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Apologies | Nyx Ulric x Reader

RATING: Teen | GENRE: Hurt/Comfort | WORD COUNT: 1,011
SUMMARY: Nyx finds you in a moment of weakness and stays by your side.

Being a soldier and willing to put himself in the middle of a fray for those he holds dear, one would think Nyx has seen his fair share of frightening sights. And he has. He has battled against all sorts of daemons, has seen many good people die, has had several brushes with death himself, and so much more…

But nothing—absolutely nothing—has ever frightened him more than the view before him when he walks into your home, using the spare key you had given him at a turning point in your relationship. Nyx finally had some free time from his busy schedule, and he planned on giving you a surprise visit, eager to wrap you up into his arms and twirl you around in the air.

He never expected to find you all hunched up into a ball in the middle of your living room. The room was a complete mess. Furniture had been turned over. Various shards of glass and porcelain littered the floor. Ripped pieces of paper were strewn about as well. It almost looked like there was a struggle, and maybe there was, but not the one that Nyx could easily fix.

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Alrighty, I finally had some free time & realized I haven’t treated y’all so here’s some recolors! These are a few pieces from Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2k16 catalog.


- @blvck-life-simzadult male hoodie

- @comits4 tshirt

Thanks again guys! ♥


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It Had To Be You -- Jason Todd x Reader, Platonic!Roy Harper x Reader

I’ve been dying to actually sit down and write a soulmate story for a while now. There’s so many to choose from, it gets kind of hard to try and come up with your own spin on how soulmates find each other. I read one that I really liked while browsing on good ol’ Tumblr the other day, so here it is!

For this soulmate AU thing, every person is born with the words their soulmate will say to them when they realize they’re soulmates. It’s not the first thing they say to each other, but the first thing they say to clue one of them into the fact that they’re soulmates. I hope that makes sense!

Request can be found here.

WARNING! Name calling and other forms of dislike ahead. And it’s kind of angsty?

Word Count: 1328

For the umpteenth time in your life, you wondered what kind of asshole you were destined to spend the rest of your life with. Some would say it was foolish to believe your soulmate was going to be a jerk, but the words printed in cursive on your arm were more than enough proof to prove your case.

That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Seriously, what kind of person would say that to their soulmate? An asshole, that’s who. And that asshole was the person you were destined to spend the rest of your life with.

Lucky you.

You pushed those depressing thoughts from your mind and refocused on getting ready for tonight. Your best friend, Roy Harper, finally had some free time and you two were going to have that best friend night you’d been planning for months. It wasn’t a date, you cringed at the very thought of dating the redhead. You two had known each other for so long, it was weird to think of him in any other capacity besides a best friend or brother figure. Besides, his soulmate would kick your ass from here to China just for thinking that this evening was a date.

The ringtone you’d set for Roy began to fill the air. You hurriedly stumbled into the living room where you had left your phone to answer the call. Once the device was in your hand, you swiped a finger across the screen and placed the cell phone to your ear.

“Hey Arrow Boy, what’s up?”

The voice on the other side groaned in annoyance. “Why do you insist on calling me that? I’m not even Oliver’s sidekick anymore.”

“Do you use a bow and arrows? Are you male?”

“Yes to both.”

“Then there’s your answer!” You chirped happily.

Again, an annoyed groan filled your ear in response to your words. “You have to be the single most annoying person in the world (Y/N).”

“Flattery will get you nowhere with me. Besides,” you said with a rueful smile, “I’m spoken for.”

“God bless the one stuck with you for the rest of their lives.”

You half-heartedly rolled your (E/C) eyes at his statement. The two of you’d had this conversation so many times it didn’t bother you anymore. You were well aware of the fact that you were a difficult person to get along with, hence the reason you had very few close friends.

“Anyway, I didn’t call for you to tease me. I just wanted to let you know that Jason will be joining us for tonight.”

You made a face at the name. “That skunk head? Why would you invite him to our best fiends’ night? He’s not my best friend!”

“But he is one of mine and it’s important to me that my two best friends get along.”

You scowled into the receiver.

