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MAGI 361 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!  

Please don’t repost without giving credits. If you use this translation, don’t forget to share the link to this post!.

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump-Netabare’s texts , some pics also belong to marumaru’s korean scans.^^  Many thanks to @hirohy for the full japanese raw!

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UPDATE: I added the info that was missing. You can read this together with the japanese raw. the link is on my blog!.

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Alibaba: Spirit of politeness and austerity…

Alibaba: Thou who allows the king to gather power…. Bring forth the great hellfire that judges the earth !!

Kougyoku: That is… It can’t be…!!!



A power release beyond limits!!

Burning away his feelings, a blow with all of his might!!?  


Night 361 “The final blow”

(TN Title: “Coup de grâce”)

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THIS…. afters years of being an artist i’m very happy to have finally give digital art a shot. It’s fun BUT very tough and i have a lot of respect for those who have mastered it.

ANYWAY, THIS is none other than Shogeruki, also known as the Mob-Ritsu-Teru-Shou fusion, also known as Quadruple Son Supreme. Poor little guy.

Their design is by @twinkens-art btw!! You can see it riiiiighhhht here!

My Forged Wedding- Yamato "First Word"

Hello (*^-^*) This is a random family one-shot for Yamato, from his PoV.
I guess you could say this is like an epilogue to the pregnancy fanfic I wrote before.
You can find that one here.
Thank you for reading, I hope you like it! :)

When I got back from work, Pouty seemed even more excited than usual.
“Welcome home.” She says with a smile when I walk through the front door.
“Yeah, I’m back.” I pull her in for a hug and then I give her a soft kiss. It’s so nice to have someone welcome me home every day…
“Yamato! He said it!” She says and her eyes are practically sparkling as she looks at me.

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