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The next few weeks were crazy! Now that orientation was done, each of the new Rangers had been assigned their areas.  They were the only ones responsible for their sections so if anything went wrong, it’s on them.  There were no visiting weekends for the first month after orientation.  Tanner and her parents weren’t happy but they understood. Bailey was secretly glad. She crashed as soon as she got home every night.

Good news though, she finally got her first paycheck! With it she built a little bathroom shelter and a space to cook and relax.  Still very much outdoors, but at least she wasn’t using a bush anymore!

Her garden was coming along amazingly and soon she would be able to sell her goods at the farmers market on her days off. That would bring in a little extra too. She couldn’t wait til she could start actually building walls!

She talked to Tanner nightly.  The calls were mostly short and he always seemed distant, but she knew somehow that it wasn’t her. He needed to figure this out on his own, whatever it was, and she needed to just be there.  She hoped he would come this weekend for the stayover , but she didn’t push it. He’d be there or he wouldn’t.  At least her Mom and Dad were definitely coming!


G U Y S  The thing Warren is wearing is called a ‘Bum Flap’!!

It reduces abrasive wear to pants and provides protection, but they’re often worn as a punk fashion statement :D

So it was July 14 and I was minding my business.

But I thought, “No way, man — this is going to be over soon.” So I tuned in to watch the boys on GMA on August 4.

I was feeling great when I settled in with my snacks to enjoy a night of OTRA concert videos on October 21.

But it’s all OK … I was so happy to see pap pics of Harry arriving in LA on January 20!

After a whole year of shit with the awful Jungwirths and Clarks, and Danielle’s dreadful pageant smile and purse-swinging, we finally got the good news that Douis was over on January 19!!

Oh. Hi, Eleanor.

Congratulations to Han Yo Han on joining Just Music! 

It’s been a few years since the crew welcomed a new member and now he’ll be working along side Swings, Vasco, Nochang, Blacknut, Giriboy, and Cjamm. His new EP is coming out 11/30 and I look forward to what he’ll bring to JM

Edit: His song with Blacknut is out :3

His Album

Sore back and New Laptop ・ 260816

Snippets of my bullet journal from the past two weeks! I started having intense back pains and went to doctor only to find that my spine is crooked (due to my bad posture my bad), so I haven’t been able to leave the bed much ;w; I will learn from my mistakes for now on;;; In other news I finally got a new laptop after using my mum’s hand-me-down for the past year! I’m super excited about it~!

Song of the Day: 꿈 She’s dreaming - EXO
(My friend bought me the album and I am so thankful right now T^T)


12.07.16 // 1:41 PM

Guess what?! Ya girl got exempted from her microbiology final exam today! That’s one less thing to worry about. Got the news just this Monday so I took the day off yesterday to watch Moana.

Currently in the process of making a reviewer for my neurology final exam this Thursday. Just two more days left before this sem ends! Study smart, friends!


Documentary about The Revolutionary Black Workers, an independent black labor organization that raised hell in Detroit in 1970.


A clip from the film “Finally Got The News” which features Black autoworkers involved in the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement (DRUM)

Hey fandom! :D How’s it goin’? How about that EW article? Pretty cool, amiright? New info about season 2, yeah! What we’ve been waiting for! :D I mean we finally got more news on Max! Friends with the boys like we all hoped! WHOO! Nice. :)

But, uh, I’ve seen some people upset?

… Because she’s “a love interest”?


Pardon me if I’m wrong…

But are love interests not allowed to be badass?

Are they not allowed to be awesome?

I mean, I’m just thinking of my girls Eleven and Nancy…Both attracted romantic interest from different characters and…


Am I forgetting something?

You guys… Max is going to be fine. She isn’t going to be left out in the cold, shoved in the “love interest and nothing else” corner. This isn’t just another show. That’s one of the many tropes it subverts. Girls aren’t “just love interests” here. I’ll say it again.
They were AWESOME BADASS characters (who also happened to be love interests).

As we’ve all seen, magazines LOVE to focus on the romantic interests. They blow up the love triangles because it’s JUICY. So of course, out of the vague information they were given, they’re going to zero in on their precious buzzword.

But it doesn’t mean that’s all Max is going to be! They aren’t going to tell us everything about her! The season is nine months away (*clutches heart*)! So let’s not judge the character on one line in a magazine.

Max is going to be fine.
She’s going to be awesome.
She’s going to be BADASS.
And it’s going to be an awesome season. Let’s just hang on, all right? 

It’s gonna be GREAT.

LISTEN LIsTEN I am so HERE for the Padres management becoming paternal stand-ins and TAKING CARE OF GINNY

and skip walks her down the aisle in the future and oscar checks in AND IT RANKLES AT FIRST they wouldn’t do this if she were a man but then Lawson confides in her that skip was there for him when his dad died and Oscar was his first call when he got the news about his knees

AND FINALLY ginny baker allows herself to lean on people, starting with Padres management

I FINALLY got the news I’ve needed for YEARS

No, it isn’t fandom following related. It’s just that I’ve more or less gotten my dream job. Based on my own work. Without using connections. 

No more temping or direct marketing. No more retail. No more jobs with unreliable schedules under unreliable “managers” who shave bits of cash off your commissions and work you for ten hours while entering it as eight and giving you no compensation for gas or food. Promising you advancement and telling you it’s a “marketing” position. 

