finally his time to shine

2016 | bangtan

jimin: finally accepted the fact that he’s a sex symbol, working it, murdered a million people with one shoulder move, happy about it

namjoon: finally getting appreciated for the amazing work he does, still slaying the fashion and the music game and killing international fans by remembering to thank them every chance he gets

yoongi: finally dropped his mixtape, snatched everyone’s ass, and went back to being the black-haired menace we all love

jin: finally became a pink prince, got to be the center of a bts concept and rocked it, confidence higher than ever, ignoring hate like a boss

hoseok: finally got his time to shine and be in the spotlight, got about a million people to stan him after the mv dropped, continues to slay in every performance

taehyung: finally got to pursue his acting career, became a blonde bombshell, made the fandom lose their shit when he showered jimin with love and affection, started lifting his shirt during performances, god bless

jungkook: finally turned 19 and immediately started doing the most with his hip rolls, floor humps, finger sucking and the like, the entire army wants to fight him but also protect him


But seriously this friend only wanted to be noticed

He tried so hard 

Hey guys, I’m here. 

Hey, I’m even in your retrospectives.

But nobody noticed him.

He was so sad he decided quit his job and start a new life in another anime.

It was finally his time to shine .

It was finally his time to be noticed.

dan's fanfiction

dan probably wrote his vampire!phil fic back in 2008 when we was still a fetus crushing on his favorite youtuber amazingphil.

can’t you see him holed up in his room furiously typing & then rereading it when he’s having a bad day?

and when they came up with the idea to write their own phanfiction for tabinof, he knew that this was finally his time to shine.

Can I just say how freaking proud I am of Suho singing My Answer? Like it is FINALLY his time to shine. He always in vocal like and never got enough credit in my opinion. Like damn, I was waiting for a freaking opportunity when he was going to show off his lovely vocals. AND HE FINALLY DID AND HE SOUNDED AMAZING! 

Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’ Makes It Onto The Guardian’s ’30 Films We’d Like To See At Cannes’ List

The Guardian compiled a list of the '30 movies they’d like to see at the Cannes Film Festival’ this year and you guessed it, one of Rob’s movies is on that list! Here’s what they had to say about The Childhood Of A Leader:

“Brady Corbet’s made a career of being That Guy Who Was Great in That Thing. You half-recognised him in Thirteen, Melancholia or Martha Marcy May Marlene, now – finally – it might be his time to shine. His directorial debut, The Childhood of a Leader, will push many of the selectors’ buttons: it’s arty (based on a Jean-Paul Sartre short story), starry (Robert Pattinson, Bérénice Bejo) and sufficiently Francophile (set in Paris during the first world war, shot in both English and French). Director’s Fortnight at least.”