating. Wait, I can do it with screenshots, that’s a lot faster.

So before they notice Blake, Yang’s smiling sweetly at Ruby after reassuring her that she’ll be able to make friends.

Then after Blake lights her candles and they start to look over at her, Yang’s making this neutral expression.

And once she sees Blake, but before Ruby mentions kind of knowing Blake, she starts smiling again. And it’s like. Yang, why are you smiling at this random girl who isn’t even looking at you?

It’s also a more “smirky” smile than when she’s smiling at Ruby (although that could be because of the angles), so it looks kind of like she’s being like “Hey, pretty lady.”

The self-indulgent part of me is like, this is when Yang realized she’s into girls and she was like “Sweet, more people to potentially date.” Then she got to know Blake and was like “This girl is the only person I want to date.”

There’s also that huge smirk she gets when Ruby says Blake saw what happened with Weiss earlier, but that could either be “Thank you for giving me an excuse to talk to the cute girl, little sis” or “Sweet, a friend for Ruby!”

I’m gonna choose to believe it’s a combination of both

When you’re finally able to settle down to relax and watch a show and someone comes in...

i get the new taz arc starting and the finale of critical role both happening on my birthday, which is fucking fantastic, really wish i could be excited and enjoy them without feeling guilty


A few days ago beingdeadair messaged about this movie: It’s a bollywood movie coming in jan or feb about a woman w/ cerebral palsy who falls in love with a female activist and the trailer shown in the theatre shows tHEM KISSING and sdfghj im very excited about this!

GUYS! There’s a way for international fans to support Eywitness!

Here’s a link to a twitter post about how you, as a international fan, can buy season 1 of Eyewitness on Amazon!! I just tried it and it totally works so please, if you can, please support the show by following the steps!

I’ll just copy all the steps to here so you don’t have to click the link:

* Go on (the USA website)
* Create an account and register your credit card to your account (it can be a credit card from anywhere in the world)
* Go to the gift card section ‘Gift Cards & Registry’
* Click to send an eGift Card
* Buy yourself (send it to your own email address) a gift card of whatever amount of money you’re gonna need to purchase an episode or the whole season of Eyewitness
* It might take a little while, but you’re gonna recieve the gift card by email
* Go on your Amazon account in the section to redeem a gift card
* Enter the claim code of the gift card so that you can use the money on it with your account
* Go in the payment/credit card section of your account and delete your credit card info (IMPORTANT)
* Now you can go and purchase Eyewitness and it’s gonna automatically use the gift card money to pay for it
* Watch and enjoy!
* With this method, you will only be able to watch the show on amazon.comon a computer

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Can I ask what evidence is there for the half-alien Keith theory? I find it interesting but I'm aftraid I missed something while watching the show.

Of course!

I think the biggest piece of evidence people have pointed out is the fact Keith was able to operate the hangar doors on the Balmera with his bare hand (episode 7)

When we repeatedly see other characters having to use severed arms from drones to open doors

Also there’s Zarkon’s throwaway line in the finale: “you fight like a Galra soldier.” Could be nothing, could mean something.

Then there’s other little tidbits like how he was able to sense the blue lion’s energy in the first episode and his general difficulty with understanding social cues, which don’t necessarily mean anything on their own, but could be used to bolster the part alien Keith theory.

  • me: i think i'm finally getting over friends
  • me: [watches an episode]
  • me: friends is one of the greatest tv shows of our time. these 6 characters are not only friends with one another but also feel like friends to you too. what is such a simple plot of a group of people hanging out in a coffee shop has turned into an incredible story that makes me you laugh, cry, smile, and most of all, feel at home. friends is an artistry that no sitcom has been able to copy. it has been off the air for over 11 years and yet people still watch it today and still make references and just continue to adore it. everyday i wake up and feel thankful for matthew perry, courteney cox, david schwimmer, jennifer aniston, matt leblanc, and lisa kudrow. thank for you these 6 friends. thank you for that 10 year run that no show can compare to.

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When do you think Sheldon bought Amy's engagement ring? I'm still freaking out over it, and that last 30 seconds of the finale is the one reason I've been able to cope through it!

Well it definitely was before the five year anniversary, as Sheldon was convinced Amy had been wrong to get upset. This ring definitely isn’t Sheldon’s desperate attempt to get Amy back, as I’ve seen some people say it is. He wanted to marry her before their fight. Which also puts Sheldon’s talking about The Flash into perspective - just know that while he was wondering if he should watch the show, he also knew he was going to propose. So, you know. Just putting that out there.

Now as to when, precisely… I want to say either after The Colonization Application or after The Fortification Implementation. Both of those episodes dealt with Shamy commitment and cohabitation. So the topic was clearly on Sheldon’s mind, and it made sense for marriage to be the next step, especially coming on the tails of Sheldon completely embracing his feelings for Amy over the previous months. This is to me the most logical option.

I also have this crack theory that he got it much earlier than that, based on his line about Penny’s ring. He didn’t say “Leonard found it online,” he said “we found it.” We. Why would Sheldon have helped out Leonard to find a ring? Maybe he didn’t. Maybe he was looking for Amy’s as well. Since Leonard had had Penny’s ring for two years before he gave it to her, that would bring his getting the ring at the end of Season 5. As I said, this is more of a crack theory, but it was both around the time of Howard and Bernadette’s wedding and around the time Amy did the experiment to increase his feelings for her, so why if there’s actually more to that theory than just crack? :P

all these people saying that His Last Vow is the best episode of Sherlock ever

all these people saying that His Last Vow will surprise us

all these people saying that His Last Vow will be painful and tearful

His Last Vow is written by Steven Moffat

His Last Vow will be the “”“”“"season”“”“”“ finale of Sherlock and who knows when we will able to watch series 4

His Last Vow

this fucking show that ruined my life