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I haven't been paying attention to the show really, by that I mean not watching the past few episodes, but I have to know. What is the importance of Bellamy and Clarke signing each other's names? What is it for? What does it mean?

Well, anon, I’m so goddamn pleased you asked. 

Effectively, 403 starts us out with Raven putting pressure on Clarke to make a final list the 100 Skaikru who get to ride out the end of the world back inside Alpha Station, meaning Clarke has to make a call to sentence 400 of their people to death.

Obviously, she’s feeling a little resistant about having to do this, but one thing she won’t tolerate is Bellamy Blake saying he won’t be on the list (I think it’s probably the most emphatic we’ve seen her in a while, tbh. Anyway, push comes to shove and Clarke makes a deal with Raven that she’ll make the list by the end of the day if a potential lead on another bunker where more people could survive doesn’t pan out.

Shockingly, because this show is this show, turns out the bunker isn’t sealable, so now Clarke has to face her list.

Naturally, Bellamy’s keeping her company while she does it, and they’ve made it down to the last two spaces available when the audience joins them, and Bellamy’s drifted off, maybe in the span of a few second prior, maybe Clarke’s let him sleep for a while IDK BUT I LOVE IT (shout out to those kabby parallels).

Anyway, Clarke looks over at the sleeping Bellamy and we get just the slightest relief in her face before she writes down his name as number 99. With one spot left, Clarke can’t bring herself to write down her own name because, you know, she really doesn’t think she deserves to survive. Obviously, that’s the kind of thing that is hard to wrestle with, and Clarke lets herself have a cry that she’s been way overdue for, honestly, since 216. 

Naturally, Bellamy wakes up, and in seeing his name on the list doesn’t fight Clarke on it, just does that lovely soft husk he uses when he talks to her, and tells her that if he’s on that list, then she is too. Bellamy insists she write her own name down, and when she can’t, he takes the pen and writes her name for her.

Basically, bellarke just wrote each other into life, and as a lot of really smart other people pointed out, it’s Bellamy and Clarke going beyond needing each other as leaders, moving to the point where they can’t imagine surviving without the other. 

I don’t really have much to say about this one. I think it’s a combination of me being a bit too tired and it just being kind of…ehh. Not that strong of an episode? It was cute, as most are, but it’s probably another I’d skip on rewatch. And so I think I’m giving this one a 6/10 - it probably hits the lower end of my list.

In the interest of time, I’m going to skip Say Uncle for now. I know that it’s a crossover and that it’s not canon, and I also know that you guys are ready for me to finally get to the season one finale just a year after I started this mess, so I’ll watch it along with the pilot after I finish up with season one. 

With that said, the next episode instead will be Story for Steven! Which sounds interesting at the very least.

See ya then! ~

Sam Winchester-Little sister

Title: Little sister

Pairings: Sam Winchester x sister

Word count:1072

Summary: Imagine everything just finally getting to you and all you want to do is curl up to your big brother Sam. 

You always had those days were things caught up to you. Today was one of those days unfortunately.

You were watching the little cascades of raindrops flutter slowly down the window, betting on which raindrop would fall first; when your mind had slowly lulled into a deep dark state.

Bobby, Adam, Charlie, Kevin, Ash, Joe, Helen, Dad, Benny…the list was a very long, toxic one.

You started to think about how many people you had lost and then the worst came.

You started to think about how many times you had lost your brothers, about how many more times you probably would in the near by future.

You replayed their deaths in your head, replaying them going to hell and replaying the times Sam had left for Stanford or Ruby or Meg or to lead a normal life.

The last two thoughts had screwed you up badly and on instinct you glanced towards your older brother in fear you would look over towards the passenger side and he would be gone.

You knew Dean would be there, Dean promised never to leave you and he didn’t. Sam however did so you were stuck with the constant fear of him leaving.

“You okay, Kiddo. You’re quiet for once’‘Dean chuckled, his eyes raking over the rear view mirror as he glanced at you.

You were quiet and sarcastic and witty person. You had Dean’s personality, short tempered, protective, sarcastic and self loathing. However, you did have a snippet of Sam in you. Sensitive, caring and smart.

