finally got it uploaded


This is Aranea.

She makes some pretty grand entrances. 
—– For FFXVWeek, Day 5, 8/17 (Episode Prompto/Aranea Highwind)

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You know which two actors really need to meet and share similar stories about their totally gay characters that were forced into a straight relationship for whatever reason while having this big ass crush on the male protagonist, and how much they tried to convince the writers to at least let their characters kiss the male protagonist but nothing ever came out of it? 

Tom Felton and Martin Wallström

Industrial Loft

Finally got this uploaded!

A couple of notes:  this was intended to be part of a larger block of buildings, so there are no windows on the sides or back,  and the first and fourth floors are empty.  There’s no landscaping and the exterior is pretty blah. You could put it on a larger lot and add to it. I may do that eventually.

Always amazing cc by @13pumpkin31 @daer0n @sanoysims @mxims @michelleabstuff @leo-sims @bluehoppersimming @dreamteamsims @sympxls @novvvas and more.

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finally!!! the rest of the pets have arrived!!!

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