finally i could upload this


To do this you need to delete the patches and follow the steps in this video’s  description. Just a warning, it takes FOREVER. (Oh and you can gif this if you want to, it’s only 720p though)

kursikun  asked:

You're not good at manipulating and transforming the pictures and graphics YOU'RE AMAZING AT IT. It looked like the real thing!

whoa this message took an unexpected turn! thank you!! actually…

I FEEL LIKE I AM GAINING TOO MUCH POWER… i recently discovered i can manipulate persona q and

hhholy SHIT i have sinned


Finally finished! It’s my acapella (cough choral arrangement) of Heartache from Undertale! A bit overdue, but so many people were asking me to do this after Asgore, so I’m finally delivering! Hope you like it~

Good Work Mr. Potter

Hey! <3 *//u//*
I am so sorry for the inactiviness (again)! U//__//U There are several reasons; no own pc, less time to draw and so on… I still try to figure out how to come up with a good way to handle all this stuff. But overall… my F*#&§+% wrists are aching like hell. I barely can hold a fork/knife. So drawing and writing was very hard. ;//o//;  Because of this pains I have to take long breaks, so it’s a real fight with the new pages for the Sherlock comic too…ugh.
But anyways, here is my new picture yayyy! It’s Severus Snape and Harry Potter. Omg Snape says something nice to Harry!? Mark that day in your calendar haha Well hehe I really hope that you will enjoy it and I am really glad that I could finally upload new art!! <3 *hug*
Have an awesome day/night! <3


Louis and Harry — Home

now in youtube :) 


ok so i finally uploaded part 3 to youtube

if you guys could share the video or tweet it to the band or tag josh on tumblr or anything, i would be so happy

thanks so much for liking all of these vids, means a lot :))

Por fin pude hacer mi diseño coprrespondiente al #wnac2016 esta vez el tema es “unicornios” y aqui esta mi diseño, no podia faltar el #holo si es que hablamos de unicornios, juntos se complementan.
finally I could upload my #wnac2016design of the week this time the theme is “unicorns” so here’s my design, I couldn’t miss the #holo if we talk about unicorns.