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Loki Imagine - Long Time, No See

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/This is just based on my dream which could also fit a book.. Anyway, here goes..

Your P.O.V.

Something must have been extremely wrong. I was having a completely normal day here at home, more importantly on earth. Everything had slowly become better and I found myself happy. But then I was taken by surprise. The Bifrost opened to me. I was surrounded by lights and my heart jumped to my throat. I screamed as I was taken away from my home.

My entire body was trembling once I landed on my knees. I was afraid and I felt sick because it happened with no warning. Slowly, I looked up and saw Heimdall. His golden eyes were directed to me yet I couldn’t read his expression. It had been a few years since I saw him the last time. So many questions ran through my mind. Was Loki alright?

‘‘Miss Y/N-’‘ Heimdall began but I was furious. ‘‘Do you think it’s okay to do that with no warning?’‘ I screamed at him, then realizing I was in Asgard. I turned around and saw stars everywhere. The sight was overwhelming. Damn, I was just a human. This was really mind-blowing.

‘‘I’m sorry. I had to get you here’‘ Heimdall sighed and then looked at the rainbow bridge until we both stared at Asgard’s beauty. I saw someone coming closer and a few seconds later a guard was there on a white horse. The guard wore a golden armor, which I remembered correctly. Still, none of my questions were answered. 

‘‘You should see King Loki, he’s not himself-’‘ Heimdall tried to speak to me again but I was taken off my feet. I stared at him in shock. ‘‘King Loki?’‘I coughed out the words. Heimdall and the guard changed looks mysteriously. The last time I saw Loki, he was still my boyfriend, or lover, whatever you’d like to call it. He just vanished and I thought he was in jail. But no, he’s ruling this place now. This was all messing with my brain but the worst was yet to come. I would see him again. Just the thought made my heart beat harder against my chest and I felt nervous.

‘‘You should go’‘ Heimdall stated and then turned his back on me. Silently, the guard helped me on the horse and I let him take me to the castle. All the time as I was getting closer, I grew anxious. All my feelings I thought I had forgotten came back to me. I was scared to meet him. Did Loki still remember me? 

The guard led me behind big, golden doors. Before opening them, he actually spoke up. ‘’Be careful miss. He’s..not the man you once knew’’ The guard tried to warn me. His words were a little frightening but I couldn’t believe them. I just nodded and opened the doors. It was quite dramatic, actually.

The doors opened and it revealed a huge room. In the middle of it was the throne. I looked right at him. There he was. Loki Laufeyson was sitting on the throne on Asgard with two guards by his side. A shiver ran down my spine and I felt numb. Just a moment ago I was still home and now I was here, so close to the man who had my heart, no matter how much it hurt to admit. Heimdall wanted me here for a reason..

Loki looked at me quietly. His face was almost dull which pinched my heart a bit. He was wearing his golden head piece and a blue suit, instead of green which I was used to. In my eyes, he was still as handsome as ever. 

With a swift hand movement, Loki made the guards walk away. It gave me hope. We were in silence until we were left alone. I didn’t even care that I was trembling like I was freezing. 

He stood up and then walked down the few steps until he was on my level. Tears stung my eyes by now. This was happening. ‘’Loki’’ I breathed out his name. ‘’Long time, no see’’ He spoke carefully, his raspy yet elegant voice making my heart ache for him. The space between us was unnecessary so I walked closer.

Just as I was about to hug him, the unexpected happened. Loki pushed me away from him quite harshly, making me fly a few feet back and land on the ground. My elbows hit the floor and I winced in pain. Then I felt how fear crawled underneath my skin. I rolled onto my back so I saw Loki who just stared at me like nothing happened.

‘‘Tell Heimdall to send you back and never even look back at you’‘ Loki growled angrily. His pale fingers curled into fists and his knuckles turned white. He was frightening. My heart jumped to my throat and I got myself back on my feet. 

‘‘Loki, what’s going on? ‘‘ I ought to know, ignoring his demand. It clearly annoyed him but luckily, he didn’t hurt me. My elbows and my lower back hurt but for now, I’d ignore the pain. My heart ached more. For a second I thought I had him again but my hope got crushed. 

‘‘Everything’s quite impeccable, actually’‘ Loki let me know with a smile but I could see though him. His eyes were glossy and his smile was fake. I could tell although he tried his best to conceal it. There was a time where I knew Loki better than anyone else. I longed for those days.

‘‘You’re lying’‘ I gulped and then got a little closer to him, still keeping a distance if he’d try to push me away again. Loki clenched his jaw and stared at me coldly. It’s like the temperature in the room dropped and I felt small. Loki got closer to me again, not looking away for even a second. His steps echoed in here, which was the only sound for a moment. 

‘‘Loki please talk to me! Heimdall didn’t send here if everything would be alright’‘ I broke the silence because it felt bad. What I said made Loki laugh. ‘‘Of course he brought you here’‘ He sighed quietly. I hoped for him to continue but he didn’t. ‘‘So..something is g-going on, right?’‘ I stuttered and immediately regretted speaking. I hated to sound weak. Loki noticed it too.

‘‘You wouldn’t understand. Just go back to Midgard’‘ He told me more calmly. He was getting close to a point he’d melt. I could tell. I only had to push him closer to that, although it was risky. ‘‘Try me, Loki. We’ve spoken before so many times’‘ I reminded him of old times. It made him sigh and he sat back on the throne, resting his face against his hand.

‘‘Oh Y/N, you never learn..’‘ Loki murmured underneath his breath. Hearing my name leaving his lips sounded strange. It had been so long since the last time. As I stepped on the steps on the throne, I could almost swear I saw a tear threatening to escape his pretty eyes. 

I got down on my knees, kneeling for him. It caused him to look at me with confusion. At least I got his attention. ‘’Loki, king Loki, please talk to me. I’m still Y/N, the woman you once knew. It has been a long time but does that really matter?’’ I asked him as steadily as I could, ignoring my fear. I was so overwhelmed that it was almost dangerous.

Even if Heimdall would’ve given me time to prepare for this, I’d still be helpless. Loki noticed that I was too on the brink of tears. I knew how much it used to hurt him. He groaned and then took a deep breath. Before he could say anything, I crawled closer to him and rested my head on his knee. I tried to relax but my entire body was tense.

‘‘Talk to me, Loki’‘ I whispered and let my tears silently roll down the bridge of my nose and then my jaw. It surprised me when he put his hand on my face, wiping my tears away. It didn’t seem to bother him that I was resting against his leg. I didn’t want to go away either. 

‘‘I tried to keep you out of this but it seems like I can’t’‘ He started quietly and then whispered the rest. Something was truly off and it was obvious it affected Loki a lot. I nodded, not daring to speak because I wanted him to keep going. I was here again and we could discuss everything else later, including what happened to us and Asgard.

‘‘And I’m sure that I can’t make you leave now since we’re already here’‘ He added with a soft chuckle. Then he played with my H/C hair and looked into my eyes. ‘‘It all began just before I..I left you on Midgard’‘ Loki finally let me in and opened up about whatever was so bad it made Heimdall reach out for me. I would damn surely listen to every word carefully.

‘‘I know I told you that nothing bad would happen in New York. I only told you that so you would stay home and far away probably know what happened there..For four years now I thought I could keep you safe from her, keep you distant from Asgard and all this craziness. Oh how wrong I was’‘ Loki started explaining things which tied some loose ends. A million questions ran through my mind but I didn’t interrupt him. Loki didn’t open up to people, but once he did, it was special.

‘‘Heimdall got a message a couple days ago. Who knows what kind of bizarre things he was told but it included you, Y/N. I didn’t want to believe it but I must accept it. You’re in danger’‘ Loki told me seriously. My eyes widened from fear and my breath hitched in my throat.

