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Touhou 08   (Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect)

—English fanlyrics—


Caught by the light…  Deep in the night.

Squinting at a speck along a captivating flight.

What’s catching who?  Think, and it’s you!

Squirming in the trap of their sight.


Gone with the sun…  That day is done.

Take the present moment like there’s nothing more to lose.

What’s going on?  Blink, and it’s gone!

Why remember what you can’t use?


Your moon is big…  Your moon is bright.

Fill their field of vision with a single frame of light.

They say it’s small,  dull after all.

Say it like it’s true and it might. be.


This light I hold…  Glimmering gold.

Watch and see the watts that we’ll be multiplying soon.

Let’s make it rise!  shine in their eyes!

Stirring up a true autumn moon.


Hey all my tumblr friends!! I finally got around to finishing a new SUPERCAT piece! I’m sorry I’ve been distant. Had a busy summer. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my newest illustration of Supergirl and Cat Grant. :) I’ll be uploading a speed painting to show how I paint these from start to finish soon. The painting is to mimic The Pietà 

In this image, Cat is seen crying over a defeated Supergirl with National City on fire behind them. Is it her final battle? Nah. I don’t think it’s that easy to take down our Girl of Steel. ;) Many hours of work but here it is! Enjoy!

The Pietà

SUPERGIRL ARTWORK BELONGS TO ME. DO NOT USE OR CLAIM AS YOUR OWN! But, feel free to use as a wallpaper or share elsewhere but just give me credit. Thank you! -Ginger Anne London :) Enjoy! 


So, I finally got around to uploading one of my favourite Jackie Chan fights. Often, Jackie makes his environment feel like a playground so it’s only right that one of his greatest fights takes place in an actual playground.
Some of the stunt work here, while small, is bonkers and Jackie pulls off some great acrobatic work.
Add to that some flawless weapon work and it makes for a severely underrated fight scene.

In case you were wondering why i haven’t uploaded much these recent few days, here’s why, I finally got the motivation to start drawing all my Iedunnoh creatures proper and started off with the smaller ones, then advancing to the bigger ones! There’s still many to go ( I have around 149 creatures so far in total ), but here’s the one’s i’ve linearted so far!

kursikun  asked:

You're not good at manipulating and transforming the pictures and graphics YOU'RE AMAZING AT IT. It looked like the real thing!

whoa this message took an unexpected turn! thank you!! actually…

I FEEL LIKE I AM GAINING TOO MUCH POWER… i recently discovered i can manipulate persona q and

hhholy SHIT i have sinned


I FINALLY UPLOADED ALL THE PRIDE SHIRTS! I’m also taking request for these but OMG I finally got around to it and that’s why it’s out of queue but !!!

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Hey everyone! I finally got around to uploading my first year film (sorry for the delay, I had to fix a few things and it took a bit longer than I intended). It was a wild ride from start to finish, but I definitely learned a lot, and I feel like I’ve taken away a lot from this experience!

The score was composed by my good friend Fernando! Thanks dude :~)

Watch other films made by my classmates:

Thanks for looking!

an sbj-MTH bubbles/boomer mix; a playlist  for the girl with a heart bigger than the sun, and the boy who just wants to touch her hand

Monkey Tree – Mother Mother | Blue Lips – Regina Spektor | Marseilles – Hey Marseilles | Die Young – Ke$ha | I Don’t Care – Fall Out Boy | Somebody Loves You – Betty Who | Come Alive – Adam K. feat. Matthew Steeper | Forget My Name – One Night Only | Girls – The 1975 | Atlantis – Postiljonen | Yellow Light – Of Monsters And Men | Push Pull – Purity Ring | True Colours – Studio Killers | If My Heart Was A House – Owl City | Baby Blue Eyes – A Rocket To The Moon | Clarity – Zedd feat. Foxes | Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix) – Au Revoir Simone | The Graveyard Near The House – The Airborne Toxic Event | Fallingforyou – The 1975 | Sweet Song – 2AM Club |


Singer! Oikawa AU

Singer! Oikawa x Rapper! Iwaizumi AU

  • Oikawa would join his school chorus and sing at talent shows when he was a kid, telling his mum that when he grew up he wanted to be a singer.

  • At the age of 15, Oikawa auditioned for a singing contest but was shut down by the judges, telling him that he wasn’t “cut off for the singing career”

  • He gave up on singing after that, the criticism almost too much for him to handle, even though almost everyone around him kept telling him that his voice was amazing.

  • His two best friends tried convincing him on getting a YouTube channel or a vine account, and upload videos of him covering other songs.

