finally gown


Here are some more from the 1992 Canadian Brochure! Bow down to Mama Caine!!! <3


Here are some new fabrics I’ve recently added to my collection! 

I’ve mentioned it on wordpress, but i’ve sort of been in this sewing rut where i’m not very motivated or excited about my projects. This happens to me a couple times a year and it’s really frustrating. But I finally feel some enthusiasm towards sewing again and I have some fun things planned for these materials!

The top picture is satin faced chiffon and embroidered lace. These will be paired with taffeta and jacquard to make up an 1880′s evening dress. The middle fabrics are a floral satin (that was a dollar a yard) and silk dupioni, which will hopefully become an 18th century court gown. The final photo is a silk shantung with velvet flocking which will be paired with black micro velvet.

I also got some yellow taffeta for an1890′s dress, and a striped taffeta for another 18th century dress. And both of those will be based on dresses i’ve tried (and failed) to make before!

Sex With Jack Gilinsky

Jack always loved watching you while having sex. He enjoyed looking at just how beautiful you looked when you were lying on your back and he sat in his knees between your legs, thrusting into you, your hands gripping the sheets tighter and Jack’s chest rising and falling faster with every thrust. His forehead was dotted with sweat and his hands were pressed to your waist tight enough to leave bruises the next morning shaped like his fingertips. He loved watching you throw your head back and moan his name, a low “Mmh, fuck yeah, princess..” Leaving his lips, the sound of you moaning alone taking him closer to the edge, forcing him to move faster. And when he looked down at you squirming and moaning louder and gripping his sides, almost begging for him to move closer to you, he’d give in. Finally bending gown and hovering over you, holding himself up on his arms, your legs around his waist. He’d touch his forehead to yours, his thrusts getting sloppier and turning into long, tantalizing strokes. And he mumbles “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are when you’re like this, baby?” Against your lips, “And do you know how much I love it when you yell my name when you cum?” And taking your moan as a response, he’d press himself closer to you so he could thrust faster and whisper a raspy “then come for me, princess…” And press his lips to yours when you reach your high, screaming his name, just the way he liked, Jack tugging on your bottom lip as he reached his peak, moaning your name mixed with breathless moans, neither of you saying anything except each other’s names for what felt like ever. Riding out your orgasms with sweaty bodies pressed against each other and little kisses peppered on the others lips.


Since you guys loved the photoset with the Canadian Cast so much, I thought I’d make a post with pictures from Rebecca Caine’s alternate days in London! These pictures were taken during a put-in rehearsal when Rebecca joined the company in the Spring of 1987 (27th March, 1987 is the date of the rehearsal according to the book); she stayed until February of 1988. She performed alongside Michael Crawford and Steve Barton until they left for the Broadway Company in October of 1987, and then she played opposite Dave Willets and Michael Ball (Cosette and Marius reunited!!!). So yeah. Then she did Toronto and became even more beautiful and radiant. ALL HAIL QUEEN CAINE!!!!! <3

All photos are from Marcus Tylor’s The Phantom of the Opera: The First Year Backstage 1986-1987 (which every single one of you should buy immediately).