‘‘W-what do you mean?’‘ I whimpered quietly. If it affected Loki, it was obviously bad. He clenched his jaw again and looked away from my frightened expression. It’s almost like he had tried to forget me but he couldn’t deny his feelings. Maybe it would be easier if we wouldn’t have ever met? 

‘‘It’s a very long story, my dear’‘ Loki said softly. Silence fell into the room and we were both quiet. I didn’t mind. We were both stunned by all kinds of feelings and honestly, I was scared to find out the rest of his story.


A Loki Laufeyson x Reader Fic Request

Request Fic based off of this post for @kimistry27 (I hate the fact your damn tag won’t tag!!)  Hope it’s everything you were looking for!!

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader  |  Word Count: 2696
Warnings: Implied sexual conquest, mostly fluff


“Yes, pet?” the God of Mischief, book open in his lap asked distractedly, not bothering to look up from whatever history of whatever world he’d currently engrossed himself in.

“Can I,” you hesitated, swallowing to wet your throat. The hesitation had those blue green eyes lifting to peer at you intently, your discomfort finally gaining his attention. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, darling.” Holding out his hand, he beckoned you closer with a crook of his fingers.

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Frost (Chapter Five)

This Chapter is so sweet. Those of you that read Storms will recognize this sort of scene, with one person using food as a comfort for the other. Such a cute dynamic and Loki just doesn’t know what to do with stubborn Tony.
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

If you would like to be added to the tag list hit up my ASK BOX


Enjoy :)

“What is this?” Loki looked down at the plate in front of him. “What are you doing?”

“It’s roast beef.” Tony answered with a frown, poking at the sandwich. “Even though, I haven’t seen any cows here, so I will admit to worrying that it isn’t roast beef at all and just looks like roast beef which is frankly terrifying.”

Loki stared at him blankly and Tony coughed nervously. “It’s my favorite sandwich. So I made one for you too.”


“Because you haven’t been down to eat in the hall for three days.” Tony said quietly. “And that worries me. So I made you something to eat. Please just eat.” He pushed the plate a little bit closer and Loki raised an eyebrow.

“Anthony, I am the Prince of Asgard, and beyond that I am a god. Do you honestly believe I have let myself go hungry for three days? I can simply snap my fingers and summon food before me in an instant.”

“Well that’s a neat trick–” Tony said around a mouthful of whatever type of meat was on his sandwich. “–but all it sounds like is an excuse. So why don’t you take a bite or I’m never going to stop bothering you.”

“Yes, you do talk an awful lot.” Loki narrowed his eyes and Tony sent him a look right back.

“And you tend to be–”

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Crowd Pleaser (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Re Post

A/N: I’m sure some of you remember that i posted this story a while back, but for some reason it got taken down and I have no idea why. I’m not sure what happened to it, other than each time i tried to search for it, it never popped up on my master list or tumblr. :( Well I did some digging in my computer and I found it! I hope you guys don’t mind but I revised it a bit for the better haha! Enjoy! - Delilah

Crowd Pleaser: At one of Tony’s fabulous parties, you get drunk as a skunk and decide to twerk on Bucky Barnes after being persuaded by the team.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol. Dirty dancing. 

Tony’s parties were always not your forte. 

You preferred getting drunk with Wanda and Nat in the safety of the common room, far away from any of the super uppity rich people Tony Stark invited. Most of the men spent their time ogling at Natasha, often causing the woman to resort to giving death threats. Even Wanda had her fair share of entitled perverts stalking her every now and then.

You, however, rarely got hit on when it came down to it. There are a couple men here and there, but none ever tried anything drastic. You figured it was because you weren’t as attractive as the other two women. We’re you too tall? Were you too shy? You had no idea. Maybe it was because during every party, you tended to stick with the guys.

You were always with either Sam or Clint. The two always made your night better with their humor. There was never a dull moment with those those guys.

Sometimes, you’d find yourself with Steve and Bucky. That was, until they became bombarded with women. The last time it happened, you had to practically drag the two away from the swarm of crazed women. What was it about those damn super soldiers? The chicks went practically crazy over them.

Nevertheless, you were going to at least try and have a good time tonight. Sam had given you shot after shot of all types of alcohol, which had no effect on you because of your healing powers.

But when Thor arrived at the party with his mischievous brother, Loki, you knew something was bound to happen.

You’ve only met the guy once and that was in 2012, when he nearly killed all of New York. So of course, you and everyone else was going to be a bit wary of the man.

Thor was dressed in usual Asgardian attire, whereas Loki was in a simple, sleek black suit. At least one of them had taste. After making their way through the guests and introducing themselves, they made their way to the three of you.

“Ah, lady Y/N!” Thor exclaimed, nodding at the shot glass in your hand. “I see you have finally decided to discover the wonders of midgardian mead!”

“Actually,” Sam interrupted. “Y/N here can’t get drunk off of this stuff. Her liver heals too fast.” You scoff and elbow him in the ribs.

“If I may,” Loki says, his dark eyes burning into yours as he smoothly reached into his suit pocket. “I believe this should suffice your needs, Lady Y/N.” The flask in his hand is barely the size of a coin purse, but you already knew what it was.

You narrowed your eyes at the man suspiciously. You didn’t trust him at all. What if it was poison? There’s no telling what this guy was capable of. After all, he tried to kill you once before, why wouldn’t he finish the job, right?

Peering between the brothers, you heard Thor clear his throat awkwardly and snatch the flask.

“Forgive my brother,” he says, pouring some of the liquid into his own drink. “He can be a bit…intimidating.”

“Intimidating?” You scoff, glancing between the two men. The last thing you were was intimidated by Loki and you intended to show him that.

A look of horror spread onto both the God’s faces as you snatched the flask from Thor’s hand and downed the entire flask in a long gulp.

You were positive this wasn’t going to do anything to you. You’ve consumed bottles and bottles of alcohol before and not once did you even get a slight buzz. This wasn’t going to scare you.

This was a piece of cake.

You were drunk as hell.

Everyone who came near you instantly knew it, too. Vision sensed your slowed heartbeat and (not understanding what being intoxicated was) immediately called Bruce for help. He was convinced you were dying, to which Bruce calmly explained what the effects of alcohol were.

Natasha was currently preoccupied by fending off the perverted men from Wanda, having no clue what was going to happen in a few minutes. Had she been in your presence, you were a hundred percent positive that things would not have turned out the way they did.

You were in the corner of the party with the four men. The small stool you were seated in made small squeaks as you rapidly spun in circles, belting out the lyrics to the Beyoncé song playing.

“How in the seven kingdoms is she still alive?” Loki questioned, staring at you with wide eyes as you spun faster.

“Man, I don’t even know. But it got the job done, am I right?” Sam cackled, giving Clint a high five. They finally accomplished their mission, to get you completely shitfaced. And they would never let you live this down.

“Relax, your highness,” Clint chimed in, taking a swig of his own beer. “She needs to let loose every once in awhile anyways.”


You belted out lyric after lyric at the top of your lungs, causing a few people to turn around and stare at you. Some even sang along with you, which made all four of the men erupt in laughter.

“I wanna dance!” You slurred, reaching out and grabbing ahold of Clint’s arm.

“Sorry, hun, but I don’t dance.” He replied, patting your head gently. You frowned and turned to Sam, who gave you a similar speech.

“Perhaps the Captain would favor a dance?” Thor asked, smiling encouragingly. Your eyes found themselves on Steve and Bucky across the room. They were both laughing, completely lost in their own world.

“You know what,” Sam chimed in, placing a hand on your shoulder. His eyes were set afar, his mouth in a mischievous smile. “I bet Bucky would really like to dance. Steve said he used to love it back in the day.”

“Yeah, Y/N!” Tony wrapped an arm around your shoulder, a devilish smirk on his lips.

When the hell did he even get there?

“I think you should show Barnes the modern version of dancing. What do ya say, kiddo?”