Your Sam and Dean side fought the most when you experienced days like this. Dean’s side wanted you to keep quiet and hide your feelings just like Dean himself did. Whereas, Sam’s side wanted you to talk about your feelings.

It was like a civil war in your head.

You simply nodded, turning on your side and staring out at the window. Dean and Sam flashed each other a look; they both knew that if you were quiet and not responding to Dean’s comment as 'Me? I’m awesome’ then something was probably bothering you.

’'You want a blanket, bud?’'Sam asked sweetly, trying to look around for something in case you were cold. Dean reached over and turned up the heating as Sam wound up his window but you shook your head and nesselled further into the car seat.

Dean pulled the car over, stopping for gas as he got out and headed towards the store. You glanced over at Sam, the constant paranoia that he was going to walk away any minute was bubbling up inside of you.

Sam was flicking through his phone, answering unanswered messages and checking for any updates on hunts.

’'Sammy’'You whispered, voice hoarse and quiet. Sam didn’t look up from his phone, not sensing it was important but responded.

’'Yeah, bud?’'He hummed, still flicking through his phone.

’'Came you stay back here with me?’'You mumbled, fiddling with your thumbs. Sam’s fingers froze across the screen. He hadn’t heard you sound this vulnerable in a long time. Nor had he seen you want comfort in a long time either, you were always so guarded and closed off from him.

Sam twisted his body around and peered at you with gentle, caring eyes. ”(Y/n), what’s wrong?“Sam asked with a worried tone.

’'Sammy’'You whimpered out, not answering his question but just giving him pleading eyes. ’'Please”

The minute you choked out the word Sam had nodded in understanding and made his way our the car before opening your side and shuffling in.

He made himself comfortable, trying his best to settle as his limbs were insanely long and broad. You leaned against his side, resting your head on his chest and letting him wrap and arm around you as you gripped his plaid shirt tightly and closed your eyes.

Sam’s fingers stroked through your hair as you listened to his heart beat thump in his chest. The door opened and Dean was half way through his sentence before he stopped.

“She okay?”

There was movement of Dean shutting the car door as he got in and drove off and movement of Sam shrugging.

“not sure’'Sam whispered, continuing to brush your locks away from your face.

’'She asleep?”

“I think so…”


You had fallen asleep against your older brother, his familiar scent and warmth soothing you into a lullaby. You had woken up half way through the journey and saw Sam was half asleep.

You clutched tighter to him and began to cry softly. Sam’s face twitched when he felt something wet land on his hand. Your eyes slammed shut the minute he stirred and pried open his sleepy eyes.

Dean glanced back in the mirror but figured it was something you had obviously needed to sort out with Sam so he kept out of it.

You felt the rough skin of Sam’s thumb gently swipe away your tears as your eyes fluttered open to look up at your big brother glancing down at you with a concerned frown.

Dean finally pulled over to the bunker and got out, giving Sam a secret nod to show he understood you both needed to talk.

You were about to leave when Sam grabbed your wrist and pulled you back gently.

“(Y/n), talk to me, bud. What’s going on?’'Sam whispered, his voice pleading. You sat silently for a moment before you started to cry and finally gave in.

’'I miss everyone so much. I miss Bobby, I miss Dad and I miss Adam and everyone else that has died because they came near us. I’m so sick of being hurt or watching my big brothers die and get taken away from me. I’m so sick of waking up every day and hoping that you haven’t left us-”

“That’s what’s troubling you? You’re scared I’m going to leave?’'Sam gaped, slightly hurt but understanding. ”(Y/n)…listen, I’m not gonna say I didn’t leave a good few times because I did, so I understand that you’re reluctant on trusting me when I say I’m here for good; but trust me, I’m not going anywhere.“He repeated slowly, promising you with his words.

You nodded after trying to search for the answer in his eyes before leaning forward and hugging him tightly.

’'It’s okay, bud. We all have our moments. This life is hard’'Sam sighed, running his hand over the back of your head as he leaned down and kissed the crown of your head.

