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Done. - Bucky Barnes

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summary: One training session with Bucky turns nasty and soon your ready to hand in your resignation. But does Bucky really want to see you go so soon? 

word count: 2.4k

warnings: angst / fluff / asshole!Bucky / fluffy!bucky /

“I just don’t see the point, Bucky!” Letting out a frustrated growl as the Soldier rolled his eyes again, I tucked my head behind my knees, trying to regain my vision and a healthy heart beat again.

For some reason today, Bucky was not letting me go down without a fight. Maybe it was the fact that I was his first ‘Trainee’ and he felt the need to get it right, or the fact that Steve supervised the training process and if I didn’t get better, he’d be disappointed. No one likes it when the Captain is disappointed, it felt as if you punched a kitten when I caused disappointment to gather in his baby blue eyes.

“Get it, now. I’m not kidding Charlie, now get up and keep going.” Embarrassment at my ass being kicked in our gym filled with all of us Avengers, training for the next deathly task we had to take.

The way he’d been kicking my ass, I was 90% sure my ass had vanished.

I had no ass to be kicked anymore, it had fallen off when he did his last move of literally kicking me in the ass so I’d stumble to the ground. I felt red flames on my cheeks, and the stare’s that were starting made me freeze.

I’d rather be smothered to death with a couch pillow than exerting any more energy in this session. I muttered to Bucky with my face hidden, my head was on my knees in pure shame.

“I can’t…”

“I’m sorry, what was that? I don’t think I heard you correctly!”

“I said, I can’t anymore…” A crack at the end gave my eyes the feeling to leak with salty drops of ‘weakness’. I didn’t want to become more pathetic than I already was, and crying was as pathetic as this moment could get for me.

“We don’t use ‘I can’t’ here. If you want to be an Avenger, then act like one, dammit!”

“I’m trying!” I cried out, finally looking up at the chocolate hair and glaring blue eyes that stared down at me with such intensity. Maybe I wasn’t good enough, maybe it was for the best if I left…

What the hell is wrong with you? Dammit. Okay.. well, maybe it’s best if you throw in the damn towel now. Before you get yourself and the rest of us killed out on missions!”

Bucky’s words stung, but what stung more was that no one raised an objection. They just were in some silent agreement with Bucky.


“If that’s what you think is best, then by all means…” I turned around to see the twin doors open by FRIDAY listening to our conversation. What a cold hearted bitch, that AI was…

The gym was deadly silent now, Sam stopped punching the bag that Steve was effortlessly holding. Tony wasn’t spotting Clint anymore at the weights and so Barton laid there, with his head poking up to watch Bucky and I exchange our heated argument. Breathing in heavily like everyone else was. The gym air felt thick now, to me. It was thick with pity.

I was stumbling to my feet now, holding onto my knees as I got up on my feet. I felt like the wind just got knocked out of my chest, just from these small movements. It was painful enough to have the attention of everyone in the room, but to be this feeble and vulnerable…this felt like a whole new level of humiliation that I’ve unlocked in a very cruel video game.

I prayed for someone to at least look at me and see I needed some help! No one met my eyes that spun while I stood still, even with the room spinning, no movement was heard throughout the gym, nothing but Bucky’s invisible shoving at me to get the hell out of this gym.

I was on my own, just like before. I have always been on my own. Even after I had joined this group of misfits, I was the one looking in from the outside.

I somehow made it to the gym door, and grasped onto it, catching my dying breaths. I felt like I was going to be sick, and I wasn’t going to shame myself further by vomiting on my exit out of this gymnasium hell.

I gathered a steady balance and immediately set myself off to the bathroom down the hall. It was private so I could sob with no interruptions. Getting there was easy. Throwing up was easier. Coming to terms with the fact that I’d just unveiled my weakness in front of the people I called, ‘family’? A family that frowned on weakness, by the way. That was something by mind couldn’t conquer, or convey. How was I ever going to get off of this cold tile and make it to my room? What was going to happen next to me? Would I be kicked off? Or just sent into filing mission reports with the nerds in the basement who all had this weird look of fascination every time they saw me bring them the files that needed to be written up. It creeped me out, and I really didn’t want to leave Stark tower, too.

“FUCK!” I yelled to the audience of the vacant bathroom. I hated this damn world right now, nothing could get worse. I was absolutely sure nothing would be worse than right now.

Today, though, the lord was mad at something I’d done in the past, I believe. Because after splashing my face with cold water, washing out my mouth and smoothing down my unpleasant post-gym hair-frizz, I walked out of the bathroom, ready to bolt to the elevators and get to my room as fast as possible.

However, I was blocked by a 200 lb mass of muscle that had been lingering outside the door, anxiously waiting for the lock to turn and for me to emerge.

I yelped and felt my tired knees buckle but before I smashed my body onto the tiling, I was caught by two strong hands. Two strong, strangely different in texture and temperature, hands.

“Woah, sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you.” Opening my eyes I was met with eyes that we’re the summer sky’s afternoon colored blue. The midnight’s bewitching sky was the color of straight hair that framed the face that those eyes belonged to.