“Modern version?” You giggle. “Like what? Salsa?”

This earns a couple of giggles from the other two men. It even managed to get a laugh from Thor.

“Nah, something along the lines of…I don’t know…krumping?”

You grimace. There’s no way in hell you were doing that in front of everyone. You didn’t want to die of humiliation.

“You know,” Clint chimes in. “I heard Barnes was an ass man.” You can’t fight the drunken snicker that comes from you. You knew what it mean of course, but the image of Bucky staring at someone’s butt made the entire thing hilarious to you.

“I bet he would absolutely love the art of twerking!” Tony exclaims, helping you off the stool and onto your feet.

“You think so?” You ask before letting out a drunken hiccup. The three men nodded their heads furiously, whereas Thor and Loki glanced at the four of you questioningly.

“Forgive me,” Loki chimed in, a confused frown on his face. “But what is this so called…twerking?” Thor nodded as well, eager to learn as well.

“Y/N is about to give you two a magnificicent demonstration,” Tony called over his shoulder as he lead you towards the two super soldiers.

You both walked until you were standing behind Bucky.

“Alright,” he whispered into your ear. “Go get em, tiger!” 

With that, he patted your head and jogged back to the group of men.

Without thinking, you stood beside the two men, smiling innocently. They didn’t notice you at first, but when they did, they both turned to you.

“Hey, Y/N,” Steve greeted, flashing you a welcoming smile.

You gave him a small wave. You didn’t want to speak, he’d instantly know you were drunk if you did. So instead of speaking, you just turned to the brown haired man. Bucky smiled politely and gave you a small nod.

Turning your head, you could see the guys giving you encouraging smiles. This was way harder than you thought it would be.

“Bucky, come dance with me?” You ask, sounding surprisingly sober. His eyebrows raised at your question. He hadn’t danced since over seventy years ago.

“Uh, I’m not very good, Y/N.” He replied, looking back at the crowd of people dancing. Steve let out a loud snort, one that made the two of you turn to him.

“Buck, you were the dancing king back in the day. Get out there and have some fun!” Before the man could protest, Steve grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him out onto the dance floor.

It was all a great idea until you realized that you had absolutely no idea how to slow dance. Wrapping your arms around Bucky’s neck, you glanced up at him sheepishly.

“I have no idea how to do this,” you admitted, a small hiccup escaped your mouth. Bucky’s eyebrows raised once again.

“Well you’re not alone, sweetie,” he chuckles. “I haven’t done this in seventy years. We can just wing it.”

The two of you danced in silence, enjoying the music. Looking back at the guys, you spotted them watching you intently. All of them were there, except for Tony. You frowned as you tried to locate him in the crowd of people. Did he abandon you?

Suddenly, the music stopped.

“Alright party people!” Tony’s voice blared through the speakers. “Let’s kick this party up a notch!”

The sound of Ginuwine’s Pony blared through the speakers, causing you to laugh hysterically. Leave it to Tony Stark to pick the raunchiest song. Boy, you were going to regret this in the morning.

Without another word, you unwrapped your hands from Bucky’s neck and gave the guys a small thumbs up. You turned around and began bouncing your ass on Bucky’s crotch.

You could hear Sam and Clint practically howling from laughter over the music. Steve was still at the bar, his glass of beer had fallen out of his hand and shattered onto the floor. Thor looked like he was generally amused, clapping along to the song with a smile. However, Loki covering his mouth with his hand, stifling his laughter.

“Go Y/N! Go Y/N! Go Y/N!” Tony began chanting into the microphone, causing the rest of the party goers to glance at you. They formed a small crowd around the two of you and began chanting along with Tony.

You’ve never seen Bucky so shocked. He didn’t know whether to run or stay, leaving him standing there behind you, your ass grinding on his crotch repeatedly. You knew he was secretly enjoying it, despite all the people shouting at him to dance. This was absolutely not what he thought you had in mind when you said you wanted to dance. It did amaze him how good you were at uh…dancing.

Bucky felt himself blushing as the people cheered you on. Was this something that happened at parties nowadays? If someone did this in the 40’s, everyone would have heart attacks. He could just imagine his mother’s disappointed face.

As much as he didn’t like being the center of attention, he figured he might as well go along with it. What did have to lose, right? The small crowd of people began cheering wildly and chanting his name when he placed his hands on your hips and began moving his hips in time with yours. A grin spread on his face as you peered over your shoulder and winked at him.

Yeah, he could get used to modern dancing.

-Fin ❤

“Go to sleep,” Loki told Thor flatly. “I am not going to kill you. Should I try, your friend would assuredly stomp me into paste.”

Thor frowned at him as though he doubted that - or perhaps as though he did not think it was amusing. But he went, at least. Loki watched him, one eye on Thor and one on their surrounding motley band. 

He did not miss Banner approaching - for the moment in his human skin - but did not acknowledge him either. It seemed better for them both to proceed that way. Or at least it was better for Loki. He had no interest in getting too close to Banner, even when his green monster was slumbering. He had thought, by how Banner had returned the favor, that he felt the same. 

But now Banner was approaching him. Or perhaps Thor. Loki continued to pretend as though he did not notice, hoping that was it. Although after the effort he had put into getting Thor to sleep in the first place…

“He is resting,” Loki said, not looking at Banner. “I can tell him to find you when he wakes, if you wish.” 

“No, actually,” Banner said, in his deceptively mild voice. “I was hoping to talk to you.”

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anonymous asked:

LOVED THE SOULMATE AU YOU DID! would you please write a oneshot where Thor discovers the Reader is his soulmate and he doesn’t know how to tell her. But he suddenly becomes even more possessive and protective of her which the reader notices and so she asks him? Thanks! 😍

Pairing: Thor x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: /

A/N: thaaaank you my darling! so glad you enjoyed the last soulmate AU! I have to admit, I’m slowly falling in love with the whole soulmate AU thing. there are so many great ideas out there, for this au in specific, so I hope you like what I did with it! (ps: this might get a second part)


He didn’t know if he had been under a spell, but what he had just experienced had never happened before, so he just assumed, that that was the case..

(Y/N), you’re home!” you both smiled at each other and you ran towards him, jumping into his arms and hugging Thor like your life depended on it.

You’ve been on this mission for over five months. Being away from the people you called your family and especially Thor? It had been hard. But that was over now. You were back in his arms, that was all that mattered right there, right then.

While you enjoyed being in the arms of the Asgardian, something happened to Thor.

Images flashed before his eyes. Like as if he had.. a vision.

Of you and him in, what looked like, your future.

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Gates of Glory, part 3

Loki x Reader

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

previous part

The palace was soon in disarray - when the news of Thor’s journey to Jotunheim broke, the All-father was furious. The peace that had been established between the two realms after a long and bloody war was vital to Asgard’s prosperity. To risk it that foolishly was everything but thoughtful.


Y/N turned to the guard who entered her chambers: “At your service.”

“The Queen wants a word with you” the guard announced. Y/N nodded and walked towards him with a calm smile.

“Bring me to her, then.”

Frigga looked worried when Y/N entered the room: “Y/N.”

“I heard you wanted to see me, my Queen”, Y/N replied and lowered her head: “How may I assist you?”

“Did Thor tell you what he wants to do in Jotunheim?”, Frigga asked, “Does he want to start a conflict?”

Y/N pressed her lips together: “I am deeply sorry, my Queen, but it seems like Thor did not want my counsel with respect to this journey. He did not mention a word.” Y/N knew that was practically a lie as she knew why Thor went to Jotunheim. He didn’t tell her, that was true, but she heard it, anyways.

“Loki went with him, did he not?” Frigga asked.

“They are brothers in both politics and battlefield, so yes, Loki is with Thor”, Y/N replied, “Why, if I may ask, is that especially worrisome? Don’t you trust your son to return alive from Jotunheim?”