Jason Todd and you had never gotten along. He was a complete and utter jerk with too many issues for your taste. It was no wonder he hadn’t found his soulmate yet. The person doomed to be his should be counting their blessings that they hadn’t found him yet. Any time you didn’t have to be around the former Boy Wonder was a good day in your book.

“(Y/N)? You still there?”

A heavy sigh escaped your lips. You reached up and ran a hand through your (H/C) hair as you spoke. “Yeah, I’m still here. The psychopath can come, but only if he’s on his best behavior!”

“I’m not a psychopath!” You heard someone shout in the background. A small, satisfied smirk graced your face in response.

“You be nice too. We’ll see you at the restaurant.”

Twenty minutes later and you found yourself sitting across from the skunk head himself at yours and Roy’s favorite restaurant. Since there were three of you, you weren’t set at your usual table. The little two toppers wouldn’t have had enough room to accommodate Jason’s unwelcome presence, so you were over in a corner at a booth. The server had already come by and taken your drink order before the two men had arrived. You’d ordered the usual for Roy and yourself. For Jason, you’d ordered a Dr. Pepper. You hated the drink with a burning passion and from what little you knew about the vigilante, so did Jason.

He was still glaring at you for that little “slip up” as you called it.

The tension between the two of you could have been cut with a knife. It was more than obvious neither of you wanted to be near the other. Had it not been for Roy, the two of you would’ve been at each other’s throats by now.

“Sorry for the mix up, here are all of your drinks.” The young man said as he placed the three glasses down on the table. He tucked his tray under his arm and gave a nervous smile to all of you. “Are you ready to order?”

Neither you nor Jason paid him any mind. Sighing, Roy shook his head at the other man to indicate that you would need more time. The server nodded and quickly walked away from the tension filled table.

Without breaking eye contact, you reached out and grasped your drink and took a sip. The wonderful sensation of sweet tea hitting your taste buds made a content sigh slip from your lips. Jason smirked at the small victory of being able to keep a stoic face longer than you.

“I can’t believe something as insignificant as a drink can make you crack. No wonder you never got into the hero biz.”

“Jason,” Roy warned in a low tone. “We talked about this.”

“It’s fine Roy, it’s not like I’ve ever, oh I don’t know, died doing something mundane.”

It was your turn to receive a warning. “(Y/N)…”

“No, she’s right Roy,” Jason cut in, “her life is boring and dull.”

“At least I’m not a bully.”

“At least I’m not boring.”

“Skunk head.” You growled.

“Hill billy.” Jason shot back.

Enough!” Roy all but shouted. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Can’t we just enjoy tonight? Please, dear god I’m begging you. Just one night where there isn’t any fighting. I get enough of that in my night job.”

The two of you mumbled quick apologies to the redhead before looking at your menus. The server came back a few minutes later and took your orders. As he walked away, you took another sip from your glass of sweet tea. Jason made a disgusted face at the beverage in your glass.

“How can you drink that? It’s like a drink of pure sugar.”

“Excuse you. Sweet tea is God’s given gift to mankind!”

You had expected Jason to snap at you with a witty comeback, but you were surprised at his dumbstruck expression. His blue eyes were wide in disbelief and his mouth hung open. Realizing this, Jason shut his mouth before opening it again as if to speak then promptly shutting it again. He repeated these actions for a few moments before a scowl settled on his face.

“That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

You choked on your drink as his words registered in your head. Coughing to try and clear your lungs, you frantically rolled up the sleeve on your shirt to inspect your arm. Sure enough, the words that had always been there were gradually fading away.

You whipped your head up and stared at Jason.

For a moment, you could’ve sworn he had a hopeful look in his eyes. For a moment, you had forgotten that you hated this man’s guts. For a moment, you were insanely and indefinitely happy. For a moment, all that mattered was that you had found your soulmate.

Then the feeling passed.

You both scowled at the other and said in an eerily similar tone of disgust, “It had to be you.”

A Rose from Lothering

“Here, look at this. Do you know what this is?” - Alistair

“Your new weapon of choice?” - Warden Evie Cousland

I got an amazing 22-inch MP Pen Display Tablet as a present for the holidays and I *finally* had free time this weekend to create some new fan art with it - I’m loving it so far!!! I’ve wanted one for so long! ^.^  This Tumblr account has been long neglected so I’m cleaning it up and starting fresh!

