finally got it uploaded

You know which two actors really need to meet and share similar stories about their totally gay characters that were forced into a straight relationship for whatever reason while having this big ass crush on the male protagonist, and how much they tried to convince the writers to at least let their characters kiss the male protagonist but nothing ever came out of it? 

Tom Felton and Martin Wallström

@poetdameron asked for hand kisses. The prompt was way cuter than what I ended up drawing but I hope people enjoy it nonetheless. :)

hi guys! i finally got my sim fileshare account which means i can upload these! i’m so nervous! (/^▽^)/ i hope you will enjoy it!

i’ve made a basegame recolour of a swim set. it has 17 swatches, and has a custom thumbnail. the colours aren’t mine i grabbed them from google but i’m hoping to edit them into a personal palette!

.。✿ download

this is the first thing i have ever made to share with people, so please be patient with me if something is wrong =)


Andrew Bird & St Vincent | Soirée de Poche #9

Shot in Paris in April 2009

Castiel: The Road So Far
SPN s4/s5
Castiel: The Road So Far

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