“S-s-sorry,” I muttered, feeling a weird mix of anger, fear, and embarrassment inside my chest. I stood up as fast as I could and shook myself out of those, surprisingly comfortable, arms. “I came here to just say that what happened in the gym today was complete-”

“Save it. What you said in there was all true. So don’t apologize for shoving my face in a pie of reality…” I tried to push my way past the mass of man but Bucky put an arm up against the doorframe, blocking me once again.

Bucky’s face was drowning in confusion and frustration. He knew why I was so pissed and wanted to run, but he didn’t understand the words I let fall from my lips so freely.

“No! That not what I came to say-”

“What! More insults! Fine, then… bring it on. I’m dead inside already, you’re just trying to kill a corpse now, Barnes.”

Bucky felt devastated, did I really think that low of him? He sure made it easy to make it so I did, but he always believed I held onto a bit of light for him.

Apparently not.

“You think I came to insult you-”

“Why else would you speak to me!”

“Let me fucking finish a goddamn sentence and you’ll find out! Fuck! Why does everything turn into a fight with you!”

“Because you make it one, Bucky! I can never satisfy you in the gym. You never even glance at me anytime we pass each other. I don’t even remember a thank you after I saved you from that sniper you missed!”

“I didn’t miss him! I knew he was there, I was gonna knock his ass out!” I bellowed a fake laugh at Bucky’s attempt to gain himself some sort of manliness just because I let him live…men.

“Were you going to knock him on his ass before or after he released the trigger you wouldn’t even hear, letting a bullet hit you right in the pulmonary artery. I like to call that shot instant death… so when would it be, James!”

“Don’t talk to me like that and use my name as if we’re friends.”

Bucky sneered down at me. I had nothing left to lose. So, why not take a few verbal swings at the man who dashed my dreams of helping the world just one more time?

“What are you gonna do? Kill me? Hit me? Take me to Fury? Go ahead, do all three, I have nothing left, Bucky! In 24 hours I’m going to be homeless and you’ll be here, sleeping in night terrors that we all fuckin’ hear at night. So go ahead and hurt me. Hurt me like you did not even an hour ago in front of my used-to-be family…” I had tears running down my cheeks that were just two ripe tomatoes. I was breathless from my rant, making my chest rising up and down.

“I just wanted to fucking tell you that I’m sorry! I was a dick in there and I’ve been one since I met you. I wanted to clean our slate because you are an amazing fighter. One of the damn best, counting Romanoff and Barton. Look,”

Bucky absentmindedly tucked a tuft of hair that had fallen from my loosened braid, behind my ear. Leave his hand lingering near my cheek, wiping my tears away. This was no Bucky that I’d ever known, this was a new one, one that I thought I was going to meet two years ago, but I was met with passive aggressive Bucky. This… this was James Buchanan Barnes. Not Bucky, Barnes, Winter Soldier… just James B. Barnes.

“Then why tell me to leave? Why kick my ass in front of everyone, telling them I should leave?”

“Because! I- I was trying to save face… but like always, I went too far.”

“Wait, what?”

There was a pregnant pause before I heard a mutter come from Buck, “Punk read my diary…”

I couldn’t help the giggle that released from my tense chest, letting the steam that lingered in there, die down. I had no tears threatening to fall, and I had no shake in my voice. I felt… safe? No… I think I felt comfort, with Bucky right now. That was a first.

Bucky’s shoulders fell with no more tension tightening them. His face brightened, illuminating his usually flat, creamy, pale skin.

”I’m so sorry I hurt you. Verbally and physically… that the last thing I’d ever want to do to you… all I want is to protect you, give you a happy life. I don’t know where my head has been these last two years but seeing you walk out those doors… made me finally accept that I can’t be without you. You’re a chatterbox, an amazing midnight sandwich chef, a terrible dancer, a loving, kind person…”

Our bodies we’re moving closer to each word Bucky spoke, his metal hand now slithered it’s way to the small of my back, bringing me finally nose to nose with the man who kicked my ass an hour ago. Now confessing his feelings for me…

Bucky Barnes was not one to be subtle, I guess.

“What are you asking me, James?” I was dipping my foot into the pool again, testing my waters with him. This time, though, when I said his real name, a broad smile appeared, and the hold on me just got tighter, and stronger with a sense of desire awaiting in his grasp.

“I’m asking you, to forgive my horrible, facade, and accept me telling you that I’m crazy about you doll…” I let out a breathless laugh, almost astounded to hear such words come from his lips.

“What can I do to make it up to you? I’ll do anything, Even if it’s going to China and back for a chocolate bar… what can I give you? Do for you?” A smile on my face brought a laugh, I brought my hand to cup his worried face, stroking it to calm the pounding in his heart. “Just… kiss me where it hurts,” 

Bucky’s tentative eyes almost frantically started looking me up and down, trying to find a spot of pain. “Where does it hurt, doll?” 

“Right here…” I whispered. With a dip of my head and nudge of my nose on his cheek, I kissed him. Feeling no longer like I was being held in his embrace, I was now, just floating in thin air. His arm didn’t weigh me down it lifted me up. His lips didn’t hurt my heart, they made it pump in a thrilling manner. His eyes didn’t frantically search the room around us whenever they made a connection with mine, now they just stayed staring at me. Never leaving my big and bright, loving eyes that looked into his with desire.

