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It needs to be canon in superhero universes that schools and colleges have stopped caring about world ending disasters. Like yeah the avengers tore up Manhattan but you’ve known about this assignment for weeks so it still needs to be in on time. The internet is down cause joker decided to pull a massive heist? Oh to bad, that online discussion board post needs to be up. Like obviously if you’re in the hospital or there’s a family emergency cause of it you’ll get some slack but you’re gonna have to jump through so many hoops that it’s better to just abandon that loved one to make it in time for the biology final. You’re dorm or apartment burned down in the crossfire of loki and iron man? Guess who’s sleeping at their friend’s house or in the commuter lounge?



what a pretty day on the internet! artists have finally been given the go-ahead to post their pieces from the @supernaturalartbook ! here’s my final piece, with a handful of closeups.

thanks so much to s3 for all of their hard work, and for inviting me to participate in this huge project! major kudos!!


@directedbyzacksnyder first of all I would like to thank you for putting into words what I have struggled with.

In case anyone doesn’t know, Justice League director, Zack Snyder, recently announced that he would be stepping down from the project due to a family tragedy.

Snyder only announced this because knowing the internet he knew that if he had simply said he was stepping down, loads of bloggers and clickbait websites would have gone on to write inaccurate articles about how “Hack Snyder ruins the DCEU once again”, or “WB finally washes its hand of Zack before he creates another disaster.”

Over the years it’s become incredibly clear that critics and bloggers have used their opinion on Snyder to become nothing but massive jerks.

And in doing so not only have these bloggers, websites posted incredibly hurtful stories about Zack but they’ve taken it to a personal level.

Just yesterday I got into a huge argument with a Critic, who I once had massive respect for, because she decided to make a terrible joke about how she was completely confident that Zack Snyder hated his mother.

Look I understand that Zack isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, hey I consider myself a fan and even I don’t love all of his work.

But please, please, can we stop with the massive personal attacks on this guy. Snyder is a kind man who every single person who has worked with him has praised to the high heavens for being a gentleman. And many actress​ have said that if it wasn’t for him they would have quit acting.

He’s not a misogynist, or some Right Wing Ayn Rand obsessed psychopath, or some edgelord who wants to ruin your childhood.

He’s just a guy who has feelings just like us and that often gets forgotten about.

Right now Snyder needs some time to make peace with a family tragedy and a kind word could a long way. And if you can’t do that feel free to say nothing at all. You have already proven your character.

okay but. atlantis au

soulmate au where people have the first thing their soulmate says to them written on their arm, right?

but when grantaire finally gets the words on his arm, written in bright red, odd hieroglyphic text he has no clue what the language is

he asks everyone around him and no one knows the language

no one

so he takes to the internet

he posts a pic of his arm and nobody knows what it is. they guess things like languages dead from centuries ago but no one can figure out what it is

until combeferre, the all knowing historian sees it and is like


and courf and the les amis are all the expedition team people have spent trying to find the thing and

they recruit r bc that heightens their chances for finding the city and just

atlantis au

feel free to add on

Talk about Aleppo. Cry for them like you cried for Paris. Cry for them like you cried for New York. Talk about them. Our silence is killing them. They are people, PEOPLE. Are they not important because they’re arabs? because they’re Syrian? Do their lives matter less than the life of a French or an American? People from Aleppo are posting their goodbye messages on the internet as a final massacre is expected to happen any time soon and we are SILENT. We have been silent for over five years. Some children in Aleppo don’t know life without war. Imagine living in a city of ruins and having to fear for your life every instant. Hospitals, churches, houses, restaurants are bombed on the daily and hundreds are killed every single day. Yet we are silent. Remember them. Honor them. We’ve allowed a mass genocide to happen before our eyes for years. It’s burning is a testament of our moral failure. Talk about Aleppo, please.

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Talking about AU's AU where Keith and Lance met at a concert of Allura, the super rock star. Lance is there because he is a fan. And Keith is there because Shiro is the batterist.