Life, animated

I finally get to watch the documentary “Life, animated”. For those who don’t now, “Life, animated” is about an autistic man, named Owen, whose primary special interest is Disney, especially animated Disney movies, and who is using them to communicate and understand the world he lives in.

So, there is a lot of good stuff… but there’s also a lot of bad stuff. I start with the bad one, then proceed to list the positive things.

The beginning of the documentary is full of ableism and i think it can be quite triggering. I would advise those who want to watch the documentary and who think they can’t handle it to skip the first fifteen minutes, where it’s almost all about the parents, talking about autism like a prison, how autism took their little kid and so on. Eventually, it gets better, but the beginning is very ableist.

Once again, the documentary is about a white autistic man, and, though we get to see a white autistic woman, the lack of diversity is quite terrible. Once again, it’s all about white people (i’m white myself, but i try to be an ally as much as i can). It’s a shame, really.

The segments with the parents are a bit too present and most of them could have been cut or reduced. Thankfully, the documentary isn’t only about Owen’s family and we get to see his perspective.

The good points, now. Finally, a documentary who doesn’t condemn special interests ! A documentary about how an autistic people’s love for their special interest can actually help them and be good for them ! It’s so rare and so enjoyable. Owen’s family was actually able to communicate with him thanks to his special interest and they let him embrace it, without trying to suppress it.

Owen is the main focus of the documentary : how he’s feeling, what he wants for his future, what’s his dreams, how did he live his childhood and his teenage years… They even talked about love and sexuality. A documentary that doesn’t infantilize us, that’s also quite a good point.

We get to see and hear through Owen’s point of view, thanks to amazing cartoons and a work on sound and picture quite impressive. It was really close to what i can experience myself. 

After the terrible beginning, there are positive segments very nice to watch, especially when Owen gets to talk at a conference about his autism and how his special interest helped him to connect with other people. 

This documentary was really special for me, because Owen’s life is quite similar to mine. My primary special interest is pop culture, from video games to movies or books, and as long as i can remember, i always used it to apprehend the world, my life and other people. 

I script from Harry Potter, several cartoons, tv shows… Most of my conversations are devoted to my special interests, like Disney or Undertale, even though i learnt to talk about something else (small talk is still difficult, but i can manage it more or less). My special interests helped me greatly to deal with difficult times in my life, like when i was bullied. 

The only real difference is that Owen was diagnosed early and i was not. But our lives are very similar and seeing someone so close to me is an experience that i never get to live before (Abed Nadir from “Community” is really close to me, but he’s fictional). 

TL ; DR : The documentary “Life, animated” has its flaws and its qualities. Avoid the first fifteen minutes if you think you can’t handle pure ableism. Otherwise, it’s pretty interesting. 

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As for genderfluid credence, how about a modern coffeeshop au where credence finally manages to get away from his abusive home and starts a new life and his new friend/sponsor/mentor Tina encourages him to express himself. Cue graves watching this new shy barista slowly experiment with new looks and soft curls and makeup and also more masc looks, faux leather boots and jewelery and just.... Wanting to buy this person actual clothes because everything credence wears looks secondhand.

UM. YES. *scribbles down on list…..* er…. *bumps up on lost cause I want this*

I can very much see this. Graves going by everyday despite the mediocre coffee served, simply to see what they do every day, watching Credence shaoe himself, only seeing wrong in  some of Credence’s fashion, finding it ratty and old, ill-fittting so he subtley drops hints at his attraction until he must flat out ask the young barista out.

I got a load of laundry done
Organized a corner of my room that was stressing me out(I need to get rid of a ton of clothes and just haven’t had the time but at least they’re all put away for now)
Did some homework
Squared away emails
And *started* an inventory list of baby stuff we have so far-I’ve got a whole chest and three craft boxes worth
I wanna inventory more stuff but I need to do more homework and my back is hurting from hunching over
But I’ve been doing this while finally watching The Magicians which is a good show so far so thank you so much 6x espresso I really am loving the energy 😇


Start list for junior EF today, watch here

starts at 3PM (estonian time)

Polina Sycheva is the only one to make all 4 finals, I haven’t seen routines from all these gymnasts, but it should be worth watching, not just for the Ukrainians and the Russians…

Miranta Psykou from Greece finished 4th AA yesterday, Natalie Garcia from Canada is a lovely graceful gymnast, the belarusians are quite new to the international stage but are very good. We naturally get gymnasts from the baltic countries and Finland, which have a tradition in RG, and I’m super pleased to see Ana Aponte from Puerto Rico making it in both clubs and ribbon final!!!


