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“ HI MY CUTIEEES 🌙 sorry it’s been so long! Have been visiting friends and family in California and just unplugged for a while. BUUUT. WHO ELSE WILL BE AT ANIME EXPO THIS WEEKENDDD? ✨
I actually have been working on a costume for one of my original characters from my fantasy series and finally finished it! If you guys see me there, feel free to come say hi! I love saying hi. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I posted a video on this costume and how I made it and such on my YouTube channel, so if you want to go and check it out the link is in my Instagram bio! 🌙🦋 I LOVE YOU GUYYYS. Stay cool okay. 🌙✨🦋
Also, hair colour is just platinum blonde toned with ion snow cap and a tiny bit of Girl’s Night from @arcticfoxhaircolor 💕 Use my discount code for 15% off if you want! 😙 Code: THELEDABUNNY”



@directedbyzacksnyder first of all I would like to thank you for putting into words what I have struggled with.

In case anyone doesn’t know, Justice League director, Zack Snyder, recently announced that he would be stepping down from the project due to a family tragedy.

Snyder only announced this because knowing the internet he knew that if he had simply said he was stepping down, loads of bloggers and clickbait websites would have gone on to write inaccurate articles about how “Hack Snyder ruins the DCEU once again”, or “WB finally washes its hand of Zack before he creates another disaster.”

Over the years it’s become incredibly clear that critics and bloggers have used their opinion on Snyder to become nothing but massive jerks.

And in doing so not only have these bloggers, websites posted incredibly hurtful stories about Zack but they’ve taken it to a personal level.

Just yesterday I got into a huge argument with a Critic, who I once had massive respect for, because she decided to make a terrible joke about how she was completely confident that Zack Snyder hated his mother.

Look I understand that Zack isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, hey I consider myself a fan and even I don’t love all of his work.

But please, please, can we stop with the massive personal attacks on this guy. Snyder is a kind man who every single person who has worked with him has praised to the high heavens for being a gentleman. And many actress​ have said that if it wasn’t for him they would have quit acting.

He’s not a misogynist, or some Right Wing Ayn Rand obsessed psychopath, or some edgelord who wants to ruin your childhood.

He’s just a guy who has feelings just like us and that often gets forgotten about.

Right now Snyder needs some time to make peace with a family tragedy and a kind word could a long way. And if you can’t do that feel free to say nothing at all. You have already proven your character.

Finally, I received an email from @valiantschool They apologized to me and paid the usage fee.
I’m a professional photographer, and (fortunately) have an influence on Instagram. It helped to solve the problem.
There are many similar problems on internet. I sincerely wish that all of the creators be respected.
Thank you all for your comments and encouragements. You guys are best!
( I will archive last 4 posts in few days )
Photo credit @mitsuru_wakabayashi

okay but. atlantis au

soulmate au where people have the first thing their soulmate says to them written on their arm, right?

but when grantaire finally gets the words on his arm, written in bright red, odd hieroglyphic text he has no clue what the language is

he asks everyone around him and no one knows the language

no one

so he takes to the internet

he posts a pic of his arm and nobody knows what it is. they guess things like languages dead from centuries ago but no one can figure out what it is

until combeferre, the all knowing historian sees it and is like


and courf and the les amis are all the expedition team people have spent trying to find the thing and

they recruit r bc that heightens their chances for finding the city and just

atlantis au

feel free to add on

Talk about Aleppo. Cry for them like you cried for Paris. Cry for them like you cried for New York. Talk about them. Our silence is killing them. They are people, PEOPLE. Are they not important because they’re arabs? because they’re Syrian? Do their lives matter less than the life of a French or an American? People from Aleppo are posting their goodbye messages on the internet as a final massacre is expected to happen any time soon and we are SILENT. We have been silent for over five years. Some children in Aleppo don’t know life without war. Imagine living in a city of ruins and having to fear for your life every instant. Hospitals, churches, houses, restaurants are bombed on the daily and hundreds are killed every single day. Yet we are silent. Remember them. Honor them. We’ve allowed a mass genocide to happen before our eyes for years. It’s burning is a testament of our moral failure. Talk about Aleppo, please.