I just had to draw my Grey Warden, Evie Cousland, during a romantic moment with Alistair from Dragon Age Origins first… but there’s so many more ideas in my head that need to be sketched, particularly Dragon Age related. ;)

The Way I’m Looking At You // Jackson Wang

Originally posted by wang-thighs

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: Could you do a smut where Jackson from got7 gets jealous in public and whisks you away to have his way with you😅😅 thanks!

“Babe, what do you think of this?” you asked Jackson as you held up a pleated black skirt in front of him. Jackson’s mouth formed an O shape as he nodded his head and widened his eyes, agreeing with your choice.

“It will go with that cute shirt you bought earlier, right? You look so good in black and white jagiya” he smiled before rubbing his nose right against yours. You giggled at his open displays of affection before putting the skirt in your basket and heading towards the cash register to pay.

Jackson had wanted to take you out on a date today seeing as you both finally had some free time. Proper dates were few and far between these days, so upon asking you if you’d like to go and do some shopping and have a meal afterwards, you didn’t hesitate to say yes. You loved more than anything to walk around in public with your boyfriend, holding his hand and having his arm draped over your shoulders. You were the envy of every woman, and you didn’t care at all because you loved Jackson more than there were stars in the night sky.

“I’m gonna have a look at these socks for Gyeomie, (Y/N). You go ahead and get the skirt, I’ll be right there” Jackson said, hanging back to have a look at some socks for the giant maknae who seemed to go through pairs of socks faster than you did underwear in a week. You gave him a quick thumbs up before meandering over to the till to wait for the clerk to assist you.

“Sorry for making you wait Miss, there’s a shortage of staff today” said a voice to your left a few moments later. You turned around to see a rather tall and handsome looking man, maybe a few years older than you. He smiled warmly, taking his place behind the till.

“Oh don’t worry, I wasn’t waiting long at all. Just this skirt” you said, handing him over the basket. He continued to smile, showing his pearly white teeth that stood out from his darker completion. His hair was slightly pushed back, held in place and ruffled with a lick of gel as he lifted the skirt out and scanned the tag.

“You picked a great skirt! I think this would look amazing on you. You have such a good body – if you don’t mind me saying it” he said, a hint of nervousness in his voice as he did so. You chuckled, taken aback by how forward he was but you were flattered none the less.

“Oh…well, thanks for your compliment. The skirt is really pretty!” You smiled back at him politely while taking Jacksons card out to pay for it.

The clerk bit his lip, his eyes glancing here and there before catching your gaze once more. “I’m sorry if this seems too forward, but I think you’re very beautiful. Would you mind maybe…would you like to exchange numbers?” his voice shook a little, making you blush for what reason you didn’t know. You silently chuckled at his nervous boyish charm, thinking back to the time when Jackson first asked you out. Everyone knew Jackson as “wild and sexy”, full of confidence – which he was. But when it came to you, he was as soft as a kitten -  and when he asked you out he could barely put his words together to form a basic sentence which sent your heart soaring at how much you realised he cared for you.

Just as you were about to give the whole “Oh I’m sorry, I have a boyfriend” speech, you felt an arm snake around your waist, and a firm hand gripping your hip. You shot your head to the side to see none other than your boyfriend, steam almost rising from his head as he clenched his jaw tight at the other man. You then realised that he must have heard the whole conversation. “This will be interesting…” you thought silently, as the clerk looked up to see Jackson at your side, glaring at him.

“Oh…I…” the clerk said, glancing back and forth between you and Jackson as you kept your eyes fixed on the ground. “I didn’t realise she was spoken for. I’m sorry for-“ the clerk began but was quickly cut off by Jackson

“Yeah yeah, you’re sorry for hitting on my girl even though she’s just in here to buy a skirt. This ‘aint no club buddy, don’t come up and annoy women like that. Plus, you’re meant to be working and your flirting with customers? Not very professional, are ya?” Jackson said sternly, throwing down the socks he picked up for Yugyeom on to the counter.

