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Talking about AU's AU where Keith and Lance met at a concert of Allura, the super rock star. Lance is there because he is a fan. And Keith is there because Shiro is the batterist.

@agaymasterpiece and I actually had a similar AU somewhere,,, let me merge these two together:

  • ok so first of all: allura’s band is a rock band
  • keith and lance are both on allura’s concert for the reasons you just mentioned
  • lance is somewhere in the middle where crowdsurfers tend to pass through
  • all of a sudden,,, keith just gets tossed in the air. probably shiro’s fault who wanted keith to have the full concert experience and sent some of his friends to throw him if he doesn’t volunteer to go crowd surfing
  • keith comes towards lance at full speed
  • lance miraculously manages to catch him
  • lance:
  • keith:
  • multiple people caught the whole incident on camera
  • ((it’s not always that people start flying after all))
  • keith awkwardly thanks lance and then hurries away from the nearby crowd that all know him now

  • a little later a mosh pit starts forming
  • this is ok keith can deal with this
  • lance can’t
  • he faceplants trying to keep up with everyone……… gUESS WHO HELPS HIM UP
  • keith. it’s keith. of course it’s keith.
  • lance:
  • keith:
  • lance: “first you come flying my way and now you’re here to save me. are you my guardian angel or what?”
  • keith: “a simple thanks would have been enough”
  • they get separated by the pit again and move on with their lives

  • the whole incident got caught on camera again
  • after the concert both videos get uploaded on twitter & youtube
  • it doesn’t take long for ppl to realize that it’s about the same two guys
  • ‘idk who these two are but i ship them’
  • the entire internet comes together trying to find out who these two are
  • lance probably found the videos on his own before anyone even tagged/messaged him lmao
  • it takes everyone else around 2 days to finally find keith’s (mostly inactive) twitter account
  • shiro hears about everyone having found out that keith is the guy in the video and tells him to check his account
  • keith has suddenly gained over 1000 new followers and has too many notifications to count
  • he screenshots it all, makes a post and tags lance: ‘this is all your fault’

  • (they agree to go on a date)
  • (they fall in love)
  • (they get into a relationship)
  • (they are happy)


☆ POP! PSD + action set by pxelbox

After a few years and a billion questions about how I edit my screenshots, I finally got around to uploading a PSD and action for you guys to use. Happy Simblreen! 🎃🦇


This is a simple and vibrant PSD for gameplay, scenery pictures, and CAS photoshoots. There’s also an action version, so if you prefer actions over PSDs, you can opt to use that instead. It’s not exactly the same one I use, but it’s the basic foundation.

I’ve only tested this with The Sims 4, so I’m not sure if it’ll look good on other games, but chances are it will.

Inside the .zip folder you’ll find a quick read-me, a few preview images, and the .psd and .atn files! Enjoy!

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Andrew Bird & St Vincent | Soirée de Poche #9

Shot in Paris in April 2009

I was incredibly lucky to get the chance to contribute to the @notwithoutyoufanbook​ a few months back. And now finally I got around to upload the first contribution I made… the art for the little charm that was offered as a backer reward!!!! o((*^▽^*))o
I’m SO HAPPY with this one. I have this… love… for drawing Steve and Bucky in the bridal carry pose. It’s not even funny how much I draw that. There’s also a companion to this in my working folder named “The Potato Carry” lol hopefully it’ll get finished one day soon.

In the preliminary sketch, Steve had a little balloon saying “I’ve Got You., Bucky.. ♡✧( ु•⌄• )” which is what I ended up naming this. In the end I erased the text and opted for that lil’ heart-balloon that pops up in my art every so often. What I like most though, is Bucky buffering and taking his time to decide that YES, he’s UTTERLY CHARMED by this big, overprotective, adorable pocket-soldier. 

Available on both my s6 and my RedBubble stores!!


Fic, An Anxious Touch

@burntblackfeathers requested a fic about Anxiety being able to transfer negative emotions or feelings when he touches someone, which is an awesome idea if you ask me. And I really wanted to get it right I rewrote it like three times am I done yet its one AM

Tag list: @yep-another-fander @prinxiety-logality-sanders-sides @ts-sideblog @cherrybonesrh13 @sanderssideblog @shit-happens-bitchachos @toxicsanders @tssanderssidestrash @livenarrator @analogical-trash @remmythepegasis @anxietyandlogic

Warnings: Injury mention. Bruises and muscle damage. Panic attack brief mention, but it plays no part in the story. 2,464 words.

Abstract: Pain. Panic. Discomfort. Fear. Take or give. All with a touch.

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My Favorite Albums of April 2017

My monthly lists of new albums I was feeling, and some other discoveries made during April.

