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“I reminded myself of a lesson I’d learned in my training: Do the scary thing first, get scared later”

                                                                     Lemony Snicket “When Did You See Her Last?”


finally uploaded a bunch of my stuff to redbubble! check it out here!!! lots of cryptid stuff, lots of pokemon stuff, lots of dogs…

and if there’s anything else y’all want to see on the store, or if you want something in a product that isn’t yet available, let me know! i’ll get it up asap (rn i’m working on adding more dog stickers, but that’s definitely not a necessity B^)  )

I finally upload something to youtube and it’s 4 second video of my thigh so zoomed in the screen is blacked out. and I only uploaded it to promote the post I made.

I was serious when I said I need this spread to every last corner of the internet. I would have made a real video but I don’t think anyone needs to hear me snotty and dying on top of bad news.

I feel really bad though. I want to get back on youtube at some point… but my life’s not in order in the slightest right now.

  • Vanoss: ( hasn't uploaded in 3 days )
  • Me: oh no are u ok, what happened, did someone bother u, who hurt u, are u busy, are u sure youre ok, did something come up,again are u sure youre ok rite?????????
  • Vanoss: ( finally uploads a video )
  • Me: ( internal c r i e s ) YES MY BBY IS OK
  • [ no tho, I get it, he was probably editing a video that required 3 days ]
Twitter - Jensen Ackles x Reader (Singing at a Supernatural Con - Part 2)

Title: Twitter

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: 2,328

Warnings: None

Loosely based on this: Imagine after Jensen followed you on twitter you two have been talking non-stop for a long time. You’ve been retweeting, commenting, and favoriting each other’s tweets, till one day he invites you over at the Supernatural set. Only for a date with him to follow shortly afterwards.

Read Part 1 here! l See Jensen’s tweet of you and your conversation with him here!

A/N: I am going to continue Spice, fear not, but as it seems I am going through a Jensen week at the moment so I had to upload this today. Then after this week we’ll get back into our usual Supernatural angst. Enjoy~! xx’

You let out a huff as you slummed on your bed. Work was finally over and it would be for the next week, something that made you all the more happy. Your boss wanted to go on vacation and he had decided to close the coffee shop you worked at for that time which of course offered you the opportunity to relax.

You decided to take a long and much-needed shower and then changed into a new set of clothes. A pair of black shorts with batman signs on them along with a shirt you were lucky enough to find on a nearby shop. It said ‘Prince charming on a white horse? No thanks. Mine rides an Impala’ in bold letters. You dried your hair with a towel and once again laid on your bed, letting out a content sigh as you snuggled with your pillow.

A smile formed on your face when you heard the familiar sound of your phone go off, signaling that you had a new notification on twitter. You didn’t even have to open the app to know that it was from him. Jensen.

It is seemed like a dream, because you had actually had this kind of dream long time ago before you met him, but the difference was that this was true. The smile every time you thought back to that time became even more big. It was hard to forget even if you wanted to (which of course you didn’t) what had happened after that con. It was your first one and if someone had told you that straight after it Jensen Ackles would have followed you on twitter and then started a conversation with you, you would have laughed straight into their face.

You and Jensen had had more than plenty of conversations through twitter and every time - no matter how hard it seemed to believe - he was the one starting a conversation. Whether it be with a simple ‘Hey!’ or ‘What are you doing now?’ or even ‘I’m bored! And Jared is making it even worse! Please save me!’ - you had a hard time keeping yourself from smiling at that one.

Yeah, hard to believe but true nonetheless.

It had happened. You could clearly remember it like it was yesterday although it actually was months ago.

From the very first moment he followed you he would not stop retweeting, favoriting your posts and even mentioning you in a lot of his tweets. It seemed so surreal how he treated you as if you were like on of the cast or his close friends while you were just another fan. Ever since the con you realized that most of his tweets included you in them, even as he posted photos, and you couldn’t help but smile when he posted something, either simple tweet, video or photo, commenting on something that you two had been talking about at that moment through the direct messages. His sassy comments on some of the things you had said made you blush but surely laugh, nonetheless. There were moments that you felt as if you had been actually talking to Dean but it surely could not compare to the fact that it actually was Jensen Ackles.

