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Reunited Friends AU part 9!~
Finally got some free time to work on this! I’ve been busy graduating university, moving out and getting a job, so I’m sorry you had to wait this long. Another bridge part really but hooray for talking it out and now the plot can continue!
Thank you all for your continued support and patience, as well as the lovely messages/tags you have left me. I promise I read them all and greatly appreciate them!! THANK YOU!!

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It was a hot, sunny afternoon when Lance finally decided to leave his bedroom and enter the kitchen. Thin material of his tank-top clung to his skin unpleasantly and so were his blue, star printed boxers and his short hair.

He looked around with bleary eyes until his sight reached the fridge. A tiny, weary smile graced his face as he shuffled towards it and opened it.

Cool breeze was indeed refreshing  but it wasn’t enough to fully wake him up.

No. He needed something better than this.

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“You don’t have to hide your tattoo anymore. No matter what, you’re still you.”

This lovely picture was done by @ai-wa
After the events of Chapter 13, I fell even more in love with Prompto. Even knowing about his past, I still love his character and that won’t change.  ❤ ❤ ❤

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Finally got some free time today to sketch some of my boys! Thanks to some hard work and overtime, I managed to get some free days, so I might post some more art I’ll be drawing this week.

Last drawing is a collaboration between me and my best friend’s art. He was looking trough some old art and I asked him if i can just take some creative liberty on his drawing :P

I Need My Girl | Chapter 9

Betty and Jughead are out of college and rooming together and it couldn’t have been a more self-destructive decision. They’re both in love and best friends since the dawn of time. Jughead pining for Betty who has no idea, What could go wrong?

Hey y’all :) I know it’s been awhile but I finally got this done! It’s been so busy this month and I finally got some free time to myself to write this one out. This is more of a filler chapter for a few scenes that I already have written up for the next few chapters. I hope it’s not too bad. Thank you for everyone who’s been understanding and has continued to be super sweet and awesome! I tagged some cool people below:

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Betty and Jughead prepare for their road trip:

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5 , Chapter 6, Chapter 7 , Chapter 8

Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can’t help falling in love with you

Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can’t help falling in love with you?

Elvis Presley

 Jughead heard the door in the apartment click behind him as Betty followed him into their apartment. He leaned up against the counter, eyeing Betty as she shuffled her shoes off and hesitantly stood against the wall opposite him.

 “You and Archie looked like you had a good time.” He chuckled as his mind traveled back to Betty squirming in her seat at the red leather booth.

 “I’m going to kill that guy.”

Jughead smiled and pushed his back off the counter, slowly walking towards her.

“Now we talked about this Betts, homicidal tendencies are ones to be suppressed. Greatly.”

He smirked as he pushed a lock of her hair behind her ear. He suddenly noticed how close he had gotten and Betty’s breathe hitched and she looked back at up at him through her eyelashes.

“I know its just Archie is such a meddler I swear to god.” She laughed to herself as she wondered what had gotten into him recently.

“He’s just excited and he’s trying to distract himself from Sabrina. Let him have this one. Plus, I like it when you blush.”

“I’ve been doing that a lot recently.”

“I’ve noticed.”



Jughead’s eyes traveled down to her lips and for a second he thought he could do it. But it was too soon.

He stepped back and held onto her hands, bringing her forward.

“So when, are you taking be to the beach?” He asked.

“When are you free?”

“I cleared out my schedule for the whole week.”

Betty’s mouth fell open for a moment.


“Don’t Juggie me, you said we’re going on a road trip. Don’t tell me you’re backing out now?”

Betty’s lips quirked and she let go of his hands.

“Well then, I better start packing. Cause if that’s the case than we may as well just leave now.”

Betty wandered into her bedroom with her heart in her lungs.

He cleared out his whole schedule for me?

Jughead stood there on their cheap linoleum floor staring down the hallway.

He was going to be with Betty alone, for an entire week.

And he was scared shitless.

Eventually he pulled himself out of this sudden new state of psychosis and headed towards his room to pack. Meanwhile Betty found herself tearing apart her closet. What was one supposed to wear to an impromptu road trip with you’re best friend who coincidentally has just been happening to be pining for you since the third grade?

It was the summer so shorts and crop tops were the obvious necessities. They were going to the beach so she definitely needed a swimsuit. Or did she? The question coupled with Archie’s annoying voice popped into her head.

Oh my god shut up you need a swimsuit don’t be ridiculous Betty.

She then packed up her toiletries.

There was just one area of clothing that she was procrastinating to pack.

Underwear. Panties. Bras. Bloomers. Whatever.

Betty stood there motionless in front of her top drawer.