This is going to sound really desperate
But please read all of it.

My parents have been denying me a cat for the last eight years. I have made powerpoints and have even pulled up free kittens on the Internet in hopes of getting one. They said if I get 6,000 likes I could finally have one, but that’s absolutely impossible. But I would still really appreciate if you would like and reblog this so maybe if I get enough they can reconsider. I know there are a lot more important issues on here but please take a minute if your time and like or reblog.


almost two years after my 1k follow forever (took me forever i guess), i have finally reached the second milestone of validation on the internet, just enough to motivate me in the upcoming week of exams lmao. all in all, this hellsite is still the only place where i can channel my creativity and where i can chat with the loveliest people about my favourite things, and as much as i like to talk shit about it, you’ll probably pry this blog out of my cold dead hands, because i’ve spent too much time out of my life taking care of it. (also notice how i chose that gif specifically so people confused about my url know what it means aka ‘sagitta’ = latin for ‘arrow’)

i’m gonna start with a shoutout to the @posibane Squad™ for spreading a good message and being amazing to talk to, i love y’all:

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WOOO!!! Miraculous Ladybug is officially exclusively on Netflix! I’m happy to finally be able to watch all these eps in peace without having to scour the internet looking for them. I’m glad Nickelodeon lost the rights since honestly they only really respect Spongebob and didn’t air the episodes at good times or anything so I couldn’t support the show. I do feel bad for those of us that can’t afford Netflix but hopefully through friends and posts online, you’ll still be able to enjoy the show :)

Food + How To Order - Part 3

Hey guys, it’s finally the last (and probably most important) post in my mini-series, which will be on how to order food in Japan! I hope you enjoyed this mini-series and found it useful, I had a lot of fun planning all these posts and wouldn’t mind doing it again! This post will look at the kind of questions you might be asked and how to answer them, as well as some questions that you might have! Also, I’m sorry that this post came last as I’ve recently been travelling and haven’t had a good internet connection!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Excuse me・すみません
Side dish・ サイドディッシュ
Thank you for this meal (before)・いただきます
Thank you for this meal (after)・ごちそうさまでした
Waiter / Waitress・ウェイター

How many people?・何名様ですか。
Two people.・二人です
Please sit here.・こちらへどうぞ。
Here’s the menu.・メニューになります。
Do you have an English menu?・英語のメニューはありますか。
Do you have a vegetarian menu?・ベジタリアンメニューはありますか。 

What would you like to drink?・お飲み物はいかがいたしますか。
Coke, please.・コーラをお願いします。
Are you ready to order?・ご注文はお決まりですか?
What would you like to order?・何を召し上がりますか。
What would you like?・何になさいますか。 

One moment please.・もう少し待ってください。
I don’t know yet.・まだ決めていません。
What’s this?・これは何ですか。
What do you recommend?・お勧めは何ですか? 

I’ll have this (while pointing at the menu).・これにします。
I’ll have this one and this one(while pointing at the menu).・これとこれにします。
The same, please.・同じ物をお願いします。
Two plates of curry, please.・カレーを二つお願いします。 

Can I change my order?・注文を変えてもいいですか。
I didn’t order this!・これは注文していません。
Can I have this without cheese?・チーズを抜きにしてもらえますか。 

How would you like your steak?・ステーキの焼き加減はどうなさいますか?
Medium rare, please.・ミディアムレアでお願いします。 

May I take your plate?・お皿をお下げしてもよろしいですか?
Yes, please.・はい、どうぞ
Not yet.・いいえ、まだです。 

Can I have the bill, please?・お勘定をお願いします。
How much is it?・(お)いくらですか。
We will pay together.・一緒にお願いします。
We will pay separately.・別々にお願いします。

Since I did a ‘history’ post for Oswald and Edward, I thought I’d do one for Jonathan and Edward next! And because my internet died and all I had to entertain myself with was comics and video games.

