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So Let’s Talk About Ravus and the Church

Why this scene in particular? Because, in my eyes, it has alot of emotional significance and it tells alot about Ravus’s character in just this brief moment that we hear him converse with Ardyn.

So I emphasized this view of the church in particular because that’s what I want to talk about: the church itself. In Yureil Plaza, Lunafreya was supposed to be wed to Noctis and become the Queen of Lucis to help the future King assume his duties to help save the world from the Starscourge as the Chosen King. This was the same place as well where Lunafreya gave her speech to the people of Eos about what was to come.

During the very opening of Chapter Nine, we see Ravus standing before it, and this shot actually really goes give me chills. He stands at the center of it, the bottom of the steps, as the camera pans down to him. In cinematography, this kind of view is often a shot to show the weight of something far more superior than the figure at the bottom – as if an almighty figure was passing judgment upon those before it. We get this shot once again in another scene as we see this view when Ravus stands before Iedolas for his trial and execution.

To me, the church in this shot represents not only the place where his sister was supposed to find happiness, but it holds a theme of salvation and safety. I believe Lunafreya is in this church, and this is after the conversation he had with her. But during this scene, Ravus ultimately walks away from it as he speaks to Ardyn. He turns away from salvation, from peace, from the safety in the Gods’ hands at his sister’s side.

I think he turns away from it because he knew that his story wouldn’t be one where he could redeem himself. You go to a church to find peace and redemption for your sins, but Ravus doesn’t stay long in it. He’s there to see Lunafreya, where he could have found a way to help her flee from the empire with her and his side. But instead, he knows Lunafreya’s path is her own to lead. Just as he decided to lead his own path as he danced with devils. 

I can’t help but also think that it almost ties into the face that Ravus is an unloved character. Not because of his treatment, so to say, but because – after the church – this was the last time he would see Lunafreya again. The one thing he fought for. That, and the idea of the church being a place of union for a future of peace, he could only stare at it because he would not find love. Or peace. Or the chance to live a happy life that the future may hold.

I feel like Ravus knew all of this, and the church symbolizes it – the Astrals gave their verdict on Ravus’s sins, and the price of it all was his life.

A friendly reminder that…

- Noctis lost both of his parents before he even turned 21.
- Ignis’s only real family was with his uncle at the palace and with Noctis.
- The only two in the Amicitia family to survive the fall was Iris and Gladiolus.
- Ravus lost everything he ever wanted to protect: family, fortune, and honor.
- Prompto lived his entire life feeling like he never belonged, only to have it verified when he found out he was and MT.
- Cor was only 15 years old when he witnessed the deaths of almost everyone around him and was the only survivor of it all.
- Regis lived his life knowing that no matter how good of a life his son would have, Noctis would be doomed to die.
- Lunafreya was physically and mentally abused by the empire and essentially had to cope with it all alone.
- The last time Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus got to see the dawn was over ten years ago.

Just some friendly reminders for you~


Noctis Lucis Caelum:

Prompto Argentum:

Ignis Scientia:

Gladiolus Amicitia:

Cor Leonis:

Nyx Ulric:

Ravus Nox Fleuret



Ok honestly though I can see Percy always been photographed by girls in public and he gets really embarrassed and awkward like…

-Ever since he came back from Camp Jupiter stronger and with a new tattoo, girls have given him even more attention, especially reg. humans.

-Like he’ll be in the airport or in a coffee shop, and girls will start taking his picture since they find him cute.

-The first time it happens, Piper is the one to inform him since before Percy was completely oblivious. 

-Whenever he figures out that girls are taking pictures of him he kinda gives an awkward smile and nod that the girls find cute.

-One time a girl went up to him and flirted and was just like “uhhh I have a girlfriend.” and when she went “why am I not surprised?” Percy was beet red the rest of the day.

-Although Annabeth wants to stab all of these girls, she also knows that Percy would never cheat on her, and so she instead usually teases him about it, saying stuff as “Looks like I have some competition Seaweed Brain.”

cheer urself up by imagining:
  • ignis laughing through telling a story about the time one of them was turned into a toad and he can’t stop because the more he tries to explain the funnier it gets  
  • prompto yawns and accidentally makes the most sexual sound and he can’t make the guys stop teasing him (or leave) because they’re on the highway
  • Noctis pulls his lapel over his face to hide like a turtle whenever he laughs uncontrollably and it’s hilarious because it’s just some guy in skull and bones shirt giggling like a maniac into his own chest
  • Gladio snorts when he laughs and one time he chokes on his beer and there’s photographic evidence of the foam squirting out of his nose like a fire hose
  • Ravus crylaughs when the dogs do something dumb and praise the lord there’s two of them
If Ravus Was a Party Member... (Banter)

Ignis: “We must restock on our supply of curatives.”
Ravus: “Curatives would not be a necessity of someone would cease falling in combat.”
Prompto: “Hey! It’s not my fault the monsters keep chasing me!”
Ravus: “Because they must be after that irresistible charm of yours.”
Prompto: “And what if they are?!”


