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Promise Me  [ P.P ]

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count:

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Warnings: ANGST and death 

A/N: I’ve not had the chance to write anything in such a long time and it feels so good to finally get something up for you guys. My requests are empty and open so do feel free to send some in! If you want, you can use this prompts list. This is also pretty angsty but I do think I went a bit easy on the angst still. Basically this sucks lmao.


Blood dripped from the tips of Peter’s fingers, mimicking the movements of the tears that fell from his eyes. After all he had done to protect you, this was never supposed to happen. He knew that he couldn’t have done anything to save you but for some reason unknown, guilt clawed at his skin.

A sob racks through his body.

Peter stumbles into a wall, his cheeks glistening with the salty fluid that had been expelled from his eyes. His shoulder presses against the stone, head falling against the brick as he falls to the ground in a heap. He wasn’t supposed to lose you like this.

It was meant to be an ordinary day. Peter swore at how easily he had believed that this day could be one of the best he’s had in awhile. Because it had instead turned out to be one of the worst days of his life. The pain Peter was feeling was one he would never be able to explain. If he had to, he would say that it felt as if someone had pushed a hand into his chest and tore out his heart, crushing it slowly but surely.

His sight is blurred as he raises his hands in front of his face. The red substance was dry and crusted in most places but there was still parts of which were still wet and dripping down his pale skin. He wished it was his own blood. Another loud sob pierces the silence; an agonizing sound filled with pain and grief.

Sniffling, his mind wanders back only half an hour ago. When you were still alive but dying in his arms.

Your head lay on his thigh, hair tinted red just like your lips. Shallow breaths caused your chest to rise and fall at an uneven pace, fingers tightening around the hand of the one you had fallen helplessly in love with. Despite knowing you weren’t going to make it, you smiled. A small smile but a genuine one.

“I’m sorry,” Peter had said, “I don’t-I should’ve-could’ve-”

“It’s not-it’s not your fault. Don’t blame-don’t blame yourself.” You moved your head to the side, lifting your arm and placing your clean hand on his tearstained cheek. He whimpers, a hand of his own gently resting on top of yours.

Peter shook his head slowly, his eyes unmoving from yours as spoke. “Hang on, Y/N. Don’t shut your eyes.”

“Peter,” You grunted, wincing at the uncomfort in your abdomen. Quickly, you glanced down at the gaping wound in your stomach, flinching at the sight of it. “It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t-it doesn’t hurt, Peter. Why doesn’t it hurt?”

“There’s help on it’s way, Y/N. Just please, please stay with me,” Peter said.  His chest ached as he glanced away from you for a second, only to check for any medical help.

“It’s okay, Pete. Everything’s okay,” You muttered, eyelids fluttering as you gasped helplessly for breath. “I’m going to be ok-okay. And-and you’re going to be okay t-too.”

“No,” Peter sobbed. “No. Nothing is going to happen to you.”

You could feel yourself slipping away as you looked up at him through half lidded eyes. “Promise me you’ll never forget me. Please, promise.”

“I-I promise,” He smiles gently through his tears, his tears wetting his soft pink lips. “How could I ever forget about my Princess?”

“I love you,” You choked, “I love you so much, Peter.”

“Hey, I love you too,” Peter tucks a strand of your hair behind your ear, leaning down and placing his lips on yours so gently he may as well have not even touched them.

Peter could feel the moment you had left him. He could feel your body suddenly limp against his. All of a sudden he felt alone. Salty tears fell onto your limp body as he cried, his whole body shaking with each sob. His chest hurt and he struggled to breath as he grieved, his cries being heard by surrounding traffic.

All he could think about were the times you had spent together watching your favourite movies on Netflix and the meals that Aunt May had cooked for you (which had more times than not been a struggle to finish). He remembered the way your eye lit up when you smiled and the way you frowned when you didn’t agree with something.

He sobs a gut wrenching sob, his head falling to his knees as he relaxes against the cold brick wall. Peter doesn’t bother reply to the kind citizens passing by who ask him if he needs help. All he wanted to do was make his way back in time. It was a simple mugging which had resulted with a knife lodged in your stomach and Peter hated that something he could have so easily prevented was what had killed you.

There was a twisting feeling in his stomach and it felt as if his chest was closing in on itself, his hands shaking and his palms sweating. The only thing on his mind was you. He seemed to have an endless supply of tears stored away because they just kept coming.

The things he would do to get you back. But he couldn’t. It’s not possible and now you’re gone forever. Peter hurt more than he had ever hurt before and he couldn’t even dream on anything to compare the pain to. He just missed his Princess.

Pan flute

From: smutandfluffohmy

Character parings: OUAT Peter Pan x Reader

A/N:This is how imagines are going to be formatted from now on btw! Also I’m sorry i’ve been MIA for a while but i’m being swamped with work and finals, Some of y’all may have noticed in the start I posted a lot and more frequently and that’s because I made this account over the summer when I had a lot of free time and summer is rolling around so HEYYYY MORE POST!!

Prompt request:  “Oops, I almost forgot, I wanted pan for the prompt request. Mine was the one with a lot of prompts… Sorry!:Hey for the prompt thing can you do: 9. “Why me?”, 18. "Take it out on me…”, 62. "I shouldn’t be in love with you.”, 91. "I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.”, 137. "You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”, 153. "I love you, you asshole.” , 190. "Don’t you dare say you love me!”, and 195. "go on, just leave! that’s what everyone does anyway.” please and thanks :) Oh and if it’s too many you can take off a few. Oh and love your blog!!!!”

Warnings: Cursing

Ever since Emma and the rest of the heroes came and left with all the Lost Boys, Peter and you were the only people left in Neverland. Also Rumple who you found out is Peter’s son was not of much help since he  made it impossible for Peter to gather more Lost boys. 

“Come on Y/N I really need you to learn this song” Peter said huffing while running his fingers through his hair as he walked over to where you were sitting sharpening your knife. 

“I don’t know Peter I don’t see how I could play this”  You said as you put down your knife and turned the strange instrument Peter handed to you over in your hand “What is this instrument called?” You said as you looked up at Peter.

“A Panflute” Peter said under his breath causing you to burst out laughing. 

“Of course it is” You said smiling as you looked at the Panflute.

“Yea go ahead and laugh but I need you to do this because I found a loophole in my darling sons curse” Peter said sitting down next to you, he’s so close you could feel the heat radiating off him.

“And what would that be” You said looking at Peter.

“Well as he put it the next time someone plays the song I use to get my Lostboys will be the last time that person plays it.” Peter said looking over at you to see if you were understanding what he was saying. 

“But you need to play the song in order to leave Neverland” You said more confused as every word passed your lips. 

“Yes and No. Yes the song needs to be played in order to leave Neverland but it was never specified that I myself need to play it.So that’s why Y/n my dear will be playing it so we can leave and bring back our Lost boys” Peter said as his smile grew more and more till his face felt as if it was stretched out.You tried to ignore the butterflies you felt by how he used words such as ‘dear’, ‘we’ and ‘ours’.

