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The Rhythm of the Rain

Gencio week! Here’s day 1: Rainy Days, how fitting all things considered…

Also going to link this because it came out as I was working on this an honestly Gencio mood music


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Lúcio had hoped the grey sky was just going to linger. He should have figured he wouldn’t be so lucky, not when he finally got some alone time with Genji.

They had a few days to relax before their mission, leaving everyone to wander around the local area. Lúcio was more than eager to invite Genji for a walk around town, maybe do some shopping. The Overwatch base was cozy, sure, but actually getting some time alone was a rare occurrence.

But only ten minutes into it, the clouds appeared. Seven minutes after that it began to drizzle. Lúcio’s response was a loud frustrated groan but Genji assured him it would pass.

The rain got heavier.

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Fan art for one of my favorite moments in @gajeelredfox’s fic, Call Me, Beep Me. It’s so cute y'all. So. Cute. Read it!

I started this a week ago and then my work didn’t save so I finally got around to redoing tonight and then I checked gajeel’s tumblr and someone beat me to drawing this exact moment so RIP me


Lev Haiba getting a surprise visit from Viktor Nikiforov!

I’ve a read a few posts around here and elsewhere about Lev and Viktor being somewhat related. This may be far from being actually true, but why not..? I really enjoy drawing the both of them. This took a while to finish ‘cause I’ve been procrastinating. A lot. ^_^

2AM - part 1 (A Minseok Series)
“Why don’t you come over for dinner? My brother’s in town and he asked if you were coming over for dinner.”

He asked if you were coming over.

You stared down at your lit cellphone with the text from Minhee, your best friend since elementary school, a familiar rush of nerves bursting through your belly as you read it over and over.

He asked.

How long had it been since you’d seen Minseok? His schedule with EXO was always so busy, it was rare that you got to see him at Minhee’s parent’s house for dinner.

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The Gift Of Love

Three years ago

I received a package from you

on my hospital bed

wrapped in compassion 

and beauty

along with a letter that read:

“My dearest love

I know you will forever hate me for this

but I give you my heart

literally and figuratively

for this world deserves so much more of you

just know that I love you always

and that I will be with you

as the heartbeat in your chest”

I had awoken from surgery

heart transplant successful

overcome with tears

overcome with the realization

that you were no longer there

you had sacrificed your life

to give me life

the greatest gift I will ever receive

and to this day

I feel you within me

like a rhythm of love

I hum to when times get lonely

because even though I am forever thankful

there’ll always be a part of me

that wishes you had kept it instead

So it’s widely known that J.R.R. Tolkien was extremely critical of/dissatisfied with the state of academia in his time, and he also believed that linguistics, history, and literature were three facets of the same discipline that lost important context if considered individually.

Well I finally got around to reading his valedictory address, and oh my god if it isn’t the saltiest thing ever written.

Tolkien on scientific linguistics:
“ … forming what one might call our ‘hydroponic’ department.”

Tolkien on using undergrads as research assistants:
“Whatever may have been found useful in other spheres, there is a distinction between accepting the willing labor of many humble persons in building an English house and the erection of a pyramid with the sweat of degree-slaves.”

Tolkien on the process of getting a degree:
“… a 'planned economy’, under which so much research time is stuffed into more or less standard skins and turned out in sausages of a size and shape approved by our own little printed cookery book… . I should hesitate to accuse anyone of planning it with foresight.”

Tolkien on pop-culture studies:
“We now have on our hands one thousand two hundred years of recorded English letters, a long unbroken line, indivisible, no part of which can without loss be ignored.”

Tolkien on student accommodation:
“Meanwhile many of the better students wish to spend more time in a university; more time in learning things, in a place where that process is (or should be) approved and given facilities… . But alas! those with the more eager minds are not necessarily those who possess more money.”

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

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Author: avengerstories

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 594

Warnings: None

A/N: Finally got around to writing a little something! Here’s a short post-Christmas drabble.

@buckyywiththegoodhair, thanks for always being so wonderful.

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Summary: It’s the night after Christmas and Bucky still has one more gift in store.


You turn around to see Bucky standing at the top of the stairs, leaning against the wall. His eyelids are heavy and his hair’s a mess. The sight of him brings a smile to your lips.

“Is everything okay?” He asks as he makes his way down the stairs. You pull your blanket around your shoulders and sigh.

“It’s like a dream.” You walk away from the window to meet Bucky halfway in the living room. He wraps his arms around you, sneaking under the blanket to share the warmth.

“What is?”

“This whole day. It actually felt like Christmas; I haven’t felt like that since I was a kid.” For years, you’d spent Christmas like it was any other day. But for the past few days, you were in full holiday spirit. You’d helped decorate the compound. You’d gone Christmas shopping with Bucky. You’d helped prepare Christmas Eve dinner and spent the entire meal laughing as the team shared stories and laughed. And this morning, you woke up feeling like a little kid as you pulled Bucky down the stairs and joined everyone to open presents.