I’ve shipped Scriddler for a very long time, mostly as a consequence of being exposed to the coupling by fans of Batman Begins years ago. I’m sure it existed prior to Cillian Murphy’s beautiful face, but I personally didn’t see it around. I think people who liked Cillian Murphy’s portrayal of Jonathan fell in love with the character and started reading/glancing at comics in which he featured, and they noticed he had interaction with the Riddler, and thus the Scriddler pairing was born, which - surprisingly - has maintained a steady popularity since then. Initially it was mostly Cillian Murphy!Scarecrow and Riddler that I saw, but eventually people started drawing/writing about comic!Scarecrow as well, which was great since I had a comic bias.

So, what’s their history? Well, in Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, they were cellmates:

There goes Ed, lmfao.

Prior to this, they were captured at the same time, so presumably they had been collaborating on a criminal endeavor (as they are wont to do).

I’m going to put the rest under a read more since this post is very image heavy.

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So, to commemorate the end of a 5 year journey and the final episode of the season - I’m TBT to the earliest interviews I could find with OTA.  Up first is baby Stephen Amell at the Pilot screening at the Paley Center this took place before the show aired on the CW.

2.  David Ramsey - I’m not sure where this came from but it was filmed during the pilot I believe.  My favorite part is “a nice looking tough guy”

3.  Finally, Emily Bett Rickards in an interview from April 2013 shortly after being made a series regular.  My favorite part is how adorably flustered the KSiteTV interview becomes towards the end.

These three are why I’ve watched for the last 5 years, why I have a twitter and tumblr blog, and met some pretty frakkin’ cool folks.  Have a nice weekend!

riffing off the post about post-apocalyptic women hunting lipstick, I would absolutely love a post-apoc story just about people looking for seemingly ridic/mundane stuff

like that post about the guy with braces looking for a dentist to take them off

a fangirl’s quest to find the author of that one WIP whose final chapter was JUST PAST BETA when the internet went down

i mean someone looking for records or books is almost too reasonable by contrast. but someone picking up a block of cheddar from the ruins of a supermarket with holy-grail tears in their eyes bc OMG THEY CAN HAVE REAL MAC AND CHEESE

and come to think of it, someone hunting for like, dairy cultures to make different types of cheese once they get cows and milking again

a bird watcher out for binoculars, who gets into the deepest zombie territory because they spotted a particular rare birb

and ofc they’re accompanied by a troupe of ppl in full furry gear, since it’s the apocalypse, why tf not

basically i want a whole post-apoc narrative about side quests


Word Count: 1,898
Reader Gender: Female I guess idk
Warnings: None (i think????)
Love Interest: Bucky
Note: Sorry this took so long to post. Every time I tried to post it my internet would mysteriously cut out and eventually I just got frustrated and gave up haha. But I have returned in hopes that I’ll be able to finally post it ♥

Originally posted by coporolight

I ran down the street, rain hitting my face like bullets. There was a big storm passing through the city, and I was one of the few people brave enough to be in it. Or stupid enough. Either way, I didn’t have an umbrella with me; the storm was so sudden, and it’s normally sunny around here. As I ran across the street, a dark and blurry figure caught my eye. Well, he was only blurry due to the rain. I hesitated before running up to it, not at all sure what it was. As I approached the figure, I noticed it was a human being.

A man, to be more specific. He was in dark jeans, and a darkly coloured thin sweater. I felt his neck for a pulse, relieved to find out that he was alive. I looked at his torso, noticing normal breathing patterns. The only thing signaling that he ended up here at all were the multiple bruises and cuts that littered his body. I shook his shoulder harshly, my expectations of him waking up coming to a sudden halt. After a few more minutes of trying, I gave up on my attempts to be gentle, and gave him a slap instead.

“Ow, what the hell?” He asked, voice laced with sleep.

“I’m sorry, are you alright?” I asked and he looked at me warily.

“Fine.” He said shortly, eyeing me.

“Do you live far from here?” I questioned.

“I don’t know.” He said after a moment, now looking confused.