You swallowed hard. You’d never seen Jackson become so jealous of another man before. You lifted your face towards his, only to see him burning his gaze straight into the clerks. The clerk fumbled with the socks, scanning the tag and placing them in the bag with your skirt.

“Uhm…that’s 40,000won altogether…would you like to pay with cash or card?”

Jackson, without even looking at you reached for your hand and snapped the card straight out of it, causing you to flinch a little. “Why is he taking this out on me? It’s not like I asked him to start flirting with me…” you thought as you furrowed your eyebrows at Jackson who was still avoiding your gaze. The clerk took the card and swiped it quickly, letting Jackson type in his pin code before handing it back along with your skirt and Yugyeom’s socks in a bag. Jackson whipped the card and bag out of the clerks hands before pulling you in front of him and walking you towards the stores exit.

“Thank you for shopping with us” the clerk said out of habit, to which Jackson scoffed loudly as he continued walking close behind you. You both walked swiftly in silence towards the parking lot, Jacksons hands firmly placed on you as if he were guarding you from some evil threat. You finally decided to break the silence upon getting into the car.

“Jacks…you’re not mad at me right?” you asked shyly.

Jackson revved the engine before sighing, looking at you straight in your eyes. “No, I’m not mad at you. I just hate the way other guys think they can walk up to you and hit on you like that. You’re mine” he said, a hint of darkness to his voice which you couldn’t help shudder at. He placed his hands on the wheel before taking off in the direction of home.

“Aren’t we getting something to eat?” you said in a small voice.

“Later” Jackson said, not taking his eyes off the road as he pulled on to the street where both of you shared an apartment. Why was he being so cold to you? You understood that he was in a bad mood but you couldn’t read his actions well at all in this moment. You continued to stay quiet as he pulled into the complex parking lot. Upon stopping the car, Jackson got out straight away, grabbing the shopping bag as he did. You quickly jumped out too so he could lock the car, before both of you headed inside your apartment.

You got in, taking your coat and shoes off before walking into the kitchen and leaning up against the countertop. Jackson threw the bag on to the table before sitting down on the chair, his arms crossed over his chest as he stared at his feet. You hated how he was acting. You hated how he was completely ignoring you when none of this was your fault. You thought back to when you were both in front of the clerk; he stood up for you, right? He told the clerk guy to basically back off and that his flirting wasn’t needed nor wanted, so why was he giving you such a cold shoulder now? Jackson sighed and leaned back in the chair, still not even making any attempt to talk to you.

You decided you had enough. “Jackson, I didn’t want to say anything but now I’m just kinda confused. I don’t know what I did wrong, so can you please tell me why you’re acting like this right now?” you blurted out all in one go. Jackson didn’t respond as he sat in the same position as if he never heard you. You let out a frustrated grunt before turning around so you were facing away from him.

“Fine, behave like a child then.” You murmured under your breath, but just loud enough for him to hear as you stared out the kitchen window.

Suddenly, you felt Jacksons presence right behind you, his chest just ghosting over your back. You jumped slightly, before turning around to look at him. His face being inches away from yours and for the first time since leaving the mall, he looked into your eyes. His stare was intense, as if he were trying to look deep into your soul with his sultry, dark eyes. He licked his lips slowly as you began to feel uneasy.

“Jackson…” you whispered, desperate for him to tell you what was on his mind.

“I don’t like it when other guys look at you like the way I’m looking at you right now. I don’t like it when other guys compliment you and tell you that you have a nice body, or that you’re beautiful…only I’m allowed to tell you that.” He said, his voice deep and almost overpowering to your system upon hearing it. You exhaled, putting your hands on his cheeks and giving him a cute smile while cocking your head to the side slightly.

“You know that I only have eyes for you, right? You don’t need to worry about other guys. I don’t want them, I only want and need you. You know that…don’t you?” you asked with sincere eyes. You stood on your tip-toes slightly, just high enough to press your lips onto his, giving him delicate, chaste kisses. Jackson hummed softly, before inhaling sharply as his arms snaked around your body before he began to deepen the kiss. He nibbled on your bottom lip as he placed his hands over your ass, giving it a tight squeeze before massaging it through your jeans. Your breath hitched in your throat as you ran your hands through his soft blonde locks, feeling his shaved undercut tickle the palms of your hands. Jackson backed you up against the counter, pressing his entire weight on you as he rolled his hips into yours. You could feel his member harden against your abdomen as you threw your head back, allowing him access to your neck as he began to litter it with small pink and purple patterns of his teeth and lips.

