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not to be a soft ass bitch, but eddie changing “loser” to “lover” on his cast is some of the purest shit i’ve ever seen and 27 years are added to my life every time i think about it


do you know that (8/8) : bts edition

“Zoe loves the movies. So I knew if I was going to propose, it had to involve the movies. But I can’t make a movie myself because I don’t work in film. So I had to get creative. I ordered a black-and-white Italian film from a vintage film dealer. It seemed vaguely romantic. I spent four months editing it on my computer. I changed all the subtitles. I cut out the harem scene. I completely changed the plot so that it resembled our lives. I wrote some dialogue about picture frames because Zoe’s family owns a frame shop. And I love trains. So I made the main character a train enthusiast. When I finished the editing, I rented out a small theater with sixty seats. I invited all of Zoe’s friends and family. I made sure everyone sat in the front and didn’t turn around. The weather was beautiful that day. Zoe didn’t want to go to a movie. We got in a big fight about it, but I finally convinced her. I was so nervous that I laughed during the whole film. I’d seen all the jokes 1000 times but I laughed at them anyway. Then during the final scene, the main characters started speaking to the audience, and one of them asked: ‘Does anyone here want to get married?’ So I stood up. The lights came on. All her friends and family turned around. And I gave a speech that I prepared. I was so nervous that I forgot to ask the actual question. But Zoe bailed me out and said ‘yes’ anyway.”

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Karamel adventures [12/?]
TAZ FIC: Cycle 71 (5100 words)
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

A hundred years, a hundred worlds, a hundred stories. The seventy-first starts off poorly (though not nearly as poorly as some) and honesty, like violence, can be brutal.

Taako is fed up. Magnus feels guilty. Lup lashes out. Merle saves the day.

Taako woke up to a bucket of cold water in the face. He yelped comically, sputtered, and spat.

That’s when he realized his hands were bound – no, hands and feet both – to a metal chair, in a dank stonework room he’d never seen before. There was no light, but since he was an elf it didn’t matter; he could see the four people standing in front of him just fine.

He shook his head roughly, water flicking from his bangs. Think, stupid, think. Last thing he remembered was getting tipsy in a particularly boisterous bar. He was doing reconnaissance, which was a fancy word for scoping the nightlife in the capital city of whatever fucking world they’d landed on this time. Hylia? Hyperborea? Who cares. They’d all be so much interplanar chum in a year’s time if they didn’t find the Light.

Stop. Tangent. Refocus. He was in a bar. The booze had caught up to him. He’d gone to the bathroom. Then… fuzzy. He’d blacked out, or got a sack thrown over his head, or something. He vaguely remembered a sharp pain in his head? Now he was here.

So, unless that handsome tiefling he’d been chatting up was into some seriously kinky shit…

“I hope you’re fucking happy,” Taako said to the group of four. “My hair is ruined.”

One of them, a big, broad-shouldered type with a shaved head, walked up and punched him in the mouth. A short, sharp strike, clearly pulled, and it still had Taako seeing stars. He tasted blood, copper in the back of his throat.

“Who are you?” one of the other three asked in an accented voice. Probably the leader? Shorter, much shorter, and leaner than his big bruiser buddy. No horns, but a tail. Part tiefling, maybe.

Taako shook his head to clear it. “I’m Taako,” he said. “Y'know, from TV?”

The big man punched Taako across the forehead, this time with his other hand. That one made Taako dizzy.

“Where are you from?” the short one asked.

Taako’s head lolled on his shoulders. He shrugged and breathed out a laugh. “I mean, where are any of us from, really? When you think about it–”

The big one hit him again, clean in the side of his head. Taako’s ears rang. He didn’t hear the next question the short one asked. Not that it mattered. Like he was going to tell them anything. Whoever the hell they were. They’d probably kill him, of course, which would suck. But it was a temporary problem at best, and as strong as his self-preservation instinct was, Taako’s spite was, at this point, far, far stronger.

He’d very much like not to die, though. So he’d have to escape. Problem: he was still a bit hazy from the drinks. Or maybe they’d dosed him at some point. It was hard to focus, and he couldn’t even cast a cantrip. He didn’t carry anything like a weapon on him, and if he did, they’d have taken it anyway. Times like this he really wished he had a way to contact the ship. Hopefully Lup would get worried and come looking for him before these sons of bitches finished their Q&A sesh.

After he took too long to answer, the big man hit him again, a short jab to the nose that didn’t hurt nearly as much as the last couple. Taako laughed out loud, and it must have looked downright ghoulish, because he saw the big one tense uncomfortably. Taako rolled his head in his direction and spit on the floor between them.

“Look, bub,” he said with a smile. His voice sounded dull and muffled in his ears, like a recording played in another room. “You’re gonna have to hit a whole lot harder than that–”

The next hit nearly knocked him out clean. It certainly loosened a tooth. Cool, now even if didn’t die, he’d have to go an entire year without an incisor. Fun day he was having.

[continued on AO3]

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Jack Cooper - Titanfall 2

Finally managed to finish this build, and just in time for Megacon this Friday too! Most of the armor was hand made from foam and other materials to go with the collectors edition helmet i got with the game, with 3D printed parts where necessary. Guns and knife were 3D printed.


Like a river flows so surely to the sea, oh my darling so it goes;
Some things are meant to be.


Two times Shinichi tried to confess and the one time he did

She would want to see me. If I told her how I felt, she’d only miss me even more.


[On her favourite storylines from GOT s6] I’m just so relieved that we finally got Jon Snow’s maternity out, because I’ve had that theory for a long time. Sophie [Turner, who plays Sansa Stark] and I were close for a number of years, and I love watching her complex, dramatic growth as Sansa becomes this woman who can play the game herself. When the Knights of the Vale rode over that hill in Episode 9, I was whooping and jumping up and down on the sofa. Also, Rory McCann is a great guy, so the Hound coming back was such a joy to see.