“Do you remember anything?” I questioned.

“No.” He said shortly again, confusion now replaced with irritation.

“Well,” I paused, “You can come to my place, I’ll patch you up.”

We locked eyes for a long moment, and I could sense his distrust. In the moment of silence we shared, I was able to look at him a bit clearer. His had a bit of scruff, obviously signaling that he hadn’t shaved in a few days. His hair was quite long, but it suited him somehow. He was shivering slightly, and it became evident that he was trying his best to appear completely calm. I stood back up, offering a hand to him.

“Come on, if I was trying to kill you, would I have bothered with waking you up?” I questioned.

He narrowed his eyes at me, silence continuing to fill the air. He finally took my hand, and I helped him stand. He limped a bit as he walked, but I wasn’t about to ask about it. If he really does have amnesia, then me asking him what happened right now is like talking to a brick wall. I shrugged off my jacket, the cold and rainy hair hitting my covered skin. I draped it over his shoulders, and he looked at me curiously.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“You’re cold.” I said simply and he grunted.

“Yeah, but isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?” He asked and I shrugged.

“I’m alright.” I lied coolly.

“Bullshit.” He said.

“Well, I’m not taking it back until we get to my place, so suck it up.” I said stubbornly, and he just shook his head.

That day was a few weeks ago, and in that time he’s managed to remember little things. Like his name, where he was born, and all of that stuff. His wounds have healed, and the smaller cuts have vanished. Unfortunately, during this time I’ve found myself falling for the somewhat mysterious man that resided in my house. He’s taken to calling me ‘Doll’ rather than my actual name and, despite how often I tell him not to, I actually do enjoy it. It makes me blush a little, and I think that’s why he does it.

He also cusses like a sailor, which is fine by me, I’m the same way. He’s yet to remember everything, or how he even ended up on the street in the first place. It’s bound to come soon, and it scares me a little. That’s also partially why I haven’t told him how I feel about him. I’m scared that when he remembers he’ll leave and never look back. Or worse, it turns out he’s married with 8 kids. I heard footsteps enter the living room, and I looked who they came from. Bucky.

“What’s up, Doll?” He asked, sitting beside me.

“The damn television won’t work right.” I grumbled.

“You try turning it on?” He said smartly.

“Oh, ha ha, let’s all make fun of the one time I had a fucking mind blank.” I huffed.

“Just one time?” He asked, laughing a little when I hit his arm.

“You’re an ass.” I huffed.

“I’m a damn delight.” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll make sure to remember that.” I said sarcastically.

I cleared my throat as I went to go get what I called the ‘Bucky Kit’. I gave up of calling it First Aid when he was the only one I was using it on. When I got back he was already out of his tank top, the bandages on his chest now exposed. His torso was almost fully healed, but I didn’t want to take any chances. I’d feel awful if anything got infected and he ended up needing surgery. Plus, he has this phobia with hospitals and shit. Me trying to get him inside the hospital might be just as hard as getting the T.V. remote from him.

I took off his bandages, looking for any signs of an infection. When I didn’t find one, I began cleaning the dirt off of his chest. He didn’t have a lot, seeing as how I properly care for his wounds. I felt heat rise to my cheeks, a sea of inappropriate thoughts entering my brain. I cleared my throat, hoping to clear the thoughts along with it. I focused on cleaning him up, and after a long agonizing moment of silence, I was finished.

“Now, if you’d stop running into everything, you’d be healing a lot faster.” I playfully criticized.

“Doll, I gotta tell you something.” Bucky said.

“Ah, so do I.” I confessed with a small smile.

“Same time?“ Bucky offered and I nodded.

“Sure.” I agreed, and we counted to three together.

“I remember everything.“ Bucky stated.

“I think I love you.“ I said at the same time.

My eyes widened as his words sunk into my brain. While I was happy that he finally got his memory back, fear poked into my mind. Was he going to just leave me and forget me now? What if I was right and it turns out that he has 8 kids and 4 ex wives? His eyebrows furrowed together, an undetectable emotion on his face. I should’ve just shut up, I should’ve just kept that to myself.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” I spoke, my voice faltering.

