finally his time to shine

Keith/Lance, set immediately after the keith vlog cause I’m emotional and want bby to be comforted sooo hurt/comfort. 

Lance perks up when the control room doors slide open, it’s finally his time to shine; finally his turn to get behind the camera and mesmerize their audience. He stands up when Keith comes out, smiling at him, but Keith charges on by, his expression twisted; his eyebrows furrowed and lips held in a tight line.  

The smile drips off Lance’s face, replaced by confusion, he watches as Keith raises a hand to his own - scrubbing at his eyes. 

“Hey!” Lance calls after him, and Keith turns, his eyes wide with surprise; and there’s something else about them, too, they look a little wet? “How’d it go?” he asks, still trying to puzzle over Keith’s expression - is the vlogging really that bad?

Keith quickly drops his gaze, looking down at the ground. “Uhh, fine,” he says, and waves distractedly behind him, back the way he was headed, “I’m gonna go train, or just you know sit in my room. I’ll go to my room, I think, but training helps me clear my head and focus. I - yeah, I’ll see you later, Lance?”

Lance’s eyebrows draw together in concern, watching Keith stutter over his words. “Hey, man,” he says softly, ignoring Keith’s plans to ask, “You okay?” He reaches out a hand, putting it on Keith’s shoulder, and Keith, almost unconsciously, leans into his touch. 

“Yeah,” Keith says, his voice cracking a little on the word. “I’m fine. It’s just -” he chokes, then groans in frustration, bringing his hands up to cover his face, “Ugh, this is so stupid.” He quickly rubs at his eyes; he wants them to stop burning, and for his throat to stop feeling like it’s all clogged up, he wants to stop feeling like he’s going to break even if he just tries to talk - he doesn’t want to cry

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The sun goes down upon the Ankh,

And slowly, softly fades -

Across the Drum; the Royal Bank;

The River-Gate; the Shades.

A stony circle’s closed to elves;

And here, where lines are blurred,

Between the stacks of books on shelves,

A quiet ‘Ook’ is heard.

A copper steps the city-street

On paths he’s often passed;

The final march; the final beat;

The time to rest at last.

He gives his badge a final shine,

And sadly shakes his head -

While Granny lies beneath a sign

That says: 'I aten’t dead.’

The Luggage shifts in sleep and dreams;

It’s now. The time’s at hand.

For where it’s always night, it seems,

A timer clears of sand.

And so it is that Death arrives,

When all the time has gone…

But dreams endure, and hope survives,

And Discworld carries on.

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i don’t know if this information has made its way to tumblr yet but i’ll post it just in case. according to a japanese fan on twitter, nagai and yuasa said at animejapan that crybaby will focus carefully on ryo (´・ω・`)♪ IT’S FINALLY HIS TIME TO SHINE!!!!!

Episode 12

I rewatched episode 12 for the bajillionth time and I was hit by a flood of feels for Chris…just like that bit where he gets his score you can see his heart break.

And I was thinking about his monologue and his behaviour during his final free skate and it’s so bad.

For years, Chris has put everything into his skating. The ice has been everything to him. Sure he has a (maybe?) boyfriend (has it ever been made official and that he’s not just his choreographer or something?), and I’m sure he makes room for some fun in his life, but everything comes second to skating - just the way Victor used to be. 

(There is one massive difference though between Victor and Chris that I want to point out - Victor lives to surprise and entertain the audience (winning is secondary to him)…but Chris lives to win)

I’m positive he has feelings for Victor (can’t tell what, don’t think he’s in love with him or anything but there’s definitely something there), but more than that Victor’s been something of an anchor for him - a kindred spirit throughout his career. Chris is probably more used to skaters like JJ who have lives away from the rink, but Chris, like Victor, has basically sacrificed as much as possible to skate. From the flashback with him and Victor we also know he was something of a Victor fanboy, and was following his career a decade ago, just like Yuuri.