Noctis: “Man, it’s hot… I don’t know how you aren’t cooking alive in your coat, Ravus.”
Ravus: “My burning hatred for people allows me to become resistant to the heat.”
Noctis: “Uh…”
Ravus: “…That was supposed to be a joke.”


Gladiolus: “Pretty useful with that blade there, Ravus.”
Ravus: “More useful than you, I fear.”


Prompto: “Wow, the lighting here would make for a perfect photo! Let’s get a shot of all of us here!”
Noctis: “Sure. I’m game.”
Ravus: *disgusted noise* “I would much rather not.”
Prompto: “Come on, Ray. Lighten up and smile a bit more, buddy!”
Noctis: “That’d be a scary sight.”
Ravus: “Then I shall make it my point to smile more. Just for you.”


Ravus: “Raining once more? Such awful weather…”
Gladiolus: “What? Afraid of a little water?”
Ravus: “Water plus dirt results in mud, Amicitia. Removing stains from my attire is far from something I wish to do.”
Ignis: “Just as I refuse to do as well.”
Prompto: “Shoulda made black your color, buddy.”


Ravus: “Amicitia! You are the King’s Shield! Act like it!”
Gladiolus: “Kinda hard when there’s a bean-pole in my way!”


Ravus: “A decent fight, Caelum. Well done.”
Noctis: “Was that a compliment…?”
Ignis: “I do believe that was.”
Prompto: “Look at that! Making progress!”
Ravus: “…On second thought, I take back what I said.”
Noctis: “No take-backs. I’ll take what I can get from you.”


I’m not sure I can shout any louder or more regularly that THIS IS CLASSIC ROMANTIC STORYTELLING.

Act 1.

~ Dean doesn’t believe in Angels.

~ Cas is a soldier and Angel of the Lord.

Classic antagonistic meet-cute. They get to know each other through season 4 as reluctant allies. Debate is rife between them as to the right thing to do. Denial is a running theme for Dean re: Cas, let’s be honest, not even romantically but the ever old “It’s Cas, he’ll be fine” etc. Denial is central.

Season 4 finale: THE NEW RELATIONSHIP. Cas rebelled. He did it, all of it, for Dean. They are now compatriots working together against Heaven and Hell.

~ Dean starts to have faith in Cas, he prays to Cas.

~ Cas starts to see Dean as his leader and ally, not the Angels.

Act 2.

Season 5 - 8. Getting to know you. Well its SPN, so not exactly Fun and Games but yeah, this is it. They do get to know each other, and we get to know them better too. Cas even occasionally takes part in some MOTW ‘fun and games’ episodes and we see the development of both the romantic Destiel and the very kindly clearly written as a mirror obviously platonic Sastiel for comparison.

Point of no return / deeper commitment: somewhere around season 8 / Purgatory. “I’m not leaving here without you” etc. This is also the point where Dean believes that emotions will break Cas. This is literally heartbreaking and affects how he reacts to everything moving forwards, most specifically it is the reason why he holds back so much other than when Cas is human (see all the meta about 2nd nightstands, all of 9x06, the bar scene etc). It is also a standard unrequited/undeserving/it’s better for them if they don’t love me love trope in order to drag the story out, just saying.

Falling for you / Complications & Higher stakes: Cas becoming Human. Dean’s Demon/MoC arc. All these arcs lead them to a more profound emotional development towards each other and more textual romanticism in the writing rather than the initial crush/interest.

Final straw for Cas: Perhaps believing Dean is dead in 9x23 but then consolidated in 11x23.

Final straw for Dean: Lucifer possessing Cas, the whole second half of s11.

~ Dean over this whole period comes to see Cas not as a distant Angel but in a much more Human way. He even might have stopped praying to him as he replaces it with phone calls / direct communication, but his faith in Cas is clear.

~ Cas replaces his love and faith in God with his love and faith in Dean (consolidated in 11x23) and doesn’t want be a soldier but wants to help people, maybe by saving people, hunting things…

12x12 is the expositional point telling us that Cas has CHANGED. It also is a call back to Dean’s worry that emotions will break Cas as here he is, emotional and breaking. Dean even bows his head and visually looks like he is praying (it doesn’t even matter really if he is or not, the effect for the audience is the key).