“Wait, you what?” Bucky questioned.

“I suppose you’ll be wanting to leave, now.“ I continued, my voice faltering even more.

“Y/n, wait a second-“ Bucky tried.

“I have to go spring clean my room,“ I started to back away, “So I’m just going to go.“

I ran off, retreating into the safety and comfort of my room. I slammed the door shut, feeling tears brim my eyes. I felt selfish for feeling so sad about him regaining his memory, but I couldn’t help it. He was probably going to leave me and never talk to me again. He probably doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. As a matter of fact, he’s probably in his room getting ready to leave right now.

I plopped onto the side of my bed, my back facing the door. Why couldn’t I have just thought of him like a friend? I sadly wiped my tears, which only made them flood through. In a matter of seconds I was bawling, my hands covering my face instead. I tried to keep the noise nonexistent, the last thing I needed was for Bucky to hear me cry. He’d probably just laugh. I don’t want to see him when he leaves, I just want him to go without telling me.

“Y/n?” Bucky questioned after knocking on my door.

“Go away!“ I yelled, my voice betraying me.

Instead of hearing footsteps walk away, I heard my door open and then close. Great, he’s come to ridicule me, or come to tell me good bye and to delete his number. Thankfully, my hair hid my face, so it was harder to tell that I had been crying. I heard him slowly walk closer to me before abruptly stopping in his tracks. I scooted a little further away from him, hoping he’d take a hint. Unfortunately, he didn’t.

Instead I heard him walk even closer, moving my hands away from my face. I looked away from him, focusing on the wall that faced my side. He moved my hair away from my face, tucking it behind my ear. I took a deep breath as he gently moved my head, forcing me to look at him. He was crouched on the floor, looking up at me with concern. Oh great, this is even worse, I get pity. His hand stayed on my cheek, his thumb pushing away tears.

“Hey, why are you crying, doll?” Bucky asked in a quiet tone.

“It’s stupid, you don’t have to worry about me.” I replied in a slightly bitter tone.

“I’m not leaving until you tell me.” He stated, completely serious.

“Well, now that you’ve got your memory back, you’re going to leave and I’ll just be left here with a memory. You’re not going to want to talk to me-“ I began rambling, making me cry a bit harder.

“Is that what this is about?” He questioned, taking my silence as confirmation, “Doll, you didn’t give me a chance to reply.”

“Well, I just assumed-” I began.

“Well, you assumed wrong.” He stated, “If you had given me a chance to talk, you would’ve found out that I feel the same toward you.” He stated, and my heart raced.

“R-Really?” I stuttered out, my crying voice fucking everything up.

“No, I’m fucking with you, of course I do.” He said and I sighed.

“You’re still going to leave and forget me.” I pointed out, and he raised his brows.

“Even if I didn’t love you, how could I ever forget you?” He asked.

“I dunno.” I mumbled, fiddling with my hands.

“Doll, you’re too amazing to forget,” He smiled lightly, “Plus, you can be a real pain in the ass-Ow!” He yelped after I hit his arm.

I glared at him for a second before a smile took over my lips, and I hugged him instead. He instantly hugged me back, standing up and spinning me around for a second. A weight was lifted off of my shoulders and off of my heart, the sadness and fear leaving me. My tears dried, no longer falling from my eyes and staining my cheeks. After he let me go, I pulled away and stared at him for a moment.

“So does this mean that we’re a thing or-” I began, getting cut off with a kiss.

“What do you think?” He questioned after pulling away.

“I think that doesn’t really answer my question.” I stated.

“Yes, we’re a thing, you dork.” He said, rolling his eyes.

#flirting (an Olicity fic)

Here’s a ridiculous little celebrity/social media au one shot. I wrote it this summer and totally forgot about it but I found it today so… here it is! There may be a few more parts to this, idk. We’ll see!


She was standing in the kitchen, just finishing off her (disgusting) protein shake, when an alert lit the face of her phone.