“Not at all, he has something no one else in their group has; pure strength doesn’t stop a frost giant easily”, Frigga muttered worriedly.

“I’d be honestly surprised to see Mjolnir fail to tear such a creature apart”, Y/N couldn’t help but to grin a little, “I can assure you that your sons will return from Jotunheim. Whatever happens afterwards, I do not know.”

“Jotunheim is a dark place one does not want to go”, Frigga spoke quietly, “Their king, Laufey, is a beast, cruel and calculating. They need their casket if they want to flourish yet again, it’s the only way for them to return to their former strength.”

“The casket is save in the weapons vault. The destroyer will keep it save”, Y/N replied and added a sentence in her mind: Unless, of course, a member of the royal family decides to hand it over.

“Once they do return, I want you to talk to my son”, Frigga spoke, still obviously worried.

“Loki?”, Y/N asked to specify. Frigga nodded. “What about?”

“You’re brilliant, Y/N. You don’t need me to tell you”, Frigga replied before leaving. Y/N frowned. What was it with Loki that worried Frigga so much?

But Y/N didn’t manage to talk to Loki right after their return. Because Odin had to get them out of Jotunheim, from what Y/N heard. He was furious. Y/N had never seen the All-father like that. Shouting at Thor, telling him that he wasn’t worthy of both throne and hammer, stripped him of his powers and banned him from Asgard. Y/N watched the spectacle from afar. It didn’t take long, then, Thor was gone. Y/N had to admit, better banned than killed. Y/N was about to talk to Loki when she realised that he was not walking towards his chambers. His face was blank, slightly confused.

He was walking towards the weapons vault.

Y/N decided to follow him. She hid behind a large rock inside the vault and watched Loki walking towards a blue glow omitted by the casket of Jotunheim. Y/N frowned. She knew it was dangerous to touch the casket, it was unbelievably cold. She saw him hesitating, then he lifted the casket.

“Stop!” That was the All-fathers voice.

“… Am I cursed?”, Loki asked without turning around.

“No”, the All-father replied calmly.

“What am I?”, Loki asked darkly.

“You’re my son”, Odin replied, his voice was steady and calm as ever.

Now, Loki turned around. Y/N’s eyes widened a bit: His face was blue, no, his entire body was. “What more than that?” Loki asked with a hissing voice as the blue started to fade. He started walking towards the All-father: “The casket wasn’t the only thing you took from Jotunheim that day, was it?”

Odin stood at the top of the staircase, Loki made his way to the bottom of it.

“No”, Odin finally spoke, “In the aftermath of the battle, I went into the temple and I found a baby. Small for a giant’s offspring. Abandoned, suffering, left to die: Laufeyson.”

“Laufeyson”, Loki repeated quietly without looking into the All-father’s eyes. Then, he turned his head towards Odin.

“Yes”, Odin spoke.

“…Why? You were knee-deep in Jotun blood, why would you take me??”, Loki asked overwhelmed.

“You were an innocent child”, Odin replied quietly.

“No, you took me for a purpose… what was it?”, Loki wheezed darkly.

Odin looked at Loki without saying a word, his face was basically emotionless.


Y/N pressed her lips together as she watched the tragedy unfold. For once, she felt sorry for someone.

“I thought we could unite our kingdoms one day, bring about an alliance of eternal peace. Through you” Odin finally replied.

Loki looked both confused, sad and shocked: “… What?”

“But those plans no longer matter”, Odin added.

“So I am no more than another stolen relict, locked up, here until you might have use of me?” Loki asked hurt.

“Don’t you twist my words!”, Odin replied, but didn’t answer the question.

“You could have told me from the beginning, why didn’t you??”, Loki’s voice was unusually shaky. Y/N had never seen something even close to this.

“You’re my son”, Odin spoke, “I only wanted to protect you from the truth.”

“What, because I am that monster parents tell their children about at night?”, slowly, Loki’s voice turned from broken to angry as he added: “You know, it all makes sense now, why you always favoured Thor all these years ‘cause no matter how much you claim to love me: you could never have a frost giant sitting in the throne of Asgard!” Loki stood above Odin who had placed himself on the ground where he appeared to have lost consciousness. Loki stared down at him, when he realised what was going on, he yelled: “Guards?! Guards, please help!”

Y/N was called into the king’s private quarters by Frigga. Y/N stood outside the room where Odin was asleep, but with a spell, she could watch Frigga and Loki next to Odin’s sleeping figure.

“…So why did he lie?” Loki asked quietly.

“He kept the truth from you so you would never feel different. You are our son, Loki, and we’re your family. You must know that”, Frigga replied barely audible, “You can speak to him. He can see and hear us even now.”

“How long will it last?” Loki asked dryly.

“I don’t know. This time, it’s different. We were unprepared”, Frigga replied.

“I’ll never get used to seeing him like this”, Loki replied, “The most powerful of all beings in the nine realms lying helpless until his body is restored.”

“He’s put it off for so long now that I fear…” Frigga didn’t end her sentence and instead said: “You’re a good son. We mustn’t lose hope that your father will return to us. And your brother.”

“What hope is there for Thor?” Loki asked darkly.

“There’s always a purpose to everything your father does. Thor may yet find a way home” Frigga spoke softly.

Loki stood up without another word and walked towards the door.

That’s when Y/N and the guards surrounding her opened the door. The guards bowed to Loki, who stared at them in confusion. The guards’ leader appeared with Odin’s sceptre and walked towards Loki. He kneeled before him and held the sceptre so Loki could take it. Loki stared at the sceptre and raised an eyebrow in insecurity and confusion.

“Thor is banished. The line of succession falls to you”, Frigga spoke clearly and added silently, “Until Odin awakens, Asgard is yours.”

Loki turned back to the sceptre, stared at if for several seconds and his face turned blank, deprived of insecurity and doubts.

Quietly, he took the sceptre. Once he held it, Frigga spoke: “Make your father proud.”

Loki turned to Frigga with the sceptre in his hands with a quiet, barely visible smile before Frigga added: “My king.”

Y/N pressed her lips together and, against her will, to say the least, bowed down to the man who was more friend than commander to her. The guards around her did the same, but there was an uncomfortable and eerie silence in the room.

Y/N arose from the ground, cleared her throat and spoke: “My king, may I have a word with you?”

Loki’s gaze pierced Y/N, but he made an accepting gesture with his hand: “You might as well.”

In a room close by, separated from the guards and Frigga, Y/N and Loki stopped to talk.

“I come to you more as a friend than as the warrior I am to you now”, Y/N began and carefully watched Loki, “But I must tell you about a certain observation.”

“Go on”, Loki replied and raised an eyebrow.

Y/N muffled a sigh and said: “Today morning, during the attack on the weapons vault, Heimdall could not see the frost giants-”

“He might grow tried from his long service”, Loki commented confidently.

Y/N looked him straight in the eye: “One does not just overlook a group of giants. One, maybe. But not a group. No, this was magic. I know the spell to disguise creatures like this, and I know that only very few people can execute such a spell. The timing of their arrival seems too planned to be a coincidence.”

“What is it you try to say?”, Loki’s voice was unusually harsh in tone.

Y/N huffed: “I’m trying to say that you and me, we both know what really happened. Without their casket, no frost giant could execute such a spell. You know I am no Asgardian. I can use other spells, elements for my magic than an Asgardian magician. I remember the day we first met, you attacked me with ice multiple times. It’s not impossible for an Asgardian to control ice, but it’s draining their strength. It seemed to come natural to you.”

His face tried to stay blank, but there was an expression of mild shock to be seen.

“Now, I know why my magical powers are enhanced. When I was a child, my mentor took me to her secret hideout deep within the coldest region in the nine realms, Niflheim. She brought me to one of the roots of Yggdrasil”, Y/N remembered, “The tree of life. She broke off just a tiny piece of it, took it home to Vanaheim, where she used it on me. A part of Yggdrasil lives within me. But you, I’ve always wondered why your powers were so remarkable”, Y/N smiled at his startled reaction, “But I suppose I found an answer. The magic of ice, the little resemblance you hold to both Thor and Odin.” Y/N smiled in triumph: “You are not from Asgard.”