“So let’s get started and teach me how to play”

                                            * 2 hours later* 

“Ok Y/N you got it now play it” Peter said smiling and waiting for you to play the song. Your blood running cold and with sweaty hands which you wiped on your sides, as you slowly placed the panflute to your lips playing the song till the end.

“Yes y/n you did it let’s go let’s get the Lost boys back” Peter said as he aproched you, to get the panflute back or not you don’t know but after 2 hours of Peter’s undivided attention you just felt the need to ask.

“Peter why me?” You said to Peter the words seeming to spill out of your mouth.

“What do you mean y/n” Peter said more than asked you as he hesiantly got closer to you.

“Why out of everyone that was taken away why was I the only one left behind” You said clutching the Pan flute closer to you as if it could protect you from your feelings or from his feeling more likely.

“I just fought to keep you alright it’s not important. Now come on we need to leave” Peter said stepping towards you once more.

“But why Peter why the hell did you fight for me why not for one of the boys! Why didn’t you fight for Felix! When I first got here all you did was make me feel like I wasn’t good enough. So why now Peter why do you suddenly care for me” You said stepping away from Peter the heels of  your feet hitting the log you were sitting on.

“Look y/n you can take out all your anger on me if you want. Just take it out on me but if you want the truth you just grew on me. I feel like we’re really good friends now okay” Peter said looking you in the eyes as he spoke sincerely but you felt as if he was leaving out part of the story.

“That’s bullshit Peter and you know it” You said as you got closer and jabbed your finger into his chest frustration filling you.

“You wouldn’t understand so I suggest that you just drop it” Peter said not sure if he shared your feelings of frustration or if he was getting angry and if maybe you should drop the issue.

“No Peter fuck you tell me why me because I’ve been here for god knows how long and you confuse the shit out of me. Day after day your emotions change around me. Some days we get along just fine and others you seem like you hate me with everything you got. So tell me Peter why didn’t you let them take me and wh-” You yelled at Peter your voice getting louder and louder as all the memories of Peter acting as he hated you and never letting any of the boys get too close to you and how you wanted to hate him but you couldn’t.

“Because I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death y/n shit and I shouldn’t be in love with you. Are you happy now? Go on, just leave! That’s what everyone does anyway.Leave the devil monster you think I am. Y/n spear me the speech of how much you hate me and how much I disgust you” Peter said yelling as he started walking the other direction.

“You couldn’t tell me this before? Damn it Peter I love you, you asshole. Why do you think I came to Never land with you without asking any questions? I loved the fairy tale Disney version of you and god I love this version of you too” You said running after Peter wanting him to stop and just look at you, everything felt so hazy and dream like you wanted Peter to look at you to make everything real.

“Y/n don’t you dare say you love me just because you’re scared of me” Peter said turning to look at you, making you stop in your tracks lost for words.Peter turning around and making himself magically disappear from in front of you. He ran away from you, from his problems, from his feelings leaving you all alone.

“But I do love you Peter. Disney version of you or not, fire red hair or not,Devil boy or not.I love you” You said to yourself as Peter was no where to be seen.

anonymous asked:

(1)I have a charecter was treated as a valuable prize to show off but severely punished for any small mistake and I was wondering if it would be plausible for them to follow "rules" that they themselves made up that they think stops people from getting upset, ex always keep the house clean, don't eat until after someone else does, never show your upset, always be smiling, do what anyone request you do and this is when they finally escape from this abuser and they are being helped by friends

(2) and any time they fail or feel like they fail they may end up crying and breaking down and being horribly scared by punishment, would this behavior be plausible?


When I was in college, I had… a situation where someone took on the role of trying to ‘make sure I was okay’ and did so… in some not good ways.

The following year, free from that situation, I had the irrational habit of hoarding food trash. I had to prove to …. an unknown entity… that I was eating. An irrational habit that made me get extremely agitated when a friend did something as simple as trying to remove his /own/ food trash from my room.

Straight A students in abusive homes will often break down at as little as… not an A+ and get judged by their peers because they don’t understand.

Survivors in long term abusive situations often… make connections, whether or not they’re actually there. Sometimes they are! Sometimes it is just… a last ditch effort at agency. If I do x instead of y it won’t be as bad.

The connections don’t end just because the abuse ends.

What you’re talking about is an extremely common symptom among long term abuse survivors.


Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: Mirror Anon

Prompt: How about a scenario where Niles (Fire Emblem Fates) sees the reader looking at themselves in the mirror and squeezing their chub because they have a low self esteem? Sorry for the weird request haha            

It had been another long day for Niles, finally freeing his shoulders of all the chores piling up upon him, finally getting the menial tasks done (and gambling a few of them away to some of the other poor, innocent suckers in camp who weren’t yet familiar with some of his less than honest tendencies.) Atop all that he’d even found some time to tease his colleagues and, in a much more subtle manner, his liege. It was exhausting work but someone had to do it - to keep them on their toes, even when they thought it safe to relax. One never knew what one many end up facing in a day, after all.

Niles found this to be an absolutely accurate statement as he walked into your shared treehouse home. He announced himself with a groan, overdramatic as always as he let his bow and quiver drop to the floor at his feet. His head lolled towards you, mouth dropping open as if to speak, but he managed only a quirk of his brow as he looked at you.

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Pick Pocket

✨I’M BACK! Hi guys summer is here and I am so happy to finally have some free time on my hands to write more, and I’m so excited! Keep sending requests and asks because I’m here to answer whatever you throw at me, and since I’ve been gaining even MORE followers ((wow wth 500?? I’m still in awe from just the first 10)) I’ve been thinking about doing a face reveal? Tell me if you think that’s a good idea or not cuz I love hearing all of your feedback! Without further ado, here’s the first imagine of the summer!✨


