finally got the book


she had the world // panic! at the disco


Rory and Jess after the series finale; life in New York

Opal Beifong 

I was kind of sad that a lot of the airbenders didn’t change out of their regular garb for the wedding, so I drew Opal in a possible dress. I Tried to go with a sort of mix of the Zaofu and air nation colour schemes, because I think she’ll always be a person of two cultures .




My book KILL SIX BILLION DEMONS comes out September 7th from Image comics. Can you believe that I am saying that? I can’t! It’s ridiculous. It’s been a wild and weird journey.

I finally got a dead tree copy of it. The book looks SWEET and it’s got kung fu angels and giant dead gods and demon gangsters and you should GET A COPY because these colors are JUICY AS HELL.



We finally got to repot our beloved Entlings in these vintage cups and cauldrons ! These, as well as the glass jars, the doilies and the selenite tower, are from this weekend’s thrift store/flea markets’ finds. We got very, very lucky ! The jars will be emptied and used to make terrariums in the near future.