  • Though at first he would refuse, he finally gave in and at the age of 17, Oikawa made a Vine account, uploading 6-second videos of himself singing covers of famous artists like Ed Sheeran or The Neighborhood.

  • Soon, Vine became one of Oikawa’s obsessions. He got quite popular, his videos hitting more that 4 Million Loops. Not long after, Oikawa became one of Vine’s most viewed accounts, with a great amount of followers, and he grew to be very popular amongst the ladies (and boys, too) getting fan accounts, even.

  • At the age of 19, Oikawa got so famous that he caught the attention of a famous record company.

  • He would write his own songs, most of which he was reluctant to publish, because of how much they meant to him; he thought people might think of them as silly.

  • His first single was a total hit, managing to make its way into the Top Five International Charts.

  • He would sing in Japanese and English, being fluent in English.

  • Soon after he became known all across the world, with thousands of followers. Though he loved the attention, he would get overwhelmed sometimes. Well, most of the time, truly.

  • Oikawa’s concerts were all sold-out, thousands of screaming fangirls singing along his songs. The first time it happened, Oikawa was so surprised they knew the lyrics to his songs that he stopped for a moment, completely stunned, and almost broke into tears; because he would’ve never thought anyone would like his songs… He would’ve never thought this would ever happen to him. People relating to his lyrics? It seemed impossible! And yet there he was, standing on a stage, in from of thousands of people that genuinely liked his voice, his songs.

  • He would go to interviews, most of which would ask him about his career, new songs or singles, or future collaborations with other famous artists. One time, though, an interviewer asked him about his love life, and if he had a girlfriend; this caught Oikawa by surprise. In all honesty, Oikawa Tooru was too busy with his singing career that he had almost completely forgotten about dating. He then admitted that he was single and that he wasn’t ready to date any time soon. He also chuckled slightly at how specific the interviewer had been when she had said “girlfriend”. Though nobody knew about it, Oikawa considered himself bisexual. But of course, he said nothing about that. Since that interview, more and more interviewers seemed keen in the idea to get the truth out of the new teenage heartthrob, Oikawa Tooru: was he seeing someone or not? And if he was seeing someone, who?

  • One particular interview stood out though. When they asked him, “What do you look for in a girlfriend?” His way with words caught a lot of people’s attention, being controversial, even, when he said; “All I look for is someone who gets me; they have to like me for who I am and not for my supposed fame, or looks.” The interviewer then asked, “Don’t you mean "she”?“ At which Oikawa replied with a chuckled, and said, "That’s a little too specific/close minded for me.”

  • Since that particular interview, word spread like wildfire. People started questioning Oikawa’s sexuality, and though he still had a lot of supporters, the managers of his record label weren’t very fond on the idea of Oikawa “damaging” their reputation, being all very homophobic.

  • They acted fast, setting the young artist with a very famous female model. Of course, though fake, their “dates” we’re caught on camera and soon everyone knew about Oikawa Tooru’s relationship with the model.

  • Soon after, he asked famous rapper Iwaizumi Hajime to do a collaboration with him for his new single. Iwaizumi agrees, and they start working on the song.

  • Throughout the weeks of them working together, they develop a strong friendship. They started hanging out together a lot, often caught on camera. Not too long after, Oikawa starts developing feelings for Iwa-chan (a nickname he gave Iwaizumi - the latter wasn’t very amused).

  • One weekend, while drunk, he tells Iwaizumi about his feelings. He is surprised to know that Hajime shares his feelings and thus you all know what happens next.

  • So they start dating in secret and it’s really cute and once they were interviewed together and they would sneakily glance at each other and like, brush their arms together, throwing hints here and there.

  • Lol so you know how fangirls are, they immediately started shipping them together and making theories and “reasons why IwaOi is real and Oikawa X {model} is not” blah blah blah it’s cute

  • So it’s finally time for the concert and holy shit the fangirls explode when they hear that Iwaizumi will be touring with Oikawa hOLY SHIT it’s canon

  • (( Lol of course there are like a lot of dumb idiots why are like “shut up Oikawa’s not gay!!1!” “don’t let this be the new Larry eww!111!!” /im so not sorry/))

  • At the end of the Tour, when Oikawa is going to sing his last song, instead of using female pronouns when singing about his love, he uses male pronouns. And like he literally comes out on his last concert, but who cares!! The fangirls still sing along, even more louder now!! And Iwa sings along and when they finish, they kiss each other and hold hands on plain sTAGE in front of thousands of screaming fans and it’s official they don’t give a fuck they’re together and they love each other (Oikawa may or may not have been crying bc holy shit they all support him-)

  • One year later Oikawa signs with a new record company

  • At the age of twenty five, Iwaizumi proposes to Oikawa.