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Dating Harry and Spending the Break at Sirius Black’s House Would Include....

Request-  Can you do a would happen for dating Harry and spending Christmas at Sirius blacks house with him? Thank you!

It feels good to finally be writing again tbh.



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  • You both had originally planned to just stay at Hogwarts
  • But then Harry spoke wrote to Sirius and you both decided it would be best to go there
  • Sirius would be so delighted that he finally got to meet you
  • “(Y/N), you look lovely. I’ve heard so much about you from Harry here.”
  • Laughing as Harry’s face goes completely red
  • “You did good Harry, I’m glad you found someone that makes you happy.”
  • Holding hands while eating dinner
  • Everyone coming to visit Grimmauld Place
  • Snuggling up by the fire on the couch with Harry as Sirius tells you many stories about the Marauders and Lily
  • Staying up late with Ron and Hermione when they came to visit
  • You and Hermione leaving to go present shopping together
  • Having long conversations with Remus about books and such
  • Harry watching you with adoration as you talk since he loves seeing the way your eyes light up
  • “You’re goign to burn a few holes through her if you continue to stare like that.”
  • “Oh sod off, Sirius.”
  • Okay but Sirius would let you sleep in the same room together
  • And you two would cuddle with eachother because its too cold not too
  • Also doing some other things to warm eachother up
  • Well thats what your excuse is but it’s not cold at all in the house
  • Sirius making fun og you because he heard everything
  • “Whats that on your neck Harry? Looks like someone got a bit fiesty last night.”
  • Being extremely embarrassed ad not wanting to leave your room
  • “You have to come out at some point, (Y/N).”
  • “I’d rather not. I told you to quiet down last night Harry!”
  • “It wasn’t me that was loud love.”
  • Opening presents Christmas morning with Sirius
  • Sirius would totally treat you like his own daughter
  • Sirius would also try to move th mistletoe to wherever you and Harry were standing together
  • It would just be the most amazing Christmas ever

You ever think of all of the circumstances that brought you and another person together? How intricate each of the events that led up to you meeting were? Every moment had to be exactly how it was for you two to be exactly how you are together.


FINALLY got to meet the one and only Jhonen Vasquez along with Eric Trueheart, Rikki Simons and Megan Lawton @thesecretheadquarters. I have wanted to meet @jhonenv , creator of one of my absolute favorite comics (JTHM), since I was about twelve. I totally blew it and didn’t talk to any of them much do to overwhelming nervousness and awe…. but hopefully I can meet them all in the future and actually have a conversation. They were all so incredibly nice! Also drew them some stupid sketches for them, lol. 

Don’t You Dare Hold Back

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3371

Summary: Get ready. You’re about to have the best massage of your life.

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Nervous, you stood across the street from the small, quaint building. Your friend had given you the address and told you that she scheduled an appointment for you because trust me, you have to experience this. Without much additional detail, she explained that this shop was home to the best masseuse in the whole world (unlikely, but whatever). And according to your friend, you desperately needed a good massage to help you meet your deadlines.

You finally got yourself together and made your way into the aromatherapy shop, looking around at all of the little items. Bottles of scented oils stood all over the store and a huge wall of incense sticks in a thousand different scents took up a large portion of the room. Candles of all colors, sizes, and fragrances lit up the various shelves, and the strings of lights that crossed the ceiling created a delicate ambience. You already began to feel relaxed, and your massage hadn’t even started.

“Welcome!” The older woman behind the counter greeted you. “Are you looking for anything in particular today? Perhaps something to clear your mind or alleviate stress?”

You approached the counter, still absorbing all of the positive vibes. “Um, actually, my friend scheduled me for a massage.”

She chuckled. “Well, you’ve got quite a good friend. What’s your name?”


She rustled some papers until she found what she was looking for. “Ah, Y/N. We have you scheduled today with Namjoon.” Her eyes shot up to look at you, gleaming mischievously. “He’s our most popular masseuse.”

You nodded slightly. “My friend said he’s great.”

She returned the gesture. “You’re in for a treat. Let me bring you to the back.”

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check out these amazing danganronpa cosplays i saw at ohayocon today!!!! i almost cried because i finally got to see/meet not just one, but TWO komaedas

(message me if you are one of these people and want to be tagged in this)

EDIT W/COSPLAYERS: the hinata in the last picture is @hajime–hinatas sonia is @minimikan & tsumiki is @i-stole-junkos-hand ! ^^

Insults (Namjoon)

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Word Count:427

Request: Can I request an angst fluff when Namjoon is y/n boyfriend. Your both hanging out with the members but (because guys act differently with their friends), he’s distant and accidentally insults you. When you both go home, he realises and makes it up to you

A/n:I hope you enjoy reading it!~Joy

Namjoon has been dating you for a couple months now, today was going to be the first time you got to meet his friends. You were excited to finally meet the great people Namjoon would go always ramble about for hours, and when you got there the boys welcomed you with warm smiles. “So this is the lucky lady who get’s to date our Namjoon?” Hoseok asked, smiling brightly as he took his hand out “My name is Hoseok, nice to meet you.”