“ENOUGH! Don’t you dare say another word, you wretched creature!”, he hollered. But Y/N ignored the insult and his interruption.

“You, my king, are from Jotunheim and your source is that casket they wanted to steal”, Y/N continued.

Loki grabbed her collar and pulled her close to him: “I swear on the life of my father, if you do not keep your mouth shut, I personally will assure you are executed!”

“Which father? Odin or Laufey?”, Y/N asked calmly, provocatively.

“You better watch your back-”

“No, Loki”, Y/N replied, “You’re an excellent liar, even better with tricks, but this time, you made a mistake.” Y/N stepped back: “You just confessed to a crime that involves treason. If it hadn’t been for me, Heimdall would have heard our entire conversation.”

Loki’s face reflected his disbelief: “What-”

“But I made us invisible to his eye, which means, till now, just you and I know what you’ve done. Going to Jotunheim, disguising some of their men and bringing them to Asgard to get Thor banished”, Y/N summarised, “Is enough to get you into a cell in the dungeons until the day of your death. So, unless this is the fate you wanted for yourself, you won’t threaten me.”

Loki glared at Y/N: “I thought you and I were something close to friends.”

“I never said I will betray you”, Y/N spoke, “But I will neither be your slave, nor will I be your pet.”

He pressed his lips together: “So what is it you want?”

“I want to know your plan”, Y/N replied with a sly smile. 


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Earth Is Not Yours To Take (Part 2)

Marvel (The Avengers) One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Loki Laufeyson + Steve Rogers & Thor Odison

Warnings: none i think

Request: “ok :)  she visits the cell and he seduces her ;)” - atlantianbloodliar

“She could get in the cell and be reunited??” - emerald-empress-rp

Word Count: 935

A/N: PART 1. sorry this is a little short, more details would help next time!

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anonymous asked:

Nurse me, please 😳

OK I put this on AO3 too since it got so big. 

Oh my god, somehow this turned into a monster?! For a prompt anyway - 1727 words! It could have been five times as long, but. Anyway. I didn’t read it over afterwards so I hope it makes sense. I don’t even know where this came from. I’m babbling now. Hope you like it, nonny.

When Thor fell time slowed to a crawl, and so it was that Loki had a tiny eternity to take in every detail. He saw the red ribbon of Thor’s cape arcing behind him gracefully as he plummeted. He saw the sunlight catch Captain Rogers’s shield as it parted the swirling clouds of dust from the destruction of the city block they were fighting in. He saw Amora’s henchman grin smugly as he lowered the staff that had fired the bolt that brought Thor down, its tip still glowing faintly yellow-green. And he saw Thor’s Avenger friends begin to scramble - too late, too late.

A terrible wrath filled Loki’s chest. Amora had *promised him*.

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Save me Part Two (Loki x Reader)

Originally posted by camille-angelique

Word Count: 829

Pairing: Loki x Reader

AN: You can read part one part three and part four here

You never thought that you’d see that mysterious boy again, still not aware of his name. But the one thing you knew was that he was not from earth, he was a god from Asgard and brother to the mighty Avenger Thor. Surprisingly however, you did encounter this strange man again and many more times to come.

It was a rainy afternoon as you walked the busy streets to the library near your house. That’s why you brought your apartment, because it was so close to your favourite place. You could so easily get lost in a book, escaping reality as you turned each page. You wiped your now muddy converse on the door mat outside before entering, smiling at the familiar smell of the books.

You spent hours in that library, sitting in the corner reading your favourite novel Pride and Prejudice for probably the hundredth time. However something was different about today’s visit to the library, it’s as if you could feel someone was watching you. Your eyes kept looking up from the novel every few minutes, not being able to shake this uneasy feeling. 

The sound of a book falling to the floor startled you causing you to look up from the book. That was when your eyes caught sight of a man wearing a green shirt with mid-length dark hair and pale skin. You let out a chuckle upon realizing who it was, it was that rude Asgardian from the other week. What the hell was he doing in a mortal library?

He hadn’t noticed you saw him yet, a smirk taking over your face as an idea popped into your mind. You got up off the ground, quietly making your way towards the boy and standing right behind him. “Are you stalking me or something?”

The sound of your voice startles him as he jumps a little, causing you to bend over in giggles. You didn’t think a god would scare so easy, but apparently your assumptions were wrong. When he see’s that it’s you his eyes widen, rushing out an excuse. "Wha-what I did no such thing!“

Well he was still as rude as ever. "Relax I was kidding, alright.”

He cleared his throat as his eyes scanned the shelf hopelessly, not used to all these mortal novels. “Would you mind, miss…?”

“Y/N. My names Y/N. I never caught your name?” You sent him a friendly smile, hoping he would tell you.

“I’m Loki Laufeyson. I was wondering if you would mind recommending me a good book. I’m stuck on earth for a while with my brother and am terribly bored, but your books here are much different from the ones back home.”

“Oh, yeah sure I can do that. How about this one?” You handed him the book you were reading just moments ago. He took it admiring the cover and reading the title. “Pride and Prejudice.”

You nodded eagerly, you always jumped at a chance to talk about one of your favourite books. “That’s actually my favourite novel, I’ve read it so many times I’ve lost count. How I would kill to have my very own Mr Darcy.” You got lost in thought, daydreaming about finding someone as perfect as Mr Darcy. Loki’s words interrupt your day dreams though.

“I’ll give it a go.” Tucking the novel under his arm, he sent you a smile for the first time. You quite liked his smile and found yourself hoping to see it again soon.

You should probably get going now since it’s getting late. “Well don’t let me stop your reading, i’ll see you around.” You waved goodbye before walking away. You didn’t get very far before you heard Loki call out to you. "Wait! Uh-would you. Would you like to get coffee together some time? I’ve heard that was a thing here on earth.“ 

Chuckling at his words you thought over this for a minute. Should you really get to know an Asgardian god? Since when did he become so nice to you too, you thought he was rude only minutes before. After pondering this for a moment you finally made a decision. "Uh yeah sure, can I have your number then?”

 His eyebrows furrowed at your request which seemed so strange to him. “My what?" 

Realization dawned on you, of course he didn’t know what you were talking about. I doubt they had mobile phones where he comes from. "A phone number.”

Still seeming confused the boy shook his head slightly. “Oh, I don’t have one of those. I’ll pick you up at four in the afternoon on Saturday then, from this place?" 

A slight smile appeared on your face, he was really attractive the more you looked at him. "The library? Um okay, sure. See you then.” With that you both walked away with strange new feelings that you couldn’t describe and had never felt before. Little did you both know that this was the start of something new.

Magnus Chase

Oh yes, I finally finished the thing. The Epilogue made me think of it as like one of Marvel’s post-credit scenes. I think it’s because of Loki among other things, but Loki’s outfits tho’ Also Taylor Swift. I’m not spoiling anything - right? Of course I’m not. I’m being vague af. 

Anyway, this is a more polished version of this. mhmmm. I found the time, so I thought, why not? eh?

To Rule A Kingdom

TITLE: To Rule A Kingdom 


AUTHOR: inadequatelycontent

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Loki’s father decides to give him a chance so he tells him he must marry for the sake of an alliance. Odin sends him to your country where you are the crown prince(ss) and he has trouble adjusting to your differences in culture. Especially knowing that he can only be your spouse, and not a full king.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I was originally inspired by the above imagine, but i have decided to change it slightly to make things more interesting! Hope you enjoy! 