Your favorite part was him tweeting photos from the cons he went at, more often than not mentioning you in the tweet even though you were not there. Like one time when he had posted a video of him dancing on the scene, Jared filming the video. He had added the description 'I surely got some good dance moves huh, @(Y/t/n)?’ but Jared’s retweet made it even better.

Especially with what he had added 'Of course you do @JensenAckles! @(Y/t/n) invite him to your wedding you sure won’t regret it!’

But of course Jensen’s retweet was the best of all ’@jarpad why would I need an invitation to my own wedding?’

That had you blushing for hours and of course (Y/f/n) teasing you for hours to no end.

But you had to admit that it was absolutely fun how even the rest of the cast treated you like one of them. Jared was the first one after Jensen to include you in his tweets. He as well as Misha and Mark didn’t miss a beat to follow you and of course talk to you through direct messages a couple times. Jared and Misha usually making fun of Jensen, embarrassing him to you, and of course pointing it out through tweets for Jensen to know as well. All Jensen ever did was tweet for you to not believe them or, your favorite one, 'THEY ARE LIARS! ALL LIARS! Don’t believe them @(Y/t/n)!’. Jared and Misha wouldn’t miss the chance to reply to those ones many times.

You also had to admit that you loved it when they took group photos on the set and posted them, including you in the description. You clearly remembered one tweeted by Jared. Jensen was taking the picture and had a smile on his face but Misha, Jared and Mark on the background clearly showed their irritation and boredom. It was obviously a second take to some photo Jensen had once posted for you and Jared didn’t miss a beat get that second photo and tweet it for you as well. Another one of your favorites was one of Jensen with his phone in his hands on his bed, clearly in his trailer and taken by somebody else. It was completely dark, no light on, just the one from the phone’s screen illuminating slightly his face just so that you could see the outline. Jared’s description was the best thing about it (he obviously was the one that had taken the photo and then posted it) 'Dude it’s 2 in the morning and you two are still messaging each other?! @(Y/t/n) what the hell are you even talking about?!’

You clearly remember that time, among many more other, when you had stayed up till late at night talking for hours to no end. It surprised you but made you really happy at the same time to find out how many things you had in common with him. Not to mention how glad you were to get to know him better, more than just a fan could.

You reached on your nightstand and took your phone and soon opened your twitter app. Your smile only got bigger when you saw that it actually was a tweet from Jensen. He had retweeted your most recent video. Again. You and your best friend had been making videos, covers of songs, for a long time but after the con when more people heard you sing, Jensen included, you gained more popularity. More people started listening to your songs, seeing your videos and followed you on twitter. Even more asked you to cover their favorite songs. Jensen on top of the list.

You chuckled when you saw his newest tweet that included you.

'Can’t stop watching your videos! @(Y/t/n) how is it possible that you rock every song? Big thumbs up for you, girl! P.S. When is the next video comin’ up? I need it now!… I sound like a fanboy… Look what you did to me!’ it said and was accompanied by a photo of him giving thumbs up to the camera.

You giggled softly as you felt a blush form on your cheeks. Jensen admired your work. Jensen admired you. Jensen was a fan of yours.  Damn this had to be a dream!

But it wasn’t. It was real.

You retweeted his photo that had already gained many retweets and favorites and added 'Soon I hope ;)’. You added an emoticon in the end just for the fun of it. You were lucky that you were communicating with him through twitter and not actually face to face. If that was the case you were sure you would be blushing red and definitely a stuttering mess.

That also gave you the opportunity to tease him when you were talking through messages just like a couple days ago when you had returned from work and he had immediately texted you.

“Hey there, what are ya doin’?” he had said.

“Good, just finished work and I’m now watching TV. You?” you typed back quickly and you didn’t have to wait long, as Jensen typed back his answer.

“Ah good, just finished shooting a scene and taking a break before the next one. Oh, what show?” he asked.

“One of my favorites” you typed and he didn’t miss a beat to answer.

“Your favorite, huh? Why, is there any hotty there that’s got you hooked? ;)” he asked and you didn’t miss noticing the emoticon in the end.

You were glad that you were not talking with him face to face or else there was no doubt he would see your bright red face.

“Ah yes you might know him…” you texted first.

And then added “I gotta say Ian Somerhalder has never looked better than he does in season 6 of The Vampire Diaries” with a smirk on your face.

It took him a while to respond but you were sure what look he had on his face right and you couldn’t help but laugh at just the image of it.