These concepts tie back round to and build on where they were BEFORE THEY MET to show how they have changed within themselves and grown in relation to each other.

So, Now. They have both experienced the complications and higher stakes towards each other. They have both fallen in love, Cas both metaphorically and literally falling (it’s only on becoming human that I think he truly realised how he felt, it’s both a narrative reality and a metaphor). Dean’s gone from having no faith to eventually meeting God and worrying the whole time about saving Cas.

Which leaves us currently at the Break up Moment. 

Which is honestly exactly where I see this separation and all the questions about choices/Angels/nephilim/cosmic consequences going, leading us to…. 

Act 3.

Winning him back.

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  • Take a moment to imagine Noctis in an oversized sweater and leggings???
    • Bare feet and sleepy eyes and a bedhead, the ultimate lazy day attire
  • Now, imagine, Prompto coming by to hang out, and Noct not bothering to change cause they’re closer than best friends and he’s so comfortable that he doesn’t mind not looking his best
  • Imagine Prom turning beet red as soon as he laid eyes on Noct because ??? Who gave him a right to look that cute???
    • Be still his beating heart, he wasn’t ready
    • So many sneaky pictures will be taken, gotta capture this cute moment forever, it’s not like this happens often
  • Now, imagine Noct stretching when he yawns, sweater pulling up and showing off a sliver of his stomach
  • He looks so warm, and before Prom even realizes what he’s doing, he’s running his hands under that sweater, fingers fanning out over the others ribs, marveling at the warmth radiating from his skin
    • Noct doesn’t pull away, wouldn’t dream of it, he was used to the touches, the skin to skin contact that they both seemed to crave
  • Imagine Prompto realizing what’s happening and jerking his hands back with a blush, only to be pulled back down, hands returning to their rightful place against Noct’s ribs and his head against his chest, listening to his heart beating
  • Finally, imagine them staying like that for the rest of the day, feather light kisses shared between them, and soft words of praise and devotion
    • Only, probably, being interrupted by Iggy coming in to let them know about dinner 
  • Just, imagine them soft and warm, and most of all, happy

Tim Drake is the kind of person who, during the last few weeks of school, barely attends classes, doesn’t do his homework, and doesn’t bring anything more to school than a crumpled piece of loose leaf and a crayon. His teachers keep tell him that if he keeps it up he won’t be prepared for finals, but Tim falls asleep halfway through the conversation. 

Finals week comes, and Tim has literally studied nothing. Not a single review sheet. On testing days he gets two hours of sleep at most and brings only a broken pencil with him that he found on his way to school, yet somehow he gets a perfect 100 on every single exam. His teachers and peers are dumbfounded. 

today in gaming

what I’ve learned so far playing FFXV:

Noctis: demisexual introvert, prefers animals to people, babytalks a stray cat he goes out of his way to feed but turns into Sullen Emo Child when forced to interact with adult humans. lowkey aware that Dino is hitting on him but has a -103 buff on flirting and a -50 buff on having his shit together in general. was probably Squall Leonhart in a former life, but has Rinoa’s dog. gay.

Prompto: confused bisexual puppy, why is everyone so pretty he cannot handle??? consistently distracted in battle because Gladio refuses to wear people shirts. will develop a crush on anyone if they stand still long enough. a Tidus/Zidane hybrid minus the tail and daddy issues. smol.

Ignis: highkey a Tired Gay, has no fucks left to give. why are his friends like this. runs on a potent mixture of snark, caffeine and exasperation. daydreams about putting Prompto in a child safety harness. talk shit get hit. doesn’t mind a few dings in his car, but touch his music presets and you’re a dead man. looks like Balthier, acts like Auron.

Gladio: aggressively pansexual but chivalrous as fuck. dedicated InstaGay. secret romance addict. instigator of bad puns, terrible car games and poor decisions made under the influence of alcohol. looks like Auron, acts like Balthier, and probably fucks like the Iron Bull minus the horns.     

Conclusion: this game is ridiculous garbage, and I love it.     

If Ravus Was A Party Member... (Banter II)

Because a dear anon gave me all the more reason to finally act on my urge to write more banter. c:

Prompto: “Food time! Let’s go get some grub!”
Ravus: “Will there be cake where we are going? I have a strong craving for cake.”
Ignis: *scoffs* “Is my cake not good enough for you, Ravus?”
Ravus: “It is, Scientia. But desperate times call for desperate measures.


Gladiolus: “Another battle fought, another battle won.”
Ravus: “Only victors may utter such words, Amicitia.”
Gladiolus: “…Did you just call me a loser?”