I no longer felt lost, like I had no family. Like I was on my own. With Bucky, now, I had a home. And that home traveled with me when I left those blue eyes. My home only felt more secure when I was finally laying in these arms, talking about my day, the things that happened. The good and the bad.

I guess I had been looking for a home for so long I’d forgotten what home felt like…

My home was never a place, but a feeling. One that only your soulmate could ever give you. I’ve realized, now, that your soulmate can be that one person you’d thought hated with a passion.

I guess soulmates have a good way of hiding behind smoke and mirrors until the time is right, though.

a/n: Let me know your thoughts! I hope this one is a bit different then the normal asshole bucky suddenly becomes sweet!Bucky. I always love hearing from you guys! Never be afraid to hit me up!! 

Here’s what’s up next: Last part to @giftofdreams and I’s collaboration three part: A Hidden Hero: 1 & 2 

my last imagine: Keep Holding On


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Son of a Patriotic Biscuit (Part 1)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (Not a ton yet - there will be more, I promise!)

Word Count: 1760

Warnings: None

A/N: Alright y’all, my friend and I finally had time to go through and edit the story enough for me to put this piece up. Credits to her for putting up with my writing as well as my bemoaning of my inability to write this as quickly as I wanted (I’d tag her, but she doesn’t have a tumblr). Anyways, it’s my first series guys!! Hopefully you like it! If anyone wants to be tagged in the next parts or other fics as they come, just let me know - I swear I don’t bite. Reader is an Avenger who has wings - if you’ve read Maximum Ride, that’s where I got it from (and I claim no credit for the idea). Gif is not mine.

Your name: submit What is this?

Every. Single. Time. Why?! He just couldn’t seem to stop. Yet again, he had denied me going on a mission. He had said that I wasn’t ready to be out in the field like he didn’t even realize that I had already gone out a few times with Nat and Clint! I tried to explain this as calmly as possible, but he hadn’t heard a word of it. Naturally, I stormed down to the training room to take out my anger where it was more acceptable, rather than on a fellow Avenger. In the others’ defense, they had tried to talk Steve down, but he was completely in charge of the mission and who went on it.

“Fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eater, chivalrous little overprotective man-baby!” Each word was punctuated with either a jab or kick to the punching bag in front of me. With the final words, I threw myself into a spinning kick that sent the already splitting bag flying across the room, sand trailing in its wake. After half an hour, my frustration had finally come to a head.

“What’d the bag ever do to you?” I tore my eyes away from the carnage with a huff and saw Nat in the doorway

“It’s not the bag I’m mad at,” I muttered, but I knew she heard me. She gave a miniscule nod of acknowledgement, both of my statement and my obvious desire to change topics.

“That’s quite the insult I heard. Where’d you come up with it, Feathers?” The ex-assassin moved to stand in front of me, putting my back to the door.

“Honestly? I dunno. The best ones are those that just come out in the moment, y’know?” Shrugging, I sheepishly turned back to the wreckage. “I’m gonna have to clean that up, aren’t I?”

“Nah. Not right this minute, at least.” She closed her mouth abruptly after the sentence, staring at something over my shoulder. I turned, freezing in my tracks when I saw who stood in the doorway. “I’m just going to give the two of you a minute.”

Thanks for that, I thought, glaring a little at her retreating form. Switching my focus to the hulking captain (pun intended), I allowed my face to settle into stiff lines. We stood there for a long moment, sizing each other up as though any second we were going to lunge at each other. Quirking my eyebrow up and crossing my arms, I resolved not to be the first of us to speak. As it turned out, I didn’t have long to wait before he uncomfortably broke the silence.

“This is for your own good,” he finally said. I threw my hands up indignantly before turning and looking for something to hit, though I desperately wanted to sock him in the jaw right then. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t help me get out in the field. “No, don’t you start giving me that look.” His blue eyes hardened, and I could tell he had no intention of being swayed on this when his forehead creased. “You may not realize that you aren’t ready, but I’m just keeping you from being killed out there. There aren’t any practice fights, no one out there is going to go easy on you.”

“You seem to have somehow gotten it into your head that I don’t realize that!” I burst out, utterly exasperated with him. “Steve, I’ve already gone on missions with Clint and Natasha, and I’ve even gone out with just Thor! I’m not the damsel in distress that you seem to think I am!”

“You’re not going and that’s final.”
“Fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eating… Little patriotic old fart with a hero complex!”

“Lang–” He stopped in his tracks, confusion marring his features. “Wait, what? Did you actually say what I think you said?”

“Ooh, stepping into dangerous territory there, Captain. Thinking on your own? Don’t you need supervision for that?” I shoved past him, holding myself stiffly upright until I reached the elevator that took me to the floor with my room on it.

Finally in the safety of solitude, I made sure the door was locked before sliding down the wall until I was sitting, knees pulled up to my chest. I was upset enough that I unfurled my wings and wrapped them around myself, providing an extra shield between me and the outside world as a choked sob rose in my throat. Funny, how the feathers that used to be (and still sometimes were) a reminder of a nightmarish warehouse - full of needles, electric shocks, white lab coats, and pain above all else - while they were now the very things protecting me from more pain.