Archie’s words started to enter her mind again and before she knew it she was packing lace.

She pulled out her favorite bra and tried not to think too much about it.

The “it” was already filling up her mind. She was starting to notice things less objectively and more personally.

Jughead wasn’t just attractive anymore. He was hot. And she didn’t exactly know how to cope with this new occurrence.

“You ready?”

Jughead leaned into her doorway as he watched her jump at his voice.

“Woah there, someone’s a little jumpy?”

Betty smiled sheepishly as she turned to zip up her bag.

“I just- , I don’t know I was just in my own world.”

“You alright?”

“Yeah yeah, I guess I’m just a little nervous. I always get nervous while traveling, you know.”

Jughead lifted her bag over his shoulder and grabbed her hand. He pulled her out of the apartment with a smile and opened up the passenger door.

“I’m nervous too.”

Betty did a double take as she climbed in and tried to understand what he was getting at. His hands grasped unto the frame of the passenger side. He looked the other way, trying to avoid her gaze.

“I don’t know what you want. What you want from this trip I mean.”

“We‘re going to see the ocean, like we always planned.”

“Yeah that’s not what I really mean.”


Betty began to stumble

“I don’t know. I just know that you’re really the only person I want to be with right now. I just want to be with just you.”


Jughead closed the door and walked to the driver side. He then pulled up his phone going to his music.

Betty watched as he typed into the search engine: fireflie-

“No no no no Jughead no.”

“Jughead yes.”

“Oh no.”

Owl City’s Fireflies proceeded to start playing as Jughead sang along in the most annoying voice he could conjure.

You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep

‘Cause they fill the open air
And leave teardrops everywhere
You’d think me rude but I would just stand and stare

Betty pouted as she watched Jughead with an incredulous smile on his face. The chorus began.

“I hate you.”

“I’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly, It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep!”

Jughead put let the clutch go and pulled out of the garage.

“I can’t believe myself.” Betty exasperated.

“A foxtrot above my head, A sock hop beneath my bed.”

“How am I attracted to you?”

“Cause you think I’m pretty.”

“I do not!”

“Archie says otherwise.”


They both smiled at each other for a second before Jughead turned left. The sky was filled with hues of rose, orange, and lavender and the sun reflected upon the mint finish of the old Chevrolet. Dancing Queen started to play.


“I thought it was appropriate.”

Betty shook her head at his offense and rolled down the window.


Jughead had then proceeded to try his best attempt at dancing in the driver’s seat while still holding some control of the vehicle.

Betty smiled as they passed the entrance onto the highway.


“Yes, Betty?”

“You just passed the I-40.”


“Yes, your road trip playlist is shit, yes I agree.”

“You are one cruel woman Betty Cooper.”

It took Jughead another thirty minutes to get onto the highway.

Bokuto headcanon

He has a beautiful handwriting, because when he was a kid, it was terrible, so his mom made him use that caligraphy training notebooks and now his handwriting is almost perfect, but his “f” is totally shitty sometimes.
When he first met Kuroo, he was trying to study for math in the grass of a training camp, when he finally got some free time. When Kuroo looked at the notebook he WENT NUTS BECAUSE WOW MAN THIS IS BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD- HEY KENMA COME SEE THIS IS A FUCKING PIECE OF ART OH MY GOD HI MY NAME IS KUROO AND YOU’RE AND ARTIST

P.s: he was actually talking about the little turtle in the top of the page that Boo drawed for distraction

First time with bts ( jimin, tae, kook)

Well… I may have went overboard, but enjoy it please ! Thank you noonie for requesting !

You two would already have planned for it, that you two want each other badly. So why the wait ?
You were getting ready for your date with him, he told you you should dress fancy and you did, you wore a long black dress, matched with black lace underwear that he was yet to discover.
He took you for a dinner, pulling the chair for you to sit, and showering you with compliments, how lovely you looked, and smelled.
He sat next to you, resting his head on your shoulder, occasionally pecking along it whenever you two got quiet.
After the happy dinner. You felt his hand gently stroking your thigh, making a shiver run down your spine, you bite your lip.
“ baby.. can we ?” He whispered, glancing at the elevator that would take you two to a hotel above the restaurant.
You nodded, holding his hand as he booked a room for you to spend the night in.
After reaching your room, you turned to lock the door and he pinned you over it. Rocking his hips over your ass as he whispered “ did you have fun, teasing me all night, Hm?” He made sure you felt how hard he is, and how eager he was to have you.
You moaned softly as he gripped you by the hips pulling you to the bed.
He didn’t waste no time, pulling down his boxers to his thigh and hiking up your dress, your pantie was croutchless, and it made you get an approval grin from him, he pressed his lips on you, pulling you to a passionate kiss as he thrusts into you.
The night continues, a rough round followed by another. Till you were a wercked mess.
You still had your bra on by now, but he was naked. He layed on top of you and whispered “ one more round. Baby girl.. ” he mumbles as you moan softly nodding.‬‏