@agaymasterpiece and I actually had a similar AU somewhere,,, let me merge these two together:

  • ok so first of all: allura’s band is a rock band
  • keith and lance are both on allura’s concert for the reasons you just mentioned
  • lance is somewhere in the middle where crowdsurfers tend to pass through
  • all of a sudden,,, keith just gets tossed in the air. probably shiro’s fault who wanted keith to have the full concert experience and sent some of his friends to throw him if he doesn’t volunteer to go crowd surfing
  • keith comes towards lance at full speed
  • lance miraculously manages to catch him
  • lance:
  • keith:
  • multiple people caught the whole incident on camera
  • ((it’s not always that people start flying after all))
  • keith awkwardly thanks lance and then hurries away from the nearby crowd that all know him now

  • a little later a mosh pit starts forming
  • this is ok keith can deal with this
  • lance can’t
  • he faceplants trying to keep up with everyone……… gUESS WHO HELPS HIM UP
  • keith. it’s keith. of course it’s keith.
  • lance:
  • keith:
  • lance: “first you come flying my way and now you’re here to save me. are you my guardian angel or what?”
  • keith: “a simple thanks would have been enough”
  • they get separated by the pit again and move on with their lives

  • the whole incident got caught on camera again
  • after the concert both videos get uploaded on twitter & youtube
  • it doesn’t take long for ppl to realize that it’s about the same two guys
  • ‘idk who these two are but i ship them’
  • the entire internet comes together trying to find out who these two are
  • lance probably found the videos on his own before anyone even tagged/messaged him lmao
  • it takes everyone else around 2 days to finally find keith’s (mostly inactive) twitter account
  • shiro hears about everyone having found out that keith is the guy in the video and tells him to check his account
  • keith has suddenly gained over 1000 new followers and has too many notifications to count
  • he screenshots it all, makes a post and tags lance: ‘this is all your fault’

  • (they agree to go on a date)
  • (they fall in love)
  • (they get into a relationship)
  • (they are happy)


So I thought I’d do a quick surf of the internet before hitting bed tonight and scrolling through twitter I find Hiro Mashima post that he has completed the final chapter of the Fairy Tail manga. If I thought my heart was broken that was only the start of it. I also read that Hiro and his team were gifted with a crystal tombstone with engravings of Happy, Natsu and Lucy as well as the running dates and Hiro’s name at the bottom. We have finally reach the end of an era and it will be a bittersweet ending when the last chapter finally goes up for all us fans out there. FAIRY TAIL FOREVER 👆🏻

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Would bet all my money - Chris Evans

HELLO INTERNET! Did you miss me?? Well, I’m back with this one shot (that will probably become a series) which follows a prompt coming from a list of AUs that I can post if you’re interested. Btw, I hope you’re happy @supernatural-girl97   the moment you have been waiting has finally come! Enjoy :) xx

                                             CHRIS EVANS X READER

Prompt: We’re the last people in the cinema after a marvel movie because everyone else was weak and we payed to see the damned end credit scene, so who do you think is the hottest avenger ‘cause all my money is on Captain America.

Warnings: none


You were a huge Marvel fan, like “I’ve read the comic books, seen all the movies, have multiple gadgets and really want to meet the actors but have no money to go to conventions” type of fan. You were obsessed with the characters, the storyline and God, the movies were phenomenal from your point of view; they’ve always made goosebumps run all over your skin, they made you want to enter in that parallel universe and be a hero, feel powerful and loved. Perhaps it wasn’t the best to achieve considering the downs of the “hero career”, especially in these stories, but, you know, going to the cinema and enjoy two hours of hot men running around wasn’t that bad.

As soon as you heard that “Captain America: Civil War” had been released in theatres, you immediately freed your agenda and tried to go as many times as possible to see it. In this case, it was the last day the cinema you usually went to showed the film. You felt a little melancholy while buying the ticket for the last time but you shook that thought away by thinking that, one way or another, you would’ve bought the dvd as soon as it was released and would soon have the chance to watch it as many times as you wanted. It was late, you chose on purpose the ultimate show to feel less embarrassed for crying or criticizing loudly the characters’ bad choices for one more time; there were a couple of people spread around in the room, most of them in the front rows or the middle. You happily chose your usual seat in the back and sat down with your big bag of popcorn.

