finally got it down


i say
if i could make you fade away
i could play the game i know so well
it’s a fair trade

many of the things i said
are made from the beautiful things i regret

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"anti hopes you're happy. he may be a character, but he's got a good heart. he wants you all to feel special." I don't know how to feel about that *squints suspiciously at him*

Finally got to sit down and watch that video (after having seen gifs all over tumblr of this exact part), but I’m just amused by the idea of Anti hugging the wall.


My coming out story. The first person I ever told was my mum. It’s kind of a funny story… I had planned to tell her for 2 weeks and was waiting for the right moment to tell her, I was beyond nervous and scared of how she would react, because I wasn’t sure how she felt towards the LGBT community. Well, one day, she was in her bedroom and I finally got the balls to walk down the hallway, into her room. I said to her, “Mum, I have something to tell you.” And she said “what is it?” I was thinking to myself don’t make a big deal about it or beat around the bush and just say it. So I said it. “Mum, I’m gay” and she had this look on her face. Not a bad one, a good one actually. She looked pleasantly surprised. She said to me “Well thank god! I thought you were going to tell me you are pregnant! I’m much happier knowing that you’re gay!” so I bursted out laughing. I couldn’t believe her reaction. I was happy and relieved. It made it much easier to tell everyone else because I didn’t feel I would get a bad reaction from anyone else & I didn’t. 😊

My tumblr is @ridetonationalanthem

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I was wondering if you could make a fic about Steve and Bucky making out and getting walked in on by their daughter. Please.

It had been a long week.

Bucky had worked the night shift every night since his supervisor was gone, and Steve of course worked days. Delia, their darling three year old, had had to miss preschool because she had a cold so Bucky had stayed up all day with her, and then passed out into bed when Steve had come home.

A super long week without their usual down time together, or their nights in each others arms or nights (ahem) just in each other.

Just a long goddman week, and Bucky was about two minutes from losing his mind when Steve finally got Delia down for her nap, closing the door as quietly as he could, and tip toeing away.

“I think she’s asleep.” he said with a weary smile. “We might actually get an hour or so together before she wakes up and wants dinner.

“Oh thank god.” Bucky grinned up at his husband from the couch, and then held a hand out. “Come here and kiss me, babe. Have we even kissed today?”

“I dont think we have.” Steve slid onto his lap, straddling him easily and Bucky groaned when Steve settled unto his thighs, loving the heavy weight against him, pressing him into the cushions. 

“Come here.” Bucky lay his left hand carefully on Steves hip, then cupped his jaw with his right, brushing his thumb over Steves bottom lip before urging him in for a long kiss.

After six years together there was no hesitation between them, no having to adjust to each other or anything like that. Just sweet perfect kisses everytime.

Sweet, perfect, heated kisses that were rapildy turning into a heavy make out session.

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When I walked into the room and our eyes met, yours burned right into me.
Sparks flickered all around the music playing, two smiles were set free.

Our heart beats felt so loud, I was so nervous but so calm at the same time.
Dear god you looked so sublime.

So finally I got the nerve to sit down, and everything flowed.
Like we were two streams joining into a river, we vibed and we glowed.
I felt like I was going to explode.

Alcohol then filled my veins, smoke filled the room.
The heat started to expand and bloom.

And in that heat lips met lips.
The sparks devoured us, lost in each others grips.

Your hunger matched mine, slowly we became entwined.
Slowly our bodies started to align.

And our clothes started scattering, all over my floor.
Your body is the only thing right now I long to explore.

Hands and lips burned every inch, skin on skin on skin.
Where do I start, where do you begin.

And then the sparks devoured us, and they kept devouring us, for days, for weeks.
Every time your truck rolled up to my house, my knees would get weak.

Hours laying in bed or hours rolling through the city, everything was bliss.
And we would kiss and kiss and kiss.
And I couldn’t help but think it doesn’t get any better than this.

And then it stopped.

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