My Previous lists: January, February, March


Bishop Briggs - EP
Genre: R&B / Soul / Pop

Proof: River, The Way I Do

Blackbear - digital druglord
Genre: alt-R&B

Proof: i miss the old u, chateau

Cashmere Cat - 9
Genre: Electronic / Synth-Pop

Proof: Wild Love (Feat. The Weeknd & Francis & the Lights), Quit (Feat. Ariana Grande)

Cold War Kids - LA DIVINE
Genre: Alternative / Indie Rock

Proof: Love Is Mystical, So Tied Up (Feat. Bishop Briggs)

DJ Quick & Problem - Rosecrans
Genre: Hip Hop

Proof: A New Nite / Rosecrans Groove, Funny How N****s Gon Change Things (Feat. MC Eiht & Suga Free)

Gorillaz - Humanz
Genre: Pop / R&B / Hip Hop

Proof: Andromeda (Feat. D.R.A.M.), Let Me Out (Feat. Mavis Staples & Pusha T)

Her - Tape #2 EP
Genre: Alternative / R&B

Proof: Blossom Roses, Swim (Feat. Zefire)

Jacob Banks - The Boy Who Cried Freedom EP
Genre: R&B / Soul / Blues

Proof: Chainsmoking, Unholy War

JMSN - Whatever Makes U Happy
Genre: R&B / Soul

Proof: Drinkin’, Where Do U Go 

Genre: Hip Hop


Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
Genre: Hip Hop

Proof: DNA., LOVE. (Feat. Zacari)

October London - Color Blind: Hate & Happiness EP
Genre: R&B / Soul

Proof: Dramatic, Somebody’s Getting My Love

Overcoats - Young
Genre: Indie / Synth-Pop

Proof: Leave The Light On, Nighttime Hunger

Sevdaliza - ISON
Genre: Synth-Pop / R&B / Electronica

Proof: Marilyn Monroe, Hero

Tinie Tempah - Youth
Genre: Hip Hop

Proof: Texts From Your Ex (Feat. Tinashe), Girls Like (Feat. Zara Larsson)

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Revival
Genre: Alternative / Indie

Proof: Whispers, Killing Me To Love You


Previous albums I discovered (or just finally got around to listening to) this month

Code Green - 7 Day Trip
Genre: Hip Hop / R&B
Released November 2016

Proof: Too Silly, Luv and Vibe

Passion Pit - Tremendous Sea Of Love
Genre: Synth-Pop
Released March 2017

Proof: Hey K, The Undertow

Penthouse Penthouse & Bobby Saint - Uploaded EP
Genre: R&B / Soul / Electronic
Released June 2016

Proof: 69 Camaro, Saved / Forever

October London - Color Blind: Love EP
Genre: R&B / Soul
Released October 2016

Proof: Shoulder To Lean On, Slow Dance

The-Dream - Genesis
Genre: alt-R&B
Released on TIDAL January 2016/Everywhere Else March 2017

Proof: Virtuous (Feat. Wiz Khalifa), Level


Alexandra Savior - Belladonna of Sadness, Allen Kingdom - LinesAlthea - Cold Thoughts EP, Amp Live - Atmosphere EP, Amir Obé - None of the Clocks Work EP, ANE - Bitan EP, Anik Khan - Kites EP, Aye Nako - Silver Haze, The Chainsomkers - Memories…Do Not Open, ELHAE - AURA II, Eric Bellinger - Cannabliss EP, Father John Misty - Pure Comedy, Feist - Pleasure, Flume - Skin: The Remixes, Future Islands - The Far FieldThe Gold Setting - Volume and Tone EP, IAMSU! - Boss Up 2 [Mixtape], Incubus - 8, Jessie Reyez - Kiddo EP, John Mayer - The Search For Everything, K.Flay - Everywhere Is Somewhere, Kweku Collins - grey EP, Little Dragon - Season High, Mary J. Blige - Strength of a Woman, Mila J - Dopamine, Nappy Roots - Another 40 Akerz, Nef The Pharaoh - The Chang ProjectThe New Pornographers - Whiteout ConditionsNJOMZA - sad for you, Saudin - Before I Met You EP, Shamir - Hope, Talib Kweli & Styles P - The Seven, Trombone Shorty - Parking Lot Symphony, Wale - SHINE

Not Feeling:

COIN - How Will You Know If You Never Try, Young M.A. - Herstory EP


Did Tord come back (again)? Did Edd and/or Matt turn into Zombehs? Was he just harpooned? Nope, Edd smashed Susan again.

(if by ‘most recent’ u mean my forgetful ass is lucky I remembered this is from the expression meme, then yes | Click for better quality)

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You're not good at manipulating and transforming the pictures and graphics YOU'RE AMAZING AT IT. It looked like the real thing!

whoa this message took an unexpected turn! thank you!! actually…

I FEEL LIKE I AM GAINING TOO MUCH POWER… i recently discovered i can manipulate persona q and

hhholy SHIT i have sinned