It’s been about two month since you two last met. You both missed each other so much and finally, he got some free time.
He decided to surprise you, wearing his blue jammies he didn’t bother to change, driving to your place quickly.
He rings the bell, his bangs over his eyes messily and he was giggling, like the cute baby he is.
You opened the door and widened your eyes “baby! You’re here !” You hug him tightly and he lifts you up, rushing into the house “ yes I am. Jagi, I missed you so much” he pouts, shutting the door as he sat on the floor with you on his lap.
You stroked his cheeks and smiled slightly “ I missed you too handsome boy, did you eat yet ? Did you rest well? I know you’ve been working..” you day in worry.
He giggles , cheeks pink" noona~ you don’t need to worry, your baby is completely healthy" he grins.
You smile softly, it was pretty late, so you both couldn’t go out on a date or something. You stood up with him “ wanna cuddle ?” He nods eagerly and picks you up, rushing to your bedroom as you yelp, causing him to laugh. He let’s you down on your bed and looks down at you, panting lightly as he smiled.
You bite your lip, the sight of him hovering over you and panting made you think of things, sinful things.
You slowly lift yourself up and gently kissed him, he of course kisses back happily.
The kiss slowly started getting heated, and more sloppy.
You push your knee to between his legs and start to rub him, earning a frustrated groan and a low moan from him.
He flips you two over, pulling you by your hips and grinding you on him. Making you moan, eyes rolling back in pleasure.
“ noona.. I want you” he whispered, eyes hodded
You only nodded, pulling his pants down to let his erection spring feee and you kicked your shorts off.
His breath hitches as he looks at your naked lower body for the first time.
You angle him and whisper softly “ noona will take it easy on you, babyboy” you smirk slightly before you push yourself down, moaning softly as he does the same tilting his head back.
As you moved your hips, he only groans and moans, bucking his hips into yours each time you bounced on him. Before you knew it, he flipped you over to your fours, and bucked his hips into you eagerly, the sound of skin slapping against each other filled the room along with his moans and groans.
Finally, the both of you became undone, making you collapse on your stomach panting and shaking, he smirkes proudly and leans down, whispering “ does my little noona need some after care, Hm?”
“ s-Shut up, Kim taehyung”

You visited the practice room, since namjoon texted you and told you that jungkook have been stressed and frustrated, the guys all left as you arrived , hoping you would put their little kid into a better mood.
You step in and smile softly when he glances over you, he was mad, clenching his jaw but as soon as he saw you, he smiled “ hey…” he said breathlessly, pulling you by your waist to him.
You smiled back and mumbled “ hey.. you know you have been pract-” you get shut off as he pins you against the wall, eyebrows furrowed as he kissed you eagerly. He was all over you, hands groping you, tongue running against yours, and his teeth chewing on your lower lip.
You moaned softly, gripping onto his shoulders for support as he groans, he moved his teeth down your jaw, and neck . Covering you in hickeys and lovebites.
“ J-jungkook, w-what are you doing ?” You whisper, face red.
He smirked lightly “ you came to help me, right kitten?” He exhales softly and mumbles against your lips “ and right now, you’re doing an amazing job at that.. staying and letting daddy mark you up.”
You moaned shyly and looked away as he behigs stripping you, he started going slow, gently stroking your chest and waist line. Making you groan softly and pull his shirt off.
“ ooho, kitten.. you want me?” He smirks, hands already pulling your pants down as you nodded “ yes… yes please .” He dropped to his knees, kissing between your thighs. Before giving a playful lick over your panties right where your heat would be. Making you whine softly and squirm around.
He chuckles softly “ bend over that table, kitten, daddy will put his condom on.” You obey, whimpering as you realized that a big mirror was in front of the table, biting your lip.
He stood behind you, naked as he smirked staring at your reflection" good view, isn’t it..kitten ?“ You moan as his hand reach to grope your chest, the other hand pinning your hips down before he took you roughly.
You were wet, and ready for him.
With each hard thrust he groaned loudly and moaned, letting all the frustration he has been holding in out .
When you both finished, he pulled out and you collasped staring at your bruised body from the mirror, whimpering, he slowly puts his shirt on you and carried you after wearing his pants ” good girl, daddy will treat you.“‬‏