“Traitor” he replied.

You chuckled at the mere memory of it. You loved teasing him and found yourself lucky enough to not having made a fool of yourself yet because you didn’t talk to him face to face. You were sure that if you did get to be close enough to him then you would not utter a single word. Not to mention that you would be blushing, trembling, stuttering, shaking and staring at him like an love-struck teenager. Maybe you actually were but there was no need for him to know.

You saw that you had a new message and you didn’t have to guess to know that it was from Jensen. You didn’t reply immediately but just got up from your bed and took your laptop, opening it and logging in in twitter.

“Hey! x” the message said and you bit your lip to keep yourself from smiling when you saw the kiss at the end of it.

“Hi! How are you? x” you hesitated but added the kiss in the end of your message as well.

“Good, just relaxing before a live interview. What are ya doing? xx” he was soon to reply.

“Talking with you through twitter x” you replied and chuckled to yourself.

“Funny. Maybe I’ll have you in mind if they decide to chose a female version of Dean” he wrote back.

“Great! xD But anyway, yeah, I’m relaxing as well. Finished work about an hour ago and I’m watching TV” you typed back.

“Please just PLEASE don’t tell me it’s The Vampire Diaries again!” you read his reply and couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of the expression he probably had at that moment.

“Haha fear not. It’s Supernatural” you didn’t miss a beat to write back.

“Thank Castiel! Well how does the ep. look so far?”

“Well as far as I can see good. But I can’t help but get distracted…” you wrote.

“Distracted huh? And what- or should I say who can be responsible for that? ;)” you didn’t miss the opportunity to see the emoticon in the end.

“Well I have to say that never has a man looked better in a suit! But I guess taking it off is much more distracting”

“Oh yeah? ;)” you could literally see the smirk on his face.

“Definitely! But I just wonder why don’t they let Jared wear suits more often?!”

“What? Jared?” you giggled when you read his reply.

“Yep!” was your quick reply.

“You just love torturing me, don’t you?” you could literally hear the frustration in his voice even if you were texting each other.

“Maaaaaaybe ;)” it was your time to smirk at him.

“Hey by the way I needed your opinion on something. I want to watch a movie with my celeb crush in it and I am between two” you typed first but before you could say more he wrote to you.

“Oh really your celeb crush huh? Well, as long as he is in both movies does it matter?” he wrote to you.

“No, I guess you’re right. I think getting to see those perfect short blond and spiky hair matters more!” you wrote to him.

“Perfect short blond spiky hair huh?” he typed.

“Come on don’t tease me! It’s Chris Evans after all!” you giggled as you wrote your reply to him.
“Chris Evans?” you could imagine the irritation on his face.

“Yeah. Who did you think I was talking about?” you typed.

Before he could write something you added another message “Chris Hemsworth? Because yeah I really like him as well!”

You laughed out loudly as you thought of Jensen’s expression.

“You woman will be the death of me!” you could just imagine him grumbling.

“Oh I wouldn’t worry about you. Death is your bitch after all, isn’t it?” you typed back with a smile.

“You’re right on that one.” he typed and before you could write something more he sent you another message “Hey, by the way do you have a Skype?” he asked and you bit your lip.

You were reluctant to reply because this could be either really could or really bad. Or maybe both, who knew.

“Yeah” you typed a short answer.

“Cool! Here is mine JensenAckles4Real.” he typed and you could not stop yourself from chuckling.

“JensenAckles4Real really?” you raised an eyebrow and smirked as you kept reading his Skype name again and again.

“Oh shut up! Just add me so we can talk through camera!” he said and as soon as you read the message you felt your eyes growing wide.

This was something you certainly didn’t expect. Of course you wanted to talk to him through camera, nothing could ever compare to that - other than talking face to face - but that did not mean you were prepared for it. What if you made a fool of yourself? What if you said something embarrassing? What if after talking for a good while to you through camera would make him regret starting a conversation with you in the very beginning?

“Ok” you found yourself typing before you could realize it.

FINALLY got the “Are you always this kind to your enemies?” line in JP!! Now I can quit & reload the game in Eng ✧*.◟(ˊᗨˋ)◞.*✧

Sadly, JP Aranea doesn’t laugh after Ignis says: “No, but I am to my allies.” Instead I believe she says 「そう。」 or “Really?” / “Is that so.”