No more job hunting and traveling to offices promising me an actual desk job only to find out that it’s exactly the same thing. 

No more puppet-strings executive assistant positions with an unlivable wage and no opportunity for advancement.

No more unreliable contracts. No more promises that they’re looking for writers, only for the position to turn out to just be “bring out your creativity to attract customers!”

No more coming a hair’s breadth from getting a good job only to lose it to somebody’s nephew. 

No more being urged to drop my dad’s name. My resume was picked up because of experience I’ve built MYSELF.

  I’m going to be writing professionally in a full time, non-entry level position with a generous start off salary for the first six months (after which my supervisor will “re-evaluate my salary”) and full benefits!!! Health! Dental! Optical! A 401k plan! 




So what do you think will pop out? A corrupted gem monster? A rabbit? Jasper?

That is not what I was expecting.

On other news hey we finally got to meet Green Diamon.

Holy shit are these the kids from Earthbound or something?

I guess Onion did have some friends.

Pfffft that mask is too big for this poor fella.

“Well… I guess this is the end of the road. The end for me…. Definitely shouldn’t use my shield or bubble or anything else, for I am doomed.”


13th February 2017.

Messy Desk but revision is going well.

I would also like to share that I have finally been accepted to do my LLM (Masters) in the next academic year. Yay 😊 🎉. I had been waiting to hear from the University of Cambridge for months but I finally got the news today and I am over the moon😊 It has not been easy but it is all worth it. If you are out there and you find yourself struggling with your studies; don’t feel discouraged or disappointed. It is never too late to attain your goals/ dreams.


*Plays The Beatles - I Want You (She’s So Heavy) covers by Lzzy Hale in the background.*
IT’S DRIVING ME MAD!” *Gituar riff*

So, I dove back into Tales of Series after two years of hiatus, wondering what was going one after a brief look on tales of Zestiria and boy…  
Did I miss a wonderful news? After over 20 years, we finally got a solely female protagonist? 
Sign me


Can this be one of the battle victory quotes or somewhat like this Bandai?

I almost didn’t post this today, tbh - but I choose to trust the two lovely people who told me I wouldn’t make a fool out of me showing y’all this

Thank you @minchen0897 and @ceara-banana <3
And a Happy Valentine’s to you!

The Perks of being Jason Todd

Relationship: Jason/Tim
It’s way too easy to convince Jason to pick Dick’s drunk brother up from a party. Which may or may not have to do with his stupid crush. 

[Read on AO3]

Jason dreaded what Dick would say the moment he picked up the phone. So he stared at the device before reclining back in his chair and finally giving in.


“I got good news and bad news.”

“Don’t you always?” He twirled his pencil in the hand not holding the phone. His thesis was due in two months and he really had wanted to work on it today – but Dick Grayson was a man on a mission and Jason knew not to stand in his way. Mostly because it ended up advantageous for him, too.

“The dean agreed to listen to your proposal about female hygiene products in the bathrooms.”

“Fuck yes. Just give them some pads, at least, dammit, it’s not that hard.”

Dick chuckled mirthlessly. “He’s going to listen, Jay, no one said anything about him agreeing with you. You remember the last time you asked him to give out free stuff to the student body?”

“Pretty sure HE won’t forget it either. - So what’s the deal? When can I talk to him? In fact, I got some time right now.” Jason turned the page on his notepad.

“Not before next Friday?”

“Next Friday, huh.” He jotted down the date and underlined it twice. Jason liked to be prepared for this kind of stuff and he would make sure to let Donna do most of the talking this time. Nobody could refuse her; she was a goddess and she knew it.

“Jay,” Dick said, his voice low enough to be little more than a hiss through the phone. “About the bad news.”

Of course. There was always a catch. “What is it? Does he want a public apology?”

“Actually, it’s a favor.”

“Geeze, what does he want?” Slapping his hand on the desk, he stood, starting to pace through his room.

“It’s for me actually.” Jason stopped dead in his tracks. Dick Grayson, the golden boy himself, needed a favor from the one student who just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and study nicely like all the other students on campus?

“Can you pick up my little brother?”

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X-Men ‘92 #10 is out this week!

It’s available on Comixology and your local shop from me, Chad Bowers, Alti Firmansyah, Cory Hamscher, Matt Milla, Dono Sanchez Almara, Travis Lanham, David Nakayama, and our erstwhile editor, Heather Antos! 

This marks our final issue, but the good news is that we got ten extra pages so that we could go out with a bang! Cyclops and Jean attempt to make their way back from the far-off future of 2099, the X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, Apocalypse, and the Horsemen have an all-out brawl, and Xodus the Forgotten Celestial finally touches down on Earth with a mission to destroy the planet before mutants can spread to the stars! All that, plus Dr. Doom, the Darkhold, and someone doesn’t survive the experience!

If you’ve been reading all along, well, first I want to thank you for supporting the book, and second, I hope you’ll find the last issue to be a big, bold, senses-shattering exclamation point on everything we’ve been trying to do for the past 14 issues. Obviously, we didn’t have enough room to get to everything we wanted – there are a few bits and pieces there that at least hint at some of the things we had planned for our big 25-issue arc – but when we got the word that we had to wrap things up, we wanted to cram in as much as we could as fast as we could. 

Here’s hoping you get a kick out of it!