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I’m going to SG 2 weeks from now and I really need the money so I’ve decided to do commissions!!
I’m open for 10 slots as of now! I will update if ever I can do more before going abroad!

Here is my complete commission info! 

Thank you so much for taking an interest and y'all are so amazingggg!!

Bruce wayne imagine “Comfort”

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Requested by @peculiar-p0st Can’t remember if I’ve already requested this, sorry. Can I get a cute gif imagine for Bruce Wayne where you comfort him after he wakes up from a nightmare? Just something cute and fluffy since there aren’t enough Bruce imagines out there lol

Set in the time after Jerome came back and kidnapped Bruce. I’m sorry if you meant in a different time in the show, I can try to rewrite it in that timeline if you want. :)

You were laying with Bruce in the manor’s living quarters a couple weeks after the whole Jerome takeover happened finally getting some peace from the chaotic life of Gotham, when you felt Bruce slightly moving in your arms.

Looking up you saw a distressed look on his face as he was whispering something you couldn’t quite make out. sitting up you tried to lightly shake him awake. Bruce didn’t need this right now, not with all the stress from Jerome added on to it. He couldn’t be having nightmares. After realizing he wasn’t waking up you tried shaking him harder until he bolted straight up breathing staggered as he looked around the room until finally meeting your eyes.

“(Y/n)?!” He said as you hugged him trying to calm him down, trying to keep him from panicking. “(Y/n) I couldn’t save everyone, Gotham was burning, and everything was destroyed” “Jerome had taken over, and I couldn’t do anything“ hugging him closer you sighed. “Bruce I know that won’t happen” “everyone thinks your going to do great, no matter what” you said softly as Bruce slowly started to smile. 

“You think?” You nodded, smiling as you pecked his lips. “Of course” “And me and Alfred will always be here to help you" resting your head on his chest again as you spoke.

“Thank you (y/n), I love you” “I love you too Bruce” you said looking up to meet his gaze, and after a while you both fell back to sleep together not noticing Alfred standing in the door smiling at the two of you. 

Honeymoon Sweetness

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REQUESTED BY @pinkrima​: Can I request a jungkook smut when he is my husband and we head to new York for honeymoon: )



i told yall i was working on a new scenario. lolol + it’s a mf smut. btw, this was longer than i intended to write. lol but it’s okay. also, like i just had to use that gif as well, bc it’s funny. haha :p i hope you enjoy this!! just a little something as well since it’s been forever since i’ve posted. i hope you’ll like it! enjoy! ~ 

The one thing you’ve always hated about traveling was the jet-lag. After many hours of sitting on a plane, you finally arrived at your destination - New York - with your newly wedded husband, Jungkook. You could tell from the look on his face that he was also as tired as you were and hitting the hotel right away was not such a bad idea after all.

“Are you tired?” You asked after getting a hold of all your belongings off the bag check-in. He shook his head, but you knew he was lying.

“Jungkook, if you’re tired we can just head to the hotel and then tomorrow we can go sight-seeing, plus it’s getting late.” You looked out the window and saw the sky already turning a darker shade.

“_____, it’s only 5 PM.” He took out his phone, showing you the time and you had an “oh” shaped around your mouth after realization.

“Then, why is it turning dark already?” You furrowed your eyebrows, looking back at him.

“It’s Daylight Savings Time, hun.” He chuckled. “But if you want to, we can head back to the hotel and rest for the day. I am getting a bit tired now since we’ve been standing for 10 minutes just to get our bags.” A little smile rested on his face.

“See, I told you, you were tired.” You said to him, nudging him by the elbow.

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Effy Stonem Apocalypse

This is what I think effy would wear during a zombie apocalypse. She would wear a black leather jacket, the one above is from Zara with some sort of graphic or plain tank top or muscle tee, the one above is from urban outfitters. Pair with some really ripped black jeans, if there is a real apocalypse though I would wear something with less rips lol. For shoes go with any brown boots, to emulate effy’s style best go with docs. Finally, she’d accessorize with black plastic bracelets, necklaces would probably be too much of a hassle during an apocalypse.

Exo Reactions To Seeing You For The First Time

My laziness is kicking in again. Lol, just kidding. But since I got two similar ones, I combined them. Somehow it came out as a combination of what was requested & them reacting to you looking at them but I’m not sure how. Hopefully it works anyway. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *can’t stop smiling & when you look at him, he starts blushing*

Chanyeol: *admires you fondly from a distance*

Chen: *can’t contain himself when you finally make eye contact*

D.O.: *shy baby Kyungsoo*

Kai: *probably just did something stupid to make you look & is embarrassed but it worked so he’s happy*

Kris: *internally screaming like a fangirl because you seem interested too but plays it cool outside*

Lay: *just blatantly stares* 

External image

Luhan: “Who is that?” *enchanted by your beauty*

Sehun: *does not try to hide his attraction whatsoever*

Suho: *giggling & grinning like a little boy*

Tao: *giving you that intense stare that only works because he’s handsome, otherwise you’d be calling the police & filing a restraining order*

External image

Xiumin: *immediately walks over to you & bluntly speaks his mind* “Hey sexy, how about we go out sometime?”

External image

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

Okay, so remember that one scene in Captain America: Civil War when they’re on the quinjet in Siberia and Steve brings up that one time Bucky spent his money buying a redhead a soft toy at a fair or something (I really need to watch it again)? 

I have a headcanon that the redhead is actually Natasha taking a break from one of her missions and out and about in the streets of New York looking for a little fun, and bam she meets Bucky Barnes, all charming and charismatic as shit. She introduces herself as Dolores. He calls her Dot. He spends a good amount of money winning a stuffed toy for her while Steve waits on him, but he doesn’t care, because Dot is sweet, kind and good for Bucky. 

Fast forward 70 years, she sees the Winter Soldier for the first time, and something doesn’t really click but it’s there. She sees the connection, finally, and hence,

(gif is not mine, i got it from

The two oblivious boys remain clueless and all they have is a memory of that one time Bucky spent so much damn money on a redhead he can barely remember. I’m not saying it’s Nat but it’s totally Nat. C’mon. 

I’m done with my finals and somewhere a 50-something year old Eric Forman is flailing like the fanboy we know and love about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

I’ve always been curious as to how the show would have handled Eric finding out that Luke and Lei were siblings. Does anyone know any fanfic regarding this? I’d write one but basically everything I know about this franchise comes from That ‘70s Show (lol).


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9 Great Moments In Beer Drinking

Beer is one of the world’s greatest inventions. Not only is it good for your hair, your skin and your heart, it’s also (surprise!) really good to drink – responsibly, of course.

Whether you drink it out of a Solo cup or an iced beer stein, pretty much everyone has at least a few hazy moments of their greatest beer memory. For some, that’s conquering a case race in college. For others, it’s that time they finally discovered something better than PBR.

So in honor of National Beer Day, we’ve rounded up 11 of the greatest moments in beer drinking, from personal triumphs to magical movie moments. So put on your beer goggles and click here to see what made the list.