Chapter 1: Stand Down

Tensions were rising in the Kingdom of Asgard as whispers of a revolt against the royal family were being held by the common folk. It didn’t come out of the blue, nor was it a surprise to many who resided within the palace walls. If it were not for the glorious and beloved Queen Frigga, there was no doubt that the people of Asgard would have already made their move.

“Father, you are becoming old and spineless! Please allow for a successor,” Loki, the dark Prince pleaded with his father in the privacy of the royal office. For months now the youngest son of the King had been begging for his father to step down. It wasn’t a matter of pride anymore, this was a matter of life or death. If the people were to start their attacks upon his family Loki knew it would be only a matter of time before they reached the throne room and captured each of the royal members. The fear of being decapitated or exiled was strong among the residence of the palace and it angered Loki that his father wasn’t willing to pay heed to those around him.

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another smuttery mcSmutterson featuring the lovely Loki from MCU. One day I might actually write one featuring the Loki that I grew up with - the one from Scandinavian legends. Though I´m sure he will have sweet Hiddleston´s face…
pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: SMUT, sweet, sweet smut…

You were curled in the corner of the Stark Tower´s library with a book about (your favourite subject). Perfect moment, all was quiet (meaning no explosions from the lab, or shouting and thumping from anywhere…) Rare occasion, really. There was always something going on here. It could be fun and amazing, but also a pain when all you wanted was a calm moment to read.

You felt fidgety, though. It was some time now, since you saw Loki, with whom you had this mutual… understanding. Being a god he didn´t really care about the puny rules of modern humankind, and you had the wisdom to take him as he was. He could be the perfect lover and seemed to enjoy sharing your bed as much as you did. Perfect meaning not clingy, always ready for some fun and at times very surprising. And intelligent, witty and a perfect balance for your mouthiness.

Loki, where are you… Now would be the perfect time for some flirty conversation, leading up to some mind-blowing sex maybe.

Sigh. Quiet is nice, but really…

Tony peeked from the door, getting a sour look from you.
- Have you seen Reindeer Games, hon? Can´t find him anywhere.
- No… Though tell me too if you see him. I have… hm… something to tell him too.
- Yep. Sure you have. Tony´s lewd smile made you roll your eyes, though he was spot on.
- Sod off, Rustpot.
He went with an evil snigger.

You tried to concentrate on your book, but it was like your brain had something against all things intellectual today. Scumbag thoughts went back to imagining all manner of naughty things you wanted to do with Loki when he finally had the grace to appear. Bloody gods and their bloody unpredictable habits…

Struggle between you and your thoughts went on for some time and resulted in more fidgeting until you threw the book to the table with a groan. No use trying… You wanted Loki now! And if he was not around, then you simply had to do something yourself…

Your fingers moved like they had their own will, cupping your full breasts and tickling the perking nipples… Loki´s fingers were always almost cold, and it made his touch shockingly delicious. Mmmm… You closed your eyes and smiled to yourself as a new lively image of Loki wrapping his hand around his cock while looking at you touch yourself invaded your thoughts. Your hands and hips followed the image perfectly as you stretched out on the beanbag chair. These flashes you were having… were they coming from the outside rather than inside?

Damn it, Loki… You sneaky bastard of a god!

But you couldn´t stop the images, or the whims that suggested how to pleasure yourself. You really didn´t want to.

You actually started to add to these god-given (hah!) Daydreams some embellishments of your own. Like imagining how you could make Loki groan if you pleasured him with your mouth or kissed his very sensitive neck… And how wet his sounds of pleasure would make you…

Two could play this game too, my dear god of mischief.

Images started to get very steamy and a bit… shaken in your head. All of a sudden you felt Loki´s heavy breath on your neck and his cool fingers grabbed your arms from behind. You stretched your back to grind against his very much hardened trouser front, as he had materialized under you in the beanbag chair.

Mm… caught you, Loki!

- My dear (y/n)… he whispered and ghosted his blue-tinted lips over your earlobe. - Your willpower is remarkable for a mortal… I did quite… enjoy our little game there…
He snapped his fingers and you heard the library door lock itself. You knew no one would bother you for now and drew his hands wantonly to your breasts.
- Loki… you moaned. - That was a naughty thing to do… I was all but ready to finger myself here almost in public, you know…
- Yes I do know, and what a beautiful sight it would have been… I was so expecting to see you revel in desire orchestrated by me…
- Mmm… That can be arranged if you promise to make me cum… twice…
- Oh, certainly, my dear… Now strip for me. His voice was a husky purr, that made you feel even more flushed and wanton.

You stood up slowly and turned to face him with a knowing smile. He sat there head thrown back and hand lazily rubbing the bulge in his trousers. The sight of his smoldering smirk almost knocked you back off your feet.

You opened the buttons of your jeans one by one, slowly. You unzipped your hoodie, all the while slowly swirling your hips and looking him straight into the eye. Under the hoodie you wore nothing. Because. And under the jeans there had been pants, but all of a sudden you realised that they were there no more. The jeans were chaffing your swollen lower lips very deliciously. You drew a moaning breath and shuddered at the sensation, Loki´s hot gaze following your reactions with a slightly cruel smile.
- Just to remind you I can do anything I desire to you, my dear…

With a second snap of his fingers he was naked. You panted but couldn´t move a finger… He slowly stood up and dragged his long fingers down your neck very lightly. Your hoodie fell to the floor with a flick of his wrist and he circled your nipples with his fingers and then his lips, leaving a trail of fire in their wake. You moaned, but still his spell held you immobile and helpless…

He stepped back and narrowed those green eyes.
- Now, my dear… Kneel.

You dropped down willingly and took him into your mouth with a moan. You absolutely loved his cock, and couldn´t get enough of it. The spell was gone, this was all you worshipping his erect manhood… His groans and panting made you smirk and cup his testicles with a tender hand. You wanted to feel them draw up, which they did when he was on the edge of cumming… His shaking hands grabbed your hair and his slender fingers flexed rhythmically as you slid your mouth up and down his shaft.
- Stand… up… He gritted between clenched teeth and you obeyed like the good girl you so were not.

He held you at arm’s length and panted. You could see he was trying not to be too hasty, though it took some effort.

Now, that was a turn-on, if you needed one…

- Good mortal… You have earned your reward, Loki growled and slid his hands down your back, on your buttocks and down your thighs until you felt your jeans drop off. His hands went back to your bottom and he yanked you against his rock-hard body and held you there to grind and kiss you deeply. He swallowed your lusty whimper and walked you backwards to the wide, stony windowsill to lift you there. The height was perfect for him to kiss and bite your breasts and slid one cold, slender finger slowly between your thighs.
- Mmm… I see you are quite ready for me, my dear… Now, what on earth do I do with you, hm?

Second finger caressed your swollen lower lips and drew a gasp from you. Two fingers slipped inside you and pushed upwards, hitting your most sensitive spot.

You almost came there and then, but Loki slowed the movement of his fingers inside you and kissed you deeply. You curled and uncurled your toes and hanged on to him all helpless, shivering with a deep, deep desire.

- I promised you release, now didn´t I, he whispered against your neck and pinched your bundle of nerves between two fingers of his other hand while curling and uncurling the two fingers still inside you fast and repeatedly. You arched your back and moaned as your inner walls clenched around his caressing fingers.
- Lo…ki..! Please, I want you in me, you whimpered and wrapped your legs around him to draw him to you. He slowly drew his fingers from you and circled them around your nipples, licking at the moisture they left behind. You felt the quiver of anticipation and emptiness inside you and decided to beg next, if he didn´t take you now, and hard too!