Ravus: “Argentum.”
Prompto: “Y-Yes, sir?”
Ravus: “…Excellent work last fight. You have been improving.”
Prompto: *gasps* “You hear that guys? Rae just complimented me!”
Noctis: “Making progress there~”


Gladiolus: “Need a hand, Ravus?”
Ravus: “That better have not been a snide joke, Amicitia.”


Noctis: “So you and Ardyn used to work together or something? What was that even like?”
Ravus: “Imagine if Scientia harassed you every five minutes for you to eat your vegetables. That is what it was like to work with Chancellor Izunia.”
Noctis: “…God, that sounds awful.”


Prompto: “Man… I wonder what Cindy’s doing right now.”
Ravus: “Not thinking of you, I’m sure.”
Prompto: “You don’t know that, Ravus. You’re not a psychic.”
Noctis: “I doubt you need to be a psychic to know that, Prompto…”


Noctis: “Man… Getting sleepy…”
Ravus: “Ironic, considering you hail from a city named Insomnia.”
Noctis: “You’re not even a little bit tired, Ravus?”
Ravus: “No. Sleep is for the weak.”


Ignis: “Ravus, was that you humming Prompto’s chocobo song earlier?”
Ravus: “I do not know what you are uttering about, Scientia. I would never do such a thing.”
Noctis: “What’s that song anyways? ‘I want to ride my chocobo through the hay?’”
Ravus: “’All day,’ you uncultured heathen. ‘I want to ride my chocobo all day.’”
Ignis: *chuckles* “You are quite the terrible liar, Ravus.”


Prompto: “You know, Rae, you’re really photogenic. You ever consider modeling?”
Ravus: “Is Caelum not your typical model, Argentum? I would not wish to steal the Prince’s spotlight of attention.”
Noctis: “No, please do. I’m not complaining if you do.”
Ravus: “Then that would merely be giving you what you wish, Caelum. Good luck in your modeling endeavors for the next eternity.”
Noctis: “Ravus, please…”


Gladiolus: “How’d a beanpole like you get so good with a sword anyways?”
Ravus: “By throwing people like you into cars.”
Ignis: “Well, he certainly isn’t wrong about that.”
Gladiolus: “You won’t ever stop bringing that up, will you?”
Ravus: “Never.”

“Well,” a tiny, Optimistic little Hufflepuff thinks during the final battle, disarmed by death eaters surrounded by dementors, and about to die, “no time like the present to try wandless magic.” They wave their hand and shout something. Suddenly, a gleaming silver patronus springs out of thin air, forming the words “OUTTA MY WAY, MOTHERFUCKERS!!” Hufflepuff is surprised for a moment, then giggles maniacally, running around screaming expletives and creating innovative new spells to incapacitate the enemy, sans wand. “Honestly,” their Slytherin friend chides, exasperated, “stop flapping around like a loon and turning the death eaters into tiny Purple unicorns and Pepe memes!” “NO,” badger yells, still cackling evilly (read, adorably) “PUFFY HAS NO MASTER! PUFFY IS FREEEEE!”

Prompto Argentum  (Headcanons)

As promised, here is the sunshine boy’s general, random, headcanons! Enjoy my dears!

  • Yawns a lot
  • Not necessarily tired
  • Explain that shit
  • Follows his friends around like a little puppy
  • Mostly Noctis
  • When Noctis isn’t around he follows Ignis
  • Move over Umbra. Prompto took your job.
  • One of those people who plans to order their meal at a restaurant and changes their order last minute. 
  • Example: “Ok guys. I’m gonna get the ribs. Gonna do it. It’s gonna be great. Wow can’t wait to have ribs”
  • “Yes, I’d like the hamburger, thanks.”
  • Really good at math and physics
  • Imagine the smartest kid in your high school math class
  • Boom, it’s Prompto.
  • English and history…
  • Don’t even talk to him about it, he will have no clue.
  • Prefers being hot than being cold
  • *looks at pictures of him wearing winter attire at Galdin*
  • Will wake  up in the middle of the night sweating because he just piles on blankets.
  • It’s a good sweat though?
  • Eh?
  • Is terrible at talking
  • His trigger words “public speaking” 
  • Inventor of social anxiety
  • Very attentive
  • Best person to rant to ever™
  • Loves when people talk about something their passionate about
  • Even if he can’t stand the subject
  • If someone feels strongly for something Prompto is all for listening to them
  • Can wiggle his nose and ears
  • Talented lad
  • Startled very easily
  • You can be sitting next to him, say his name, and he’ll jump out of his skin
  • Has obsession with his hair
  • He doesn’t care about anything else on his person
  • Just his hair
  • Crappy driver
  • That’s already canon, right? Ah, well. It’s true.
  • Never gets sick
  • There can be some intense bug going around, and everyone will be sick
  • Except Prompto
  • He’s not even a germaphobe like Iggy.
  • Doesn’t know how to blow his nose.
  • Every time he tries, nothing happens. 
  • No sound. No movement. No nothing. 
  • If he doesn’t have his glasses while reading, he looks terribly angry
  • His brows are furrowed, eyes slightly squinted
  • People always ask him “what’s wrong?”
  • Prompto perks up and says “Oh nothin’!” 
  • Canon headcanon: he’s adorable
  • Works out regularly to keep the weight he lost off
  • His diet still isn’t… the best
  • He treats himself more than he should
  • But he still manages his weight very well
  • Has stretch marks.
  • Indifferent toward them
  • Embarrassed by his past
  • But proud of his progress