The movie started in about 5 minutes after you had arrived and you were immediately entranced by what was happening and quietly kept noticing details that had gotten out of your sight the first time. 20 minutes in the film, while dark surrounded everyone, someone came in and sat down a couple of seats away from you. You actually didn’t pay much attention, you were too astonished by the movie that you wouldn’t have the time to turn around and notice.

That was probably lucky for Chris because, little did you know, he had decided to go the cinema to see personally the reaction of his fans. He had chosen on purpose, just like you, the last show on the last day. If you had seen him, you would’ve probably started to squeal but still be “cool” because, come on, it’s Chris Evans! The movie ended faster than you thought and soon you were watching the credits roll down, a couple of people got up and left the cinema, not bothering to stay until the end. But you, oh you. You had paid to see that damned end credit scene and you were going to get it.

“Weak people..” you muttered as you saw the last person leave the theatre. A deep voice startled you, making you realize that you weren’t alone.

“Yeah, not everyone is strong enough to wait till the end of the line.” the person said out loud and you turned your head to see where the voice came from, though it was too dark to see the talker perfectly. You understood the reference and smiled to yourself. “Mind if I seat there?”

You looked at his pointing finger and noticed he meant to ask you if he could sit beside you. “Yeah, of course” the credits still scrolled down. He was very tall, wearing a baseball cap on the inside; you smelt his strong cologne as soon as he sat down, it was nice. “Want some?” You asked, offering the last pieces of popcorn that remained.

“Yes, please.” he said, grabbing some of them and starting to eat. It became quiet again and finally the scene you had been waiting arrived. “So, who do you think is the hottest avenger?”

You laughed out loud, choking a little on the popcorn “Um, I think Captain America” you answered, a slightly sarcastic tone in your voice “Yeah, I’d bet all my money on him.”

“Well, Thor isn’t kidding either”

“I’m more of a Loki type, let’s say that.” you giggled, smirking. This person was really enjoyable to be around. The lights flickered on, lighting up all the room, and you turned to the mysterious man beside you. Your breath immediately got knocked out of your lungs “Wait, you’re Chris Evans.”



Finally, I received an email from @valiantschool They apologized to me and paid the usage fee.
I’m a professional photographer, and (fortunately) have an influence on Instagram. It helped to solve the problem.
There are many similar problems on internet. I sincerely wish that all of the creators be respected.
Thank you all for your comments and encouragements. You guys are best!
( I will archive last 4 posts in few days )
Photo credit @mitsuru_wakabayashi


This is going to sound really desperate
But please read all of it.

My parents have been denying me a cat for the last eight years. I have made powerpoints and have even pulled up free kittens on the Internet in hopes of getting one. They said if I get 6,000 likes I could finally have one, but that’s absolutely impossible. But I would still really appreciate if you would like and reblog this so maybe if I get enough they can reconsider. I know there are a lot more important issues on here but please take a minute if your time and like or reblog.

Back (ready to post)

The moving took me a bit longer than it should have, but finally am kinda settled down with few bumps and hiccups. I had some troubles with the internet line and housing for a bit, but am full of sketches collected during that time.

For everyone who was asking, I moved abroad to get Masters degree.

Sorry for not replying and thank you all for your sweet messages.

-relaxes under the blankies-

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I just got done re-coloring the middle drawing for redbubble, and I realized I’ve never posted these as one photoset! So here ya go–all the drawings from the If You Give A Supersoldier Internet Access… series, which for some reason have just become Bucky carrying people. I don’t know, I didn’t really plan this out. They’re all on transparent backgrounds. 

You can find all of the stories (King of Memes, Closet Softie, and Sweet Talker, respectively) for this on my AO3 (link), and they’re also in my blog archive. 

Sorry for all the mod posts today, I’m just finally over finals and have time to do things again! Things should go back to normal shortly.