You smiled back, shaking his hand, “I’m so glad to finally meet all of you, Namjoon talks all about you nonstop” You smile, as all the boys introduce each other one by one. After the introductions, everyone started to play a board game, Jin was in the kitchen making lunch for everyone. Lunch was done and Jin brought out the platter of food.

“I’m so sorry Y/n, if I known you were coming at lunch time I would have made something much tastier” Jin apologised but you only smiled, opening your mouth to say something.

“Don’t worry about it Jin, Y/n’s cooking taste much worse even if it’s her best cooking” He joked, although the boys laughed you were hurt by his comment. Did he really think your cooking tasted horrible? Why would Namjoon say such rude words?

 Throughout the whole day, Namjoon would just make rude insults towards you, the boys only laughed thinking it was only a joke and you probably weren’t hurt by it. You just wanted to go home and be alone, but of course your ride home was busy socialising with his good friends, you knew you couldn’t go home anytime soon. 

The drive home was silent, although Namjoon thought nothing of it, he just thought you were tired of all the fun you had with his friends. When you two arrived home, you ran upstairs and slammed the door, Namjoon followed behind, sitting at the end of the bed with a smile. “What’s the matter Jagi?” He asked.

“You know what’s wrong, you made fun of me today when we went to visit your friends.” You say, as you put your head in your pillow, “I can’t believe you think my cooking is bad!”

“It’s not, I just said that because…I don’t even know why…I’m so sorry Jagi, can you ever forgive me?” Namjoon asked, grabbing your hands.

“I will…if you make dinner tonight, just because you don’t like my cooking” You smile, as he smiles back.

“I’ll make a five course meal for you if you want.” 

for dead-rabbit-comics and kangarooblu–two really great asanoya lovin’ friends who I hope can use this as a pick me up. GOOD VIBES FOREVER YOUR WAY MY FRIENDS <3


Look I’m still not quite sure yesterday happened because of how amazing it was. Not only did I have a great time with my DC squad, cosplaying Wonder Girl was a lot of fun, but we finally got to meet @marcusto and boy were we emotional.
Thank you so so much for your kindness and time, and for the sketches, it totally made our day. Thank you again for the commission, it’s for sure the cutest thing that’ll ever hang on my wall.
I hope you had a great weekend, and that you’ll have fun visiting Paris with your mom. We can’t wait to meet you again and cry like lil babies!

Everyone expected Arthur to be a ladies man with being a fairly attractive man, he was the future king and women constantly talking about how they would love to be with Arthur, but Arthur never met those expectations. 

When Arthur finally got alone time with you -excluding Merlin-, Arthur attempted to use the charm that everyone assumed he has, but Merlin knew better.

”Y/N, may I say you look ever so lovely today, not that you don’t lovely everyday, but today, you look extra great,”Arthur told you and you suddenly become very awkward. 

“Thank you Sire, but I would prefer if you saved the compliments until after the hunt so you don’t scare away the deer,”You told him, signalling your horse to go as you try to find the deer that Arthur scared away because he was fairly loud.

“That was pathetic Sire,”Merlin told Arthur, not even bothering to try and hide his laugh.

“Not a word about this to anyone Merlin.”


Trafalgar Law for @smileorillfeedyoubread/@minouze

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  8D

Childhood Crush - Jackson Whittemore Imagine

Childhood Crush – TW Imagine

Prompt: You’ve finally decided to move to Beacon Hills after living out of Beacon Hills for a while. Being Lydia’s younger sister, Jackson finally got to meet you and wants to hang out.

A/N: My first Jackson Whittemore and First Person imagine!! I know I made the relationship develop abit too fast but it’s an imagine! I don’t know, but I really hope you guys like this. I’ll be having a break from writing for a week since exams are in 3 days! Wish me luck!

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Word Count: 1716

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Your POV

“You’ll be fine, trust me on this.” My sister, aka Lydia, places a hand on my arm as she rubs it in a comforting way. “I don’t know.. This is my first time going Beacon Hills High School and I’m nervous.” I sigh, holding the straps of my bag. “Believe me, once everyone finds out you’re my sister, they will try to befriend you.” She winks, crouching down to grab her own bag. “Oh that’s right, you’re Miss Popular.” I joke, rolling my eyes. “Plus, you’re only like- what?- two year younger than me?” She begins to head out her bedroom and I follow behind her. “One. But thanks for remembering my age, sis.” I say sarcastically. “Love you too, baby.”

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