I stayed there for a long time, wallowing in the feelings of self-doubt that had sprung up once I was left alone in my thoughts. You see, despite being a kickbutt, flying, ninja-assassin-Avenger, I actually cared a lot what Steve thought of me. Having a crush on the star-spangled captain will do that to a person. As an unfortunate side effect, his apparent lack of confidence in my abilities in the field was doing wonders for knocking my self-esteem into the dust. To top it all off, I was almost positive that he only saw me as a younger sister, due to the overprotective big brother act.

Steve’s POV

After she pushed past me with a final jab about my thinking, I pushed a hand through my hair in frustration. Why couldn’t she see that I was so afraid of losing someone close to me again, that my fear was the reason I tried to protect her. Bucky was gone, and Peggy had grown up and left me behind. I couldn’t stand it if this brave, stubborn, kind woman died after somehow managing to worm her way into my heart no matter how desperately I had tried to keep her out. If she got hurt or killed when I could have kept her safe, I wasn’t sure if I could forgive myself.

I didn’t even realize that my feet were moving, tracing her light-footed path, until I was standing in front of her door. My hand was poised to knock, though it stopped when a small sound caught my attention. I wasn’t even completely sure I had heard anything until it came again. The muffled sob barely came through the door, sounding more like an agonized gasp of air that tore my heart out to know I was its cause.

To my knowledge, she hadn’t cried the whole time she lived at the Tower with us. What she had been like before Nick Fury brought her to us, I could only imagine. Strength and an iron will like hers were rarely forged through any but the most painful of fires. Still, she never said anything about her past, whether how she had gotten her wings or otherwise.

It had taken a lot of time, and a fair amount of prodding from the team, before I realized that I was in love with this spunky woman. Once I knew, however, no other beautiful woman in the room could turn my head from Y/N’s radiance. The only problem was that I still was no good with women and I knew it. I didn’t want my inability to put words to the feelings (thanks to my lack of experience) to drive her away, so I tried to protect her instead. Sinking down by her door with a disheartened sigh, I realized that to her it must seem like I didn’t believe in her abilities.

“You’ll have to tell her, Steve.” Natasha’s voice was quiet in my ear. Turning my head toward her, I saw her gaze soften even more as she opened her mouth to continue. “She thinks you have no confidence in her.”
“I do, I swear,” I protested vehemently under my breath, knowing the spy would hear me where the woman on the other side of the door would not. “I just… I don’t want to see her get hurt.”

“You’re going to have to get over that. This world leaves scars on people like us. Even her. Especially her. You can’t keep her from being hurt, but you could be there to help her heal.” This was the longest string of heartfelt advice I had heard from her, and I took it to heart.

“I’ll tell her after this mission, then.” I nodded, satisfied in my resolve.

“You’d better. Now come on. We’ve got a briefing to get through.”

Reader’s POV

It wasn’t until several hours later that I was bold enough to leave my room. Mostly because it was two in the morning and everyone going on the mission (read as: everyone but me - Thor was up in Asgard until after the team got back) would be asleep. Also because I was hungry, but y’know. Of course, I still stuck to the shadows and treaded silently through the halls and rooms. Entering the main room was when inspiration hit - likely a mix of exhaustion, desperation, and hunger, but it was too good a chance to pass up.

Steve had apparently been the last person awake, and had made the mistake of leaving the mission’s file on the table in plain sight. Performing a quick scan of the room, I crept up to the table, holding my wings up and out a little to ensure that they didn’t drag on the floor and make noise. A wolfish grin spread over my face as I read the details of the two week long mission. It was in an area I knew well - the place where I’d grown up as an experiment, constantly pushed to my limits and tormented for the scientists who wanted to see what a girl with wings could do. Coincidentally, it was that same group that the team was now going after.

Now knowing that I could get to the spot easily, the only thing left was to figure out when the whole thing was going to go down. The file really only had the details of the surveillance they would have to undertake to find the base. Fortunately for me, I was quite the hacker, so I made sure that the comms that were sitting out were synced to my laptop so that I would be able to hear everything that was going on out there. Satisfied with my little recon mission, I went my way into the kitchen and made a quick sandwich before returning to my room.

Part Two HERE

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“Imagine being Barba’s childhood friend, having a guy crush on him, and you lose touch with him after he goes to Harvard. You guys reconnect when you become a detective at SVU and you still have feelings for him and he is in love with you and everyone knows it except you two. He volunteered to protect Barba when he get the death threats. He ends up taking a bullet for Barba and that’s when Barba confesses his feelings.”

The two of them were still arguing, back and forth, back and forth. It had been going on for nearly twenty minutes, this verbal tennis match in Benson’s office. You stood quietly between them, listening to the same points being rehashed over and over.

Barba didn’t want a protection detail, they were just threats, and he could take care of himself, and didn’t she know he was from El Barrio? Benson was livid that he had let the threats continue for so long undisclosed, and of course he would be getting a police escort, and didn’t he know better than to doubt her judgments when it came to law enforcement?