anonymous asked:

Hi destiny! I love your FFXV and KH interactions so much they're all so cute~ I wondered if you had any personal headcannons for their interactions that you haven't mentioned yet? Just any random little things that you've thought about but stuff that maybe isn't enough for a drawing/comic? Just curious~

I’m glad you like them, Anon! Hmm… Let’s see…

FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 1(?)

  • Sora really wants to take the Regalia for a spin and Ignis is Very Much Opposed (I mean. I can’t blame him. Here’s a well-meaning but somewhat reckless and excitable boy from literally another planet and he wants to drive the Very Expensive Car??? No!!!)
    • But Noct and Prom see how disappointed Sora is that Ignis won’t let him give the Regalia a spin so while Ignis is otherwise occupied, they sneak to the car and stuff that dorkupine into the driver’s seat
    • Sora’s an average driver but
    • Oh boy
    • The Regalia Type F
    • As soon as that baby is airborne, Sora flies it like he was born to do it. Our little ace pilot boy is gliding and twirling that flying car and everyone is so impressed.
    • Including Ignis and Gladio who see the car from the ground
    • After that, whenever the Regalia needs to take to the skies, Sora’s the one at the controls
  • Sora is a picky eater and he hates spicy food. But he will not tell Ignis about his preferences since he’s embarrassed about his pickiness. (Don’t make fun of picky eaters, guys!) He forces himself to eat whatever Ignis cooks until he’s not hungry anymore, and then he finds a way to discreetly get rid of the rest of his food
    • Yes he usually tries to feed it to nearby animals.
    • Yes he accidentally feeds brussels sprouts to a daemon
    • Yes Ignis rushes to his aid and immediately the jig is up. But Ignis senses Sora’s embarrassment and doesn’t approach him directly about his food preferences
    • So Ignis works on being even more Observant than usual during mealtimes and picks up on what Sora likes and doesn’t like. He doesn’t always accommodate Sora! But each meal usually includes at least a side dish that he knows Sora likes
  • Sora almost beats Gladio in an arm wrestling match and this fact keeps Gladio up that night
    • Sora has cut through buildings and sliced through rock. Kid’s a beast. 
  • Sora summons Tinkerbell and the boys all get to fly around for a while! Yay!!!
    • Ignis is pretty tense the entire time he’s in the air. I don’t think he’d enjoy flying very much
    • Prompto on the other hand
    • Noctis can’t stop giggling. He is having so much fun it is SO CUTE
    • Yes the boys have used pixie dust to float over mountains they’re too lazy to hike up
  • Sora is used to blazing island heat, so he’s usually not suffering in the desert as much as the other boys are
    • But he does get cold much more easily
    • He usually needs extra blankets in the tent. He becomes a little sleeping bag burrito with only the brown spikes of his hair sticking out of the top.
  • Sora likes to sleep under the stars sometimes. He likes to look up and think about all the worlds out there and hopes his friends are doing okay. It comforts him and helps him fall asleep.
    • Yes sometimes the other bros join him! :)
  • Story time around the campfire!!
    • Sora loves hearing embarrassing stories from the chocobros’ childhoods
      • Gladio and Ignis have sooooooo much dirt on babby Noctis growing up
        • Like the time he tried to be a mother hen by stealing eggs from the kitchens, folding them up in a Very Expensive pillow, and sitting on them. Crushing all of the eggs inside. Noctis thought he’d killed the unborn chicks and oh my GOD how he CRIED!!!!
    • Sora tells them about the other worlds he’s visited
      • Everyone wants to go to Neverland since not growing up would be Nice
        • Sora wishing and wishing during the long night that they’d all just gone to Neverland and stayed there forever.