It was late, and darker than what you had originally planned. Even so, you tried to shake off the uneasy pit growing in your stomach and continued to walk as confidently as you could out of your school and back to your house. Originally, the study session was only supposed to last a few hours after school, which yeah I guess it did only last until 6:30, but the winter sky made the sun creep towards the horizon faster than when these study sessions first started. Nonetheless you hitched your backpack further up your shoulder and decided that it’d be better to spend as little time outside as possible from the growing chill in the air.
Of course you remembered all of the books and movies and stories on TV about bad things coming from taking the short way and going through the rough part of town or the busy city alleyways, but this area wasn’t that bad, and those sorts of things don’t happen to people like you, who has always had about average grades, average experiences, average looks, average life basically. You’ve taken this route before, many times actually, so this should be easy-peasy, and faster than usual so you’d be able to get home just in time to call Y/F/N to ask about whether she got any further with the guy she’s been seeing lately.
Walking a bit faster down the busy streets back to your house and farther from the safety of school you were met with the flow of traffic and people making their way home from a day of work, most seeming friendly enough. But just making sure that nobody were to give you a weird look and kidnap you, you decided that keeping your head down was the best option, at least for now. Occasionally you’d look up to check signs and lights to see whether you were going the right way but other than that the bright lights and faces of the people went by in a blur, almost so fast that you didn’t notice the person coming towards you looking behind their shoulder, and ramming themselves into you. Hard.
You stop almost in your tracks nearly falling over, brushing your hair that flew into your face, and look up only to come face to face with Y/C/N, “Hey, watch it… oh sorry Y/C/N, I didn’t-”
He quickly weaved his hand into yours, cutting you off, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you Y/N! Where have you been?” You tried to hide the slight blush that crept across your face and ears and fumbled around with an answer. Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion at this sudden warmth from the person who’s never uttered a word to you except to ask for a mere pencil on time in middle school. You never really talked to him because he was known to get into trouble, which I guess could be sorta hot at times, but you’ve heard your fair share of stories about him getting expelled and yelled at by teachers to know to keep your distance, no matter how popular he was.
He must have sensed your confusion as he led you in the other direction, leaning down closer to your ear he lowly muttered, “Follow me, and don’t ask any questions - there’s no time.”
His breath grazed your face and sent shivers down your spine in the already chilly air, “I-I’m so confused wha-.”
“Were you even listening to what I said? God out of all people…” He trailed off, running his free hand through his hair and checking behind the both of you anxiously. While questions and emotions were running through your head faster than Usain Bolt, he suddenly caught you off guard by randomly shoving you both into an empty alleyway. He pushed you down behind a dumpster and sat down next to you abruptly. In the darkness could only barely make out his silhouette, but it was hard to imagine this boy who usually had a cheesy smile stretched to his ears laughing and back talking to teachers be here, sitting next to you with lines creasing his forehead and hunched shoulders looking nervous and tense.
"There’s no time to explain the whole situation, but long story short, I may have done a bad job at pickpocketing, which surprisingly, pisses some people off when they find your hand down their pants searching for their wallet,” he laughed dryly, looking around the dumpster to the street, “Yeah I guess pops didn’t do a very good job of teaching me how to get out of this sort of situation, so I guess we’ll just have to figure this out for ourselves,”
Anger flashed across your face, “Wait, wait, wait, hold on for one second, what’s this ‘we’ stuff? What do you need me for?”
He glanced quickly at you, only to return to scan the alleyway, “Cover? Accomplice? I dunno, maybe if they saw me with someone else they would be less likely to suspect me? At this point I have no idea.”
"This sounds like a you problem,” C/N turned slightly more toward you, still scouring the entrance of the alleyway, “Well now it’s both our problems, so just chill and let me think.”
You paused, considering the pros and cons of asking, but asked anyway, "What I don’t understand is your need to pickpocket innocent people,” you said with more confidence, making him stare you straight in the eyes for the first time since he grabbed your hand, “No wonder that guy is mad as hell, I’d be too if something like that happened to me!”
He smirked slightly but you felt a change of tone in his voice, somehow turning even colder than before, “Who are you, my mom?”
"But it’s wrong! And illegal! And dangerous!”
"I can do whatever I want okay, the sooner you shut up the sooner we can get out of… this whole thing.”
You thought back to when you once were talking with your friends about him and you had imagined what it’d be like talking to C/N outside of school, with just the two of you together. Usually it involved him laughing at all of your jokes and you using your amazing flirting skills to win over his heart, but definitely not whatever this was. Not at all like this actually.
A couple of minutes passed, each passing minute feeling like an hour, especially with the newfound thought of hour close the two of you were together. Thankfully, or maybe not so thankfully, he didn’t seem to notice, or care even. Whenever you managed to steal a glance at C/N’s frame, your eyes having adjusted to the darkness, you could feel the wheels turning in his mind. You, of course, with never dealing with anything like this, pulling a blank at what to do. Half of you even thought to just stand up and walk out.
Suddenly C/N’s harsh voice snapped your mind back to the situation at hand, “Okay I think have a plan, might not be 100% perfect, but we can improvise along the way.”
Before you could even open your mouth to ask what it was, he dove right in before you, “Alrightie so, fun fact, I actually knew that guy, small world right?” He scratched the back of his head nervously and ran his hand through his messy hair, “Anyways, I don’t really have that great of a past with him, since the last time I was running away from him it was because I may or may not have stole from this store that he owns-”
"This is pretty bad then,” you stated, cutting him off.
"Um yeah no shit Sherlock,” he rolled his eyes but continued to talk as if you never interrupted him, “Well, I know this part of town pretty well so if we lay under the radar by cutting through the alleyways we can get back to my house without leaving an obvious trail and manage to stay out of the way of old man Jenkins back there,” He must have noticed your slightly worried face and quickly added, “Don’t worry I’ll try to get you back to your house, I just need you to be my cover.”
"Well my house is back that way,” you began, pointing back by where C/N ran into you, “and how do you know I’ll even trust you?”
"One, who wouldn’t trust this lovely face?” He answered, motioning towards his cheeky grin, “And two, you don’t understand my levels of talent, so prepare to be amazed.”
He took one last glance to the entrance and quickly stood up, motioning you to follow suit, “Oh and by the way, could you tell me your address?”
You reluctantly told him where you lived, and with a quick nod he started to lead you in and out of random alleyways and streets that must have used to be thriving, but now we’re almost deserted. You’d never been on this side of town before so you kept your guard up, darting your eyes over every object and jumping at every noise.
Suddenly you heard a sharp noise, like a can being crushed underfoot, "Hey, um, sorry to deter you C/N,” you sheepishly said, tapping on his surprisingly but not not so surprisingly hard back, “but I have this crazy feeling that we’re being followed,”
He scoffed and barely took notice, keeping his fast pace as if you hadn’t spoken. You decided to try again after you heard more noises coming from behind, drawing closer, "Hey, me again, I really really feel like someone following us and I think you should probably take some notice to it,”
Again, nothing, just a short grunt and a change in direction into a different alleyway. The hair on the back of your neck stood on end, and you felt more afraid than you ever had in your life. You decided to channel that fear into ticked off-ness, “Fine if you don’t care, then don’t care, but if we die it’s your fault,”
He huffed loudly in exasperation and turned around, still walking backwards, “As a matter of fact…”
He suddenly stopped and you rammed into him for the second time this night, before you could react and yell some more at him, C/N threw you behind him. When you regained your balance and looked up you saw a burly man that looked like he came straight out of a gang. His broad shoulders flexed as he grinned madly and cracked his knuckles.
As the shadowy man got closer you
whispered to C/N, panic evident in your strained voice, “This is bad,”
"You said that already.” He whispered back, not taking his calculating eyes off of the approaching threat.
"I thought it was worth repeating.”
"Look who we have here?” He spoke as if his words were coated in a thick layer of sickly sweet honey, “Robin Hood and Maid Marian, how sweet.”
His voice suddenly laced with a thick layer of ice and you saw his beady eyes glint, “you’ll pay for what you did, I don’t let little shits like you run free, I can’t let you running around stealing more stuff from me, or anyone else,”
C/N’s voice quickly piped up, “Robin Hood, never been called that one before, what’s next? Aladdin?”
“Don’t be a smart ass boy,” there was a quick flash of silver as his fingers curled over the handle of the knife, “I won’t hesitate to give kids like you a lesson.”
"Whatever you do just don’t hurt her,” C/N’s voice came out hard and commanding, you felt his hand grasp yours tight as he pushed you even further behind him, “I stole from you, not her,”
"I guess that’ll be my decision to make,”
It all happened in slow motion. You watched as the guy who followed the both of you lunge forward with the small knife in hand, C/N pushed you hard and as far away from the guy as he could, making you stumble to the ground with the air taken from your lungs. When you looked up gasping for breath you saw the guy on top of C/N, struggling to wrestle the knife out of C/N’s hand while also inching it closer to C/N’s exposed neck. You with whatever voice you had left you yelled to C/N, and silently urged him to beat the older and much heavier man.
"Y/N!” You heard him grunt from where he was on the ground struggling, "Run! Get away!”
There was no way you could just leave him, even if it meant not getting badly hurt by this guy, who could definitely take you down if he wanted to. You made a split second decision, and suddenly remembering the backpack still strapped to your back, and the heavy books inside, you shakily stood up. Adrenaline surged through your body, giving you a kick of strength and energy.
With the burly man’s back to you, you leapt closer to him swinging your backpack at his balding head. The man looked You grimaced as you heard contact to his skull. The blow was harder than you expected. The man fell backwards and there was a sickening sound from when his back and head fell backwards onto the hard and dirty concrete. The knife clattered to the ground.
You did it. Before you could react, your knees buckled under you and the ground suddenly started to sway. You just knocked a man out cold with your freaking backpack. You would’ve laughed if this were a movie, but now all you could feel was numb.
Then his eyes met yours, and you felt a feeling of calm rush over you, and with unspoken grace C/N slowly rose and helped you back up. Slowly, with no words spoken, the both of you hobbled the way to your house, thankfully only a short distance away.
The tension in the air was thick, and the shock still was settling into your skin. At a snail’s pace C/N led you back to your house.
There was only one light left on inside the house, and the only sound was the soft padding of both your feet on your driveway. At the front steps you both stopped, not really knowing what to say. He looked down at his shoes and shoved his hands into his jean pockets, “Hey Y/N, I just want to say, thanks… for what you did back there. I’d have to admit it was… pretty cool,”
You didn’t know what to say, so you gave a dry laugh, “Yeah anytime…”
There was another long pause, “I feel bad for leaving him just lying there unconscious, we didn’t even check if he was breathing.”
He met your gaze, locking his now soft eyes onto yours, “I don’t think he died, I’ve had my fair share of fights, and I know what what, don’t worry,” he surprised you by pushing a strand of hair behind your ear, caressing your face lightly, “now you’re safe and home so you don’t have to worry about me anymore,”
"Don’t say that, you say that you’re used to this sort of stuff, but you shouldn’t be,” your mouth moved before your brain could comprehend what you were doing, “You were really brave back there, and I promise I won’t gloat about being right about being followed.”
A small smile crept over both of your faces. Another pause as you suddenly remembered that you had told your parents that you’d be home almost immediately from school. You snatched your phone from your backpack to see what looked like millions of missed calls and texts, causing you to grimace.
You snapped back to his face when you heard him give a short cough, "By the way, I’m really sorry…” he took a deep breath, moving his hand to your hand, “for everything, the fight, me snapping at you, just… everything.”
Again, you felt at a loss for words. You couldn’t just say no it’s alright because in reality it really wasn’t, you couldn’t get the image of the man’s limp body and it smacking hard against the trash ridden ground. Instead you gave him another small smile, hoping that your eyes showed what you were thinking.
He inched forward, his other hand grabbing onto your arm, pulling you gently closer. All of the emotions from the night came washing over you, the fear, the nervousness, the anger, the confusion, and now, the sudden urge to seal it all. The sudden feeling that this was fate. You realized that this was the guy that chose you out of all people in the crowd, that yelled at you to run away from the threat of death, the guy that had the perfect answer for every comment.
You thought of all of the random times you felt someone in class watching you, only to turn around and see him laughing with his friends. Or the times that you’ve made awkward eye contact in the halls. Or the times where he’ll look like he’s walking towards you, but suddenly backtrack. All those times you just thought that it was him making fun of you, or being mean, or…
Now it all made sense.
His shining eyes twinkled in the moonlight and echoed your emotions, how did you not know? “How long?”
He chuckled and barely spoke above a whisper, “A pretty long time, to be honest,”
Your noses were not merely centimeter from each other, “Why not ask?”
"You wouldn’t want a rough guy like me, bad grades, bad friends, stealing, barely scraping by…” His eyes went downcast as he trailed off, the twinkle in his eye now gone.
Slightly frustrated, you grabbed his shirt collar and broke the distance, your lips locked onto his soft ones. He smelt like cologne and mint and his hair felt so messy and surprisingly soft and his lips were slightly chapped but you didn’t care. You broke the kiss abruptly, noticing the dazed look in his eyes, making him look more like a young boy than the brash and harsh guy that no one ever messed with.
“You really shouldn’t make assumptions,”
"Oh believe me, now I definitely, won’t,”