“Turn around baby” he purred into your ear as he grabbed your shoulders to reposition you. You turned around, your back lingering against his chest before he bent you over on the counter. You felt his hands roam to the top of your jeans, before all of a sudden he was yanking them down your legs and you were stepping out of them. He placed his hands in between your thighs, smoothing them over your soft skin before parting them and cupping your clothed womanhood with his hand. You placed your arms on the cold counter as you started to breathe heavily.

“I haven’t even touched you and you’re already so wet for me” he almost moaned. You suddenly felt embarrassed, knowing that he was staring at you completely bent over, ready and willing for him to take you then and there. He pulled his hand away – much to your disappointment, as you heard him unbuckling his belt and letting his own pants fall to the ground, flicking them away with his foot. Jackson ghosted his hands over your soft mound once more, before hooking his finger around your panties and pulling them to the side as he massaged your soaking folds with his finger. You let out a breathy mewl at the contact as you put your head to the side to look back at him, completely transfixed by you.  He positioned himself at your entrance -  before slamming into you without any warning. You cried out in shock, pain and pleasure as you felt his thick length fill you entirely as he thrust deep within you, pushing you into the counter further and further. He grabbed fistfuls of your hair with his left hand, while his right kept your panties in place to allow him to continue drilling you from behind.  

“You’re mine. No one else’s. Say it for me (Y/N). Say it for me right now” he grunted animalistically as the sounds of his skin slapping against yours filled the room along with your almost sinful moaning and panting.

“I’m yours…all yours and no one elses” you nearly screamed, only further boosting Jackson’s ego as he began ramming himself into you even harder, his thrusting becoming more sporadic as you both raced towards your orgasm.

“Who’s the only man who can fuck you like this? Who’s the only man that can make you scream his name like this?” he said as he gripped your ass cheek while you held on to the counter for dear life as he hit the spot deep inside you that sent you flying over the edge. You screamed his name as you shut your eyes tight and began to see tiny stars, your legs trembling and shaking from your orgasm as you tried to keep yourself upright. Jackson came inside you, not being able to hold back any longer with the feeling of your tight walls contracting around his cock as he filled you to the brim with his white, creamy seed.

He began to slow down, his movements becoming softer as both of you gasped for air while riding out your highs. Jackson grew limp, not even pulling out of you as he rested on your back. You felt him giving you small, damp and open mouthed kisses on your spine, making you smile gently as you reached around to find his hand, which he held immediately.

“Maybe you should get jealous more often…that was….something else” you giggled, teasing him and making him giggle in return.

“Oh you liked it? Maybe I should then, but I might end up breaking you (Y/N)” he panted, still a little out of breath before he gently pulled out of you and helped you off the counter.

“Shower?” you asked as you nuzzled yourself into his body, both of you drenched in sweat as you heard his heartbeat slowly return to normal. He pulled away slightly, smiling down at you and taking your hand in his.

“Shower.” He replied simply, smiling and nodding his head before the both of you made your way into your bathroom to wash up together.

anonymous asked:

Ginny usually hated when people gave her nicknames, but for some reason, Mike got away with it.

The first time it had slipped out in casual conversation was over the phone.  They’d been talking late into the night, like they normally did, until one or both of them passed out.  He must have noticed she was responding less and less, her heavy eyelids threatening to end the conversation.  But as she fought to stay conscious, just resting her eyes, he tried to wrap it up, telling her goodnight, with the nickname attached.

Her eyes had flown open at that, her mouth unable to respond, but now fully awake and wondering what had brought the endearment on.  She’d let it ruminate in her mind for a while until sleep overtook her, and the memory faded.