But she does address him as megane (four-eyes) during this conversation lol. And JP Ignis does call Aranea an ally or 味方 (mikata).


prompts: i had two requesting this fic and the idea has been haunting me forever. i couldn’t not write it ;D

genre: smut (what else would it be at this point sigh)

warnings: swearing, toys (fleshlight), masturbation uwu

word count: 998 (nice)

A/N: surprise mother truckers, i bring you something that isn’t really written a lot. i know it’s short, but bare with me, i think you will enjoy it…. i hope. i uploaded a fic last night, didn’t i? wow i’m on fire. okay well here’s this mess. hope you like <3

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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 |15 | 16 | 17 | 18

Genre: angst/fluff/school au

Length: ;|

Summary: “Be a brave little lamb, even a Lion will get scared.” your grandmother’s words became your light to face life. You are always viewing the world with a positive mind. Even with the bad things that were happening around you, you are strong. Love is something you never get often and when Love finally appears, it is hard to catch. Isn’t it tiring to always be strong when your whole world is just crashing and burning down in front of you?

Warning: Swearing!

(a/n): Forgive me for the short update! Next update will be Wednesday! I might write up another side story for this series, but who know when I’ll upload it. I thank @roseok for being a total angel. <3 

part 17/?

Gif Credits

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Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Drama CD! It's here!

Yay! I finally, FINALLY uploaded the Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Drama CD on Soundcloud. I worked really hard on this so I hope it doesn’t get deleted or something like that. >.<

You can share this with your friends but just don’t claim it as yours. Also, if you could credit me(phoenixalia) when you share it, that would be nice.

So here you go, guys, enjoy! Hope you like it:

P.S Feel free to translate it guys! The first track is basically chapter 1 of the manga but the next two tracks…I only understand 15% of what they’re saying OTL.

Oh oh, and if the link doesn’t work or something doesn’t play or the link gets broken please feel free to tell me!

Did I go a bit overboard? www

This is for the lovely @kkumri

Honestly I’ve wanted to draw something for the lovely Ally for the longest longest time ;v; But I never had the courage to I guess. But today I just had to do it finally I’ve been delaying ever since ya left the fandom isn’t that nuts? But I never stopped thinking about it. It’s 3am, I sat down and I doodled a cute smol birb. 

This may get long sooo whoopie doop read more thingy here you goo

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“득템” is used when you have acquired something rare or of high value. Originally a term used in video games, 득 means “to get” or “to receive” and 템 comes from 아이템 (item). Over time, 득템 has also come to mean that someone has gained something through luck, but usually in a sarcastic manner. 

득템 is a noun, but if you come across a specific item that you’ve been after for a long time, and you finally buy it, you can use the verb form 득템하다.

This is the first slang card >3<. Let me know what you think and if you like the design. If you guys like it, I will be uploading more in the future!

Last time dressing for a while… but at least I get to try on my new dress

Just thought I’d share a quick photo from my last time dressing until I get some free time. Maybe that will be in August, maybe it will be a later :(

Still my floral dress has finally arrived so I now finally have an outfit to go with my floral heels. I’m going to have lot of fun pratting about and taking a few photos.

I still have a few more photos to upload so hopefully I’ll still have something for you other than my constant asking for questions.

Speaking of questions ask me anything, but it keep it SFW please here.

Getting real tired of tumblr crashing my browser when I try to upload pics. Here we go again.

I finally got to Fade Haven again this weekend and took my time messing around with flycam. (Totally not because I’m obsessing over my cutie Lavellan). Allow me to share my pics:

I noticed something interesting too. Idk, everyone else probably already knew this but I had to see it a few times in flycam for it to catch. Solas doesn’t push Lavellan away. When he pulls away he doesn’t put any force or pressure on her to part with him.

Sometimes I see people present Solas as aggressive or forceful and I can kind of understand that given how … passionately he jumps to kiss Lavellan back (only after she made the first move, mind you) but there’s a strong difference between force and fervor, and to me Solas always seemed to have the latter. He is exceedingly gentle in all of his romance scenes and I wish more people would take that into consideration when analyzing his character.

Anyway, on a less ‘serious’ note:

(ahaha, I had to get the thigh feel in there)

Tried to get the Breach in the background. It mostly didn’t work. These were the only decent pics I could get out of it.