You felt his lips quirk up to a wicked smile against your sensitive breasts.
- Do you think your have earned your release, my dear? His whisper tickled your ear and those slender, wonderful, cold hands cupped your neck, your buttocks, your breasts…
- Loki… I don´t care, a god or not, I´ll throw you to your back and straddle you if you don´t fuck me… Your voice was a whispery growl and your hands grabbed his perfectly shaped back, nails leaving long reddish marks to his bluish skin. Blueness intensified with your words, which was a mark of him getting too aroused to control the color. Good… That was very good, as when the Blueberry man came to visit, the results were uniformly mind blowing…

Loki narrowed his red-tinted eyes and dove for a deep kiss, lifting you from the windowsill. All of a sudden you straddled him on the beanbag and it only took a very small movement to skewer yourself with his sweet, hard cock. His growl mixed with your mewl, as the mere penetration almost pushed you over the edge to your second orgasm.

You rode him. Hard. His blue fingers squeezed your hips so wonderfully tightly… Your hips rolled and danced on him, your hands pushed against his heaving chest and as the second peak hit, you threw your head backwards to moan his name and grabbed his wrists. He grinded his pelvis against you and held you tight as your legs shook madly…

Loki´s breath came in laboured gasps. Yours in short whimpers and moans. You were spent, done, sweaty, almost hurting… You could take no more…
- Oh my god…… I´m… I can´t…
- Oh yes you can, my dear… I promised you twice, but I think you have been such a good girl you deserve more… His voice was breathless but still purring.

He flashed you back to the windowsill, still inside you and grabbed your ass to hammer into you madly. You held on to him with your dear life and tried to remember how to breath. His teeth grazed your neck and earlobe, and you realized you had clamped your teeth to his shoulder to silence your moaning.
- Now, my love… I want to hear that sweet mewling of yours…
Loki´s sure hands spread your legs further and he leaned down to ravish your mouth and neck.
- Now… don´t hold back… Loki growled into your ear and did something with his pelvis that tore a whimper after whimper from your lips. You wrapped your legs tightly around Loki´s waist and met his every thrust with a tilt of your hips.
- Louder, my dear!
Your voice raised to a high keening as the storm of sensations became too much once again… Your orgasm intensified and renewed as you heard and felt Loki reach his limit…

Time and world stopped. For a breathless moment you stared into his blood red eyes, quivering mouth against his dark blue lips. Then he moved very gently inside you, his hands whispering up and down your back and sides. You dropped your head wearily on his shoulder and held him very, very close.
- Oh my god… Loki… I… love you. The whisper escaped from your weary lips without any thought or consent from your brain. As soon as you realized what you had said, you tensed. Loki and you had this nice thing going on, without commitment or worries, and your stupid, stupid mouth had went and dragged out the truth that you had succeeded in hiding even from yourself! This could spoil it all… He would go and never come back! And you would miss him terribly, for other things than sex too, you realized.

Loki chuckled softly, tightening his grip of you.
- Was it truly so very difficult thing to say, my dear? He murmured, quirking his lip to a cocky smile.
- But I… I thought you… we… That you only wanted me for… That we just…
You sounded a bit breathless, but… hopeful. Loki´s slender fingers drew lazy patterns at your back as he held you near. His member had softened and slipped to rest on your thigh and you felt his hot seed still in you.
- Oh, do not worry, my dear… I think you are good for many things other than just to warm my bed… Though I have no complaints in that regard either… Maybe I shall call you my queen from now on… Now, come my dear, let us continue this very pleasant subject somewhere more comfortable. Do you prefer your bed, or perhaps mine, as it will be yours from now on?
Your mouth hanged open and you snapped it shut and blinked before answering.
- I´m… fine with either.
- Mine it is, then. Come, my queen… You need your rest, and I intend to make sure you know you belong to me yet again… Just to make sure, and perhaps for our mutual enjoyment too.

Heart Of Ice- Loki Laufeyson


Can I request a reader/Loki where reader is an avenger who was trained by Sif and Natasha and during a fight reader is almost killed but Loki saves her life by going all frost giant and when they’re alone he admits that he might be falling in love with her and I don’t mind if it’s smut or not you decide :) xxx

 This is very fluffy and i’m very happy for there to finally be a Loki imagine on this page as i love him so much!

Also Frigga knowing that her son is in love gives me happiness so i threw that in there

You were brought up around the assassin Black Widow and she had obviously taught you a thing or two to defend yourself but as you got older you became stronger.

When the group had made Thor a member he was more than happy to take you to asgard to see his family and friends as his horary guest.

You met Lady Sif who was instantly challenged by your talent in combat but took it as a compliment to be beaten by you. Even though you were good you were always happy to learn new things.

Then you met Loki. His charms drew you in instantly and you always spent most of your time with him.

Frigga would usually find you two sitting in the orchard while he made pretty shaped with his magic.

He never tricked you like he did with others. The trickster god would only do things to make you smile.

Frigga knew instantly that you and Loki liked each other more than friends. Love even. Every mother can tell when he child has found the one it was just a shame Loki was too proud to admit it.


You had decided to join Thor on a battle but it had gone bad. You where flung around and thrown against a wall with a groan.

You fell to the floor in a crumbled heap and groaned loudly.

Thors hammer flew through the air but missed the enemy. “Y/n?!” he yelled out trying to rush over to help but was stopped by his own enemy.

The beast stomped closer and closer to you.

Someone stepped in front of you. “Be gone!” He ordered but when he kept coming you saw his skin turn blue.

Your eyes went misty and everything turned black.


“L-loki…” those where the first words out of your mouth.

“I’m here y/n” he whispered as you tried to find his hand.

He gently held it with both of his. “It’s okay, you’re safe now. My mother patched you up and you’ll be right as rain in no time.” He had a soft smile on his face.

“W-what happened…You where blue… you-“

“I’m erm…” he sighed and looked down. “I’m a frost giant Y/n…I understand if you don’t want to talk to me anymore. I’m a monster and that’s why I didn’t tell you…” He started to leave but your groaning made him rush back to your side.

“I-“ you groaned again as you sat up. “I don’t care Loki…I’ll love you no matter what you are.”

“L-love?” he blushed.

“O-oh no…not love…I erm…” you stuttered madly and cheeks flushed red.

He gently too your hand again. “Y/n, my pet. I may be a frost giant but I have only just realised I do not have a frozen heart at all…I’m falling in love with you…More than I’ve ever loved anyone before.”

You smile and kiss his softly as he blushed and kissed you back.

Frigga stood in the door frame and smiled to herself. She knew it all along.


The silver cameo backs I ordered a while ago finally arrived (to be fair, they did travel halfway across the world, so) and then

things happened

(not sure why the glitter looks so silver in the picture; the blue and purple/pink/whatever stands out more in person)

This is all Loki’s fault. He wouldn’t leave me alone until I made it. Can’t really be mad at him, though; not when the result is so pretty.

We're getting there - Jumin x trans!male mc

(Inspired by the head canon from @mystic-imagination-messenger of trans!male mc coming out to jumin)
(This IS the first time I’ve attempted something like this. I hope you like it!!
#TW!!!!!!! For panic mentions, coming out, scared to be coming out, (but it all works out in the end)

It may take time, but eventually people will either understand, or leave, so don’t sweat it.