You agreed with Benson, but you also knew Barba better than anyone else in the squad, knew exactly how stubborn he was, and knew that it had been his pride preventing him from bringing up the threats for months.

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Headcanon: What if Kaiba had found the Puzzle?


Sorry for the delay.  It took me a while to come up with a headcanon.

Mokuba was with his brother when they found the box.

Seto Kaiba had taken over Gozaburo’s office along with his corporation.  He’d moved in immediately and started cleaning house, his scowl growing deeper, more firmly etched into place with each file he opened.  Mokuba watched him in silence. His brother was too busy to talk and even when he wasn’t, he was distant, as though he had moved into a different time zone without leaving the room.  

Mokuba’s attention had wandered when he heard Kaiba’s sharp intake of breath.

“Nisama?” he asked, turning his brother’s title into a question.

Kaiba grunted.  He was leaning over a small box, poking at whatever was inside.

“I found this thrown into the bottom of a drawer.  I wonder what Gozaburo wanted with it.”  He held up a letter, read it and grunted again.  “One of his public relations gimmicks was funding an archeological dig.  I guess we put him off orphanages for good.”

Mokuba came over and peered inside the box.  “And they gave him some sort of puzzle as a thank you?  It looks like gold, it must be valuable… but I never saw him play with anything before… well, except for chess.  I wonder what it’s supposed to be.”

Two pieces were stuck together.  The rest lay in a heap at the bottom of the box.  “He didn’t get far, at any rate.”  Kaiba picked up the conjoined pieces and turned them over.  They’d been rammed together awkwardly.  Kaiba threw back his head and laughed.  “He only got two of them to stick and they don’t even belong together.”  

Seto worked on them for a moment.  There was something satisfying about undoing his adoptive father’s handiwork, about the way the pieces sprang free.

“There’s something engraved on the inside of the lid,” Mokuba said, tracing the hieroglyphs with his finger.

“Whoever puts this puzzle together will be granted his deepest wish,” Kaiba read slowly, wondering why he instantly knew what the unfamiliar shapes meant as though he’d breathed in the knowledge with the air.  “That’s stupid.  Wishes are for children.”  Kaiba threw the pieces back in the box and slammed the lid.  But Mokuba noticed his brother kept the box on the top of his desk.

Over the next few days, Mokuba caught his brother twisting the pieces together after particularly difficult board meetings.  On the day that Kaiba Corporation’s weapons factories closed their doors, Kaiba managed to put the first two together.  More followed, matching each milestone in the new Kaiba Corporation that his brother was building.  

As as the puzzle came together Kaiba looked less haunted.  But that wasn’t enough for Mokuba.  His brother still didn’t look happy. He looked careworn and creased and defeated by his new responsibilities in a way that Gozaburo had never managed.

Then finally, months after they’d found the box, the day came when there was only one piece left.  Mokuba looked at the almost completed puzzle.  It was easy to see that it was an upside-down pyramid now.  He couldn’t help but remember the words on the inside lid, the words his brother had discarded and forgotten.

“Can I help you put in the last piece?” Mokuba asked.

“Of course,” Kaiba answered with a smile.  “I was waiting for you.  It’s only right that we do it the same way we do everything else – as a team.”

As their fingers slid the last piece in, Mokuba closed his eyes and whispered, far too softly to be heard by his brother, “Please, all I want is for Nisama to find a friend…. someone who’ll look after him the way he does for me.”  

Mokuba smiled as he heard the last piece click into place, as if the Puzzle itself, now gleaming in his brother’s hands, had nodded in answer.

Gossip (one-shot)

Because I was thinking about how much I love Ratchet and June and would have loved to see more of their interactions in tfp. I mean really, they would have gotten along so well!

And a shout out to @lizwuzthere​ because we were both on the same wavelength of Ratchet and June gossiping and having girl talk, maybe especially about feelings and OP.

Title: Gossip

Series: Transformers Prime

Pairing: Ratchet & June friendship, with a side of Ratchet/Optimus Prime

Rating/Warnings: A very soft T I guess for discussion of bots being hot

These meetings had started innocently enough. Ratchet was beginning to understand that with the children running around the base and sneaking into the field far more often than they should, it would be worthwhile to at least gather some preliminary understanding of their anatomy and physiology. The idea that they had been hurt on his watch and he could do little for them rubbed his medic protocols the wrong way.

And Ratchet could only assume that for June it was much the same when she could only stand by and watch when he worked on the warriors. Her fingers would twitch and often she would ask if there was anything she could do to help.

“I’m sure I could get to hard to reach spots with these,” June had mentioned, waving one of her hands, and Ratchet could not deny that there were occasions that her tiny, precise fingers would be extremely helpful in more delicate procedures.

So they started to set up meetings to exchange their medicinal knowledge. 

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Degree of Separation

Prompt: AU Where Ron or Hermione leaves the other and Rose, then comes back. (Sorry that 1. this didn’t turn out to be an AU because I forgot that part and 2. I had to restrain myself because this almost became a full-blown fic instead of a drabble. This is a big honkin’ drabble.)

Rating: T

Summary: Once again, she’s watching him walk away…….

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Bread Wolf - Chapter 25

A Modern AU in which Solas owns a bakery. Read part 1 here. 

