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I just got a test-print of my new book! I’m really happy with how it turned out. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

My new book “The Creeps” is available now from your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, iBooks, IndieBound, and wherever books are sold. You can find more information here.


                              Dreamer, child, be cautious of this world !
                                She has an appetite for boys and girls
                                     and she’s hungry for your soul.


Robin Wright’s dancing moment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I gotta say tho, she’s got a serious move going on there 


The token that Luna SHOULD have given Sam in “L is for Love”.

El símbolo que Luna DEBERÍA haber dado a Sam en “L is for Love”.

(The drawings below are the steps that it took me to make this drawing and the pictures are the references that I used. :) )

(Los dibujos a continuación son los pasos que me llevó a hacer este dibujo y las imágenes son las referencias que he utilizado :))

Hogwarts Houses

Studying for Finals

Ravenclaws at 4 in the morning before a final

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Slytherins at 4 in the morning before a final

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Hufflepuffs at 4 in the morning before a final

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Gryffindors at 4 in the morning before a final

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Later, when they had made their back to the surface and her anger had cooled, the princess took the girl aside and sat her down. “Elia, this must end,” she told her. “We are not in Dorne now. You are not with your sisters, and this is not a game. I want your word that you will play the maidservant until we are safely back at Sunspear. I want you meek and mild and obedient. You need to hold your tongue. I’ll hear no more talk of Lady Lance or jousting, no mention of your father or your sisters. The men that I must treat with are sellswords. Today they serve this man who calls himself Jon Connington, but come the morrow they could just as easily serve the Lannisters. All it takes to win a sellsword’s heart is gold, and Casterly Rock does not lack for that. If the wrong man should learn who you are, you could be seized and held for ransom–“

“No,” Elia broke in. You’re the one they’ll want to ransom. You’re the heir to Dorne, I’m just a bastard girl. Your father would give a chest of gold for you. My father’s dead.”

“Dead, but not forgotten,” said Arianne, who had spent half her life wishing Prince Oberyn had been her father. “You are a Sand Snake, and Prince Doran would pay any price to keep you and your sisters safe from harm.” That made the child smile at least. “Do I have your sworn word? Or must I send you back?”

“I swear.” Elia did not sound happy.

“On your father’s bones.”

“On my father’s bones.” ― Arianne II, The Winds of Winter.

It wasn’t easy. The goal seems small at times like these. Plus I was up against a great keeper and I still had Doha in the back of my mind. I struck it well and I’m pleased.

- Paulo Dybala (comments after the game against Milan on Friday 10th March)