And then suddenly Victor is gone from competition, and just like everyone else, he’s developed a life away from the ice, and he’s not even interested enough to pay attention to Chris’ routine (when both men have said they can’t imagine a season without the other and have likely always paid close attention to each other’s work), which must hurt.

Victor has also completely and utterly dominated figure skating since Chris was 19 at the latest. It’s probably been so long since he had anyone else as a figure in mind to beat that it’s part of the reason he cannot adjust to new skaters pushing through the ranks.

And that’s the sorest point of all. He’s known deep down since at least the Cup of China that these newer kids (the Yuris and JJ in particular) were going to surpass him, and they do it with ease at the GPF, and I think while he was sitting there at the kiss and cry getting his final score, that was him realising he’s missed his final shot at gold. He tried and failed to beat Victor for years and made the mistake of relaxing a little when Victor was gone, thinking it was finally his time to shine…only to be immediately eclipsed.

And I don’t think Chris is angry at Victor, or the Yuris or JJ…I think Chris knows he made a mistake and now he’s berating himself for it….I feel so badly for him…he’s the biggest loser at the final.Yuri is only 15 and has already achieved one of Chris’ big goals, Yuuri is 24, engaged and is yet to peak in his career. JJ is 19, engaged and undoubtedly has more to achieve. Otabek, like Yuuri, is a late bloomer, and Phichit’s goal was to reach the final - he doesn’t care all that much that he finished sixth. But to Chris…the ice is absolutely everything. 

His expressions after his final skate say it all.

All smiles and polite to his fans

Trying to exude and air of “I’m okay, this is fine” at the Kiss and Cry

Fake smile for the cameras

And then this. He is absolutely gutted.

Me on the outside: *is calm and collected*

Me on the inside: Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron Aron ARON MOTHERFUCKING KWAK WILL FINALLY GET HIS SHINE BY RAPPING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 3 YEARS ON RAINA’S NEW SINGLE

2016 | bangtan

jimin: finally accepted the fact that he’s a sex symbol, working it, murdered a million people with one shoulder move, happy about it

namjoon: finally getting appreciated for the amazing work he does, still slaying the fashion and the music game and killing international fans by remembering to thank them every chance he gets

yoongi: finally dropped his mixtape, snatched everyone’s ass, and went back to being the black-haired menace we all love

jin: finally became a pink prince, got to be the center of a bts concept and rocked it, confidence higher than ever, ignoring hate like a boss

hoseok: finally got his time to shine and be in the spotlight, got about a million people to stan him after the mv dropped, continues to slay in every performance

taehyung: finally got to pursue his acting career, became a blonde bombshell, made the fandom lose their shit when he showered jimin with love and affection, started lifting his shirt during performances, god bless

jungkook: finally turned 19 and immediately started doing the most with his hip rolls, floor humps, finger sucking and the like, the entire army wants to fight him but also protect him

Friendly reminder:

We don’t know for sure which routes we are getting in August but we do know we are getting new content.

Rather than be up in arms if it’s only V, V/Saeran, Rika, Vanderwood, Driver Kim, or whatever route let’s just be happy we are getting new content this August.

As a Saeran-stan, I’m appalled by some of the behavior I’ve seen on my dash. I will happily wait patiently for my husband to finally get his time to shine. Other Saeran-stans should do the same.