Chapter 25 - Discoveries

Fingertips brushed lazily against her cheek, drawing her senses slowly into consciousness. Isii woke gradually, one eye peeking open before closing again, a groggy smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

“Hello, baker.”

“Hello, lan’sila,” Solas answered warmly, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Long enough,” he murmured. The bed shifted beside her, his lips caressing her forehead as she hummed. “I considered getting up, but I found I was enjoying watching you sleep.”

“Not that that’s weird or anything,” she teased, yawning.

He chuckled. “It has been a long time since I’ve woken up with someone beside me. I wanted to savor the moment.” She scooted her body closer, sighing as his arms fell comfortably around her, the bare skin of his chest warming her cheek. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt this content. Her body ached but it was a comforting feeling - a small souvenir from the night before.

And what a night it had been.

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Deal to Delete!

Originally posted by urushenna

A/N: Haikyuu!! (iwaoi / lee Oikawa) - 7: “Delete it. Now.” A drabble-turned-to-longass-fic again, guys! Here’s some teasy Iwa-chan and ticklish Oikawa, thnx for the request non-chan, hope you like it! (lol and happy bday Oikawaaaa I’m having you tickled to death on this beautiful day)

Summary: When it appears Iwaizumi has been collecting embarrassing stuff of Oikawa on his phone, Oikawa has to subject himself to his boyfriend’s merciless tickles in order to have them deleted.

Word Count: 2060

Iwaizumi was on his mission of mischief. He had something to collect, a special mission he had devoted himself to for no particular reason. He sneaked to where Oikawa was resting on the couch, both his eyes, fingers and whole mind fixated on the small screen of his smartphone. He wasn’t suspecting anything, hehe, so cute.

Quietly moving to his side, his hand clutching his own phone, Iwaizumi pressed the record button and he grabbed a handful of Oikawa’s side. His boyfriend (being the ticklish little dork he is) cackled loudly in surprise, dropping his phone and arching his back.

Iwaizumi stopped the recording and slapped a hand over his own mouth, smothering a laugh. That went better than planned.

“Got it!” he hissed into his hand, and he replayed his successful recording. Oikawa’s cackle-sound resounded through the room, and the volleyball captain blushed heavily, his eyes widening.

“I’ll add this to my collection,” Iwaizumi said with a proud grin. Finally after days of collecting these things, he presented his collection of Oikawa-sounds to his flustered boyfriend. Oikawa’s jaw dropped at the sounds of his own voice. Sighs, humming sounds, groans, moans… He had them all.

“Iwa-chan! W-why are you even..?!” His cheeks got a bright red color, and he watched the ace in disbelief. 

“Because I wanted to,“ Iwaizumi said with a simple shrug, and he listened to each sound file with a satisfied smile.

“They could always come in handy,” he said, the smile on his face growing wider as he got to the more embarrassing sounds.

Oikawa couldn’t stop blushing and he shook his head. He had a slight suspicion these days that Iwaizumi might have been up to something, but never would he think he’d do something so stupid and embarrassing.

He felt honored his lover was doing something that involved him only, but the thought of having those sound files exposed to the team or elsewhere… He shivered. He surely wouldn’t…?

“Give here. Delete it, now. All of them.” He tried to sound stern, but his voice shook because of the embarrassment. 

“Why?” Iwaizumi asked, replaying every little sound until that most horrible cackle he recorded just now was heard again. Oikawa cringed at his own sound and tried to reach for the phone, but Iwaizumi held up his finger and made a ‘tsk tsk’-move.

“These are mine, I can do as I like. Unless, you give me what I want.” Iwaizumi suddenly flashed him a mischievous grin.

“A-and that is?” Oikawa could feel his stomach turn at that look his lover was giving him. Iwaizumi knew he already suspected it, since both of them knew his one and only guilty pleasure…

“You have to allow me to tickle you.” Iwaizumi wiggled his fingers slightly, and Oikawa could already feel a shiver run down his spine. 

That’s right, tickling Oikawa Tooru into a helpless puddle of laughs and giggles… not even the best kiss or sex would top that. 

“No way!” Oikawa barked with a red face. Iwaizumi took his precious time tickling him whenever he liked already, torturing him and punishing him for whatever reason until he was one giggly mess. There was no way he’d cooperate willingly in his devilish little games!

“As you wish,” Iwaizumi mumbled, replaying the embarrassing sound over and over. Oikawa covered his ears with his hands and shut his eyes. This guy was going to be the death of him, and they both knew it. 

“Alright okay! You can tickle me, b-but only for one minute!” he yelled, holding up one finger.

“You don’t make up the rules, I do. And I say five,” Iwaizumi said, using his own hand to pull up Oikawa’s other four fingers, and the blushing guy gulped in shock.

Five?! No way,” he squeaked, but Iwaizumi already hovered his finger above the button to replay the sound, and the flustered captain quickly waved his hands and nodded.

“Okay okay! Five is fine, just don’t kill me!” he yelled, his voice already high pitched with panic.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” The ace smiled sweetly and hopped onto the couch, joining him and making him back away nervously.