@OliverQueen tweeted a photo.

She chugged the last sip—ugh!—and swiped the screen. A second later a photo of Oliver was staring back at her and she’d be lying if she said her breathe didn’t catch a little at the sight.

Tight t-shirt, crazy blue eyes, just the right amount of scruff… He was gorgeous, always, but especially standing on the deck of a yacht, leaning over the railing just enough to show off his muscular shoulders. The tweet said, “Fav pic from the @MensHealth shoot.” It already had over a thousand likes.

Felicity liked the tweet and threw her glass in the sink, maybe a little rougher than she’d meant to considering the way it rattled around.

It wasn’t that she was jealous. She was happy for Oliver; he worked hard to maintain his physique and anyone who worked that hard for anything deserved praise and a spread in Men’s Health was good for him, but ugh! Over a thousand likes in less than three minutes? Really? How was it possible?

Her phone vibrated and she looked down to see another alert.

@OliverQueen: @FelicitySmoak you should have come with. Missed you on the boat ;)

Felicity sighed and tapped out a return message.

@FelicitySmoak: @OliverQueen motion sickness, photogs and getting hit on 24/7? Yeah what was I thinking passing on that?

As was usual whenever she got into a conversation with Oliver on social media, her phone started blowing up. Likes and follows and retweets. Everyone wanted a piece of Oliver Queen, even if it was just in the form of stalking him on Twitter.

Even she had her claws in him in a way. It wasn’t like he talked to her on Twitter because he missed her sparkling personality. No, she was the Ronald Miller to his Cindy Mancini, using his popularity and social media prowess to Can’t Buy Me Love her way into the hearts of America. Or, at least, into the hearts of his millions of followers.

Her phone vibrated again, but this time it was a text.

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Yaaaaay :D

I’M BACK in black

Well, that- that was a way longer time than I though- ugghhh so many issues to have Internet again—


I missed this so much ;w;

And– well, that’s it, I just wanted to announce that. I did some things too; changed the theme of the blog and added a FAQ page to the About and Rules page. And that’s it. I’m back.


Because I didn’t want this to be just a plain text post and because I feel bad for not having published anything (even though I know I couldn’t help it),- I’ll show you some dumb af Asche doodles I made while I was bored and without Internet-

So, click “Keep reading” if you wanna see ‘em! ‘cause they’re just too many .w. well, only like ten, but you know

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I want to apologize to the LGBT community...

So I’m kind of new to the whole fujioshi world, and I was therefore very surprised when I started getting a lot of hate for liking things like Killing Stalking (KS).

People were calling me “disgusting,” “homophobic,” and a supporter of abusive relationships, and I just couldn’t understand why people were being so mean to the KS fandom (you can see I’m also kind of new to the internet, I have to admit I got into this social media thing a little late in my life). Therefore I kept involving myself in pointless arguments with a lot of people because I was tired of being called so many horrible things.

Finally, today I was scrambling through Tumblr and I saw this post about a gay man that, after showing affection to his partner on a public bus, two girls behind them started giggling and trying to get closer to the “yaoi” action. He wrote about how he felt offended because his partner and he were not there for these girls’ entertainment.

It was through this post that I finally understood why the LGBT community dislikes fujioshies so much: I really dislike it when female characters in anime, superhero movies, and social media in general, are portrayed in a sexual way in order to satisfy male audiences. I won’t judge you if you like those kinds of things, after all, it is fiction, but when those ideas begin to transfer into the real world, I get furious.

I am guilty of saying “I love gay people” and squealing when I see a gay couple in a street or restaurant. Therefore, I wanted to apologize to the LGBT community for objectifying you, especially gay people. I am going to continue being fujioshi and liking KS, however, I am going to be more conscious when it comes to separating fiction from reality.

However, I want to point out that the reason I realized my mistakes was not by being called “disgusting” and “homophobic,” it was by reading about someone’s experience and trying to understand how they feel. So you antis also need to change your way of communicating because cursing at people is just going to lead to more arguments.

Thank you.