Dancing Reunion - Josh Pieters

Request: could you do an imagine where the boys drag Y/N out to the club w them, and she ends up dancing w another girl which turns them on. especially josh? a little bit of smut? if not, it’s okay!!

Request: could you do an imagine where Y/N & the boys go to the club & she ends up dancing with some girls which turns Josh on/like a boner & when she gets back with the boys they tease both of them for it?

Smut: No

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A/N: So I’m assuming the same person sent these in because they’re practically identical lol. So just letting you guys know, if you send in a request, I most likely got it, I just haven’t had time to write a lot this weekend. Mother’s Day is a tough time for me so I just wanted to spend it with family. 

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Josh’s POV

“You’re coming and I don’t care what you say. Get dressed.” I said, throwing her favourite club shirt at her.

(y/n) had been in a state of sadness ever since she failed her final exam and had been refusing to do anything other than sulk around her place. It was hard watching her punish herself like this because I knew how hard she had been studying and nothing she did worked. She pulled all-nighters, didn’t sleep for days, barely left her apartment and stressed herself out like a mad person. It drove me crazy watching her put her life on hold for something as stupid as a grade but it meant a lot to her and she’s a pretty stubborn person so I knew I wouldn’t be able to change it. However, I can change how she handles the situation now.


“No, get ready.” I said again, walking out of her room to end the conversation.

A couple of hours later, the music was blasting and the drinks were flowing. The crowd at the club was pretty good, however the ratio between females and males was highly directed towards female. But that’s when I saw them. Two girls I had seen multiple times before. No. Not like that.