“Come here. Hands behind your head,” he ordered, cracking his fingers in preparation. Oikawa blinked his eyes and swallowed.

“Do I have to?” he asked while complying nervously. 

“Yeah. Just like that,” Iwaizumi complimented once he was in the desired position, midriff and armpits exposed. Oikawa watched with wide eyes how he set the timer and turned to him with a smug face.

“Ready?” Iwaizumi asked, and Oikawa already flinched before he even started.

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So, this is one of my attempts to tackle the obfrankenfics challenge, “23 emotions people feel but can’t explain.” I’ve got another one in the works that turned out to be pretty angsty, so I figured I’d pound out some quick fluff to sort of balance it out. I’ll post the other one later tonight. In the meantime, enjoy! I should also probably mention that this is set somewhere in the canon universe, though I’m not entirely sure where it would fit in (sometime after 2x08 but before 3x01, obviously). Let’s just call it a brief, fluffy lapse in the Cophine shit show and not dwell on it too much ;)

Adronitis: Frustration with how long it takes to get to know someone.

“What’s your favourite colour?”

The blonde looks away from her computer monitor momentarily, shooting the inquiring clone a questioning glance from her work station. Cosima is staring, palm resting on her cheek with her arm propped up on the desk as she waits for the doctor to answer her with wide, curious eyes that sparkle behind the thickness of her frames.


They’ve been busy working for the past several hours, both relatively immersed with the science in front of them. Cosima’s been unusually quiet, save for the occasional hum or comment she mumbles under her breath as she switches the slide under her microscope, but her question breaks the easy silence the two had fallen into and Delphine can’t help but wonder what prompted it.

“I bet it’s something really specific— like, not just purple, but, like, lilac or lavender or some other dumb flower,” Cosima muses, more to herself than to her lover.

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Date with the bidders~

Hey guys, so as you know, yesterday, I announced the winners for my 100/200/300 follower giveaway! ^ ^

This headcanon is for 4th place winner, voltagecass for the other winners that have already told me your request, don’t worry, the reason yours will take longer is coz I’m gonna do a little ‘research’ on the guys you requested ^ ^



Eisuke: Before, we’ve seen rich guys who have rented out the entire restaurant for a date. Not Eisuke. He would rent out the entire STREET simply because he wanted to have some peace and quiet with you. At first, he would present you with a large display of various dishes from all over the world. He would smile proudly as you gawked at all the food. However, after some time, he would notice that you weren’t enjoying yourself as much as you should be because the lavish atmosphere made you nervous. So, whilst you were in the middle of deciding what cutlery you should use, he grabbed your arm and led you out of the restaurant. “E-Eisuke?! W-What are you doing? Where are we going?” Not saying a word, he would take you to a completely different place. Just a normal town for ‘poor people’. There, he would take you to a ramen bar and order you anything you liked. As you sat there smiling and eating away at the soup, he would watch you, leaning on one arm and smile fondly. Under his breath, he’d simply chuckle: “What a simple woman…well, I suppose if you’re happy, it doesn’t matter where we go.” Then, he would reach over and kiss your forehead as you looked at him in confusion before finishing your meal.

Soryu: Unlike Eisuke, he would like a very simple date. Staying at home with a more intimate atmosphere. You would come home to a delicious smell wafting out of the kitchen. “Mmm…Something smells good! Did you cook Soryu?” you would ask. “Yeah.” was all he would say before shooing you to go get changed. As you sat at the table, buzzing with anticipation, Soryu would tell you to close your eyes as you heard him place various dishes on the table. Finally, when you could open your eyes again, you would see… “Omelettes…Soryu…why have you placed 5 plates of omelettes in front of me?” “Omelettes taste good.” would be all he said as he sat down opposite you and begins eating. Shrugging and laughing quietly to yourself, you would dig in, realizing that each plate of omelettes carried a different flavour. Some were normal like sweet and salty…and then there were some other more…questionable ones… “Soryu…is this…broccoli?” You would ask, holding up the mysteriously green omelette. He would shrug and smile. “Yeah, broccoli’s good for you isn’t it?” Acting as if it were completely normal, he would continue to eat. After eating, the two of you would settle down on the sofa together, huddled in a blanket. You’d watch a movie on the plasma tv. It would start off being an action movie but after a while, he would get up and put your favourite movie on before going back and wrapping an arm around you. Gradually, you would drift off and lean further into his chest. Kissing your hair, he would pull the blanket up higher and settle down to sleep too.