“It was just too perfect. I almost don’t want it to end.” There’s a slight quiver in your voice as you speak and, you don’t mean to do it, a few tears roll down your cheeks. You move to wipe them away, but Bucky is faster. He uses his thumb to rub your cheeks and presses a kiss to your forehead.

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ugh i finally got around to reading jk rowling’s writing on magic in north america (and by “north america” she really means “the united states” bc…does she talk about canada? mexico? guatemala? cuba? nicaragua? literally anywhere else in north america besides the US? nah)

and just….there’s clearly no understanding of american culture(s). this is evident to me in what she wrote as well as what she didn’t write.

beyond the awful simplification and generalization of native american magic that she starts us off with, she doesn’t account for the way that the country and its culture(s) developed. a major organized magical government within the US would not be effective, because the US is huge and immensely shaped by region and locale. strict laws segregating magic and nonmagic folk would not be followed or enforced, or probably even put in place in the first place. 

i could come up with a few (bad) reasons why rowling doesn’t weave magical history into american history. however, she should have done it. the US as a nation is very young, so it would make sense to trace magical history through the colonies, the revolution, westward expansion and the frontier, the civil war, the boom of industry. (the only way she does this is through the salem witch trials- a cheap trick and a cop-out of thinking about history and magic in any serious way.) it would make sense to talk about the cultural traditions that would have had their own magical traditions- the pennsylvania dutch, the spanish and chinese in california, eastern european jews in new york, louisiana creole. the sheer variety of native cultural traditions in all places in the united states. the united states are not as united as she would have us believe- the us is gigantic and not even contiguous.

how do you talk about magical history in america without talking about american history? how do you talk about magical history in america without coming to grips with slavery? with the slaughter and dehumanization of native americans? with imperialism and war? when you omit these things from the record of magical history, you posit that we are dealing with a magical community so separate from the rest of the world that things as horrific and traumatic and violent as slavery, as genocide, as systematic violence do not affect them. and i don’t believe that for a second. my suspension of belief is generous, but i don’t believe that for a second.

you cannot convince me that magic in america is not tied to america’s history. you cannot convince me that the magical community in america would be separate and segregated from the rest of the country. 

you cannot convince me, and you cannot interest me, in a magical community with no connection to the rest of the country or the world. if you’re going to write about magic in america, write about magic in america.

From Eden - A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: I’ve had this in my head for a really long time and finally got around to writing a little something on it! I suggest watching Hozier’s ‘From Eden’ first (found here: Or perhaps listen to it as you read! The song itself and the video were my inspiration (plus the video has my queen, Katie McGrath, in it)! I’m not sure it came out as well as I would have liked but, I still hope you enjoy! <3

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“No,” Sirius muttered to himself, tears threatening to spill. The Potter’s home stood before him in ruins. Nothing but the foundation and it’s charred remains left. 

Your mouth hung open in shock. There was so little left of what you once considered a second home. Gently, you took Sirius’ hand in yours, and led him to what had been the doorway to a loving home.

“James,” Sirius let out a choked sob as his eyes found the body of his best friend, lifeless on the floor. 

Sirius fell to his knees besides James, almost unable to process what exactly he was seeing. James had been his rock and seeing how easily he had been defeated certainly scared Sirius. 

“Love, we have to move,” you encouraged, knowing that once the news got out, Aurors and Ministry officials would be on the way. And you had a hunch that Sirius would be suspected of turning over the Potter’s whereabouts. 

He nodded grimly, slowly rising to his feet.

When you reached Harry’s room at the top of the stairs, you were met with another unwelcome sight: Lily, devoid of life. Her fire-red hair sprawled around her, and her brilliant green eyes staring emotionlessly at the ceiling. 

You forced yourself to the crib, shocked out of your grief, by the sounds of Harry’s whimpers. 

“He’s alive,” you marveled. “How?”

“Don’t know, but we can’t stay to figure it out,” Sirius decided. 

Swiftly making your way back downstairs, you hurried through the door. Sirius giving one last look over his shoulder at his best friend.

“Ready?” Sirius asked as you hopped onto the back of his motorbike, Harry in tow. 

“Yes,” you responded, doing your very best to look confident. 

Right as you lifted off the ground, a stern voice called out, “Stop right there!”

Looking over your shoulder, you saw Ministry members running down the street toward you.

“Hold tight!” Sirius instructed over the roar of the engine. 

Gripping onto Sirius with one arm, the other held Harry tightly to your chest. Rising higher and higher, the three of you soon sped off into the night and away from those who would take your godson away from you. 

Sirius drove for hours, hoping to put as much distance between you and them as he could. Harry fell asleep almost instantly, the vibrations of the bike and your body heat lulling him into a deep slumber. 