“(y/n)!” The blonde, Daisy yelled over the music as she pushed through the crowd. 

“Holy shit!” The black-haired one, Phoebe said.

I watched their reunion take place and all I could think about was high school. These three were inseparable. From the first day to the last, everything they did…they did together. They were the friendship group everyone wanted to be and now, they barely knew each other. (y/n) grew apart from them through-out the summer after high school when she moved to London to work and attend school and I barely saw them since.

“Let’s get a drink and dance!” 

I watched as they ran to the bar, pushed their way through, got their drinks and headed towards the floor. (y/n) could always move her hips, she was definitely into her dancing but when I saw her with Daisy and Phoebe, I couldn’t help but stare. (y/n) moved her hips with Daisy’s as Phoebe danced in her own little world (she was like that sometimes), and I felt frozen. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

“Damn, who knew she could move like that? Maybe tonight I’ll get a private show.” Conor said, laughing before heading towards the bar.

“You were really excited to see them.” I said to (y/n) as we sat in the living room after we returned home. 

“She wasn’t the only one who was excited.” Caspar said, smirking as he looked at me. I couldn’t help but turn a bright shade of red. I never took my eyes off her. But who would be able to? (y/n) was gorgeous all on her own so when I see her with other girls…yeah…I’m going to think about it.

“Don’t worry Josh, I was thinking of you the whole time.” She said, winking at me before heading into my room to change, leaving me there to think some more about her.

Accident  [ J.T ]

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Request: Hii! Could you do the numbers 66 and 84 with Jason Todd? Tysm for your time!


  • 66: “You should be nice to me, I just saved your life!”
  • 84: "No, I didn’t murder them. I accidentally knocked them unconscious forever, that’s all.“ 

From This Prompts List

Word Count: 586

Warnings: Jason killed a guy lol

A/N: This is kinda rushed and sucks but I felt that I had to get this request up today. None of it makes any sense lmao. Also, my requests are finally empty so feel free to send some more in!


“You should be nice to me, I just saved your life!”

“Yeah, whatever,” You mumble, eyes wide as you stared at your attacker with a blank stare before throwing a glare at the man who technically had just saved your life. Sure, you were thankful that your boyfriend was able to jump in before this street thug had the chance to hurt you any more than he had already but he was only a street thug. He deserved a lot of bad things maybe just not so much death.

“Then?” Jason’s expression was hidden under the piece of red metal that you had teased him about mercilessly when you had first found out about him being the Red Hood.

“Dude!” You yell, thumping your hand to his chest. Of course, it didn’t bother Jason even the slightest. If anything, the fact that you had just taken a pretty bad number of hits from the thug had him more worked up than a simple tap to his armor. “You basically murdered him!”

“No, I didn’t murder him,” Jason says, raising his left hand to scratch the back of his neck. The stare you gave him made him roll his eyes and huff out, “I accidentally knocked him unconscious forever, that’s all.”


“Hey!” Jason puts a finger to where his mouth would be behind his helmet. “Secret identity thing, remember?”

“Why did you have to shoot him?” You ask, placing a hand on you hip and wincing lightly at the contact before removing it. “And you better bloody tell me those were rubber bullets.”

“Look at you! He hurt you, Y/N,” Jason adjusts the gloves on his hands, his eyes trained on his hands. “And uh, it was also kinda a little bit more of an accident-not that the bastard didn’t deserve it.”

“What do you mean?” You pick up your phone that had been thrown to the side, switching it on to check the time. It was just over an hour until midnight.

You were out to pick up some milk for the morning and were only headed to the end of the street. The man had spotted you on your way out of the store, hastily moving to knock you to the ground before managing to get a few hits to your body. His real intentions were more or less unknown but you were just thankful that Jason was on his way back from patrol, already starting to remove parts of the straps around his thighs when he caught sight of the scene. And boy, was he pissed.

“I thought the bullets were rubber until they hit him. There’s too much blood for it not to be a real bullet.” Jason steps towards you, noticing as you sigh and roll your eyes at him all the while shaking your head.  

Neither of you say anything as you pick up the milk and fix up your jacket, the both of you quickly giving your bruises and scratches a once over before you decide it’s alright to just leave Jason’s mess as it is. There was nothing new about finding a dead body in alleys in this city and if anything the cops probably wouldn’t are enough to look into it. Even if they did, they know how the Red Hood works.

“Let’s head home, yeah?” Jason mumbles as he wraps an arm around your waist, leading you towards the apartment complex in which you both live. “We’ll have you cleaned up and good as new, Doll.”

Free Wifi

Request: 16 with Jackson Wang?

16) You meet your bias for the first time walking down the street. They accidentally spill hot coffee on you. 

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Got7 Jackson x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I had to study. Finals were coming up and I was in my last semester of university. This was do or die. Until my wifi went out. The red light of death loomed imminently over my study session. I needed to find a coffee shop, a restaurant, an anything that offered some kind of wifi. 

I speed walked along the sidewalk, searching my surroundings like a wild animal. My senses heightened as I saw a coffee shop in the distance with a large “Free Wifi” sign. Perfecto. 

I concentrated, avoiding the people around me as I made a b-line for my destination. That was until I heard a “Yah!” and found myself lying on the ground, covered in hot coffee. 

“Aish!” I screeched, flinging my book bag to the side to avoid my school work from getting drenched. 

“Oh. My. God,” a boy from above me gasped. “I’m so sorry. Oh my god, oh my god, are you okay? I need napkins.”

I looked up to see the same boy sprinting into the coffee shop I was about to turn into. He came back seconds later with an entire package of napkins. 

“Sir!” one of the baristas came out behind him. “Sir! You cannot take an entire package of napkins!” 

“But we’ve had an accident!” he said angrily. “I’ve had an accident?” 

“Fine,” the barista muttered, looking down at me and gasping. “Ma’am, are you alright?”

“I think so?” I muttered, trying to wipe coffee from my hands, but failing miserably. 

“Here!” the guys gasped, showering me in paper towels. “I’m Jackson by the way, but the probably doesn’t matter because you probably don’t want to know my name at this point…”

I looked up at the boy above me who wouldn’t stop talking. He must have been one of those nervous talkers. 

I dabbed at my shirt, nerves flooding through my chest. This boy was incredibly attractive, and this coffee was making my white shirt very see through. 

As I patted, he seemed to notice as well. 

“Oh my god,” he gasped. I looked up to see him turn away, shielding his eyes. “Your shirt, I ruined it, I’m sorry.” He flung his hands up in realization. He quickly untethered his plaid shirt from around his waste and began to wave it in my face, one hand still placed over his eyes. 

“Thank you,” I muttered, grabbing my bag and disappearing into the coffee shop. I stripped myself of the coffee filled shirt in the restroom and wiped down my torso. After all was dry and significantly less sticky, I pulled Jackson’s plaid shirt over me and stopped. It smelled…so good. It hung loosely from my body. I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed, this would have to do for now. I just really needed to study. 