Baba: Being the fun-loving guy he is, he would most likely take you to an amusement park. After a full day of going on every ride at least twice, evening fell and the park was preparing to close for the day. However, as all other people were filing out to go home, he would pull you aside to hide in a small dip between two walls, putting a finger to his lips as he silenced you with a grin. Quietly, the two of you would wait until all was dark. Then, you would sneak out and watch as he proceeded to turn the power back on for one singular ride: the carousal.  The two of you would ride around and around (him insisting on riding on the same horse as you of course ‘what if you fall off? I need to be there to catch you!’). Even though it was simple, it was beautiful. The carousal, being the only attraction turned on, would illuminate the area around you, making it feel mystical and intrigueing, like a beacon of light in the darkness. For one final surprise, Baba would tell you to close your eyes. After a few minutes, you’d hear what sounded like gunshots and feel your eyelids fly open in surprise…only to see a flower of colour explode in the sky. You would gasp in shock as bursts of colour spread out across the sky, accompanied by the satisfying BANG of fireworks. You were so in awe of all the colours that you didn’t even notice Baba turning the ride off until he tapped you on the shoulder and motioned for you to watch. Nimbly, he would jump onto the roof of the ride, beckoning for you to reach for his arm as he pulled you up. Hesitant at first, you’d swallow the fear and reach up, feeling him pick you up easily as if you were as light as a feather. And so, the two of you would watch the fireworks together quietly, legs swinging over the edge of the ride’s roof, hugging each other in content happiness and warmth.

Ota: He would set up a table in a park. It would be in the evening so that no one could bother you and he would make sure that it was by a fountain. The table would be set with a bouquet of baby pink blossoms and at your arrival, he himself would present you with a bouquet of red roses, arranging them into the baby pink blossoms as you watched. The meal would be elegant but not so much so that you felt uncomfortable. After the meal and dessert, a violinist would appear and play your favourite melody. It would be then that he would present you with a diamond necklace. Simple, but beautiful. After you accepted it, he would tell you that you had to ‘always wear your collar from now on’ and before you could protest, the fountains would turn on, illuminated by different lights that changed colour. He would watch you gasp in awe as the colours merged and danced with the water, chuckling at your ‘oohs’ and 'ahhs’. After the water fountain show, he would cover you with his jacket so you kept warm and drive you to an open cinema where you would sit in his car with his arm around you, watching your favourite classic: The Wizard of Oz. As you watched happily, he would lean in and whisper teasingly: 'You know, you’re kinda like my own personal Toto’ and laugh as you hit him playfully. The last thing he would do is drive you to the top of a short cliff so that the two of you could watch the sunrise together. You wouldn’t be very high up, but you’d be high enough to see the sun rise above the horizon instead of tall buildings and the view would be breathtaking.

Mamoru: Despite being lazy as hell, Mamoru would prepare a picnic for the two of you for when you got home. However when you returned to the penthouse, you would find out that he had only prepared two sandwiches for the entire meal. So, with no opportunity to even consider getting changed, you’d spend around an hour cooking a delicious lunch box for the two of you to share. Still in your workclothes, the two of you would head out to a field and lay out a blanket for you two to eat on. He would eat contendly and compliment your cooking. 'Hmm…not bad…for a kid.“ He would laugh, ruffling your hair as you told him off in mock annoyance. After the satisfying meal, Mamoru would lay down on your lap and begin to drift off as you smiled down at him and move his fringe away from his eyes. Feeling your touch, he would smile blissfully and grab your wrist, moving to hold your hand to his chest. Smiling down at him, you would lean back with your other arm to look up at the sky, noticing that the sun was beginning to set. You would look up in awe as the sky filled with colour, like it was being tie-dyed by the rays that shone from the sun above. You would watch in satisfaction as the sun sank beneath the horizon and night began to fall. When the two of you got home, you would go straight to your room, exhausted and yearning to collapse on the comfortable bed. But, as you swing the door open, you would stop in shock at the immaculate room in front of you. Still frozen to the spot, you would feel Mamoru’s strong embrace wrap around you from behind, clearly proud of himself. ’M-Mamoru…d-did you do this?’ He’d look down at you smugly. 'Of course I did. Just coz I’m lazy doesn’t mean I’m useless y'know…just don’t expect me to clean up again any time in the near future!’ Planting a soft kiss on your cheek, he’d saunter away to have a smoke, leaving you behind, smiling at his gesture.


*cringes* sorry if this sucked ass XS As I’ve said in previous KBTBB posts, I’ve never actually read any of the routes so…yeah…XD Anyway, hope you liked it!
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No Dutch Courage Required

A/N: Dearest Bubbles, happy happy (sssh, I know it’s belated) birthday! 

Dylan O’Brien/Tyler Hoechlin | roommates fluff | ~2k

It happens after the Christmas tree incident. Sure, Dylan is apologetic as fuck, at least if his ramblings are anything to go by, and Tyler is already tired of hearing “sorry” and “no, seriously Hoech, I’m so sorry”.  He’s not even angry about what happened, he never was in the first place, mostly because of the satisfying feeling of getting to tell Dylan “I told you so.”

Nevertheless, the next party happens with that incident still on most people’s minds, and Dylan makes yet another promise that nothing like that will happen again.

“Well, the tree is gone now,” Tyler points out. “Just please don’t hump anything else, okay?”

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This is another one for the XF Writing Challenge. Prompt: Clothes. I decided to use this one in conjunction with another idea I had. I took about an hour on this one and listened to Tom Petty (since it’s become a tradition for me to say how long I took and what I listened to).


As Scully drove the Texas highway, her mind kept going back to the contents of her bag, now sitting in the trunk of the rental car next to Mulder’s. Inside it were some variations of the  clothes she usually took with her on a case to another state and something new she had purchased, something that made her both nervous and excited. Lately she felt mostly nervous, almost foolish.

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