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Klein is the seven dwarfs

1. His name

2. His eyes change into 4 different colors (so far)

Brown = Doc

Red = Grumpy 

Blue = Sneezy 

Yellow = Happy 

3. He cares about Weiss. LOOK AT THAT SMILE 

4. and Weiss is base off of Snow White 

that girl isn’t fire, or steel, or ice;
she is the warmth of morning rays,
the softness of freshly-spun silk,
and the slow ebb of gentle rainfall.
her edges aren’t jagged and sharp like yours,
but smooth and rounded; a stone unmarred
by the cruelties of a world that would fashion it
into a weapon, into a monster.
(into you.)

she is no warrior, but something far more rare.
those beautiful eyes have seen the ugliest things
within you, and she has never looked away.
those delicate hands cradled your heart,
never minding the threatening thorns it bore.
she could have crushed it, could have broken it,
could have held it hostage or torn it apart.
instead, she brought it up to her lips and kissed,
smiling with blood running down her chin:

‘if you are made of thorns my dear,
then i will be your flower petals—’
—  and together we shall become a rose | m.a.w

anonymous asked:

You did so well with the sensitivity of an eating disorder fic, so I was wondering if you'd be willing to write one where Beckett gets raped? As a survivor reading these is hard for me but they are helpful, and I think you would do it justice.

Trigger warning: Please know this contains mentions, and brief (non-graphic) flashbacks of rape.

A/N: This has been in my ask for about a year. I’m so sorry it’s taken so long, but I wasn’t sure I was going (or able) to write it. I’m honored you’d come and trust me to write this for you and do it justice, and for that I thank you. More notes will be at the end, for the sake of brevity. 

Also, I do apologize for the length. It’s longer than any of my other one shots, but I didn’t really feel right breaking it up.


November 30th

White. Pristine. Clean.

It’s what greets her when she peels open bleary eyes, blinking slowly until her vision focuses. She’s in an uncomfortable bed, still wearing her clothes from the night before? Hours prior? She doesn’t know what time it is.

She barely remembers stumbling into the hospital covered in bruises, barely remembers talking to any doctors or nurses, doesn’t remember being checked in at all. It’s foggy, but the longer she stares at the pale wall across from her, the more it comes flooding back. The memories play in slow motion and she watches on as if she’s a viewer, not a participant, as if it’s someone else and not her at all.

“Miss Beckett?”

The nurse’s name tag reads Helen, and her voice is soft yet firm. Beckett fades out, catches maybe every fourth word. Something about x-rays, bruised ribs and worries of breaks. Her eyes glaze over at the mention of a rape-kit and she swallows hard, forces herself to blink it away.

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job (also fish)

Still trying to defeat the demons that have taken up residence in my kidneys but guess who landed a lil part time job

this sucker diddddd

it’s certainly not gonna pay the rent on its own but it’s sure as heck a good start- also my first AMERICA job haha.

oh.. also bought two feeder goldfish because they had unusual mutations and @cosmicsynthetics has this dream of raising a monstrous footlong goldie so buying a comet mutt is a pretty good start ohhohohh….

Sorry for not posting much of anything in the past few days, though seriously. I’ve just had very little excess energy and a lot of time is going into a. working out precisely what the heck is wrong with me and b. looking after myself!


It feels like falling in love for the first time.


I am made of memories.

Bucky and his trigger words. Giving them meaning.

Hero Complex pg 1

Pokemon TFTBL AU

Been drawing a lot from this AU recently, thought I’d finally post something! I can’t help but throw my interests into a blender apparently ;;;

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