finally going back to finish sprout

Skin on skin, breath on breath

Requested by: i-go-bragh “You and Matt ALMOST KISSING.. Like getting so close and then SOMETHING HAPPENS and they jump apart”

A/N: This was really fun to write. I hope you enjoy it!

You let out the biggest sigh of your life and threw yourself down on Matt’s couch, hitting the almost rock-hard cushion with a loud thump. Matt and Foggy laughed at you as they flopped down next to you on the couch, letting out an equally as loud sigh. Foggy let out a groan and threw his head back, “Did you think that woman was ever going to shut up?!” he remarked, in reference to today’s trial that you all were at. The courtroom was practically empty, but the so called ‘victim’ had a lot to say. Her testimony alone took about two hours, because she wanted to be very thorough and give all the details. It felt like the day was never going to end, and that was just her opening remarks. In short, it was a very long day and you were all feeling it.

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