It was several weeks later when she’d heard it again.  He’d been trying to convince her to come out with him, but her tired muscles were begging for a night in.  Take out and Netflix calling her name.  She vividly remembers him stepping into her space, the muggy air becoming just a bit hotter as his thick frame stood in front of her, encroaching on surpassing the level of professionalism they’d demanded from each other since she came back from her injury.

The night of their almost kiss came rushing to her mind, the way they’d stood too close, the hug that was probably too tight, the lingering of their mouths a breath away from each other that was definitely too strong of a pull to tear them apart, the ringing of a phone the only tangible thing able to have them flying back to their respective spots.

Her back hit the cool concrete shaking her from her reverie, and she saw the quirk of his lip at the sigh that had escaped from her.

She’d ducked her head, refusing to let his eyes steal her away, convince her that anything other than her curled up in bed with Michael Scofield and a pizza was more appealing.

But then he’d pulled out all the guns, including the nickname that was apparently not a mistake on the phone that night, as he used it in full daylight, conscious mind present.

Upon hearing it, she was tempted to punch him in the arm, tell him to stop.  But instead she spreads that dotted smile he apparently loves so much with a shake of her head, and she knows that she’ll ditch the comfort of her bed for whatever he has planned.

Her allowance, never correcting him, has him saying it more and more, replacing Rookie and Baker almost exclusively with it.  Ginny and Gin still reign supreme, but this new name seems to make its appearance in front of others now.

Blip’s eyes go wide the first time he hears it, and she doesn’t miss the narrowing glare he shoots at Mike like a warning.  It’s only when the others try to mimic Mike, thinking they can get away with it too, that she confronts him.

“Stop!” She demands the next him he uses it, asking her what she wants for dinner.

“Okay, we won’t have Mexican,” he holds up his hands in surrender.

“No, the nickname.  Stop,” she explains, wringing her hands together, not really wanting him to end it, but the evidence of how far past the line of impropriety they were was becoming more and more obvious, and this seemed the most direct way to settle it.

He grips the steering wheel tighter, a fallen look gracing his face, covered mostly by the overgrown beard, but having spent so much time with him, the imperceptible changes weren’t easily hidden from her.

“Got it,” he says with a shrug.  “It won’t happen again,” he assures her.

Silence hangs between them in the car as he drives aimlessly around the city.

“Mexican is fine,” she acquiesces, refusing to allow the awkwardness envelop them fully.

The next couples weeks are uncharacteristically overcast inland, the sun hidden by clouds, mirroring the image of Ginny, whose smile seems to allude her, as Mike reverts back to avoiding her as best he can.  Baker is used exclusively to address her, nothing more than a teammate.  Giving her ample time to finish binge watching her show, and the pile of takeout fighting for space in her fridge.

When the frustration teeters on boiling over inside her, she finds herself standing outside the glass house, her sullen face reflected back to her.

“What are you doing here, Baker?” He gruffly greets her, but she refuses to let it deter her, pushing past him into the kitchen.

“I umm, I came…to…uhh, apologize,” she says, her fingers coming to the corners of her mouth.

He throws out his hand, waving her off. 

“It’s fine, I get it,” he says with a shrug, coming to sit on the stool across from her, Ginny having commandeered the kitchen space as her own.

“No, it’s not…I like it,” she admits with a shy smile, and a small twitch of her nose.

He places his chin in his hand, staring at her like she’d grown three heads, a silly grin plastered on his face.

“I just…maybe not…in front of the guys, you know,” she says with a shrug.

“I think I can mange that.  I’ll write it on a post-it or something, you know my mind’s not what it used to be,” he teases with a wink, his trademarked Old Man nickname having ceased along with her own.

“We could just tattoo it on you, then you won’t have to worry about losing the post-it.  We know how you get,” she jokes.

He lets out a laugh, causing her smile to appear through the clouds.

“I see someone finally had some free time to finish her show,” he grins with a teasing lilt.

She nods.

“We good?” She asks, and he stands at that, coming over to stand before her, his hands lingering in the air, unsure of where to place them.

“We’re good.”

She fights back a smile, her eyes meeting his own.

“So umm, can I ask…why?  Why that nickname?” She says a flash of curiosity dotting her brown eyes.

