finally i made a loki thing

Heart Of Ice- Loki Laufeyson


Can I request a reader/Loki where reader is an avenger who was trained by Sif and Natasha and during a fight reader is almost killed but Loki saves her life by going all frost giant and when they’re alone he admits that he might be falling in love with her and I don’t mind if it’s smut or not you decide :) xxx

 This is very fluffy and i’m very happy for there to finally be a Loki imagine on this page as i love him so much!

Also Frigga knowing that her son is in love gives me happiness so i threw that in there

You were brought up around the assassin Black Widow and she had obviously taught you a thing or two to defend yourself but as you got older you became stronger.

When the group had made Thor a member he was more than happy to take you to asgard to see his family and friends as his horary guest.

You met Lady Sif who was instantly challenged by your talent in combat but took it as a compliment to be beaten by you. Even though you were good you were always happy to learn new things.

Then you met Loki. His charms drew you in instantly and you always spent most of your time with him.

Frigga would usually find you two sitting in the orchard while he made pretty shaped with his magic.

He never tricked you like he did with others. The trickster god would only do things to make you smile.

Frigga knew instantly that you and Loki liked each other more than friends. Love even. Every mother can tell when he child has found the one it was just a shame Loki was too proud to admit it.


You had decided to join Thor on a battle but it had gone bad. You where flung around and thrown against a wall with a groan.

You fell to the floor in a crumbled heap and groaned loudly.

Thors hammer flew through the air but missed the enemy. “Y/n?!” he yelled out trying to rush over to help but was stopped by his own enemy.

The beast stomped closer and closer to you.

Someone stepped in front of you. “Be gone!” He ordered but when he kept coming you saw his skin turn blue.

Your eyes went misty and everything turned black.


“L-loki…” those where the first words out of your mouth.

“I’m here y/n” he whispered as you tried to find his hand.

He gently held it with both of his. “It’s okay, you’re safe now. My mother patched you up and you’ll be right as rain in no time.” He had a soft smile on his face.

“W-what happened…You where blue… you-“

“I’m erm…” he sighed and looked down. “I’m a frost giant Y/n…I understand if you don’t want to talk to me anymore. I’m a monster and that’s why I didn’t tell you…” He started to leave but your groaning made him rush back to your side.

“I-“ you groaned again as you sat up. “I don’t care Loki…I’ll love you no matter what you are.”

“L-love?” he blushed.

“O-oh no…not love…I erm…” you stuttered madly and cheeks flushed red.

He gently too your hand again. “Y/n, my pet. I may be a frost giant but I have only just realised I do not have a frozen heart at all…I’m falling in love with you…More than I’ve ever loved anyone before.”

You smile and kiss his softly as he blushed and kissed you back.

Frigga stood in the door frame and smiled to herself. She knew it all along.


"Cool Motive Still Murder" Contest Winners

Alright people! You have voted to decide who is the whiniest, most butthurt character, and you have spoken! Here are the runners-up, honorable mentions, and, of course, the winners.

The Runners-up

In 6th place, Handsome Jack from Borderlands with 4 votes
In 5th place, Anakin Skywalker and Hannibal, each with 6 votes
In 4th place, Kilgrave from Jessica Jones with 7 votes

Honorable Mentions (by which I mean answers that made me laugh)

Yes, these are all real things people really said.

George R. R. Martin
Ted Cruz
*stares into the distance*
Make me, bitch
The patriarchy

And Now… The Winners

Tied for 3rd place, we have Jason Todd from Batman and Frank Castle from Daredevil, each with 8 votes

In 2nd place, we have Loki Laufeyson with 16 votes

And, finally, in 1st place, with 47 votes, we have this motherfucker:


I’ve been interested in Paganism for a few years now, but I’ve finally decided to try pursuing it more seriously.  I have felt a pull towards Loki even before I knew who He was, so I have decided that I will worship him.  This is my first altar!  It’s simple but I like it and I hope He does as well.  I made the little plaque with his name written in runes as well as the little red bowl that I keep my actual runes in.

I’m using the lettuce bowl for food offerings (such as the cookies I gave Him), the little copper mug for shiny jewelry and other small things I think He would like, and I’m using the tall wine glass for liquids.  The tea cup on the right is where I will probably keep my pendulum when it arrives. :D

(Sadly, I do have to stick to LED candles… I had a happy little accident a few years ago and I’ve been too afraid of anything fire ever since, lol.  I do keep a little candle on there, though, because the scent reminds me of Him.)

So, yeah!  It’s pretty simple and is so far mostly made of stuff I either made or found around my house, but I’m happy with it so far. :)

Odin & Loki

I picked Odin but Loki picked me. I still compulsively set up a place for Odin on the alar, his statue has a cup in hand and I always invite him to drink in Loki’s presence (“Do you remember, Odin, when in bygone days we mixed our blood together? You said you would never drink ale unless it were brought to both of us.”)

As has become the way this past year, strange things transpired and we realized Odin was for Lieblings and suddenly all the peculiarities fell into place and made sense.

Be careful what you ask for. I specifically requested a solution to a complicated problem and opened the proverbial can of worms. It’s worth it to finally know but knowing opens new hurdles.


I’m finally getting the last heavy-duty moving-and-decorating things done this weekend! Yesterday the shelves in the bedroom were hung up, including my nail polish shelf (topped off with my lovely commission by @maria-tries of Clint and Natasha painting their nails).

The gallery wall looks really fancy and adult, but nearly half of it is some kind of fandom reference. (And yeah, some of the frames don’t have art in them yet and the blue one is gonna be swapped out, it’s still a work in progress.)

There’s a tiny loki in a frame, from the time my friends pranked me and I came home to find  the place COVERED in Loki. On the walls, in the shower, in the fridge, hidden between my clothes, in my sock drawer… I found some Lokis like four months later between my summer clothes.

A pizza dog frame with all the Clint and Kate symbols. My commissions from @dr-kara (Phil and Clint being schmoopy on a date) and @notallbees (Bucky and Nat knitting).

And of course the ‘that sounds totally gator toes’ artwork I made in honour of @essieincinci‘s Chubby College Bucky x Cap AU.