Loki shifted nervously. Admittedly he knew the consequences of getting into a relationship before coming out, but Jumin meant the world to him. He texted Jumin earlier that day that they needed to talk about something serious, which of course got Jumin’s attention. After about an hour of convincing, Loki finally got Jumin to stay at work instead of rushing home. Giving him the time to pace nervously as thoughts whirled around his head. /what if Jumin doesn’t accept me/ is the most prominent one. Jumin was a gay man in a gay relationship with Loki, so he knew Jumin had to have a base of understanding of the LGBT community. As he paced back and forth while Elizabeth watched him, the door opened. Loki nearly jumped out of his skin and let out a startled yelp he got so frightened. Jumin cocked his head to the side, confused as to why Loki jumped and screamed, /was loki hurt? Did someone do anything??/ raced through Jumin’s mind.
“Loki. It’s only me.” Jumin said lowly. Trying not to startle loki any further, but it wasn’t working. Loki’s heart was beating a mile a minute and he slowly backed up from Jumin.
“J-jumin I-I didn’t r-realize how late it was…” he stuttered out. Even though Jumin and Loki have only been together a few weeks, Jumim picked up on the fact Loki only stuttered when he was completely scared and close to a panic attack.
“Loki… what’s going on, you can tell me anything.” He said as sweet as possible. Slowly walking over to Loki, but for every step he takes toward Loki, Loki backed up. Shaking like a startled animal.
“I’m so sorry jumin…” Loki started, but the tears welling up and finally cascading down his cheeks stopped him and that’s the final crack in the dam, he started to fall to the floor from how hard he was sobbing. Jumin acted without even thinking and caught him, slowly lowering himself to the floor with Loki in his arms crying. Jumin is still very new to the whole having emotions thing, so he was not sure how to comfort loki and that made him frustrated.
“Loki… please tell me what’s wrong.” He said softly. Nuzzling his face into Loki’s hair.
“I c-can’t.” Loki choked out. Gripping Jumin’s suit like Jumin was going to disappear if he let go.
“Loki, you can tell me anything. I’ll always love you, my prince.” He murmured. Hugging him even tighter.
“No! You’ll h-hate me!” Loki cried.
“Loki.” Jumin said, his voice deadly calm. He gently gripped Loki’s chin to make Loki look st him in the eyes. “I love you. Only you. You are the first person I have ever felt something for. I could never hate you my love. Please. Calm down and tell me what’s going on.” He said with a soft commanding voice. Loki nodded and started to wipe his eyes. “No, you’ll irritate them. Dab gently.” He murmured, taking his handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed Loki’s eyes dry. They stayed there on the floor until Loki calmed down.
“I’m sorry I made you sit on the floor jumin.” Loki said in a quiet voice. As he softly pet Elizabeth’s fur.
“You didn’t make me. I sat there on my own free will. Sit on the couch with me and we can talk. Okay?” Before Loki could say anything, Jumin had picked them up and carried them to the couch. Setting them down, he sat across from them and held their hand gently. “Now tell me Loki.” Jumin encouraged.
“Jumin, I haven’t been completely truthful about every aspect of myself, and you deserve to know the truth if you’re going to be with me.” Loki said softly, not able to look Jumin in the eyes. “I am transgender. I was born a girl but I transitioned into male, only seven knows and that’s because I couldn’t go without my T shots. I always leave before we can do anything or sleep because I haven’t gotten any surgery yet, so I still have… girl parts. It’s not safe to sleep in a binder and I only did it the one time I slept over here, because I was too ashamed to tell you.” Loki said quietly and hung his head. “I’m not the guy i led you to believe I am. I am so sorry i lied to you, i will completely understand if you want to break up and never talk to me again.” The tears started to well in Loki’s eyes again.
“Explain it to me. I don’t understand. I don’t have a problem with it. But please, explain everything you need, How the surgery recovery is, anything you need. Tell me and I’ll get it for you loki.” Jumin said, causing Loki to look up at him in wonder.
“Jumin?” Loki whispered. Jumin smiled and pulled Loki onto his lap. Nuzzling his neck he spoke softly.
“I could never hate you Loki. We all have our secrets, obviously something happened in your past to make you so secretive about it, and please, when you feel comfortable with me knowing, tell me. I won’t judge you or hurt you. I love you Loki, with my entire being. Thank you for trusting me with something so important.” He kissed Loki’s neck softly and continued hugging Loki close.
“Later, I’ll explain everything. I’m tired now.” Loki whispered. “Can I stay over Jumin?” Jumin smiled widely, loki even felt it against his neck.
“Yes You may, but, your chest is flat. Are you wearing your binder? I recall you said you can’t wear it for long periods of time or sleep in it. Why?”
“Well, because it’s constantly compressing, it can hurt my lungs and ribs.” Loki admitted. “You’re not supposed to wear one for more than eight hours a day.”
“Loki, how long have you been wearing it today?” He said, stilling now that he knew Loki could get hurt.
“I should probably be taking it off by now…” Loki admitted. Looking down at his tighter fitting shirt he sighed. Feeling Loki’s discomfort, Jumin had an idea.
“I have some loose pyjama tops you could borrow. They’re big on me, so you wouldn’t be able to see any definition you don’t want. If that would make you feel better, my prince.” Loki’s eyes started watering from the overwhelming feeling of pure love he felt to this man.
“Jumin.” Loki said softly. Turning so he was straddling Jumin. Jumins hands floated down to Loki’s hips and he cocked his head to the side again.
“Yes, my love?” He said just as softly.
“I love you, so much, you are the sweetest, most loving and caring man ever.” He kissed him softly. Not in a sexual way, but to show how much he loved him. Jumin kissed back and held loki to him tightly.
“My handsome, lovely prince.” He whispered. Loki gripped his suit again tightly as he relaxed against Jumin. He’ll tell Jumin about his past, just, one story a day is good for now.

...Or we could make out...

Pairing(s): Tony Stark x Reader, Thor x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bruce Banner x Reader, Natasha Romanoff x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Loki x Reader, Clint Barton x Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Reader, Pietro Maximoff x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader, Vision x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader, Scott Lang x Reader.

Request: None

Written by: yourdanishmess

Summary: Based on the writing promt “… or we could make out…” Contains small stories for each Avenger + a few others.

Warnings: Depends on which one you read. Some contain foul language, some contain alcohol or food. 

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Yule (Thor x Reader x Loki) - 12 Days of Fic-Mas

Originally posted by comededicastronaut

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Characters: Thor and Loki

Persona: Female

Word Count: 854

Request: Only 3 Christmas requests??? OH I’LL HELP ;)) How about a Thor x Reader x Loki where the Norse gods teach the reader about THEIR Christmas - or Yule - which mostly includes drinking, feasting, drinking, banquets, drinking, fighting, and such. And she in return teaches them of HER Christmas - which is to say, the modern and commercialized kind! Love youuuuu<3 

A/N - Thank you, honestly I don’t know a lot about Yule so some of these things are made up, love you tooooo <3

“I don’t understand this Christmas film”, Thor announced loudly from your right hand side, Loki sighed irritably from your left, “What is there not to understand?”. Thor tucked a large hand under his chin as he rested his elbow on his knee, bent over in thought he finally voiced his concerns, “Where’s all of the great halls? The festive banquets, the brawls? The dancers and the other entertainers? And most importantly the alcohol, I don’t understand”.

Loki rolled his eyes but said nothing as he too pondered why the Midgardian traditions were different from the Asgardian ones. 

“What do you mean? Don’t you guys celebrate Christmas back on Asgard?”, you asked in confusion, curiosity dripped from your tone. “Of course we do”, Loki answered curtly, “Clearly not in the same way though”. You reached for the tv remote and paused the movie, “Well how do you celebrate it then?”, you patiently looked between the two brothers as you waited for a response.

Thor was the first one to answer, beating Loki by a fraction of a second, he sounded extremely eager to share his culture with you, “We don’t call it Christmas on Asgard, instead we call it Yule and it’s filled with lots of different things like great feasts and beer and dancing and fighting and even more beer!–”, he laughed with a great grin. 

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Another Lover of Chocolate

Request: You should do an imagine where one day you bump into Gabriel and he finds out you’re also a trickster.

Warnings: Lots of Chocolate

Word Count: 1367

Author: Gwen

Children screamed past you as observed the crowds on a warm spring day. Teenagers held hands as they entered and exited the stores along the main road of Hershey’s Chocolate World. The perfect place for someone like you. Chocolate and people to mess with. The combination was too good to be true and made you thankful each day.

In your own hands you had a bunch of chocolates, ranging in size and flavors. The current one you were chewing and had partly covering your face was probably your favorite. The taste oozed into each of your taste buds with each simple movement of your jaw.

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