“I still can’t believe you talked me into doing this with you”, he says. You laugh, “No need to complain so much. It’s going to fun and everyone needs a day off once in a while. Now come on, we have a long list of movies to watch”. He smiles, “I guess you’re right”. You chuckle, “I always am. Now go get the popcorn so we can start the movie”. He laughs, “Fine. I’ll get the popcorn”. After the Doctor had returned with the popcorn you started the film. Eventually you had both fallen asleep, happy that you had finally gotten a night off just to relax and spend time together.

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33. “I love you. I fucking love you.”

44. “I try so hard and im never the one.”

Dean x Reader

Requested by Anon.


You watched as he kissed the girl goodbye. Just another person to add to the list.

Sure they never lasted. And he would never see them again. But it still killed you.

You couldn’t stand to watch them anymore. As you turned on your heels, and started walking, your tears began to stream down your face.

You weren’t quite sure where you were going but you knew you had to get as far away as possible.

“Y/N?” Dean called out for you, making you stop in your stance.

He ran over to you, panting once he finally reached you. “Hey, whats wrong?” He asked. “Why’d you leave?”

You took in a deep breath as you shrugged your shoulders. “I just needed to clear my head.” You whispered.

He scrunched his brows together and pursed his lips. “Cut the crap. I know you all too well Y/N. What’s wrong?”

“I love you!” You blurted out. “I fucking love you.”

Dean was taken aback as your words etched into him.

“Since high school, I have tried to get you to see me the way you see the other girls. I’ve tried to get you to notice ME!” You exclaimed. “But nothing worked! I try so hard and I’m never the one.”

Dean clenched his jaw shut, staring intently at you. He has never known how you felt. This whole time, he believe you only loved him as a friend and nothing more.

“Y/N, I’ve noticed you. Every morning, I get excited because I get to spend the day with you. I force Sam to go on supply runs so I can be alone with you.” He confessed. “Y/N, I love you.”

Your eyes went wide as your stomach fluttered.

You closed the distance between you and crashed your lips to his.

Book of the Damned (not so) Initial Thoughts

So had to watch that twice because it was so good, and my first watch was while I was still at work. Here goes.

1. Gotta start with Cas & Charlie finally meeting! Cas’s little smile when meeting her, Charlie’s excitement & comment about how she thought he’d be shorter. So cute! And Charlie watching Cas while Dean arrives. Hmm.

2. So many Dean feels this week. Dean getting excited. Dean coming clean, telling Sam the truth (even as Sam is actively lying to him - not even letting him know Cas has called all). Dean being honest about what he wants while being so gloriously non-gender specific in his wants. So: Dean discussing what he would like as his endgame. Not a total end to hunting, but to just get away, properly, in a way he hasn’t before. To be himself.

3. And wouldn’t you know it, this mirrors very nicely with Cas. Cas is still lying, unfortunately, though he doesn’t seem overly comfortable with it. Yet lie he does. But he also has his endgame brought up, even if he didn’t articulate it himself. But we do know this: it isn’t heaven. He isn’t needed in heaven, he didn’t fit in heaven. He’s no longer, as Metatron rightly points out, an angel of the lord. Powered up, graced up, an angel through technicality, but he’s not that same angel he was back in season 4, and he never will be again. He can’t clean up his mess on earth forever - that’s already almost done. So like Metatron asked: what is his mission? It’s the same as it was at the beginning of the season, the beginning of his entire existence on the show. It’s just a case of him finally opening up, saying out loud what I’m fairly certain he’s already aware of. He had his grace now. He now has the opportunity to decide for himself whether to keep it, or give it up willingly. That’s even more likely a he’s going to have to make after Metatron’s little spiel in the diner about how wonderful humanity and all its feelings are, reinforcing the way they are linked, and how appealing Cas finds it.