It’s then that his hands hesitantly find purchase on the sides of her face, and she knows he can hear the intake of her breath as his fingers settle on her cheeks, a nervous smile coming to her.

His thumbs find their way to the hollowed spots on her cheeks.

“Here,” he punctuates with a tip of his fingers into the indents.

This only causes Ginny’s dimples to further hollow, a full blown smile overtaking her face.

“See, sunshine,” he confirms.

She shakes her head at him.

“You’re so full of it.”

“Yeah, well, it also acts as irony when you’re a pain in the ass,” he teases.

“I’m only a pain in the ass when you’re a cranky old man,” she throws back at him.

“Nice try, Sunshine.”

And they both smile at that.

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Can you do a reaction with rfa + v + saeran, with MC being attacked, but beating the crap out of her attacker? Like, she takes some hits and gets roughed up too, but the attacker is definitely worse off when its all done. And the rfa + v + saeran can see it all, but for some reason they can't get to her until it's pretty much over.

I always like writing about MC being a badass, and this request was no different! I tried not to make these too violent so hopefully they’re still okay! I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung was almost finished with classes for the school year and he couldn’t have been happier
  • That unfortunately meant finals were coming up so he decided to stay after class one day to get some help from the professor
  • He was running later than he thought so you decided to wait outside of the classroom on a nearby bench
  • Yoosung saw you through the window and gave a little wave and a shy smile as he finished up talking with his strict professor
  • Just as you were about to wave back, one student who was obviously drunk came up to you and started harassing you
  • Yoosung’s eyes widened in horror as he saw the drunken student throw a punch at you for trying to move away from him
  • The professor was scolding him for not paying attention so Yoosung pushed passed the professor to get to you
  • Yoosung immediately felt tears start to form in his eyes when he saw your black eye and bleeding knuckles but felt a tiny amount of relief when he saw the student on he floor unconscious
  • He apologized over and over again for not helping you sooner, crying into your shoulder but you reassured Yoosung that it was okay
  • Yoosung immediately takes you to the hospital and signs up both himself and you for self-defense classes


  • Zen finally had some free time from his busy schedule to take you out on a date to a nice restaurant
  • The two of you were really looking forward to enjoying the night since you two haven’t had a proper date night in forever
  • That is until just before you got into the restaurant, Zen was mobbed by a small group of fan girls
  • You sighed and waited for Zen to finish with the fans, moving a bit away from them so you didn’t feel suffocated
  • Zen could barely see you at this point but he did see the figure next to you shoving you against the wall
  • Trying desperately to push his fangirls away, Zen could only watch in horror as the man started hitting you
  • But you weren’t easing up on him, giving his hits right back to him in full force
  • By the time Zen broke away from his fans, the attacker was a bloody pulp on the floor and while you did have some blood on you, you looked safe
  • Zen gave you a bone-crushing hug, profusely apologizing for leaving you alone even after you told him you were find, and from that day forward Zen became the most protective boyfriend on the planet


  • Jaehee decided that it was time for you and her to have some fun together so she took you to the mall
  • It was turning out to be a fun day, the two of you bought some much needed new clothing, had a nice lunch together, and even took some photos together in a photo booth
  • The two of you were at your last shop for the day and just as you both were about to exit, the security alarm went off because of Jaehee’s bag
  • Jaehee told you to wait outside until her and the store manager could sort things out to which you agreed to
  • You didn’t see anyone else around until some man came up to you, demanding you give him your money
  • Out of the corner of her eye, Jaehee gasped as she saw a man attacking you with you fiercely hitting him back
  • She pushed the store manager aside and ran over to you, almost on the verge of tears as she saw your bloody hands and bruise marks, but you told Jaehee that you were fine but the attacker may need to go to a hospital
  • Jaehee couldn’t stop telling you how sorry she was for leaving you alone and promised to teach you some judo moves so you would be safer even if she wasn’t around