I left the bathroom and was surprised to see Jackson sitting at a table near the restroom, tapping his foot nervously. He had two coffees in front of him. 

“Hey,” he said sheepishly, pulling his baseball cap over his head. “I didn’t get your name?” 

“Y/N,” I nodded with a smile. “Um…thanks for the shirt. How am I supposed to get it back to you?” 

“Oh, don’t worry about it…please, sit? I bought you a coffee. I don’t know if you were meeting anyone, but I thought it was the least I can do,” he smiled, motioning to the table. 

“Oh…I’m not meeting anyone,” I said with a blush. “Just here to study. My wifi went out so I had to come here. I sat down at the table and gave him a side eye. “If I put my laptop on the table…”

“…No, I won’t spill anything on it,” Jackson said with a high pitched laughed. 

“I don’t have a schedule today, I can help you study. I’m a musician, so I’m not the best at school…but I mean…I can help,” he offered with a nod. 

“I think I’m fine,” I nodded again. 

“Oh,” he sighed, rubbing the side of his coffee cup. “I can give you moral support? I’m a pretty good friend to have.”

I smiled, coming to a realization. Now that I had a Jackson in my life, I don’t think I would be able to get rid of him so quickly. 

“Sure,” I nodded. Jackson broke into a wide smile, moving his shoulders from side to side happily. Sure. 

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I had a billion messages in my inbox and I finally found some time to reply to them all :’D I’m really sorry it took SO long ;_;

BTW this is the last time I’m doing requests. I’m sorry but they take too much of my free time and I prefer to draw something for myself instead of doodling pokemon for others. I hope you understand!

You mean Spiritomb and Sableye? I like both (Ghost type is my fav) but I never had any of them in my team so I don’t really mind that they have some weakness now :P

My favorite is Scrafty/Toxicroak/Greninja/Pikachu/Typhlosion/Garchomp (one of them but not sure which)

Hello anon I luvdisc you too C:

Quagsire is easier to draw :P (I love both of them though. Blue pokemon are best pokemon)

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One Idiot and a Child - Chapter 1 - Spiked Soda


Boogaloo had been noticing just how little sleep Prof was getting. It wasn’t like it was one or two hours a night, it was more in the ballpark of one or two hours a WEEK. Now they might be dead but that’s excessive, his work is important but he is too! So as he watched Prof continue to work long into the night once more he couldn’t help but frown, his eye colour slowly turning to grey from how much seeing his boyfriend work himself to the bone and then even further hurt him.

Boogaloo didn’t just wear that visor for fun, it’s partially just because it looks cool but it’s also tinted blue to change the colour of his eyes. After the Hero-Tron they’d become what could only be described as Highlighter Yellow. Highly unnatural and, to him, very creepy. So instead of just getting contacts he got the visor, and had THEN gotten it modified by Rusty so it doesn’t fall off his head when he’s on stage. It may be a stupid fix to such a problem but Boogaloo now found the blue tint quite comforting if he was honest.

A yawn from Prof broke him from his thoughts and deepened his frown. He had to do SOMETHING to get the guy to sleep, what he was working on looked finished anyway. He’d been working on something for Zomboss earlier but he was finished with that and had shoved it aside on the desk to join the rest of the clutter, the tyrant could find it himself for all the tired Professor could care. He’d been silent for most of the night, probably being bothered by Storm, the other side of him conjured up by the Hero-Tron. That thing had some interesting effects on people…

Boogaloo had tried to start conversations a few times but Prof had very politely asked him to let him have the silence, which only served to confirm his suspicions that Storm was being a whiny bitch, but there wasn’t much he could do about that problem. To fight Storm would be to fight Prof, but stronger. And that wasn’t a fight he had any intentions of getting himself into.

The only noise in the lab was the soft sounds of the kids sleeping and, currently, the clinking of a small hammer on a part inside the replacement teleporter Prof was working on. After his previous one had blown up in his face and left a lasting effect on him he’d needed a new one but never had the time to get around to making it. Now that he finally had some free time he’d decided that doing that would be better than sleeping. To say the least Boogaloo disagreed.

He was in the middle of thinking up a way to convince Prof to Get Some Fucking Sleep when he spoke for the first time since he’d asked for quiet. “Hey, Francis?” He used Boogaloo’s real name to catch his attention, also just because he liked it.
“Yeah Percy?” Boogaloo responded with his real name. “What is it?”
“Could ya get me a soda? I’m not gonna be able to keep working without one..” Prof yawned after finishing his request.
Boogaloo nodded. “Sure can, gimme a sec.”

He made his way to the fridge and dug around until he found a bottle of soda, shutting the fridge gently he noticed the collection of potions on the counter, a gift from Immorticia after all the potion testing she’d done on both him and Super, Prof hadn’t used them all too often but he HAD seen him heavily water one down and give it to Regi to help him sleep after a particularly bad nightmare… he wasn’t entirely sure what it had done but it worked wonders.

He picked it up, recognising the small, rounded bottle from the times he’d seen Prof pour from it to water it down and silently removed the cork. He opened the soda as quietly as he could, hoping that Prof would be too focused on his work to notice the hiss that accompanied the lid coming off and slowly added three small drops of the potion to the drink. These potions were all incredibly strong and so you only needed a sip from them at most for the effect you wanted, he figured that this would be more than enough.

He smiled as he brought the soda over to his tired boyfriend and set it down next to him on the counter. “Here ya go, Percy. Sorry I took so long.” Boogaloo kept the slight excitement out of his voice as he spoke.
“Thanks Francis, I’m almost done with this and then I can get to work on something else, didn’t you say your phone was acting up? I can take a look if you want.” Prof smiled back, the exhaustion very much present on his face.
Boogaloo shook his head at the offer. “Nah, nah. It’s fine for now. Focus on making a teleporter that won’t blow you up again.” He snickered a little saying that, trying to make light of the horrible explosion.
Prof couldn’t hold back a chuckle hearing that and he nodded. “If you insist. I’d rather not get blown up again.” He finally took a gulp of the soda, he clearly hadn’t noticed any of what Boogaloo had done or he wouldn’t have drunk it. He gently set the bottle back down before scrunching his face up in slight confusion, he was feeling weird… he turned to Boogaloo to say something before he suddenly poofed into a younger version of himself.

Aged Ten at the most he looked VERY confused, looking around and clearly not recognising ANYTHING. Boogaloo’s face was shocked, that’s not at all the effect he had thought the potion had and he’d clearly used too much.
“Prof? You alright?” Boogaloo asked quietly, the shock drawing the usual energy from his voice.
Prof was silent for a moment, looking up at him entirely bewildered.

Until he started to sob.

Request: Can you do an imagine where Team Free Will gets all defensive and angry when one of your close friends tells you to kill your self because you are nothing in this world. And then TFW comforts you until you fall asleep.