4. Sam. Sammy Sammy Sammy. So it very much looks like all the spec about dark/witch!Sam is starting to play out as expected. Dean, as part of his journey, is realising that the toxic codependence they have is just that, toxic, and they can’t keep doing that. Sam, on the other hand, is right in the darkest part of it. He knows how bad the book is. He knows Rowena is bad news and not a good ally. But he’s so blinded that he can’t see that the path he is headed down is not going to lead anywhere good - far from it. And even if he could see it, I doubt that it’d make a difference. He can’t & possibly more importantly won’t imagine a life in which he functions without Dean, to the point that he will do exactly what he rightly was pissed at Dean for doing to him.

5. I loved Cas’s halo when he got his grace. His wings kinda broke my heart, but the halo… that was interesting.

6. I am very sad we didn’t see a wide shot of the pizza party table, because Cas was very definitely sitting next to Dean. Aaaand we also have Cas without his ultimate symbol of his angelic self while doing so. That was a human party, and Cas may be properly powered up again, but he’s no angel, not in the sense that really matters. He’s been touched by humanity far too much for that (do I intend that pun? Probably).

7. Metatron has the demon tablet, which can only lead to Very Bad Things. Is he going to go running to Crowley? Is he going to try and harness its power himself? I have no doubt he planned to use Cas’s grace for very specific purpose, though whether that was taking it for himself or using it in another spell, I don’t know. Interesting that he would nab the demon tablet the episode after bringing Lucifer up though.

8. As far as Cas is concerned, hurting Dean remains Metatron’s greatest crime, the one Cas will never be able to forgive. He’s made that pretty clear several times now. Dean, for his part, looked pretty bloody excited to have Cas at the bunker, though that excitement wobbled a bit when Cas mentioned Hannah. Touch a nerve, Dean? Love the way how after that he immediately avoided eye contact and called Cas bro. Because that’s what bros do. Don’t gaze into eyes, keep up the bro-tude.

9. Pretty much everyone has pointed it out, but hey what’s one more time. Last season Cas was the baby sitter. This week? Dean became the pizza man. Heh.

I loved this episode, a lot. It’s gonna need rewatching a bunch more times, I think.

I realized when I pulled up to work today that I had given myself a gift last week and caught up on all my work before I left for North Carolina so starting my Monday with no added stress is a good thing!

I think I might finally be over that ridiculous cough I had for the last week. It is nice to not have to constantly be eating cough drops and taking medicine just to get through the day.

We watched Mockingjay last night so now we’re all caught up on the Hunger Games series so Kev can go with me to see the last movie. We’ve also finished Harry Potter so I think the next thing on our list is for us to watch all the original Star Wars before the new one(He’s seen them all and can basically quote them word for word, it’s me who needs the movie education). We do have till Christmas for that so I think we’ll be good.

I packed my gym bag to be back at Joel’s class tonight! My laziness almost won but i figured it’s an early class so it’ll be good. Since I’m feeling better this week I’m hoping I can motivate myself to go upstairs and do some strength training before heading home.

Today is going to be a good day. No matter what Monday things may potentially happened I’m determined to make it a good day.


omg ok!!! i’ve had this blog for almost 2 years (since the caramoan finale) and for a while i never even realized there were this many people that watched survivor on tumblr!! it’s been so amazing to watch the community grow and i’m so happy to be a part of it. you all mean so much to me <333

and in honor of reaching 1000 followers i’m gonna make a new gifseries called “every survivor. ever.” self explanatory enough?? basically i made a randomized list of all the survivors (460 of them!!) and they’re all gonna get their own gifsets :~) probably starting next week!!! even tho i’ll never finish but shhh BASICALLY I LOVE U ALL & THANK U FOR EXISTING!!!! (special shoutout to survivoraddict​ for being my first follower LOVE U BAY!!!)