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Pairing: Reader x Sam, Reader x Dean (Friendship)

Summary: Sam and Dean trying filters out on your phone and forgetting to erase the evidence

**Credit to the orginal GIF owner/creator

Laughter echoed through the bunker as you sat on the couch flopping onto the ground in amusement.

Sam and Dean rushed into the room in a frantic manner thinking something had hurt you from the screeching noises you had made but then they only found you laughing.

“What the hell,” Dean muttered giving Sam a confused look then turning back to you.

Finally noticing their presence in the midst of your laughs you wiped tears from your eyes looking to the brothers.

“Yeah, what the hell,” You manage to say through breaths as you attempt to stop laughing.

“Can you guys explain this” You continued while lifting your screen to show them the video of him and Sam on the small screen their faces distorted and eyes large.

The once confused look on Sam and Dean’s face melt into looks of horror and realization.

Sam abruptly turned to Dean saying through gritted teeth,

“I thought I told you to erase those!”

Dean lifted his hands in surrender eyes widening, “Hey it’s not my fault I don’t know how to handle those things, I can’t even tell the play button from the stop button.”

Sam rolled his eyes and faced you reaching for the phone but you pulled back.

“Y/N what are you doing,” Sam asked obviously annoyed.

“No way I’m erasing this, this is priceless.” You reply replaying the video and stifling another fit of laughter.

“If you don’t give me that phone right now-”

“You’ll what?” you cut in, “It’s my phone Sam. I am not, repeat not, deleting this video.”

You tried to reprimand him with a straight face but remembering their looks from the recording was too much.

Suddenly Sam surged forward and you reacted quickly stepping back and running for your room.

Quick footsteps followed behind you and you let out a shriek of surprise as the Winchester brothers chased you around the bunker all because of one video.  


From around the corner ahead, Blomkvist and Erika appear. He says something and she laughs, puts her arm around his waist and lays her head against his neck scarf.

Salander stops mid-stride, ducks into an alcove under the scaffolding, waits as long as it should take them to get inside the building, then peers out again.

They’re not inside. They’ve stopped just outside the building’s entrance. They’re embracing. And the longer they stand there together, the sharper the pain stabs at Salander.

Finally they separate, but only to allow Blomkvist to unlock the door. Erika takes his hand then, and they disappear inside.

Salander can’t move. Waits for the pain to subside - which it eventually does - but only to be replaced with a sense of helplessness. Then that subsides, replaced with a facade of insouciance.

The richest girl in Sweden emerges from the alcove and walks back the way she came - tossing the garment bag and card into a construction dumpster - climbs onto her Honda - starts it - and drives off.

Probably forever.

i think the reason why kaisoo hug give some of us “uncomfortable” feeling is bc they(especially jongin) were shy. so i dont sense something bad from it (their awkwardness)

i believe many of you have seen the videos and gifs (here are the links x x x credit to dem owners)

1. suho pushed kai to ksoo and if you look closely ksoo was looking at them 

(as if he was anticipating kai to be pushed to him; also if notice how kai’s face kinda changed before suho pushed him – it was like “oh shit” [nervous] and then he said something to suho while pointing a finger and suho laughed)

2. when kai was finally colliding with ksoo, both of them immediately latched their hands on each other (kai put his on soo’s shoulder while soo’s on kai’s waist)

3. then kai waved his hand at fans, and soo followed. as soon kai saw soo waving his hand too, kai made them clapped their hands together (i hope my sentence makes sense)

4. ksoo then hugged kai, he had his hand on kai’s neck. kai hugged him back. both of them pat each other back. their lower bodies didnt touch (a.k.a no dick on dick action lel [sorry for my immaturity]), since kai is taller than soo, so he had to bend his body to hug ksoo (and also bc ksoo kinda clinged on his neck)

5. kai let go and went back to his prev place with a smile

6. another thing i’d like to point out is; ksoo had this “cheeky” smile on his face while kai had a “shy” one (one of kai’s eyes was still not healed, so that’s why his face looked slightly uncomfortable(?), hadnt he still had swollen eye, he prob wouldnt look uncomfortable hugging ksoo, but this is just my opinion)

7. it seems they didnt plan on this back stage, it seems suho was kinda blurted it out an idea he just had minutes ago (unplanned beforehand),  i mean look at kai’s face when suho said something before he pushed kai to soo

anyway, sure they had hugged on stage before, but notice those things happened when the OTHERS also involved (in doing fanservice stuffs)

this recent hug on SG EXOLUXION D1 happened when all attention were on them, so it’s understandable that they looked awkward 

just my 2 cents

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 Imagine having Spencer over and you spill something on your shirt and it becomes see through.

*Not my gif*

“I’m glad you finally got the chance to come over, Spence. We never get to hang out anymore.” You say before taking a drink of your water, but being the clumsy person you are you miss your mouth and spill it down onto your white shirt. “Damn it.” You whisper, trying to wipe the water away.

You look up and see Spencer clinching his jaw and looking away. “My shirt is see through, isn’t it?” You see him nod as he excuses himself from your living room. You laugh as he turns bright red when he walks past.

Exo Reactions To Finding Out That You Got Arrested

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Baekhyun: *teases you over the phone while you’re calling him from jail, eventually he stops & bails you out, but then makes fun of you constantly for it*

Chanyeol: *is confused at first but then he starts laughing after thinking about why you were there in the first place, knowing it was because of something stupid*

Chen: *thinks it’s a joke when you call him to come & get you so he just laughs at you for a while before you finally convince him to help you out*

D.O.: *lectures you while you’re still in the holding cell, making sure you’re listening to him & then finally bails you out & won’t stop hounding you about it*

Kai: *not sure what to say so he just bails you out & stares once the two of you are home, hoping you’ll explain it to him because you wouldn’t tell him why you were there*

Kris: *starts bitching at you as soon as he gets to the jail to bail you out, making sure you know how stupid he thinks you are for ending up there in the first place*

Lay: *confused, not sure what to do so you have to talk him through the process of going to he jail & bailing you out, even then he isn’t sure why or how you’re there*

Luhan: *acts like he’s going to leave you there when you yell at him for making jokes about it & then you whine at him enough until he caves & finally gets you out*

Sehun: *teases you from outside the holding cell, mocking like he’s going to leave you in there but then paying your bail & making fun of how annoyed you looked*

Suho: *doesn’t hesitate to pay your bail & doesn’t ask any questions, just smiles & waits for you to voluntarily tell him what happened to force you to end up there*

Tao: *bails you out but then hounds you about buying him cake because you woke him up from a nap & you owe him, ignoring the fact that you were even in jail*

Xiumin: *gives you a scolding look after he bails you out & makes you promise to behave before he has them release you, then kisses you & goes on with the rest of the day*

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