finally i posted kinda nice one

Posted on twitter but on dad’s computer rn! The prom today went well, everyone complimented me heheheee =w= (tho one saying “usually you look like such a potato, now you’re so pretty” feels like assholery… =`w=)
I don’t think I posted a photo here so I’ll do that if I ever can!
My phone’s first screen LOOKS okay, it’s a deeper level…it should be fixable, I wish I get my phone back ó3ò my games….

Anyways!! I’m gonna keep yall updated on my phone’s fate whenever I get online! Luckily now is a week of va~ca~ti~on~ ^3^
It’s gonna be a struggle without my phone…I miss seeing everyone every day so many times, posting random sketches on twitter, and talking ówò
See ya next time I drag myself online, I’m gonna try drawing something tonight on the laptop again! Bye bye~!

I’m gonna get killed for this but I actually like this episode. Now, I will respect your opinion and not say that those who don’t like it are totally wrong. Especially since there were some points that I agree with. While I do like Ryota, I feel that maybe more time should have been spent on elaborating other characters as well. I know this episode seems like a fanfiction kinda thing and some may see it as “fanservice” and I cant deny that. However, this ending was the exact one I wanted for my children. They are all happy which is weird for the Danganronpa series but it would be nice to have the final instalment to end happily. After all do you really want DR3 to be known as the anime where everyone dies? Honestly, I can’t really be bothered to put too much effort into this post as its late here and the hate is endless. But please I beg of you, do not blame Kodaka for this. It is evident that he put a lot of effort into this finale as a gift to the fans and it will honestly break my heart to see him hated on just because this is weak writing to you. With that said, this will hopefully be my final post on the dr3 discourse. Thank you for reading.

10K Followers - Thank You!

Oh hey, my first ever post of this kind. I was kinda planning to make something like this earlier, but I’ve gotten too lazy. Forgive me pls.

So yeah, I finally reached ten thousand minions! followers, after years of using Tumblr - perhaps a year since I started becoming more anime-active. It was a nice milestone, so I really want to thank you all for the support you have given with my terrible gifs and salty anime posts about how one anime is shit. heh…

I also like to thank all of these beautiful blogs that I follow!

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@ushinaki for being a bro and sharing hentai with chatting to me on skype

@callstrue, @megaboy335 & @nosoda-umi for sharing how wonderful the (female) seiyuu world can be and make me side onodera over chitoge *wink*

@himawaree for being a singaporean bro

@sa-desu, @therarely & @kyirea, my real-life friends

…and the rest of these amazing blogs (follow these!)…

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Let’s get started 2016 great together, shall we?

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