finally i got this video


Nothing to see here…

“We ‘accidentally’ leave the pantry open when his dog food bag is down to crumbs. Within minutes of us ‘looking away,’ he sneaks in, steals the bag, and runs (or carefully walks) it upstairs. I finally got video of the ‘theft.’ His proud butt waggle kills me.” - shinyblackdogmama


Prompto: Hey, Noct? I dunno if you saw it, but there’s this photo magazine at the prize counter…

Noctis: Yeah, I saw it. And?

Prompto: AND I NEED IT! Can I borrow some medals? Pleeeease?

Noctis: *Immediately buys the magazine because Prompto you sweet Chocofloof I would die for you of course you’re getting this magazine*

The victory fanfare plays after you buy it! I thought this was so cute hahaha

I was asked a lot to sing this, and I finally got around to record it! I’m reposting this video, now having trimmed out some of the pauses to fit the meter better, and also with the audio aligning to the video more accurately. After thinking a lot about it, I decided to sing it with the original pronouns in order to pay respect to the original singer and context of the song. I truly hope you all enjoy it!

I remember a while ago someone was interested in the pirate version of the Shia LaBeouf song that I mentioned so I finally got my shit together and took a video of it. It’s pretty brilliant.

Tom Holland Laughing

Heey! I drew this a while ago on my artblog (@imagiart) but I really wanted you to see it and I finally got the courage to submit this!

I really love your videos and especially the ones with personalities. You never fail to make me smile, which is kinda rare for me lately, so thank you very much!

~ Your nonbinary fan

Thomas: GASSSSSSSSSP!!!!!!! This is… EPIC!!!! I love it so much, THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!!