You were finally getting some free time with your friends. Ever since you became  hunter you never got to just hang out. Sam, Dean, and Cas had to go a supply run, and since they were going into a town where some of your old friends lived, you decided to join them. 

“We’ll pick you up in an hour?” Dean suggested.

“Yeah, that should be fine. We’re just gonna have some coffee and talk.” You replied. “See you later.”

You jumped out of the Impala and walked to the front door. An old college friend, Courtney, had the perfect life. She married a doctor, so she didn’t have to work. And she had two kids. And she didn’t have to deal with monsters. Needless to say, you were jealous.

“Y/N!!!” She yelled, opening the door before you could even knock.

“Court!” You yelled back, copying her tone. 

“Oh my god, how have you been?” She asked, ushering you inside. 

She led you to a big kitchen, with granite counter tops and a the latest appliances. “I’m good. You have an amazing house.”

“I know, right?” She laughed. She made you some coffee and you sat around the kitchen table.

She told you all about her glamorous life, and you were really happy for her. She asked if you had a boyfriend, and you were truthful. You didn’t have a boyfriend, but you had three of the best friends you could ever ask for.

“I wish I could have friends like that. But when you have as much money as me, people are so fake.” Courtney commented.

“That sucks. Maybe you shouldn’t flaunt your money. Then people wouldn’t know how rich you were.” You suggested.

“Excuse me?” Courtney asked, offended.

“Oh, Court! I didn’t mean to offend you. I just meant, you know, you wear all this jewelry and nice clothes, it’s easy for people to tell you’ve got money.” You said.

“So what? You think I’m a bitch?” She asked.

Was she serious? Now you remembered why you hadn’t talked to her in ten years. “What? I didn’t even say that!” You exclaimed.

“But you’re not denying it!" 

"Because it’s ridiculous.” You stated.

“Oh, so now I’m stupid too? Well fuck you, Y/N!” She shouted. You had no idea what to say. You were dumbfounded. Were you having the same conversation as her? “You know what? Just kill yourself! I’m a stupid bitch? Well at least I have a husband! At least I have kids! What do you evven have in this world? Nothing! You’re literally trash!” Her words bit into you, and tears clouded your vision.

You couldn’t respond, for fear of your voice cracking. You didn’t want her to see you cry, so you left your seat and ran out of her house. You could hear her laughing behind you.

You had a few minutes before the boys came back for you, so you picked a direction and walked. Soon you saw a little park, and you sat on a bench. You didn’t know how long you’d been walking, but you didn’t feel any better. Your phone buzzed and you saw it was Sam.

“Hello?” You asked, your voice cracking slightly. You prayed he didn’t hear it.

“Y/N? Where are you? Are you okay?” Sam asked, concern lacing his words.

“I’m fine. I’m at a park. Please come here.” You said.

“Sure, sure. We’ll be there soon. How was seeing your friend?” Sam asked.

Her words came flooding back to you, and you knew you couldn’t speak without crying. “Fine. See you soon.” You managed to say, then quickly hung up. You wiped your eyes, and looked for the Impala.

“Y/N!” You heard Dean shout, then he honked the horn. You got up, wiped your eyes quickly, and jumped in the backseat.

“Is everything okay?” Cas asked you.

You nodded, and leaned your head on the window. “Liar.” Dean stated.

“Dean!” Sam exclaimed, hitting his arm. 

“C'mon, Y/N. What’s going on? You can talk to us.” Dean said, much more gently than before.

You took a deep breath. “It’s stupid.” You told them. 

“If it got you to cry, it’s not stupid.” Sam said.

“Courtney just… said some things.” You shrugged, hoping they’d drop it.

“Like…?” Dean pressed.

“She told me to kill myself and that I was trash! Okay? Now stop asking me!” You snapped.

All three men were silent. Then, Cas, to your surprise, broke that silence. “Would you like me to smite her? I would very much like to smite her.” Cas’ voice was lower than usual, anger bubbling in his eyes.

“Thanks, Cas. But she’s got a family. She has the perfect life. Don’t kill her.” You said with a hollow voice. You felt the car stop, and you glanced out the window. Courtney’s house stared at you. “What are you doing?” You asked, and saw Dean and Sam jump out of the car. “Guys!” You yelled after them. 

You watched in horror as Sam and Dean rang her doorbell. Courtney opened the door, smiling widely. Sam said something, and her smile vanished. Then Dean said something, and a look of anger crossed her face. You couldn’t hear what they were saying, but judging by Courtney’s expression, they were ripping her apart. 

Then, Sam and Dean turned around and walked back to the Impala. “What did you do?” You asked the second they were in the car.

“We just put her in her place, is all.” Dean said, driving to the bunker. You were touched that they did that, but you were still hurt from Courtney’s words. You were quiet the rest of the ride. 

Once you got back to the bunker, you ran to your room, needing a nap and some alone time. Nobody followed you, and you crawled into your bed and curled up into a little ball.

There was a knock at your door. You didn’t say anything, you didn’t have the energy to. “May I come in?” Castiel asked, poking his head through the door. You shrugged your shoulders, but he couldn’t really see that. He came in anyway. “I am not good at human emotions, but I am very angry at what she said to you. And I understand that you are upset. What should I do?" 

You couldn’t help but smile at Cas’ words. "You don’t have to do anything, Cas. I just wanna lay here.”

“Okay.” He said, and you thought he disappeared. But then you heard his trench coat be discarded. Your bed dipped slightly, and Cas wrapped his arms around you. “Is this okay?” He asked.

You turned around and rested your head on his chest. “Yeah. Thanks.” You smiled, and closed your eyes. 

There was another knock at your door, and Cas called them in for you. Sam and Dean both came in. Dean was carrying a chocolate bar, and Sam had your favorite drink in his hand. “Hey, why does Cas get all the fun?” Dean asked with a smirk. 

You scooted closer to Cas, making room on your bed. Dean took his jacket off and laid on your other side. “What about me.” Sam whined.

You smiled at him, and moved your legs. Sam crawled onto your bed and rested his head on your stomach. “You know we love you, right?” Sam asked.

“I know.” You said.

“And do you know that you’re just about the best person I’ve ever met?” Dean asked.

“I know.” You said with a smile.

“And did you know that…. I don’t, did you know that you’re better than most angels I’ve met?” Cas said.

You couldn’t help but laugh. “I know, I love you guys.”

One by one, your boys planted a kiss on your forehead or cheek. Surrounded by Sam, Dean, and Cas, you were able to drift into a peaceful sleep. 

(I hope you like it!)

Date Night || Shawn Mendes imagine ||

I got a request from anon to do a Shawn fluff so I hope you enjoy!

     Tonight Shawn and I are having a date night, he just got back from tour and I have been waiting to spend some time with him but with all of the studio sessions and all of his meet and greets and radio interviews its been hard. But finally he had a free night and we were going to dinner and going to walk around the city, and I was so excited to go and spend time with him. 