When Sirius landed, you were in a little village far from Godric’s Hollow. Sirius canvased the town and finally stumbled upon what appeared to be an abandoned cabin.

Shutting off the engine, Sirius helped you off of his trusty steed. 

“It’s not much,” Sirius apologized, his eyes tired and still filled with unprocessed emotions. 

“It’s enough,” you reassured, kissing his cheek and following him through the door. 

Inside, you found a humble two bedroom home. The first of the bedrooms had a large bed covered in an old quilt while the other appeared to have been made for children as it housed two twin sized beds. The kitchen was stocked with expired food and looked like it hadn’t been touched in over a year. 

“We’ll make do,” you promised Sirius when you noticed the concerned look in his eye. 

He nodded, giving you a small smile as he set to work transfiguring certain furnishings in order to make the home more livable.


Four years had passed rather quickly. The three of you had made quite the home for yourselves in your little cabin, isolated from most of the world. Luckily the village you found was full of Muggles, which made it easy for you or Sirius to head into town for groceries or supplies. 

When it felt a little too risky, Sirius would head into the city-center as Padfoot, in order to avoid suspicion. When money was tight, Sirius would pick up odd jobs around the town while you watched and taught Harry. 

Life was good. Life was simple and not at all what you had pictured when you imagined your life after Hogwarts. But life was good. 


Sirius whistled cheerily as he walked through the door one evening. 

“Honey, I’m home!” he joked as he shrugged off his jacket. 

“Welcome back, darling,” you gave him a quick peck. “Dinner’s almost ready.”

“And what might I ask, have you prepared for us on this lovely evening?”

“Beef stew. Not very exciting, I’m afraid.”

“Nonsense. Don’t forget, I moonlight as a dog, so food is always exciting to me,” he laughed his signature bark-like laugh.

“Sirius!” Harry shrieked as he ran into the kitchen. “Look what I did today!”

Harry shoved a piece of paper at Sirius, who gladly accepted it. 

“What’ve we got here, hm?” he asked, examining the four year old’s messy crayon writing. “You wrote your name!”

“All by myself!”

“He did,” you confirmed. “He spent all day practicing, didn’t you buddy?”

Harry nodded proudly. 

“Soon, you’ll be writing your own book!” Sirius suggested, patting Harry gently on his head, a mop of dark curly locks already sprouting from his roots. 

Harry grinned to himself as he took a seat at the dinner table, realizing that Sirius’ arrival meant that everyone could eat. 

As you shoveled the stew into three bowls, a knock sounded at the door. 

You and Sirius exchanged a confused look. You had never before had visitors.

“Stay here,” Sirius murmured, kissing your temple to calm your sudden burst of nerves. 

Pulling his wand, Sirius inched toward the front door of your now cozy and familiar home.

Slowly, he turned the knob. Before he realized what was happening, wizards pushed through the opening. 

“Sirius Black. (Y/N) (Y/L/N). You are under arrest for your betrayal of the Potters and the abduction of Harry James Potter.” 

You and Sirius stared in complete astonishment. How had they found you? 

“Need to be a little more discrete, Mr. Black. A stray wizard noticed you picking up carrots last week,” a portly man chuckled.

“How dare you?” you scoffed. These wizards and witches had no idea what they were doing. The family they were tearing apart. You and Sirius had protected Harry from those who would have put him on a pedestal. Those who would have turned his childhood into a living hell. And they have the audacity to come into your home and make jokes?

“They’re taking you away?” Harry asked, his small voice wavering, as Sirius was pushed to the floor roughly.

“It’s alright, Harry,” you cooed as you stepped out towards the growing number of wizards in your entranceway. “We’ll be alright.”

“Harry! Whatever they tell you is a lie!” Sirius added. “We only wanted to keep you safe.”

Tears were starting to form in the young boy’s eyes as he realized that you and Sirius were in some sort of trouble and that life as he knew it was about to change forever. 

“Please,” Sirius shouted over the chaos, “we didn’t betray our friends!”

“Tell it to the court, traitor,” one snarled back. 

Kneeling down as one of the aurors put you in special handcuffs, you kissed Harry’s cheek.

“Whatever happens, Harry, remember that we love you very much and we loved your parents very much.”

As the two of you were being forced from your home, Sirius turned briefly to Harry and added, “We’ll meet again one day. I know it.”

“(Y/N)! Sirius! Don’t leave me!” Harry whined as he tried to attach himself to your leg. 

“Don’t worry kid, we’ll keep you safe,” one of the aurors patted his shoulder in a weak attempt to calm him down. Unbeknownst to those ministry members, they were taking Harry from the safest place he could have been. From two people who loved him with all their hearts. From two people who treated him as if he were their own flesh and blood.  

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