finally getting the recognition deserved

Executive decision: create an awards show exclusively catered to fantasy and sci-fi movies

all the films that don’t ever receive an ounce of respect at awards shows because they aren’t taken seriously as a genre finally get the recognition they deserve

the Harry Potter movies are praised for their visionary production designs and a music score more iconic than most movie soundtracks released in the past two decades

Force Awakens and Rogue One aren’t swept under the rug because they’re only seen as nostalgic entertainment and instead are recognized for their incredible acting and special effects

Pacific Rim is awarded the highest honor for editing and production work and CGi design because holy shit did you even see that movie?

The makeup and styling team for the Star Trek movies finally get their moment to shine after spending years designing and building intricate prosthetics and makeup looks in order to bring a diverse galaxy to life

John Boyega and John Cho host the night and everyone has a great time and I don’t end the night fuming over movies robbed of the love they deserve


Seeing these two amazing leaders together makes me so sad. Kahi started crying because she saw Nu’est and Jonghyun said he almost cried because of Kahi. The moment I saw Kahi crying I started bawling as well. Kahi was the one who first introduced Nu’est back when they debuted and I think she feels like a mother to them. I just checked instagram and saw that former After School member/leader Jungha also posted about Nu’est saying that she supports them. Lizzy commented on Jungha’s post about how sad it was to see them. I’m just glad that Pledis Artists are supporting them even if Pledis itself isn’t doing a good job.

Also hearing Baekho saying that he wishes Nu’est was as popular as Seventeen or IOI just breaks my heart. These boys are so talented and I just hope that after this they can finally get the recognition they deserve. As always I want to wish all the contestants luck throughout this really tiring and emotional process. © ©

Psychic: *reads my mind*

Me: im really happy Kesha is finally getting the recognition she deserves because she’s an incredible artist but honestly people should’ve been taking her seriously this whole time and I’m frustrated only now people are understanding her artistry and I can’t believe her abuser is getting money off the next 2 albums she makes and our legal system is horrifically flawed and offers no justice for sexual assault victims

Psychic: bitch me too the fuck

So Jun and Minghao are getting their own song and I couldn’t be more happy. The sun is suddenly shining brighter. My life is suddenly happier. My loves are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

my logical, dceu-loving ass: im so happy the dceu is finally getting the praise and positive recognition it deserves now that this website seems to be collectively up wonder woman’s ass with me

my petty, dceu-loving ass, clutching my blu-rays of man of steel and batman v superman to my chest: yall don’t deserve diana and you don’t deserve the dceu

  • What she says : I'm okay
  • What she means : Phillip michael leStER wins an award bY HIMSElf, indIVIduallY, ALONE, foR once in his GOD DAmn life, he finalLy gets thE reCOgnition he desERVEs then he goes up ON The BLooDy STAGE and callS daN up WiTh hiM, EVEN THOUgh the aWard is MeAnt for him AlOne, jusT becauSe he BElieVes Dan DeServes it toO this was PHIls chAnCe to be in the SPotlight and he deCides TO SHARe it wiTh DaN HowEll becAuse he LovEs him

like not only did a lot of black people win but a movie about a black boy finding out his sexuality and falling in love with another black boy won, which tells me I can do out there and make or write any movie I want to and it will get recognized and it will received the recognition it deserves bc black people are finally getting recognized for all the gorgeous and talented work that we put into the shit that we do

I really want to cry but I can’t. I am so silently happy. So silently satisfied that this movie exists and will continue to exist and won for the best award out there

The greatest tragedy of the decade was Welcome to Night Vale finally getting the massive recognition it deserved after a year on the air and all of its new fans collectively took its incredibly unique, formless, openly gay main character who has NO CANONICAL APPEARANCE and therefore could take ANY FORM DESIRED BY THE FAN and decided that the best physical representation of him would be a skinny white guy in a suit with tattoos and tentacles??

Like there was unlimited potential there. Endless possibilities. u could have gone with anything. Anything

  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>what she means:</b> I'm so proud of Dallon Weekes just look at him, he's so talented and he's finally getting the recognition he deserves, and IDKHBTFM is gaining a bigger fanbase and he no longer needs the forehead tyrant, and I hope he knows how much we appreciate and respect him, and that we will support him through everything and also that I will be the first in line for every concert if I could and buy every album and listen to every single lyric of every song because he's put so much hard work and dedication into his music and we can tell how much this means to him and I want him to always be happy and do what he loves I just love Dallon Weekes.<p/></p>

please dear lord our good father in heaven may 127′s comeback be their best yet, may they have great hair cuts and nice clothes, may mark lee not look like mozart, may their title track not be basic trap, may vocal line include yuta nakamoto and may they shine like the glory of god has shone upon them, may they finally get all the recognition they deserve, may they comeback with one of the best summer bops of 2k17, thank u lord amen

Okay real talk

Easily the best thing about the success of Nier Automata’s marketing is not only because it’s a sequel to debatably my favourite game of all time but because it’s such an unprecedented success for Yoko Taro, a man whose ideas about the world and developing entertainment media I really admire. He’s had kind of a rough career being a director with grand, unusual ideas but working for a company mainly stuck with developing quick cash in licensed titles so while his games are known for their unique style and avantgarde ideas regarding story and certain gameplay elements he’s never quite had the opportunity to give those ideas the kind of a technically sound framework that would truly bring them over to the masses.

Generally he’s always seemed to be prone to a bit of self-deprecation in his interviews but during the development of Automata he’s seemed so happy it’s just fantastic to see. Working with all this talent at Square-Enix and PlatinumGames he’s finally getting the recognition he’s long deserved.