-Mod Hell

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Food + How To Order - Part 3

Hey guys, it’s finally the last (and probably most important) post in my mini-series, which will be on how to order food in Japan! I hope you enjoyed this mini-series and found it useful, I had a lot of fun planning all these posts and wouldn’t mind doing it again! This post will look at the kind of questions you might be asked and how to answer them, as well as some questions that you might have! Also, I’m sorry that this post came last as I’ve recently been travelling and haven’t had a good internet connection!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Excuse me・すみません
Side dish・ サイドディッシュ
Thank you for this meal (before)・いただきます
Thank you for this meal (after)・ごちそうさまでした
Waiter / Waitress・ウェイター

How many people?・何名様ですか。
Two people.・二人です
Please sit here.・こちらへどうぞ。
Here’s the menu.・メニューになります。
Do you have an English menu?・英語のメニューはありますか。
Do you have a vegetarian menu?・ベジタリアンメニューはありますか。 

What would you like to drink?・お飲み物はいかがいたしますか。
Coke, please.・コーラをお願いします。
Are you ready to order?・ご注文はお決まりですか?
What would you like to order?・何を召し上がりますか。
What would you like?・何になさいますか。 

One moment please.・もう少し待ってください。
I don’t know yet.・まだ決めていません。
What’s this?・これは何ですか。
What do you recommend?・お勧めは何ですか? 

I’ll have this (while pointing at the menu).・これにします。
I’ll have this one and this one(while pointing at the menu).・これとこれにします。
The same, please.・同じ物をお願いします。
Two plates of curry, please.・カレーを二つお願いします。 

Can I change my order?・注文を変えてもいいですか。
I didn’t order this!・これは注文していません。
Can I have this without cheese?・チーズを抜きにしてもらえますか。 

How would you like your steak?・ステーキの焼き加減はどうなさいますか?
Medium rare, please.・ミディアムレアでお願いします。 

May I take your plate?・お皿をお下げしてもよろしいですか?
Yes, please.・はい、どうぞ
Not yet.・いいえ、まだです。 

Can I have the bill, please?・お勘定をお願いします。
How much is it?・(お)いくらですか。
We will pay together.・一緒にお願いします。
We will pay separately.・別々にお願いします。


i had to make this 2 parts (maybe 3 we will see) cause i was almost at 5 k and you and eunwoo still havent met so like, it had to be 2 parts

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  • So its finals season, you are dying because of AP testing/revisions/big mean tests that give you too  much stress
  • Should you be studying cause these tests that have a huge impact on your grade? yes
  • But will you? I mean technically yes,,,
  • It still counts as studying if you are looking at studyblrs right??? totally
  • You end up finding a blog that posts study tips and weekly updates of their bullet journal
  • Tbh they look like they have their life together bc sometimes you see some moodboards of their desk and like healthy smoothies with like,, kale, and spinach
  • Their url is @morningwakeupcall Wow even their url makes it     seem like they have their life together
  •  You follow their blog because it’s pretty and you like pretty things, so you close tumblr because it’s 11pm you really should start studying
  •  Your life doesn’t really change after that, sometimes instead of jungkook’s abs on your dash now you see a  pretty bullet journal 
  •  One day you’re scrolling through tumblr and you see a picture of bts at the bbms in @mornginwakeupcall ‘s bullet journal 
  •  You’re dying on the inside because!!! One of your favorite groups!! Is in that journal!!! that someone who has their life together!!!  
  • O h  m y
  •  You reblog the post and add a bunch of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and keyboard smashes in the tags 
  •  You feel very happy and kinda like a proud mom that this guy likes bts too 
  • You decide you’re gonna send them an ask (on anon of course you feel hella awkward showing them who you are,, what if they think you are a weird stalker online no thank you you’re not about that life) 
  • Before you send them the ask     you wait like 6 minutes so they maybe won’t think that the kpop blog that     just reblogged thier kpop themed bullet journal sent them an ask, like this     is some 007 james bond shit right here you gotta take some precautions 
  •  After the 6 minutes have passed     you double checked that you pressed anon, and send the ask
  •  You’re sitting there on your phone refreshing his dash smh why are you so invested in this just to see his response- oH SNAP HE ANSWERED

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