     I went to the salon and got my nails done { The nails you get } and I got my hair done as well { The hair you get } and I decided to wear something sort of casual just a regular white tee and a and some blue jeans and a pair of blue jeans and a nude pair of pump. For makeup I decided to do natural eye shadow and some winged liner and some false lashes and minimum face makeup and some red lipstick.

     Once I was ready to go I walked out of the bathroom and walked into our livingroom where Shawn was sitting on the couch, “You ready to go babe?” I asked Shawn, he looked up from his phone at me his eyes widened “(Y/N) you look so good.” He said smiling “Thanks Shawn” I said blushing, he grabbed my hand and we walked out to the car “Where do you want to eat?" He asked me backing out of the driveway "I really want a sandwich.” I told him “Okay sandwiches it is.” He said.

     Shawn drove us to this little sandwich place and he got us two sandwiches, we were walking down Hollywood boulevard looking at the little shops Shawn and I hand in hand. “Look babe” Shawn said stopping mid stride pointing at a jewelry store “A jewlery store? Really Shawn.” I said laughing “Come on I want to get you something.” He said pulling me into the store.

     “Hello Sir, how can I help you today." The sails lady said smiling at Shawn "Hi I was wondering if I could get something for my beautiful girlfriend.” Shawn said with a smile, I started to blush. “What did you have in mind, a ring, a necklace a bracelet?” She asked with a smile, Shawn looked at me “What do you want?” He asked sweetly “Um could I like look around.” I said pointing to the cases filled with diamonds? The sails lady smiled and walked away, I walked up to one of the cases it was filed with bracelets and earrings and necklaces damn they were so sparkly.

     I was looking at the case then one necklace in particular caught my eye “That one.” I said pointing to the necklace {What he gets you“Thats pretty but it would look better on you.” Shawn said flashing a million dollar smile “Are you sure Shawn?” I asked him “Positive (Y/N), I want you to have it.” Shawn said grabbing my hand I didnt object anymore, when Shawn wanted me to have something he would give it to me no matter what I said.

     The sales lady came up to us “Could I try that one on"  I said pointing to the necklace "What a beautiful necklace” She said unlocking the case and grabbing the necklace and putting it on the glass case, Shawn picked it up “Turn around” he said doing a spinning gesture with his finger, I turned around. He put the necklace over my head and clasped it in the back “Heres a mirror."  The sails lady put down a mirror in front of me, I looked at myself the necklace was so pretty and it was perfect and I wanted it so bad.

     "Do you want it?” Shawn asked “Yeah” I admitted “Okay then” Shawn said smiling from ear to ear like a little kid. Once Shawn bought the necklace we walked back to his car, “Thanks for everything babe” I said to Shawn leaning my head on his shoulder ’“It was my pleasure” He said smiling. 

     When we got home Shawn and I sat on the couch and watched some movies, he was sitting up and I was laying down my head in his lap. I started to drift off but then I felt two lips press against mine, I smiled into the kiss and started to chuckle. “Something funny sweetheart?” Shawn asked with a smirk “Nope.” I said sticking my tongue out like a little kid, Shawn laughed and ran his fingers through my hair “Love you (Y/N)" He said kissing my forehead "Love you to Shawn.” I said smiling.


It’s been about a week since the last posting, so here’s Batch 2 of those “Sketchy” Cross Requests! 

Sergio @bloodrawknuckle - Starlight Duster with Ultra Godbreaker Light Blade II
@billkerman - True Stream Edge with Receding Rust
Rourke @mandoesthatfeelgood - Hellfire with Ophidian Grando

Requests: [ Batch 1 | Batch 2 | Batch 3 | Batch 4 | Batch 5 | Batch 6 ]

I didn’t think the special effects would become so “necessary” for this project these requests… Anyways, both of these batches have been lots of fun (I mean that in both ways) so thank you guys for giving me some cool arts, weapons and Crosses to play with! 

These will probably slow down since I had extra free time over the last two weeks to do these, and I finally feel motivated to pick up some XBX projects that I’ve left not quite finished. I still intend to do the first 10 for sure, and then the rest maybe as “warm ups” or breaks? If you made a request (all 15 have been accepted btw) but don’t want to wait for weeks (I’m thinking only 1 or 2 a week now), then please let me know and I’ll take you off the Cross Queue! Sorry for the wait and thank you for your patience!! (And again if I made some relatively minor mistake on your Cross/weapon/gear, I’ll fix it up for you!)

Niall's Special Kink (Request)

It was finally Friday, finally the end of the week. You were so excited to have this weekend, work had been so hectic and you felt like this whole week you couldn’t really breathe but now it was time to relax. You were also really excited because both you and your boyfriend Niall finally had some free time to hang out. The past two weeks Niall was away doing press for his latest men’s shapewear line so you couldn’t see him even though you desperately wanted to. In preparation for your reunion with Niall you decided to cook him a nice hearty meal because let’s be real he was going to need a lot of energy for the night that lay ahead.


“My little pony, I’ve returned home to you” screams Niall from the entryway. Hearing his husky irish accent got you all heated but the night was so young and you had to pace yourself. You turn the stove off and serve the pasta in a bowl for Niall and yourself. Before you know it you feel a pair of hands wrapping around your waist and turning you around. You are now staring into Niall’s blue eyes, getting lost at sea in them when all of a sudden you are yanked back into reality by Niall’s lips crashing down on yours. You quickly get with the program and hoist yourself onto Niall, running your hands through his hair, wanting more and more of him. Niall carries you over to the counter and places you on the bowls of pasta causing the pasta to get smashed under you and you feel the sauce soaking through your dress only adding to the moisture already forming underneath the dress.


“Niallllll,” you moan as he begins to suck on the sensitive spot behind your ear, he knows how to get you going. Just as you begin your ascent to your high Niall pulls away.


“Niall?” Niall questions, raising one eyebrow and tutting you. You forgot Niall doesn’t like you to moan his name, he prefers something else.


“Sorry,“ you apologize.


Niall obviously forgives you easily because not only is he back to sucking your neck but he has also now placed his hand on your thigh and is sliding it up to your heat.


“Oh Flash Sentry,” you moan the name of Niall’s favorite pony from My Little Pony. Soon Niall is neighing because anything MLP related gets him going. Niall finally inserts two fingers into you sending you over the edge, you throw your head back taking in all the pleasure. As you come down off your high and reach to grab onto Niall’s hair, you notice a slightly different texture and feel it to be longer than before. You open your eyes to find your fingers laced not in Niall’s blonde hair but in a blue mane. You gasp out loud taking in the sight. Niall no longer stands in front of you, but instead a pony. You quickly jump down from the counter and run to the corner of the kitchen.


“Niall?” you ask this creature now in front of you. The pony nods his head upward in a “yes” motion.


“Oh Niall, my own My Little Pony” you cry tears of joy and throw your arms around Niall/Flash Sentry and jump onto his back and you two run out the window of your flat and into the sunset off to live your own happily ever after.