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re james’ tweet about how we’ll probably cry: if this means philkas are gonna Suffer again, i’m so Done. like. they’ve had their angst. they’ve overcome their personal issues. if it’s sad for other reasons (ie THE SERIAL KILLER ON THE LOOSE) then cool i get that. good plot. but if Yet Another nonhet couple are put through perpetual angst, i’m gonna be so done
Crushes on Omnic Monks - MedicDuFresne - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]

Here’s that fic I told you about on anon. Sorry it took so long, it’s finals week at my college. I hope you like it!

OH MY GOD MY?? DUDE??! IT’S PERFECT look at the Los muertos omnic aka Carlos being gay and a bumbling nerd over his crush on zenny and I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH for writing me this!! AAA I love this their interactions are wonderful THANK YOU THANK U <3 <3

Go and read this guys!

all: 3,4 born to beat we are btob
hs: sincere congratulation to SJ Cup, organized by sungjae, is being 
all: held successfully
hs: we hope that all students can become soccer players and athletes that shine bright for korea
sj: since its run by me sungjae, its okay if you are a girl, you can come play soccer too. you can come if you are an animal too
ek: really?
pn: regardless of gender everyone can come is a great idea
sj: good, until the day we all become one with soccer, fighting
ih: until then….
sj: till now its born to beat btob
ek: i will join!
sj: also changsub hyung’s bedroom
all: sincere congratulations!!!!
cs: i finally have my own bedroom! im so so happy! its a very very spacious room, please continue to send us a lot of love…  till now its born to beat btob
mh: lets use (your spacious) room as sungjae’s soccer room
hs: sincere congratulations to myself for moving into a new house!!! i live by myself now everyone! im inviting everyone to my housewarming party~ i will live stream it through vapp! please do come… just bring some toilet rolls (as the housewarming presents) i believe its gonna be a fun party

greetings from the future btob