And thus he embarks on his journey

Meliodas wants to become the next demon king to break Elizabeth’s curse because objectively… that really sounds like the only way she can be saved anymore. But if I like Hawk for one thing is that he’s all about his friends. He’d do anything for them and this time too, he doesn’t give a shit that Meliodas could kill him on the spot, he freely speaks his mind… Too bad it doesn’t work and Meliodas instead drops a bomb and suddenly the demon king speaking about his “loyal eye” makes complete sense. I was confused at first when Meliodas called Hawk the demon king and was like “Holy shit, the demon king made himself an animal container to stalk Mel” but it seems like that’s not the case but for some reason Hawk’s eyes are connected to purgatory, where the demon king is. So the demon king can see through Hawk’s “loyal eyes” and even speak through them… which is weird but okay. WHY that is the case… I have no concrete idea but I think Hawk Mama is involved in it as well (maybe Hawk Mama IS purgatory and that’s how she was able to swallow Monspeet’s purgatory flame bird without a problem. Also: Purgatory = land of chaos, Hawk = gateway to purgatory, Hawk Mama = Mother of gateway to purgatory, Hawk Mama = Mother of Chaos)
We even got information on Merlin’s father in this chapter though we didn’t get to confirm if he’s called Belialuin or not. But apparently he as well was a capable mage and leader of the capital of sages (I’m also quite sure druids at some point were referred to as sages…) and was able to find a way into purgatory but that also destroyed him, both physically and mentally.
And YES, Ban getting screen time! Ban getting to be able to do something! Ban being important! Ban saving his best friend and his emotions! Finally! I am SO ready for this! It’s his time to shine!

Malec Week Day 2- Disney AU: Malec Inside-Out AU

Couple: Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane (Malec) 

Setting:  Alec Lightwood has a lot of emotions going on in his head. The emotion most in control is Fear, but what will happen when Joy finally has his time to shine? 

Will have a part 2 at some point.

Day 1:

Day 2: you are here

Day 3:Skippped 

Day 4: skipped

Day 5:

Alec’s Joy Pov- There are 7.4 billion people in the world and each one of those people has emotions. There are all kinds of emotions to feel but the main ones; joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust are the ones we all feel the most. I’m one of those emotions and I belong to one of the most amazing kids in the world. Sure every ‘Joy’ say’s that about their kid but mine is actually true.

I am the emotion of joy for an amazing boy named Alec Lightwood. Oh, man I can write a whole book about how amazing this kid is. He’s sociable, fun, loves being around people and always follows his heart… or at least he would do all those things if I was in control.

As I said before, the brain consists the emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. All the emotions work together but there’s always one emotion that is the leader of everyone else. Can you all guess who is the leader of Alec’s emotions? I can tell you it’s not me.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please write something with Luke Skywalker? Maybe something like you have to pretend to be in a relationship for a mission and it results in you confessing feelings for each other?

A.N: Decided that this takes place between episodes V and VI, hope it satisfies!

The sound of drums, flutes and strings coordinating into song assaulted your ears as you walked into the large home of your host. Luke stood by your side, holding your clasped hands up in an elegant display of union. You both had matching red ribbons tied around your wrists, a traditional sign of recent marriage on the planet you were currently on.

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thirdhostage  asked:

Hey, hi, okay okay so. Just a thought. What about H/C where the Paladin's S/O tries to deny them (physical) 'affection' for a week- maybe as a training experiment?? I'm not 100% sure if that makes sense... Stay well, babe !!

This was fun. I had a fun time writing this.

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anonymous asked:

is it weird to think i thought lance was gonna be the main of voltron? like i love my boy keith, love shiro. but the way it started up just had set lance as the main, learning how to be a leader and pilot of his team? and voltron would go on to him learning how to lead this team or something??? like maybe not in season one, but def when a new leader was needed, hed be able to step up and show what hes learned from how to work w his team?????

o no i don’t think it’s weird at all!!! i feel u tho, like the way they introduced lance at the beginning of the series with him pushing pidge and hunk to go investigate/save shiro and him being the first paladin to find and activate his lion, i totally get how lance could have been set up as the main.

next season i think lance is definitely a good candidate for the leadership role. i mean with shiro gone, someone’s gotta step up u know??? but i think there’s gonna be this struggle between everyone to figure out who best fits that role and i’d kill to see lance advocate for himself and like prove to the team that he’s got it u know???? like my boy deserves his time to shine (and him being leader would finally give him the screen time he deserves like jfc)