  • Jumin was set to leave on a business trip the next day so you asked to go to work with him today so you could spend as much as together as possible
  • Of course Jumin agreed but you forgot how boring big offices like Jumin’s could be, especially since Jumin was busy that day but it was finally time to go home
  • Just as the two of you reached the large revolving doors, a couple of important businessmen stopped Jumin to discuss an upcoming meeting
  • You waited outside because those guys were boring, noticing some sketchy looking man eye up the building
  • As you went to approach the man to see what was up, he grabbed your wrists but you weren’t having it so the two of you ended up brawling
  • Jumin could see the entire fight happening as he pushed the businessmen away, calling security
  • By the time Jumin ran to you, the man was passed out but Jumin was more worried about your growing bruise marks that decorated your skin
  • You told Jumin that you were fine, happy to teach the creep a lesson, making Jumin concerned but also glad
  • Jumin promised to never leave your side again, apologizing for not getting there sooner, and that he’d cancel his business trip to spend more time with you


  • Seven was feeling sick that day so you told him that you’d go buy some medicine for him
  • He protested, saying that it was late and not safe but he stopped after you gave him the death glare along with him having a coughing fit
  • Although he did trust you, Seven kept an eye on you through the street cameras, smiling as he saw you bought the medicine as well as some Honey Buddha Chips
  • But Seven’s smile instantly vanished when he saw some man following you, eyeing you up and down
  • Just as Seven was about to reach his phone, the man started attacking you, making Seven scramble out of the house to save you
  • He kept watch on the video feed on his phone as he hoped into his car and sped his way towards you, noticing that you were fighting back and kicking some serious butt
  • By the time Seven got there, he couldn’t even recognize the attackers face, also noting your bloody knuckles and bruising
  • He felt instant relief seeing that you were okay, although Seven did get scolded by you for leaving the house when he was sick
  • And Seven really ruined the moment by asking “So are the Honey Buddha Chips safe?” And getting a swift smack on the shoulder from you


  • You and V were just coming back from a nature photo shoot
  • V’s eye sight was starting to falter so he was constantly asking you to go along with him on his photo shoots to help set up and such
  • The two of you were happily chatting until some random man sneered at V, calling his photos trash and that he should quit being a photographer
  • V just calmly nodded and tried to pass the man but the man was quicker and pushed V to the ground, effectively twisting V’s ankle
  • The man then turned to you to take V’s equipment to smash but when you refused, the man started to become violent
  • V tried to get up to help you, but the pain in his ankle was too much plus he could barely see he two of you
  • He then heard the man let out a strangled groan followed by a thud
  • V felt your arms wrap around him, asking him if he was okay
  • But V was crying, he could make out the blood that covered your clothing and the small trickle of blood coming from the corner of your mouth
  • Even after your reassurance that you were okay, V only hugged you, crying into your shoulder as he promised to get the eye surgery


  • You and Saeran had just recently started your relationship but things were going smoothly
  • Saeran still had his anxiety issues so he was still going to his therapist
  • After the two of you started dating, Saeran was getting more nervous about going to his therapist, thinking that she would contort his mind and end of hurting you
  • So both of you made the consecutive decision to have you go along with Saeran to his therapist, greatly relieving the stressed boy
  • One day, Saeran went into a new therapy room where there was a window and he saw you sitting outside waiting for him on a nearby park bench
  • Knowing that you were near made Saeran feel at ease, that was until some stranger started getting close to you, demanding you hand over your bag
  • Saeran thought that he was just imagining things until he saw the man physically attack you, making Saeran rage
  • He pushed passed his confused therapist and ran outside to find the attacker unconscious and extremely bloody and you bruised but alright
  • Saeran pulled you into the tightest embrace that he could muster, telling you how sorry he was and how he would never leave your side again to make sure he would always protect you

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write some sick Keith? If not that's totally fine! You are a wonderful human being, by the way :)

(I love sick Keith my dude you don’t even have to ask?? Here’s a short little thing I wrote, I wanted to try the idea of Keith being really clingy when he gets sick. I did college AU Klance forgive me)

Sunlight filtered through the window of the apartment, shining on Lances eyes and waking him from his previously peaceful sleep.

The weekend finally arrived, and between work and school he had finally managed some proper free time to take his boyfriend on a date.

Sitting up and running a hand through his dark hair, Lance glanced down at the sleeping bundle next to him. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to see besides Keith’s raven colored hair sticking out in all directions, but regardless it looked adorable.

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