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Art Reference: 75 Faces Preview

I finally got around to making this! Some people requested help in creating unique faces, or eyes. My art style isn’t the most unique thing out there, I tend to keep certain qualities of my characters the same and not going too extreme.

But, I hope that this can help those who struggle with cartoony faces.  My next tutorial/ref will probably be about hands, or poses.  Dynamic poses are a killer aren’t they?

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Finally got around to finishing the first requested ship for the Voltron Positive Shipping Challenge: Allurivan!

I admit, I really hadn’t heard about this ship until someone requested it for the challenge. But it’s cute and I looked it up the first thing I thought of was that they’d be hair braiding buddies.xD So I hope all the Allurivan shippers enjoy this! Next requested ship is Kallura!^^

Finally got around to finishing the second requested pic of my Voltron Ship Positivity Challenge: Kallura!

Now those familiar with me already know that Kallura is not really a ship I personally like very much. Just don’t really feel it, but I know lots of Kallura shippers have been getting a lot of flake lately and I hope this pic is enjoyable for you guys. Keep shipping what you ship!

Next one: CALFOR! (Coran/Alfor)


So you’ve never felt the attraction that comes when someone who is capable of doing terrible things for some reason, cares only about you?

klaus putting caroline and her happiness/safety first (tbc)

 [requested by thealluretodarkness]

Title: 1:48 A.M.
Ship: Freewood (FAHC)
Words: 1,216
for @ryanbiwood <3

When people think of the Golden Boy, they think confidence, sass, a pretty boy that has a crew of attack dogs at his side with just a snap of his fingers. They see Ramsey’s up and coming heir. They think about messing with him and realizing what a mistake that really is. They think about sunglasses and flashy cars and that coy smile he almost always has on his face.

When people think of the Golden Boy, they certainly don’t think that he’s not confident, or wavering in his decisions, or doubtful of his own self. Usually, that’s how it is.

But right now, in this very moment, that’s not the case.

Gavin was very, very doubtful of himself. Was this even a good idea? It seems like a good idea. Feels like one. He swears it is. His heart is telling him it’s the best idea he’s ever had in all his years, even after joining the crew.

So why was his brain telling him it wasn’t going to work? Why were all of his instincts telling him to run away?

Gavin sat wide awake, staring at the ceiling, the blackness of the night swelling and swirling around him. He glanced at the clock; 1:48 a.m. Great. His bedmate shifted a little, causing Gavin to turn his head the other way to look. His gaze softened, his guard down, heart swelled.

But his brain butted in for the millionth time.

He sighed and sat up, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed and resting his head in his palms. He rubbed the bridge of his nose and pinched it, rubbing his eye with the heel of his palm so hard that he saw stars dance across his vision.

He wasn’t supposed to be doubtful. He wasn’t supposed to second guess. That’s not who he was.

But then again, Gavin wasn’t known for settling down with someone, either.

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The Batman: On the anniversary of Robin’s death, the mysterious Red Hood leaves a trail of bloodshed throughout Gotham City. When the trail goes cold, Batman gets word of a dirty bomb being planted in Arkham Asylum by the new foe. In turn of event, Batman is lured into a trap by the Red Hood without a bomb. The Dark Knight is now faced with the task of survival and facing old demons locked inside.